->''"Before becoming a living sushi platter, the person (usually a woman) is trained to lie down for hours without moving. She or he must also be able to withstand the prolonged exposure to the cold food. Before service, the individual is supposed to have taken a bath using a special fragrance-free soap and then finished off with a splash of cold water to cool the body down somewhat for the sushi."''
-->--'''Jack Herbert''', ''Japan for the Uninvited''

Body Sushi is the English word for nyotaimori or nantaimori. Nyotaimori or "female body presentation" comes from Japan and is the act of eating sushi off the body of a nude woman. The [[SpearCounterpart male version]], Nantaimori, does exist but it's not as common.

As one might guess, this is often a form of FanService. Expect it in works that want to convey a sense of [[ForeignFanservice erotic mystery concerning Japan]]. {{Yakuza}} are often involved as well. It should be noted, however, that the practice is not nearly as mainstream in Japanese culture as some may think. Plus, as any chef can tell you, it's hardly hygienic.

Not to be confused with FoodPorn. See also ImprovisedClothes.



[[folder: Anime and Manga ]]

* In ''LightNovel/{{Kanokon}}'', Chizuru gets into a body-sized sushi boat naked in attempt to hit on Kouta.
* An episode of ''VisualNovel/HigurashiWhenTheyCry Kira'' has a fruit and yogurt variation of this trope in a fantasy sequence.
* In the fourth episode of ''Manga/HenZemi'', Mizukoshi acts as a nyotaimori gathering where it shows various food on her body.
* In ''Anime/PantyAndStockingWithGarterbelt'', after [[LoveableSexManiac Panty's]] debut [[ParallelPornTitles film]] ruins her reputation, she laments over the fact that there will be [[FlashbackCut "no more naked men covered in sushi!"]]
* Momoko in the manga version of ''Anima/SumomoMoMomoMo'' at one point manages to prepare herself in this style and put herself under a creche for Koushi. Unfortunately for her and her desires to seduce him, he slams the creche back down over her immediately.
* Shiro foams at the mouth in disgust in ''Manga/{{Adekan}}'' when he is offered BodySushi off a drag queen.
* The ''{{Hentai}}'' ''Ryokan Shirasagi'' (English: ''Swallowtail Inn'') takes place in a restaurant that specializes in this.


[[folder: Comic Books ]]

* In ''ComicBook/{{Hawkeye}}'', Kate Bishop goes undercover as a body-sushi girl in order to get inside Madame Masque's headquarters.


[[folder: Fan Fiction ]]

* In ''Webcomic/{{Nepetaquest 2011}}'', Zander says it's in his job description (the eating part, not the lying down part).


[[folder: Film ]]

* The Brandon Lee and Creator/DolphLundgren film ''Film/ShowdownInLittleTokyo'' depicts a private yakuza party, complete with Nyotaimori. Murata promises Kenner that they'll do the same after they get revenge for his parents.
* The J-horror comedy ''Film/BigTitsZombie'' has two scenes with this act, involving drunk yakuza members. The first is the more traditional version while the second [[spoiler:involves zombies eating a nude woman in a manner that reflects the previous scene.]]
* The ''Film/SexAndTheCity'' movie has a scene in which Samantha does this as a Valentine's Day present for her lover.
* ''Film/RisingSun'' has a scene in which a yakuza performs this moments before Creator/SeanConnery and Creator/WesleySnipes' character busts him.
* ''Film/{{Bruno}}'', in the scene where Brüno is interviewing Paula Abdul. He has sushi on top of a naked fat, hairy Mexican wheeled into the room. Paula Abdul leaves, clearly disgusted.
** On the other hand, La Toya Jackson actually takes a bite from the same human sushi tray in another interview scene with Brüno, even quipping jokes about her brother Music/MichaelJackson. This scene was deleted in the final cut, as Michael had died right before the film's release.
* Happens in ''Film/{{Tampopo}}'' between a yakuza and his wife.
* The Spanish movie ''Film/MapOfTheSoundsOfTokyo'' depict nyotaimori in one scene.
* ''Film/{{WAR}}'' with Creator/JasonStatham and Creator/JetLi also has a body sushi scene involving, what else, gangsters.
* ''Film/SushiGirl'': the title character in the 2012 Creator/MarkHamill film is a body sushi girl who serves at a reunion of thieves. She becomes a ChekhovsGunman in the end.


[[folder: Live Action TV ]]

* ''Series/ItsAlwaysSunnyInPhiladelphia'': After Frank gets his job back as an executive at Atwater Capital in the "Frank's Back in Business" episode, he meets some potential Japanese investors over a nyotaimori meal.
-->'''Frank''': I want this sushi dinner to be the tits!\\
'''Charlie''': Okay, so you want it to be really expensive.\\
'''Frank''': No! No! I mean I want to eat it off some Jap broad's tits!
* ''Series/TheSurrealLife'' was a reality show featuring has-been celebrities living together. One episode showed [[Film/AustinPowers Verne Troyer]] eating sushi off the naked body of a celebrity from ''America's Next Top Model''. She was not happy when he decided to [[ThanksForTheMammaries cop a feel]].
** The last season turned the series into a reality gameshow with many celebs returning, including Troyer. They had the cast sit down with both a man and woman nantaimori/nyotaimori respectively. Learning his lesson from the previous episode, Troyer decided not to get frisky.
* An episode of ''Series/{{CSI NY}}'' has the VictimOfTheWeek turn out to have been poisoned at one of these. [[spoiler: The perpetrator was a young woman serving as one of the tables; she had previously been a personal assistant to the victim, who fired her for refusing her sexual advances and then [[AssholeVictim used her connections to ensure that the young woman couldn't find work anywhere else in their industry.]] ]] When the victim learned that [[spoiler: her former PA was working at the sushi restaurant (the only place she was able to find work), she began to specifically request her and continued to sexually harass her (the victim would drag pieces of sushi down the young woman's body down to her toes and then suggestively eat the sushi off them).]] Unable to refuse the customer out of fear of being fired, [[spoiler: the former PA laced her toenail polish with blowfish venom; a chip of the nail polish was found in the victim's mouth and determined to be the cause of death.]]
* In ''Series/RegencyHousePary'' One of the young ladies does this in homage to Lady Caroline Lamb.
* In ''Series/KennyVsSpenny'', Spenny's humiliation for losing a competition involves him having to eat sushi off of Kenny's naked, hairy body.
* An episode of ''Series/ComeDineWithMe'', a host serves a starter of sushi to his guests in the Nantaimori fashion.
* In the second season of the US version of ''Series/MasterChef'', a contestant attempts to impress the judges by serving the nyotaimori variety of this in the auditions. It didn't work.
* ''Series/ThirtyRock'' - Tracy holds a business function and has sushi served on Kenneth - the wasabi is kept in his mouth.
** In season 6, episode 16, Tracy is trying to de-geek his son in a montage - one of the activities is eating french fries, burgers, and chicken nuggets off of a naked woman in this manner.
* An episode of ''Series/PitBoss'' had the crew receiving a job from a client that wanted three little people to do this.
* ''Series/TheBoldAndTheBeautiful'': Brooke does this for her lover Ridge.
* In ''Series/UnbreakableKimmySchmidt'', a [[CloudCuckooLander character]] offered to set up dinner while Jackie and Kimmy talked. Moments later, they realize she had laid herself up in this method. Later, she complains she received a rash from it.


[[folder: Video Games ]]

* ''VideoGame/WatchDogs'': Just in the trailer, but the scene is supposed to represent the vulgarity of the building it appears in. Then it gets WORSE.
* A variant appears in the (''very'' {{NSFW}} and obviously, non-canon) ''DeathNote'' {{Yaoi}} game ''Bound Prince.'' Instead of sushi, little cakes are used.
* [[InvertedTrope Inverted]] in ''VideoGame/LeagueOfLegends'' by [[OurMermaidsAreDifferent Nami]] in the recall animation for her SKT T1 skin. Instead of laying sushi on her body, she summons up a bed of sushi rice on a serving tray and, being a mermaid, lays herself on it to ''become'' sushi. [[Funny/LeagueOfLegends Then she takes selfies of herself from a number of angles using her staff like a selfie stick, until a giant pair of chopsticks picks her up and carries her off.]]


[[folder: Webcomics ]]

* Played for laughs in ''Webcomic/MenageA3'': in one omake Zii and Didi are eating sushi on a nude girl, when suddenly Zii realize that something's wrong.... [[ComicallyMissingThePoint the girl they're eating on is not Japanese but Korean!]]
* Played for HypocriticalHumor in the second strip of ''Webcomic/TwoGuysAndGuy'': The trio eats such a meal while discussing that other people are perverts with weird fetishes.
* In ''Webcomic/BlackAdventures'':
* ''Webcomic/KarinDou4koma'': Tamaryu draws her "personalized winning ticket" during the school lunch lottery and is baffled to find this specified. [[LoveTriangle Ran and Shizuki]] are delighted and take her to an unused classroom, but all three are caught and punished.


[[folder: Web Original ]]

* WebVideo/TheTryGuys from Website/BuzzFeed did this once to serve their coworkers a sushi lunch. Various people were unimpressed, though mostly because they'd been told lunch would be provided and then they had to wait a long time for it.


[[folder: Western Animation ]]

* ''WesternAnimation/FriskyDingo'' had an episode in which the BigBad eats sushi this way while interrogating the protagonists.
* In ''WesternAnimation/ClerksTheAnimatedSeries'', Randall recounts being married to a Japanese business man, who had him do this.


[[folder: Real Life ]]

* An apocryphal tale credits Lady Caroline Lamb as having done this.
* Certain high-end strip clubs and sushi restaurants in the US are known to arrange this. Bring your wallet.
** Among those places are Geishahouse in Las Vegas and Nakedsushi in Toronto, Canada.
* China has [[BannedInChina outlawed this practice]] as unsanitary.
* South African entrepreneur Kenny Kunene once held a birthday party that featured nyotaimori, which caused a great deal of controversy.
* When performed in the West, many feminists have protested it, and some Japanese people feel embarrassed by it.