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[[caption-width-right:333:''[[TheyKilledKennyAgain You bastard!]]'' Wait, [[WesternAnimation/SouthPark wrong show!]]]]

->''[[GenreSavvy "I seen this movie, the black dude dies first."]]''
-->--'''Harry''', ''Film/{{Evolution}}''

In a film which involves a lot of character deaths, it seems like the TokenMinority will inevitably be the first to go.

In the past this perception was because black leads were kept away from any big-budget films outside of those that focused specifically on race or used it to make a point. Historically moviemakers were generally writing to white audiences, so it was natural (in their opinion) for whites to get more screen time. And if the writers throw in a TokenMinority to give the cast more believable racial balance, who do you think is going to die first, them or the folks who have a bigger role in the script?

The character doesn't have to be male, or even strictly black. As long as they're the only minority present, their chances of seeing the end of the movie are rather slim. As minority actors became more common in significant roles, this trope found new ways to stay relevant. Films would take a ScaryBlackMan, turn him into TheBigGuy, and kill him off to [[TheWorfEffect show how strong the monster is]]. In action or horror films, TheHero (typically a WhiteMaleLead) might have a BlackBestFriend [[TheLancer Lancer]] that gets killed off or do a HeroicSacrifice to show that [[ShooOutTheClowns this is no laughing matter]]. 80s horror shows were good at this, and film makers had growing backlash against all the exploitation films. Instead of the TokenMinority being unimportant CannonFodder, they instead became the most important supporting character so their deaths would have most dramatic impact on the plot.

Over time and due to social push, access to higher-paying jobs and relative economical stability began to open up for black people, with more and more prominent black characters and more big-name black actors emerging--many of which were not likely to get killed off quietly. Studios had also finally accepted that white audiences are not generally as racist as was once assumed, and do not need to have a white protagonist. In other words, if you're gonna go after the black man nowadays, you might want to check the credits to see who's playing him. If it's no one you've actually heard of, they're probably fair game. Creator/TonyTodd? Go for it. Creator/SamuelLJackson? You can take your chances. Creator/RosarioDawson? Yeah, good luck on that. Creator/DenzelWashington? Bad idea. Creator/MorganFreeman? You should give up. Creator/WillSmith? Run away and hide.

Don't bother putting in 'averted' examples. If a black guy doesn't die first (or remarkably early on) then he doesn't die first, [[Administrivia/PeopleSitOnChairs end of story]].

Compare BuryYourGays as well as RedShirt and VasquezAlwaysDies. Contrast FinalGirl, an archetype guaranteed to make it to the end.

!!'''As a DeathTrope, all Spoilers will be unmarked ahead. Beware.'''



[[folder: Anime & Manga]]
* Gorobei is the first to die in ''Anime/SamuraiSeven.'' This despite the fact that, in the original ''Film/SevenSamurai'' film, the first to die was Heihachi. Gorobei was the only black man among the samurai.
* ''{{Manga/Berserk}}'':
** Pippin is the first named member of the Hawks to die during the Eclipse, going out in a epic YouShallNotPass moment to buy Casca time to get to safety.
** Much earlier, there was Donovan, the pedophile among Gambino's mercenary band who bought and raped the young Guts. Guts killed him a little later.
* Inverted in ''Anime/MobileSuitGundamThe08thMSTeam '' with Terry Sanders Jr. Every squad he was in before joining the title MS Team has been completely wiped out [[SurvivorGuilt and he is not happy about it]].
* ''Anime/HaloLegends'':
** ''The Babysitter'' follows a four-man ODST squad and one Spartan. The one AmbiguouslyBrown member doesn't even get a name or dialogue before he dies.
** The one black Spartan in ''The Package'' is the first of the bunch to die.
* In ''Anime/BloodTheLastVampire'', the script seemingly goes out of its way to find a black character to kill first (some monsters had died, but he was the first human to have a graphic onscreen death.) We have an old white woman, running from demons when she runs into a giant black American military man on base. She explains to him that said demons are chasing her, and he starts laughing stereotypically, complete with giant nostrils and lips. Needless to say, he ends up standing under that one creepy tree, and the demon grabs him by the head. Disemboweled instantly.
* In the ''Manga/GunsmithCats'' OVA, the sole black character, Jody, is the only good guy to die, and he dies because he's TooDumbToLive.
* Out of the 11 students who died during the attack on the Mars base in the first episode of ''Anime/BlueCometSPTLayzner'', Judo is the both only one who was named and the only one who was black.
* In one arc of ''LightNovel/FullMetalPanic'', Sousuke is sent on a mission with five other soldiers to kill [[AxCrazy Gauron]]. Out of the group the first to die is the black team captain.
* The native Egyptian Mohammed Avdol in Part 3 of ''Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure''. [[BackForTheDead Twice.]]

[[folder: Comic Books]]
* The ''Comicbook/GIJoe'' comics kill off their black [[ShootTheMedicFirst doctor first.]]
* In the ''Comicbook/{{Elseworld}}'' comic series, ''ComicBook/JLAActOfGod'', ComicBook/{{Steel}}, a.k.a. John Henry Irons ends up being first hero who bites the dust as he gets stomped to death by a giant robot.
* Who is the first character to die in ''ComicBook/MidnightNation''? That would be the black guy who tries to clue in heroic detective David Gray about what is ''really'' going on.
* Variation in ''[[ComicBook/AvengersVsXMen Avengers: X-Sanction]]''. The first [[ComicBook/TheAvengers Avenger]] to be taken out by ComicBook/{{Cable}} is ComicBook/TheFalcon, who is knocked out without a fight and used as bait to lure his teammates into a trap.
* Comicbook/BlackPanther is the first hero to be killed on-panel in ''Comicbook/AgeOfUltron'' (though [[ComicBook/TheMightyThor Thor]], Comicbook/{{Cyclops}}, and [[Comicbook/IncredibleHulk the Hulk]] [[GreatOffscreenWar were all stated to have been killed prior to the start of the story]]).
* In the What-If version of ''ComicBook/AvengersVsXMen'', Wolverine accidentally kills ComicBook/{{Storm}} getting into an argument with [[ComicBook/SubMariner Namor]]. [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone He is understandably horrified at what he did.]]
* Mettle, the first victim of ''Comicbook/AvengersArena'' is half-black, half-white Jewish. This is made a bit more egregious as in an earlier issue of ''Comicbook/AvengersAcademy'' his friend lamented [[FunnyAneurysmMoment feeling like the black guy in a slasher movie.]]
* ''Tribe,'' by African American Larry Stroman, was a short-lived series about the adventures of a predominantly African-American superhero group. Issue 1, page 2, panel 4 features the first death: a black dude getting his neck snapped.
* Ambrose Chase from ''ComicBook/{{Planetary}}'' is normally {{Nigh Invulnerab|ility}}le, but had the misfortune of entering an AlternateUniverse that was governed by HorrorTropes, including this one. [[spoiler: He managed to preserve his body before he died, and gets revived in the final issue.]]
* The major inciting event behind ''Comicbook/CivilWarII'' is the death of Comicbook/WarMachine at the hands of ComicBook/{{Thanos}}.
* The page image comes from a strip at the back of an issue of ''Comicbook/{{Squee}}'', which parodies Hollywood action movie cliches, including this one.

[[folder:Films -- Animated]]
* ''WesternAnimation/KungFuPanda'' uses this trope; the rhinoceros character is played by Creator/MichaelClarkeDuncan, and he dies first.
* In ''WesternAnimation/{{Epic}}'', Queen Tara (voiced by Music/{{Beyonce}}) is shot by an arrow from a Boggan soldier, and is the first important character to die on screen.

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* In ''Film/TheShining'', Dick Halloran ([[Film/OneFlewOverTheCuckoosNest Scatman Crothers]]) ends up being the ONLY character Jack Torrance (Creator/JackNicholson) kills throughout the entire film. (It's also a case of DeathByAdaptation).
* In ''Film/{{Heat}}'' the first member of the criminal gang to get killed during the bank robbery shootout is the getaway driver Donald Breedan, played by Dennis Haybert.
* In ''Film/{{Aliens}}'', Frost is the first major character to go, and Apone isn't far behind him. Its notable in that it's the ''only'' entry in the entire series, including AVP, to play this trope straight. [[spoiler: The other films have a tradition where the black dude is the last to die in a (attempted) HeroicSacrifice.]]
* In ''Film/TheIsland'', Starkweather Two Delta provides a major hook to the film in his horrific early death, while the very distinctly African Albert Laurent manages to escape the violent deaths that claim most of his teammates and make a rather significant HeelFaceTurn at the end. As Creator/MichaelBay mentions on the commentary track to the DVD, he actually asked the actor Djimon Hounsou something like "How would you like to be the black guy who ''doesn't'' die?"
* In ''Film/TheMonsterSquad'', the only character with any lines to die in the movie is the black cop who serves as partner to Sean's dad. His consolation prize, at least, is that he'll have one damn good story for St. Peter: {{Dracula}} '''blows him up with a stick of dynamite.'''
* In ''Film/BigGame'', Otis, seemingly the only black Secret Service agent aboard Air Force One, is the first one to die.
* Corporal Eightball in ''Film/FullMetalJacket'', sent to do recon, first to be abated.
* In ''Film/{{Gremlins}}'', the black science teacher dies first.
* ''Film/EnterTheDragon'' plays it straight. Of the three main protagonists, Williams exists only to show off his fabulous afro and be killed by the villain first. However, this did not happen by design. In the original script, Roper died in Williams's place. ExecutiveMeddling switched their roles around.
* In ''Film/{{Stargate}}'', the black soldier is not even present during the first alien attack, but is still the first one to die. As it happens, the team had split into two groups, and the group without the black soldier came under attack; however, that group was incapacitated by solely non-lethal means, simply knocked out with hard blows to the head. When the other group (with the black guy) returns, the first thing the aliens do is shoot the black guy, and then proceed to start firing wildly at the rest of the soldiers.
* ''Film/{{Stealth}}'' has 3 pilots on 3 advanced fighters against the rogue AI one. White romantic interest male and female, and a black dude. So guess who gets killed as a first named-character casualty?
* In ''Film/{{United 93}}'', between the two pilots of the aforementioned plane, one is white while the other is black. The black pilot is the first one killed.
* Paul Winfield has had this happen to him in his SF films:
** Twice in the Franchise/StarTrek universe (as Capt. Terrell in ''Film/StarTrekIITheWrathOfKhan'' and as Dathon in ''Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration'').
** He's also the first person to die in ''Film/MarsAttacks''
* In ''Film/ResidentEvilExtinction'', the only black guy was the first to be attacked by a zombie, resulting in an ultimately fatal wound. Of course [[ZombieInfectee he covers it up]] and endangers his fellow zombie apocalypse survivors. Not to mention his black girlfriend managed to sacrifice her own life, and on a bus no less. To top it off, the same character managed to survive all the way through the previous movie, ''Film/ResidentEvilApocalypse'', despite being a minor character.
* In the 90s slasher film ''Film/DrGiggles'' this is almost exaggerated as the first two teens to die are both black. The film also has a black cop who has a much more prominent role. He still dies at the end though.
* In ''Film/TheEdge'', Harold Perrineau is eaten by the bear first. Creator/RogerEbert, in [[http://www.rogerebert.com/reviews/the-edge-1997 his review of ''The Edge'']], calls this trope the BADF action movie rule ("The Brother Always Dies First").
* ''Film/QueenOfTheDamned'' begins with Lestat waking up from his sleep and drinking a black man dry.
* The first person to die in ''Film/AlienNation'' is Sykes' original partner, who is shot and killed by a shotgun-wielding crook while he's wearing a BulletProofVest ''and'' crouched behind a car. It turns out the shotgun slugs were armor-piercing.
* ''Film/ThreeThousandMilesToGraceland'' has five Elvis impersonators setting out to rob a casino. The black one dies first.
* Among Sinbad's crew in ''Film/SinbadAndTheEyeOfTheTiger'' is the party-loving Maroof. He is the first (and only) member of the crew to get killed by the bad guys. Guess what skin color he has? Some guards were killed by Zenobia and the Minotaur near the start, and Maroof escapes from a giant walrus while one of his comrades gets stepped on; Maroof dies only a few minutes from the end of the film.
* In BMovie ''Film/TheKillerShrews'', as seen on ''Series/MysteryScienceTheater3000'', the white protagonist's black friend/employee/servant/Dixieland jazz musician goes outside to take care of the boat during the storm and gets eaten by the shrews first. When the hero finds out, he seems genuinely angry for a moment. Their next victim is a Mexican, who gets much less mourning.
* ''Film/RedDawn1984'' is an extreme example. In the storyline, millions of people die offscreen. Dozens of white people die on screen. Only one black guy is seen to die in the whole movie, but he's dead within the first two minutes!
* In ''Assignment Outer Space'', this is why TheCaptain gets the HeroicSacrifice. (TheMillstone saves the day).
* Website/TheAgonyBooth recap of ''Film/{{Hulk}}'' featured the insight "It's not so much that the black guy dies first, it's that the black guy dies first ''[[DevelopingDoomedCharacters 90 minutes into the movie]]''".
* In the miniseries adaptation of Creator/StephenKing's ''Literature/TheLangoliers'', the sole black man in the group of survivors dies first. (In the original, he wasn't black, though he wore a RedShirt.)
* Not a dude, but the first member of the team killed in ''Film/HollowMan'' is the token minority.
* ''Film/{{Scream 2}}''. The first two characters to die, Phil and Maureen (played by Omar Epps pre-''Series/{{House}}'' and Jada Pinkett, respectively) are both black, and true to [[PostModernism series form]], they ruthlessly lampshade it early on, with Maureen mocking what she sees as a lack of representation for black people in horror. First, Phil is drawn to the wall of a toilet stall through use of barely audible whispers, and gets stabbed through the ear by Ghostface in the neighboring stall. Then, Ghostface kills Maureen in the theater while disguised as Phil.
* In ''Film/AmericanPsycho'', The first victim the films shows Patrick Bateman killing is a homeless black man. Of course, it's debatable whether he really did the killing, or if it was just a figment of his imagination - like the other killings in the film.
* Possibly intentionally lampshaded in another deep-sea creature feature, ''Film/{{Leviathan 1989}}'': Ernie Hudson bravely survives 90 minutes of battling the [[GoneHorriblyRight unholy result of a top-secret Soviet experiment]] on the bottom of the sea... after which, as he, [[TheHero Peter Weller]] and [[LastGirlWins The Girl]] make it to the safety of the surface, the monster returns and offs him 2 minutes before the end credits. Still a good way to go, especially considering [[Franchise/RoboCop who avenges his demise]].
* ''Film/FantasticFourRiseOfTheSilverSurfer'': The gruff black general is killed by Doctor Doom.
* ''Film/WingCommander'': When Paladin and Knight (the black guy) are making a torpedo run on a battleship, Knight blows up even though he took just as many hits as Paladin did.
* The GaiasVengeance flick ''Film/KingdomOfTheSpiders'' plays it straight as well. The one farm in town owned by a black couple is ground zero for the imminent tarantula invasion. The husband is the first human to die, after the spiders kill his cattle [[KickTheDog and dog]].
* When The Kid and his gang of bandits ride into town in ''Film/{{Cimarron}}'' and start shooting the place up, who dies? Not protagonist Yancey Cravat, not his wife Sabra, not their son Cimarron, not the Jewish salesman, not the MissKitty character--none of the white people, in fact. The only character killed by the bandits is Isaiah, Yancey's black servant.
* In the 70s picture, ''The Great Santini'', a black dude does die first, but he manages to kill his killer too.
* The heroic party in ''Film/DungeonsAndDragons'' consisted of the heroic white thief, the plucky comic relief black thief, the love interest white mage, and the gruff Scottish dwarf, as well as a black female elf. The black thief dies, though the elf survives the film.
* In the final fight of ''Film/RoboCop1987'', Joe P. Cox is the first guy in Clarence Boddicker's gang to be shot by [=RoboCop=].
* Film/{{SyFy Channel Original Movie}}s
** ''Sand Serpents'' has the only two black members of a Marine platoon die first, the first eaten by the serpents, the second killed in a car wreck.
** ''Scream of the Banshee'', has the black police officer get killed off first. Otto's actor Creator/ToddHaberkorn [[http://twitter.com/#!/ToddHaberkorn/status/51816502881550336 immediately lampshaded this]] during the premiere.
** [[RunningGag And another one]], ''Ice Age 2012'' (not related to ''WesternAnimation/IceAge'' or ''Film/TwoThousandTwelve'') has a giant glacier [[ArtisticLicensePhysics somehow plow its way across Canada propelled by a bunch of volcanoes erupting]], but a black scientist still manages to die first by accidentally flying his helicopter into one of the eruptions.
* Panic in ''Film/{{Ticks}}'' is the only one of the protagonists to die.
* Happened in ''Film/DeathWishVTheFaceOfDeath'' when Tommy O'Shea's goons killed a lesser black worker from the fashion department execution style.
* In ''Film/{{Christine}}'', a black assembly-line worker is the first victim of the eponymous killer car.
* The first victim in ''Film/NewYearsEvil'' is the main character's female BlackBestFriend.
* The only black character in ''Film/SpiderBabyOrTheMaddestStoryEverTold'' is killed in the film's intro. Interestingly, from the same director who would later bring us {{Blaxploitation}} classics ''Film/{{Coffy}}'' and ''Film/FoxyBrown''.
* ''The Mutant Chronicles'': Both black guys who appear in the film [[DroppedABridgeOnHim die by bridge]] within a couple minutes of each other.
* ''Magma: Earth's Molten Core'' has the {{Jerkass}} mayor die in on coming lava while screaming "NO!" Or was it him getting buried in hot rocks? It's hard to tell.
* ''Film/{{Super 8}}'' subverts this with Doctor Woodward, the man who derails the train at the start of the movie. It seems like he's died, but actually survived, [[AlmostDeadGuy having merely been mistaken for dead]].
* ''Film/{{Chronicle}}'', which otherwise does a pretty good job of averting or subverting most sci-fi/superhero tropes, plays this straight. The first character to die by [[WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds Andrew]]'s hands was Steve, the only black character with telekinesis.
* In ''Film/AliensVsPredatorRequiem'', a group of five high school students (including one black student) is ambushed by an Alien inside the high school. Guess which one the Alien kills first.
* The black character Luther is the first person to die in 1973 film ''Film/TheSting''.
* In ''Film/ApocalypseNow'', the first member of the boat crew to die is one of the black guys.
* In the beginning of ''Film/JurassicPark'' when raptors snatch one of the workers.
* The first major character to die in ''Film/TheSubstitute'' is the Black teacher friend, Mr. Sherman. The first commando to die is also the Black member of the team, Wellman.
* A pair of black policemen fall off a building to their deaths while attempting to pursue a criminal in ''Film/TheOtherGuys''.
* ''Film/DeadAir2009'': The security guard at the radio station, while not technically the first on-screen death, is the first of the named characters to die as the SyntheticPlague spreads through the city.
* This happens in ''Film/MortalKombat'': Liu Kang's first (black opponent) ends up having his soul sucked out by Tsung after Liu refuses to finish him.
* ''Film/TheBucketList'', which is about two men diagnosed with terminal illnesses, has Creator/MorganFreeman's character die first at the end.
* In ''Film/ThreeHundred'', Leonidas kicks the black messenger down a well.
* ''Film/RealGenius'' opens with a bunch of military and intelligence bigwigs discussing a [[KillSat space-laser-based assassination system]]. The one black man at the table gets up, announces that he has moral qualms about the project, and asks to be reassigned. After he leaves the room, one of the other bigwigs says "We may have to liberate him." Another says "Liberate? As in 'liquidate?'"
* ''Film/StateOfPlay'' begins with a black thief being shot to death.
* ''Film/AChristmasStory'': When Ralphie gets his BB gun and fantasizes about shooting the villains, the black guy gets shot first.
* ''Film/MrHollandsOpus'': Black drum student Louis Russ (played by Terrence Howard) is the only person to die in this movie. He gets killed in VietNam and they all attend his funeral.
* The two opening victims in ''Film/FridayThe13thPartIII'' are white, but among the ''main'' characters, Jason Voorhees' first victim is the black BikerBabe Fox, one of the three bikers who accost Shelly and Vera in the convenience store. [[spoiler:One of the other bikers, a black man named Ali, is an inversion, as he becomes Jason's ''last'' victim in the film after turning out to be NotQuiteDead following his initial encounter with Jason -- and in the original script, he survived.]]
* In ''Film/SlaughterHigh'', black janitor Digby dies first.
%%* 2006 ghost movie ''La Llorona'' a.k.a. ''The Wailer'' is another example.
* {{Discussed|Trope}} in ''Film/CanadianBacon'', by Boomer and Karbal who is worried it will happen to him.
* In Baz Luhrmann's ''Film/WilliamShakespearesRomeoAndJuliet'', Mercutio, played by a black guy, dies first. (Mercutio dies first in the play as well.)
* Played with in ''Film/KillBill'': Vernita Green's death is the first ''shown'', but the second on the Bride's hit list; O-Ren Ishii's name is already crossed out. ''Part 1'' then [[AnachronicOrder jumps back]] to [[HowWeGotHere the Bride hunting down and killing O-Ren]] (and most of her {{mooks}}, and a couple creeps back at the hospital). Before Vernita Green was killed, the bride came to, killed two guys in the hospital, recovered, flew to Okinawa and got a sword. She then flew to Japan and killed hundreds of Yakuza and O-Ren Ishi. She then dumped Sophia Fatale at the hospital, after which Fatale was reunited with Bill. However, when The Bride showed up at Green's door, she was taken totally by surprise. She was not the first, but apparently no one cared to give her a heads up and apparently she never watched TV or read a newspaper.
* In ''[[Film/TheHangover The Hangover Part III]]'', [[spoiler:Black Doug]] is shot by [[spoiler:Marshall]] and is the first character to die in the film.
* In ''Film/ForrestGump'', an unnamed black RedShirt gets sniped at the very beginning of the ambush in which Bubba, Forrest's best friend, dies. However, Forrest manages to save several fellow squad members, one of whom is also a black man.
* ''Film/TerminatorSalvation'' has a blink and miss it shot of an unnamed black soldier among debris towards the beginning who seems to have died recently.
* ''Film/GrumpyOldMen'': Chuck the black bait shop owner is the first to die.
* In ''Film/EvilDead2013'', the first cabin member to die is the ''only'' non-white member, Olivia, played by a mixed-race actress.
* In ''{{Film/Serenity}}'', Shepherd Book goes first.
* At the beginning of ''Film/StarTrekIntoDarkness'', the film shows a black father desperate to save his [[IllGirl bedridden daughter who is suffering from some fatal sickness.]] He's approached by John Harrison, who tells the man he can save his daughter if he does something for him first. The black man commits a suicide terrorist bombing that kills hundreds of people and sets the movie's main plot.
* In ''Film/TheHungerGamesCatchingFire'' the first district they go to on the victory tour (District 11) contains the first and only death on the victory tour. That district is predominantly black people.
* ''Film/AloneInTheDark1982'' the first victim of the escaped lunatics is black orderly Ray Curtis.
* In ''Film/TheMortalInstrumentsCityOfBones'', Madame Dorothea, played by CCH Pounder, is the first named character to kick the bucket courtesy of DemonicPossession.
* In ''Film/TheHungerGamesMockingjayPart2'', [[BaldBlackLeaderGuy Boggs]] was the first casualty of Katniss' party.
* In ''Film/BabyDriver'', the only Asian character, JD is killed by Doc after botching the robbery.
* In ''Film/VantagePoint'', the first named character to die is the TV reporter played by (pre-fame) Creator/ZoeSaldana.
* ''Film/{{Ticker}}'': Not counting the flashback at the beginning, which has very little bearing on the rest of the plot, Fuzzy is the first named character to die.
* ''Film/TheBabysitter'': Of the cultists threatening Cole, John is the only black character and is the first of them to die.
* ''Film/CaptainAmericaTheWinterSoldier'' subverts this: Nick Fury (played by [[Creator/SamuelLJackson Samuel L. Jackson]]) SEEMS to die, but he's actually FakingTheDead, in fine Marvel Cinematic Universe tradition. (The other major black character, Sam Wilson aka the Falcon, does perfectly fine.)

* {{Discussed|Trope}} in ''Literature/{{Everworld}}'', as a joke from Christopher to Jalil.
* Subverted in ''Literature/TheHost'' . The one black man present in the human colony does ''not'' die first. [[spoiler: He does, however, die the only ''violent'' death onscreen, when the Seeker shoots him.]]
* The Literature/InDeath series: ''Judgment in Death'' has a black cop named Kohli be the first murder victim.
* The novel ''Morrigan's Cross'' by Creator/NoraRoberts. It's pretty obvious what's going to happen because (a) he is the only black guy, and (b) there's 4 guys and 2 girls and it's a romance novel, so you have to get another girl in the mix somehow.
* In ''Literature/PercyJacksonAndTheOlympians'''s fifth book, Beckendorf is the first to die (in a HeroicSacrifice, but still). On the one hand ''The Last Olympian'' [[ADeathInTheLimelight was his debut as a major character]] (he had been more of a background figure before). On the other, given Bianca and Zoe in ''The Titan's Curse'', he's not exactly the first major character to die in the series.
** Subverted in TheFilmOfTheBook--while Grover stays in the Underworld so the others can leave, he returns by the end of the movie, and appears to have had quite a good time with Persephone.
* In Creator/DanAbnett's TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}} novel ''[[Literature/{{Ravenor}} Ravenor Returned]]'', dark-skinned Zeph Mathuin is the first of Ravenor's warband to die "on camera."
** While on the subject of Dan Abnett, in ''[[Literature/GauntsGhosts Salvation's Reach]]'' [[ScaryBlackMan Usain Edur]] the [[BaldBlackLeaderGuy black commissar]] is the first named character to die. This is strange considering that he survived the previous book.
* Tiberius in ''Literature/{{Robopocalypse}}'', in what appears to be a trap set by the BigBad to kill the rest of Brightboy squad as they march to Alaska. It slightly works.
* [[Creator/SeananMcGuire Mira Grant]] novella ''Final Girls'' has the unnamed technician, described as having dark skin, become the first victim of one of the killers. But the story is an {{Homage}} to the rules that dictate horror movies so it's a low key {{lampshade|Hanging}} including it.

[[folder: Live Action TV]]
* One [[TieInNovel Tie-In]] ''Series/{{Monk}}'' novel, ''Mr. Monk on the Couch'', has a serial killer case where the first victim is a black thrift shop manager.
* ''Franchise/StarTrek'': There are examples of black {{Red Shirt}}s all throughout the ''Star Trek'' universe who die before their similarly-garbed comrades.
** A ''Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration'' example - in "Where Silence Has Lease" an alien face on the viewscreen says that he wants to understand death by way of killing about half the crew and starts by killing the helmsman, the spot normally manned by [[CreatorsPet Wesley Crusher.]] But he's away from the post at the time, for the only time in the whole episode, replaced by a RedShirt black guy.
* The first person to die in the pilot of ''Series/{{Andromeda}}'' is a young black officer named Thompson. He's named after Cronan Thompson, a young black Internet personality who was involved in many online arguments with the show's creator, Robert Wolfe. Cronan died of cancer at 19, and Wolfe included Thompson in his pilot as a tribute.
* In the New Zealand [=TV3=] docu-series ''Aftershock'', the first person shown to die as a result of the Cook Strait earthquake is a Maori man.
* In BBC's ''Series/{{Merlin|2008}}'', they added black knights to Uther's court. The [[MonsterOfTheWeek monsters of the week]] seem to love killing them, and if a knight needs to die to establish the threat, it will be the black dude. Being a black knight in Merlin appears to be like being a RedShirt in Star Trek. Heaven help you if you're a black Knight and wearing a red tunic. The first major character to be killed in the series was Tom, who is also black.
* In ''Series/StargateAtlantis'', although his death is [[NeverFoundTheBody ambiguous]], the first character to leave the main cast is the black Lieutenant Ford.
* In the pilot episode of ''Series/TheGreatestAmericanHero'', the first person to die is Bill Maxwell's black partner.
* In ''{{Series/Jekyll}}'' Benjamin is Hyde's first (human) kill. After Hyde has tortured, mauled and, um... [[FateWorseThanDeath done other things]] to people, the first time he actually takes a someone's life is to slice Benjamin's throat for threatening his family.
* ''Series/{{Flashpoint}}'': Of the main cast, the first cast member to die is Louis Young, the SRU's sole black officer.
* In the ''Pro-Life'' episode of the ''Series/MastersOfHorror'' series, the black security guard is the first to die.
* In ''Series/TheOuterLimits1995'' episode "The Vaccine", the helpful young black man is the first of the group of survivors to die, when feral dogs attack him outside of the quarantine zone and compromise his environmental suit, exposing him to a lethal virus. Ultimately subverted, when he turns up alive at the end; the survivors lived not because they hadn't been exposed to the virus, but because they were immune.
* In the first PaintballEpisode of ''Series/{{Community}}'', Troy is the first member of the study group to be "killed". This is shockingly unlampshaded.
** {{Inverted}} during the ZombieApocalypse in "Epidemiology", where Abed consciously averts this trope by sacrificing himself for Troy, making the latter not only the last member of the study group to be zombified but end up saving the day before he bites it.
* ''Series/TwoPintsOfLagerAndAPacketOfCrisps'' lampshades and parodies this trope in the [[SomethingCompletelyDifferent horror special]], "When Janet Killed Jonny". Louise, who is black (and is indeed the first character to die in the episode), comes out with this when creepy things start happening:
--> Anyway, you know the rules. [[GenreSavvy The black one always dies first]]. ''({{Beat}})'' [[CloudCuckoolander And nobody here's black]]!
--> ''(Everyone stares at her)''
* In the slasher-esque ''Series/MastersOfHorror'' episode "Pick Me Up", the black bus driver is the first person to be murdered by one of the killers.
* ''Series/DoctorWho'':
** In "[[Recap/DoctorWhoS4E6TheMoonbase The Moonbase]]", the base is staffed with an international group of scientists, all white except for one black man. He is the first to be killed, getting bumped off in Episode 1 [[spoiler: although it is later revealed that he was just kidnapped by the Cybermen and made a partially-converted slave]].
** In "[[Recap/DoctorWhoS34E5TimeHeist Time Heist]]": The Teller's first on-screen victim, Saibra, the only black member of the heist crew and the first to fall by the wayside, appears to be an example [[spoiler:until it turns out she survived]]. However a black man is the first to be shown having his brains melted by the Teller.
** In "[[Recap/DoctorWho2007CSVoyageOfTheDamned Voyage of the Damned]]", Morvin Van Hoof, the first to die out of the small group of characters the Doctor attempts to lead to safety, is black.
* ''{{Series/Extant}}'': Molly's ex-boyfriend Marcus, who died before the show even began. [[spoiler: It doesn't stop him from becoming a recurring character, though.]]
* DoubleSubversion in ''Series/AgentsOfSHIELD'': the first member of the team to [[DisneyDeath apparently]] die and not be revealed as actually alive before the episode ends is [[spoiler: Mack]]. Towards the end of the next episode, it is revealed to the viewer that he probably survived after all... only for the ''other'' black guy on the team, [[spoiler: Trip]], to die a rather definitive death.
** Lampshaded in the season 5 premiere "Orientation (part 1)": when the team suggests [[LetsSplitUpGang splitting up]] in a mysterious base to look for their missing members, Mack shoots down the idea because of this trope.
--->'''Daisy:''' We should split up, we’ll cover more ground.\\
'''Mack:''' Oh no! Have you not watched any alien movie ever? Besides, we split up and we all know who’s going out first...
* In ''Series/TheWalkingDead'', T-Dog laments and {{lampshade|Hanging}}s this situation frequently (see page quote) to the point where it even becomes a paranoid belief when he's sick with a fever. Though he does eventually die mid-way through Season 3, over two seasons after the character was introduced, he does in fact outlive at least seven of his initial companions, including [[spoiler:Amy, Ed, Jim, Dale, Jaqui, Sophia, and Shane.]]
* The prequel spin-off ''Series/FearTheWalkingDead'' played this ''very'' straight, to the point where it drew heavy criticism. The first scene of the series shows an already-dead black man being eaten by a walker. After that, the first episode introduces three black, male character; all three of them are dead by the end of the second episode.
* ''Series/TheWestWing'' - In the second ever episode of the show we're introduced to a sweet, funny military doctor who's been specially requested by the President. He gets on really well with him, and has just popped in to give him a check-up before flying to an overseas teaching hospital for a couple of weeks. Not only is he black, he has a wife he adores and a lovely newborn baby girl whose picture he shows everyone. He is of course dead by the end of the episode (terrorists blow up his plane), and his death is used as a plot point to explore how the President deals with a military situation despite not having the experience. First person to die in a series that racked up quite a few corpses over the years.
* In the ''Series/{{Supernatural}}'' episode [[Recap/SupernaturalS02E05SimonSaid "Simon Said" (S02, E05)]], Dr. Jennings is the first to die.
* In ''Series/The100'', the first primary cast member to die is Wells, the only black character among the Earthen main cast.
* Discussed in the ''Series/{{Alphas}}'' episode "Gaslight." Hicks compares the evacuated hospital to the setting of a horror movie and warns Harken to be careful because of what tends to happen to black men in horror movies. Harken is not amused.
* ''Series/{{NCIS}}'':
** A team (white woman, white man, black man) enters a building in search of a killer. While they are all shot, the black man doesn't survive.
** In another episode, two Coast Guard officers (white man, black man) scan a ship. Shots ring out and the black officer is killed.
* In ''Series/EmeraldCity'', the Witch of the East, who is portrayed by a [[RaceLift black woman]], is the first character to be killed off.
* Angel is the first Big Brother housemate to die in ''[[Series/DeadSet Dead Set]]'' after dying from a zombie bite gained in the first episode.

[[folder: Machinima]]
* Played straight in [[Machinima/PinkiePiesExcitingAdventure Pinkie Pie's Exciting Adventure]], where the first character to die is a Demoman in Part 3.

[[folder: Pro Wrestling]]
* WWE's Wrestling/TheNexus faction sort of did this. Barring Daniel Bryan's legit firing, the first two guys officially dumped were black (Darren Young [beaten down and thrown out after losing to Cena] and Michael Tarver [taken out by Cena himself]). David Otunga did not leave the Nexus; in fact he was the only original member to still be in the Nexus when it disbanded. Wrestling/WadeBarrett split from the Nexus and formed The Corre which had a black guy named Ezekiel Jackson. He was the first to be ejected.
* There have been several instances such as in Elimination Chamber or Survivor Series matches where the black wrestler is the first one eliminated.

[[folder: Video Games]]
* Inverted in the ''Franchise/DanganRonpa'' series. In both the first and second game, the brown-skinned girl in that game's cast was among the only survivors. Fans started predicting whether new characters would survive just because of their skin color.
* Technically so in ''VideoGame/MegaManZero''. The first of the Four Guardians to die is Hidden Phantom, the one who wears black armor.
* In ''VideoGame/Borderlands2'', Roland is the only one of the vault hunters from the first game who dies in this one. He also happens to be the only black male among them.
* The first named character to die in ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid'' was the black DARPA Chief, Donald Anderson. Subverted when it turned out that he was [[LatexPerfection an albino disguising himself as Anderson]], and then twisted back around again, because the real Anderson was killed off-screen before Snake's arrival. That said, Master Miller was ''also'' killed off-screen before Snake's arrival (being impersonated through the whole game by the BigBad), and the player is never made privy to which happened first.
** ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid2SonsOfLiberty'' is divided into two chapters. In both chapters, the first named character to die is a black man - Scott Dolph in the Tanker portion and Peter Stillman in the Plant portion.
** In ''VideoGame/MetalGearRisingRevengeance'', the opening sequence shows an African leader, who was successfully bringing peace to his country after decades of civil war, getting assassinated by the villains of the game whom want to keep the conflict going for their own profit.
* In ''VideoGame/{{Fallout 3}}'' the first character to die is the scientist Jonas who was a friend of your character's father. It's his death in fact, that kicks off the main storyline.
** Also, the PlayerCharacter's mother, who is seen at the very beginning, dies shortly after giving birth. Her ethnicity is deliberately kept ambiguous in-game, but examining her character in the game files shows her to be African-American.
* In ''VideoGame/{{Crysis}}'', the two black and one Hispanic teammates get eaten by aliens in the first couple of levels. One of the black teammates gets better, though.
** Oh, that black guy who got better? His name is Prophet, and he dies first in the sequel. Although he did get better...sort of. ItMakesSenseInContext.
* In ''VideoGame/{{Siren}}: Blood Curse'', the black camera man Sol Jackson is the first of the protagonists to be killed, before you even get a chance to play as him. Then everyone goes back in time because Crazy Cult Lady's plan got screwed over. Sol is alive again! ...Until he dies first a ''second'' time. Even worse is that another character is shown to be in the exact same predicament that presumably kills Sol the second time around, yet he's shown to be perfectly fine later on.
* In ''VideoGame/DeadSpace2'', the ''VideoGame/DeadSpaceIgnition'' protagonist Franco Delille dies within seconds of the game starting.
* In ''Franchise/{{Halo}}'', the first major non-gameplay casualties in the [[VideoGame/HaloCombatEvolved first game]] are the black Sgt. Johnson's [[NumerologicalMotif seven]]-man squad. WordOfGod indicates this was originally [[http://forums.bungie.org/halo/archive4.pl?read=82872 intended to stick]], but Johnson's popularity with the fans meant he was retconned into surviving.
* In ''VideoGame/WinBack'' for the UsefulNotes/Nintendo64, the main story involves tracking down your fellow squad members from whom you were separated. One of the first to be encountered is Matt, the black squad member, who instantly receives a sniper bullet to the face from [[DragonInChief Cecile]].
* The first named character to die in ''VideoGame/ShinMegamiTenseiStrangeJourney'' is the token black man, Commander Gore, in the first hour of the game. But he later comes back as the MagicalNegro.
* The first member of your squad to die in ''Blacksite: Area 51'' is Mitchell Ambrose, the only black man. He's also introduced by showing you pictures of his family and was also going to ask for leave after this mission.
* In the ''VideoGame/ChzoMythos'' game ''7 Days a Skeptic'', Barry dies first. The assignment also [[{{Retirony}} happens to be the last before his retirement]], so he never really stood a chance.
** Also in ''Trilby's Notes'', Abed is the first, and only, character to die. Unless you count the prologue and the flashbacks. Not a typical example since this happens near the end of the game.
* In the suicide mission at the end of ''VideoGame/MassEffect2'', Jacob Taylor, the only black party member, volunteers for the first task. If you select him for this task, he gets shot in the face with a rocket. Avertable, if the player is GenreSavvy, or if you didn't upgrade the Normandy's weapons, shields, and/or armor (if any of the three are not upgraded, someone else dies, first). The player can also send ANYONE into the shaft (except [[CreatorsPet Miranda]]) and get any number of non-black crew members killed. They can also get the entire team out alive, thus sparing Jacob. So really, if Jacob dies first, one could argue that the player is the one enacting the trope.
* Played straight in ''VideoGame/CliveBarkersJericho'', where the Firstborn explodes two party members before the final battle. It actually targets [[HollywoodNerd Cole]] for trying to analyze it, but [[TokenMinority Jones]] stands closest to her and gets [[LudicrousGibs gibbed]] along with her. And true to the trope, Jones is blasted to chunks just one instant before Cole.
* ''VideoGame/InThe1stDegree'' has only one character die. His name is Zachary Barnes, and he is a black guy shot dead by his white business partner James Tobin. Fortunately, the point of the game is to make sure Tobin goes all the way down for Zack's murder.
* In the ''VideoGame/SoldierOfFortune'' series, Hawk is the first named sympathetic (player's side) character to die.
* In ''VideoGame/FrontMission Evolved'', Captain Hamilton is the first major NPC to die after being ImpaledWithExtremePrejudice.
* In ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVI'', General Leo is the first character to be seen killed by Kefka, who is black in the Yoshitaka Amano design. Whether or not it is evident in the sprite is left for the individual to assume.
* In ''VideoGame/SilentHill4'', Cynthia, a [[TokenMinority Hispanic/Latina]] and the sole minority character, is the first to die in-game [[spoiler:but also the first to be turned into a ghost]].
* The first casualty of the entire WorldWarIII in ''VideoGame/CommandAndConquerRedAlert2'' is the black guy who refuse to launch the [[NukeEm nuclear missile]] in the opening cinematic.
* In ''VideoGame/CallOfDutyGhosts'', Ajax, the first member of the titular team to die, also happens to be the only black member of the group.
* The very first mission in ''VideoGame/CallOfDutyBlackOps2'' begins with the scene of a black African soldier burning to death. The player then spends the entire mission killing a bunch of black Africans just to get information on [[spoiler: where to find and rescue Woods]]. The fact that you're helping another black African leader who's excited about fighting and killing doesn't discredit the trope.
* The tutorial mission of ''VideoGame/JustCause2'' literally starts with this trope in spades. First the spunk blonde falls out of the helicopter - but is saved at the last minute. Then the black guy gets shot and falls out. For bonus points you get to jump out and skydive to his corpse (with the blonde telling you over the radio "yep, definitely dead, no point in trying to save him"), take the valuable object from his body, then use your parachute and leave the corpse to fall the rest of the way down.
* ''VideoGame/AssassinsCreedRogue:'' The first major target Shay kills after leaving the Assassins is the Afro-French Le Chasseur (if only because he'd tell the Assassins Shay is alive).
* The tutorial level of ''VideoGame/Battlefield1'' has the player as part of the 369th New York Regiment, aka the "Harlem Hellfighters", an African-American National Guard regiment that was "loaned out" to the French Army during the final months of UsefulNotes/WorldWarI. The only way to progress through and finish the level is for the first four player characters to be killed.

[[folder: Web Comics]]
* In ''Webcomic/{{Erfworld}}'', Lord Manpower the Temporary is killed on page 2, and is black at the time. (Later, he's green, like the rest of the uncroaked.) Technically, though, he was the last of Stanley's warlords to die. Just the first dead character in the story proper.
* Afrostar in ''Webcomic/{{Sidekicks}}'' gets featured on the chapter title along with his sidekick and is one of the superheroes that is actually genuinely a NiceGuy. Come the fight against the villains, he's the first (and only) superhero to get a confirmed onscreen death.
* Inverted in ''WebComic/TheNonAdventuresOfWonderella'': in a world where superheros die and come back to life (often enough that they throw a party every time someone does), the black Queen Beetle is literally the only one ''not'' to have died. (Well, and Rita, but Rita's just a sidekick.)

[[folder: Western Animation]]
* ''WesternAnimation/SupermanTheAnimatedSeries'', episode "The Hand of Fate". First demon to spring from the giant hole goes straight for the black dude.
* ''WesternAnimation/WolverineAndTheXMen'': Swat team flees from faceless terror in the middle of a blizzard. Black guy gets dragged off.
* In the ''WesternAnimation/JusticeLeague Unlimited'' episode "Dark Heart", Billy the rock climber gets eaten by the alien first.
* In ''WesternAnimation/SpacedOut'' a black Krach Industries suit got dissolved by acidic pulp, which security aimed at an escaped experimental organism that had to be taken out at all cost.
* In at least two episodes of ''WesternAnimation/TeenTitansGo'' Cyborg is the first to die.


[[folder: Comic Books]]
* When Ambrose Chase dies in ''ComicBook/{{Planetary}}'', the GenreSavvy villain comments that "this is science fiction movie. The black guy always dies in the science fiction movie." (They were in a reality-warping field that made reality follow movie cliches, so this was, literally, the reason he died.)
* Parodied in a comic by Creator/JhonenVasquez describing the worst movie ever made.
-->"In classic tradition, ethnicity means a deathmark, and a reason to motivate that noble white guy."
-->'''White guy:''' "AAARGH!! YOU KILLED BLACKY!!"
* In Kyle Baker's[[note]]himself an Af-Am comics creator[[/note]] war comedy ''Special Forces'' the opening splash page of the very first issue is the black squad member's head exploding and the main character actually lampshading this quote in her narration.
* Gorilla Girl from ''[[Comicbook/AvengersTheInitiative Avengers: The Iniative]]'' sums it up perfectly:
-->'''Gorilla Girl''': I'm black, I'm female, and nobody's ever heard of me. I might as well have '[[CListFodder Cannon Fodder]]' stamped on my forehead.
* [[DiscussedTrope Set up]] in ''Film/TheExpendables''' parody, where there is a character known only as (even by that character himself) "Muscly Black Dude Who Dies A Gruesome Death", and whose purpose is only to say "You're totally mad, bro!" and "You said it, dude!". He frequently {{lampshade|Hanging}}s this behaviour, and even explains how a [[FatalFamilyPhoto family photo]] is the way they chose to give depth to his character.

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* In ''Machinima/ADayInTheLifeOfACommissar'', two Guardsmen see Commissar Steve get gassed. One trooper, horrorstruck, wonders who's going to be the first to die. His buddy says "we should go by the movie rule that states the black guy always dies first." They're relived that none of their troops are black. But then one trooper says, "wait, I'm half-black!" and is promptly blown to pieces.

[[folder:Films -- Animated]]
* Defied in ''WesternAnimation/SouthParkBiggerLongerAndUncut'', where Chef has joined the military, and is in an all-black battalion - the only one there, in fact. The General wants to use them as "Operation: Human Shield" in conjunction with everyone else in "Operation: Get Behind The Darkies". Chef seems to be the only one to notice how much of a raw deal they're getting, and gets the rest of his group to abort the mission, leaving the soldiers behind to get blown up, though.
--> '''Chef:''' Operation Human Shield, my ass!
* A non-lethal variation in the [[WesternAnimation/PixarShorts Pixar short film]] ''Mr. Incredible and Pals'' (a companion piece to ''WesternAnimation/TheIncredibles''), which is a [[StylisticSuck highly corny]] InUniverse cartoon starring Mr. Incredible (who's white) and Frozone (who's black- or [[ButNotTooBlack lightly tanned]] in the cartoon's style). When they confront the villain Lady Lightbug, Frozone is restrained by her 'radioactive silk' and taken out of the action immediately. It's {{lampshade|Hanging}}d by Frozone in the commentary that he and Mr. Incredible do on the cartoon. He's quite annoyed by the poor showing his fictional self makes.

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* ''Film/{{Evolution}}'' comically [[TropeNamers named]] this trope, but actually avoids it with a verbal DefiedTrope. Since it's a rather light-hearted comedy, almost EverybodyLives.
** The guy who said it (Orlando Jones) had even originally used the line in a ''Series/{{MADtv}}'' sketch.
-->'''Ira:''' Snag it and put it in the bucket.\\
'''Harry:''' [[GenreSavvy I've seen this movie]]; the [[TropeNamers black dude dies first]]. [[DefiedTrope You snag it!]]
* ''Film/ScaryMovie'':
** Parodied and defied in the first movie. After the ''Film/{{Scream 1996}}'' parody that opens it, a line of reporters discuss the story in front of the school. The last one is from BET (Black Entertainment Television), and the reporter declares "white folks are dead, [[GenreSavvy we're gettin' the fuck outta here!]]" - at which point he and his crew jump into their van and speed off.
*** Also, it's discussed fully in another scene, with text to this effect:
-->"The worst thing a brother can do is to party with white people, 'cause you know you're gonna die first. You should all get out of here."
-->"W-what about me?"
-->"Mulattos, too!"
** Lampshaded ''again'' in ''Scary Movie 2'', when it's suggested [[LetsSplitUpGang they split up]]. Dwight decides to invoke it.
-->'''Brenda:''' Uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh UH! Now wait a minute, hold up! How come when anytime this scary shit happens, and we should stick together, you white people always say "let's split up"?
-->'''Theo:''' She's right, we should stick together.
-->'''Dwight:''' She's right. Okay.
--> [points to the white people in the group]
-->'''Dwight:''' You three, follow me!
-->[the three black people are left alone]
-->'''Shorty:''' Ain't that a bitch.
-->[the three of them begin to cry]
-->'''Brenda:''' We gonna die, y'all.
* ''Film/UndercoverBrother'''s Conspiracy Brother complains about this trope.
-->"Hey black man, [[Franchise/JurassicPark turn on the power there's dinosaurs running around]]. Hey black man, look out he's got a gun!"
* ''Film/CanadianBacon'' features a scene in which this theory is discussed, and various examples are given. It ends with the one black guy looking really nervous. He not only survives, though, he goes on to prove that black athletic superiority extends to hockey, too.
* Preacher of ''Film/DeepBlueSea'' is well aware of this trope--"I'm toast! Brothers never make it out of situations like this! Not ever!" and records his legacy - the perfect omelet recipe - in anticipation of his death. He lives all the way to the end, although the other black character does die mid-way through the film. The lampshading may have also been intentionally magnified in that out of the two black guys in this horror movie, one is played by a rapper (Music/LLCoolJ), and the other one by... Creator/SamuelLJackson. And ''Jackson'', the bigger star, is the one who gets closely acquainted with the film's [[GoneHorriblyRight superintelligent genetically enhanced angry sharks]].
** It is remarkable that Preacher was indeed supposed to die according to the original script, just near the end rather than at the beginning. However, [[EnsembleDarkhorse test audiences hated that]], so it was changed.
* In the hip-hop drama ''Film/EightMile'', one of B Rabbit's opponents, Lotto, raps during their freestyle battle: "I'll spit a racial slur honkey, sue me/This shit is a horror flick [[AvertedTrope but the black guy doesn't die in this movie]]."
* In ''Film/Scream2'' (which ironically, offers a classic example of this trope), Gail's cameraman notes "Brothers don't last long in situations like this." To that end, he quickly leaves town--and survives.
* In the commentary track for ''Film/{{Snatch}}'', the actor who plays Vincent notes this trope's tendencies and appreciates that this film averted it. Despite its two-digit body count, its black main characters all survive ([[ComedicSociopathy though they get nicked for a murder they technically didn't commit]]).

[[folder: Live Action TV]]
* Wayne Brady on an episode of ''Series/WhoseLineIsItAnyway'' during a game of Questions Only set at the [[Film/{{Psycho}} Bates Motel]], and also during a game of Themed Restaurant, with the theme being horror.
-->'''Wayne''': "Am I going to be the first one to die, like I always am?"
** Wayne nearly always lampshades this trope in any game that involves horror movies.
* Wayne also lampshaded it on a ninth season episode of ''Series/HowIMetYourMother'', although the death is not...death. He sacrifices himself by talking to the old people so Barney and Robin can sneak away and not have to talk to them.
* ''Series/{{Psych}}''
** In an episode parodying slasher films, Gus refuses to leave the house because "I've seen enough slasher movies to know that when the brother goes off to the woods, he doesn't even sorta come back!" Ironically he not only survives, but is the ONLY person to best the killer in a one-on-one fight.
** In another episode, this one set during Halloween, Gus has a list of rules for entering the old insane asylum. He doesn't enter the room first, he doesn't enter the room last, and he leaves if anything spooky happens. Naturally, his foot gets stuck in a hole in the floor, and Shawn leaves him there. [[{{Troll}} And then shows back up with the villain's voice modulator]]
* In ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'' season 7, the following exchange occurs after some of the potential slayers (including Rona, who is black) are "killed" in a training exercise:
-->'''Spike:''' OK, these two are dead. Why?\\
'''Rona:''' 'Cause the black chick always gets it first?
* In an episode of ''Series/MarriedWithChildren'', Al, Jefferson, and Griff join the National Guard and have to quell a garbageman strike. They've holed up inside a truck during a riot and Jefferson orders Griff to get out and do something.
-->'''Griff:''' Haven't you ever seen a war movie? The black man ''always'' gets it first! ...Jim Brown in ''Film/TheDirtyDozen'', Creator/LaurenceFishburne in ''Film/ApocalypseNow'', Bubba in ''Film/ForrestGump''! ''Any'' [[RedShirt black man in]] ''Franchise/StarTrek''! We go in, test the waters, get killed, and you white guys go home to your families.
-->'''Al:''' See? We ''both'' lose.
* Discussed by Turk in the ''Series/{{Scrubs}}'' episode "My Long Goodbye".
--> "If this were a horror flick, I'd be so scared that I was next. They always kill the black folks off first. Now I'm not really worried about it, 'cause there's still Snoop Dogg Resident and Leonard the security guard... y'know, when you think about it, this is a white-ass hospital." (beat) "I'm gonna miss you. You take care, okay?"
* A skit on ''Fridays'' called "The Moral Majority Variety Hour" included a magician who made the only black man in the audience disappear.
* In one rather funny moment on ''Series/SmartGuy'' Moe and Marcus are sitting down to watch ''{{Film/Scream 2}}''. Marcus' girlfriend objects to the violence, Moe says he's only watching it for Jada Pinkett. Marcus and his girlfriend get into an argument about something else, and are suddenly cut off by loud screaming. Moe, oblivious to the argument, moans "Oh no, Jada's in the beginning. Black folks ''always'' get killed early in these things!" Seconds later, a woman's scream is heard in the movie and Moe says flatly "There goes Jada."
* Mentioned by Liz Lemon in ''Series/ThirtyRock''.
--> "Word of advice: If the will says you have to spend the night in a haunted house you better hope that everybody else there is black guys and [[DeathBySex sl]][[DisposableSexWorker uts]].”
* During ''Series/{{Community}}'''s {{Zombie Apocalyp|se}}tic Halloween special "[[Recap/CommunityS2E06Epidemiology Epidemiology]]" this trope is lampshaded with [[DefiedTrope an attempted defiance]]. Abed sacrifices himself to make sure that Troy escapes.
-->'''Abed:''' "Troy, make me proud. Be the first black man to get to the end."
** "[[Recap/CommunityS2E06Epidemiology Epidemiology]]" also has a deleted line from Troy saying he was going to run alongside Shirley in order to [[LampshadeHanging double his chances.]]
* Parodied in ''Series/PowerRangersLostGalaxy'':
-->'''Damon:''' Why am I always the decoy?
* Inverted in the ''Series/KeyAndPeele'' sketch "Suburban Zombies". The ''white'' guy (Creator/KevinSorbo) is [[DeathByCameo killed and eaten first]], and it later turns out that the zombies intentionally spared the black protagonists because they're afraid of black people.
* Nicole Beharie of ''Series/SleepyHollow'' is well aware of this trope, and has said one of the major reason the show appealed to her was because unlike most other horror or fantasy narratives, the black woman isn't just the white heroine's [[BlackBestFriend best friend]] who ends up getting murdered.
* In an episode of ''Series/AreYouThereChelsea'', Dee Dee and Olivia are watching horror movies. Olivia says "There are no black people in this movie, so I don't know who dies first!"
* Referenced on ''Series/MockTheWeek'', for the category "Unlikely Things to Read on a Health Insurance Form":
--> "Are you the only black guy in a horror film"
* ''Series/InLivingColor'' had a couple of comedy skits starring Creator/JimCarrey and David Alan Grier called Sidekicks and Sidekicks In Nam. The skits would parody the war movies and how they make the black character look silly and incompetent, before he's the first one to die, leaving the white best friend to go on a RoaringRampageOfRevenge.
* An episode of ''The Hughleys'' which had the gang staying the night in a haunted house and Darryl flipping out when the Caucasian Dave and Sally apparently fell victim to the killer:
--> "What kind of movie is this when the white people get killed before the black people?!"
* In reference to what happened to his character Rhodey in ''Film/CaptainAmericaCivilWar'', Creator/DonCheadle commented in an appearance on the 11/08/16 episode of ''Series/TheLateShowWithStephenColbert'' that he wouldn't want to be the first black man on Mars [[GenreSavvy "because then I'd be the first to go."]]
* In the ''Series/{{Alphas}}'' episode "Gaslight", the main cast finds themselves in a classic horror movie scenario inside a mental hospital, which prompts Hicks and Harken to discuss horror movie tropes. Harken notes that this one probably won't be happening to him, given his SuperStrength and FBI training.

[[folder: Music]]
* Busdriver references this trope in "Unemployed Black Astronaut":
-->Oh my / sorry I / left my acceptance speech / in the back of the private car / and I rewrote the Hollywood ending / fluxed the motion picture screen / made it so the black guy doesn't die by the opening scene

[[folder: Newspaper Comics]]
* In a 1999 ''ComicStrip/TheBoondocks'' strip, Huey writes an e-mail to Creator/GeorgeLucas saying how excited he is that Creator/SamuelLJackson will be playing a Jedi Master (Mace Windu, for the uninitiated) in ''Film/ThePhantomMenace'' (and very formally so). He then pauses, and with a grim expression, writes "...but he had '''BETTER''' not be the first one to die."

[[folder:Professional Wrestling]]
* When Leah Von Dutch to go ghost hunting on "LVD TV" following a dream wave event, Moose protests on the grounds of being black but later volunteers to accept his fate when she comes across an unlit room and refuses to go farther.[[/folder]]

[[folder: Webcomics]]
* In ''WebComic/BadGuyHigh'' a corrupted Super Dan killed Jacob, the black member of the team, and it's lampshaded.
* Sort of referenced in [[http://www.captainsnes.com/2008/10/24/guest-halloween-special-7/ this]] ''Webcomic/CaptainSNES'' Halloween special, despite several people having died already.
* One of many horror movie cliches parodied in the "KITTEN" arc of ''Webcomic/SluggyFreelance''.
* Discussed in ''WebComic/AnsemRetort'', where Zexion notes that as long as the black dude is alive, the rest of them are safe. Then Namine points out that racism aside, they don't ''have'' a black dude.
-->''Ooh, right. Yeah, we're gonna die. Painfully, too.''

[[folder: Web Original]]
* [[http://graphjam.com/2009/07/22/song-chart-memes-life-horror/ This chart on GraphJam]] detailing the life expectancies of horror film characters.
* In ''[[Roleplay/SurvivalOfTheFittest SOTF-TV]]'', the first character to die is Anthony Rollins, who is, well, black. He actually [[LampshadeHanging hangs a lampshade]] on this right before he dies.
-->"Really? I'm the black guy that dies first? I knew I could've done more for this fucking show working the camera."
* And [[http://d.facdn.net/art/drakefenwick/1208912065.drakefenwick_screwed.jpg this]] shows even polar bears are subject to this trope.
* WebOriginal/{{Tobuscus}} lampshades this in his [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2W32cOTgo8&feature=related literal trailer]] of ''Film/SharkNight'', when the black man Malik is attacked.
** "She can't believe that THAT guy died first."
* The idea is repeatedly and viciously lampshaded in WebSite/SFDebris's [[http://sfdebris.com/videos/startrek/t128.php review]] of the aforementioned "Where Silence Has Lease".
--> "...And naturally there'd be no shortage of volunteers [From red-shirted black men for bridge positions]. People who've seen Science Fiction know the black dude dies first. And people who've seen the original series know the guy who beams down in a red shirt dies. So, black dude plus red shirt equals get a bridge job as fast as you can and hope an alien doesn't show up on the view screen [[TemptingFate looking to kill people for no reason]]."
** Later he does the voices of the various cast members to summarize the scene:
-->'''Negilum''': Now would be a good time to learn about death by killing one of you.\\
'''Riker''': Oh, no!\\
'''Picard''': Oh, no!\\
'''Troi''': Oh, no!\\
'''Data''': Oh, no!\\
'''Black Red-Shirt''': MOTHER FUCKER! *dies*\\
'''Picard''': Send another red-shirted black fellow to the bridge.\\
'''Geordi''': *leaves*
* [[http://weknowmemes.com/2012/01/if-theyre-all-black-then-how-are-we-supposed-to-guess-who-dies-first/ This]] poster of ''Film/RedTails''.
* From the [[http://letterstomrpotter.tumblr.com/post/20504874220 "Letters to Mr. Potter" tumblr]]:
-->''Dear [[Characters/HarryPotterHogwartsStudents Dean,]]''
-->''Thank you for not being the first one to die.''
-->''Sincerely, Black People Everywhere''
* WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic [[GagSub dubs the thoughts]] of the only black guy in ''Film/Jaws3D'': "All I can say is, I'm worried. We're in a lousy horror movie and I'm the only black person around. Clearly I need to hire more black people." He does, and just as planned, they get eaten by the shark instead. Success!
** ''WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall'': Linkara created several X-COM squad members based on Website/ThatGuyWithTheGlasses contributors. The one based on WebVideo/TheRapCritic was the first to die. [[https://twitter.com/Phanto/status/358783403899895809 Read about it here]].
** Speaking of Linkara, during the storyline segment of his review of ''A Nightmare on Elm Street: Paranoid'' #2, when Viga is told of the current supernatural situation in their house, [[ScrewThisImOutOfHere she immediately grabs a suitcase]] and says "Nope!" precisely due to this trope.
** [[LampshadeHanging Lampshaded]] by [[TokenMinority Malcolm]] in ''[[Recap/TheNostalgiaCriticS6E17 The Shining]]'' review.
* Parodied in one Creator/AchievementHunter LetsPlay when Creator/RayNarvaezJr is the first to be downed in an FPS game, he, as a Puerto Rican, gripes that it's the "brown guy who dies first".
* During the ''WebVideo/TwoBestFriendsPlay'' episode featuring ''VideoGame/DeadSpace2'', Pat wonders out loud if Franco's death is "the fastest black guy death in a video game ever".
* Parodied in the ''WebAnimation/FiftyPercentOff'' Halloween special, in which Makoto suggests Nagisa would be the first to die in a horror movie. Keep in mind that this is an AbridgedSeries of an anime, so Nagisa still looks like a {{Keet}}, he just ''[[VocalDissonance sounds]]'' like a ScaryBlackMan.
* The ''[[WebAnimation/DorklyOriginals Dorkly]]'' article, “[[http://www.dorkly.com/post/60847/these-8-characters-are-definitely-going-to-die These Eight Characters are Definitely Going to Die]]”, includes in the list, "The Black Guy".
-->'''How They’re Going to Die''': First.\\
'''Why''': Because the screenwriter knew that they should [[TokenMinority include a black character]], but after 20 pages they realized [[WriteWhatYouKnow they had no clue how to write them]].
* In a Halloween special of ''LetsPlay/AnalogControl'' involving ''VideoGame/SlenderTheEightPages'', MJTR confided in his current, mixed-race cohost Trey that at least one of them would survive. If Slenderman started pursuing them, he'd be too busy killing Trey to get MJTR.
* In the ''VideoGame/GhostRecon: Future Soldier'' prequel film ''Ghost Recon Alpha'', the one black member of the squad, Chuck, is the only one to die.

[[folder: Western Animation]]
* ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark''
** Parodied in an episode itself a parody of ''Film/TheCore''. In the original, a black scientist dies after engaging a switch deep while in almost direct contact with the Earth's mantle; in the parody, Cartman explicitly picks Chef as "the black man who will sacrifice himself". This is subverted, however, as Chef safely makes his way through the crowd of Hippies, does what was asked, and gets back... only for Cartman to keep going on as though Chef had died.
** Played straight however in Season 20, where of all the Internet trolls the only one to die was the lone black guy, [[CrossesTheLineTwice MLKKK]], burned alive by a man whose daughter he made fun of.
* The episode of ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'' with the infamous MENDOOOZZAAAAA! SkywardScream features [=McBain=]'s black partner getting killed.
* The animated series ''WesternAnimation/FunnyFace'' has the black watermelon as the first and only character to die.