[[caption-width-right:350: Your GroinAttack is weak, grasshopper.]]

->''"I've got balls of steel!"''
-->-- '''''VideoGame/DukeNukem'''''

The man's leg [[GroinAttack kicks towards the hero's groin]]. It hits him, hard enough to take down a lesser man. But not this hero! This hero has ''balls of steel'' and won't crumple even if a truck drives into his groin.

This is a subversion of GroinAttack, which is where a male character gets hit in his genitalia and goes down.

Typical justifications of this trope include the target wearing a codpiece, [[NoBiologicalSex lacking]] [[HumanOutsideAlienInside genitalia]] where he is being hit (especially common in SpeculativeFiction, but [[DisabilityImmunity can also happen with eunuchs]]), or [[SweetPollyOliver being]] [[SamusIsAGirl female]] (incidentally, a GroinAttack on a female [[RealityIsUnrealistic in real life is nearly as effective and dangerous as it is when used against a man]], though it ''is'' considered [[DoubleStandard less]] [[DudeNotFunny funny]]).

To add extra humour, the person doing the attack may actually hurt ''themselves'' attempting the GroinAttack ([[RussianReversal because In Soviet Russia, groin attacks YOU!!]]). Cue several seconds of cursing and clutching at the affected area--long enough for the attacked to retaliate.

Not to be confused with BrassBalls, nor [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pétanque boules of steel.]] Subtrope of KungFuProofMook and NoSell. Funnily enough is TruthInTelevision with Shaolin Monks claiming that there is a practice for this, complete with [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VP9M4iR8TQ video]].

''For the [[DigitalPinballTables video pinball game]]'' Balls of Steel, ''[[VideoGame/BallsOfSteel click here.]]''

Also, despite the name, BoobsOfSteel is ''[[IThoughtItMeant not]]'' the DistaffCounterpart of this for [[BreastAttack breast attacks]].



[[folder: Anime and Manga ]]

* In ''Manga/BlackLagoon'', Rotton the Wizard survived a crushing blow to his manhood from Roberta by [[CrazyPrepared wearing a steel metal strap]]. He still goes down hard, because this is Roberta we're talking about.
* Occurs in one of the flashback chapters of ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'' when [[spoiler: recently appointed Captain Kisuke Urahara]] is kicked by then-lieutenant [[spoiler:Hiyori Sarugaki]] with seemingly no effect. After she stormed out the barracks clutching at her foot and asking herself, "What are they made of, brass?!" His response? "Yes, yes they are!"
* A swift kick to the 'nads was attempted by [[Manga/RikiOh Saiga Riki-Oh]] on the JP Warden when conventional means proved ineffective on his rubbery body. Only thing is, [[spoiler:the rubbery freak in effect ''makes 'em disappear''.]]
* In ''Manga/BakiTheGrappler'', one of Katou's first moves against Orochi was a GroinAttack. After nearly suffocating Katou as a counter, Orochi explains that Okinawa Karate has a technique that lets you retract your testicles into your body.
* [[Manga/GunsmithCats Minnie May]] uses a GroinAttack on [[Anime/RidingBean Bean Bandit]] to 'get a man up' when he falls asleep on the wheel. She is shown with a hurting hand. Whether this is because of Bean's armored clothes or it's part of his generally being MadeOfIron is left up to the reader.
* In ''Manga/HeavensLostProperty'' the protagonist, Tomoki, seems to be able to take any damage to the groin, from pointy heels to lightning and homing rockets. He might have gained resistance over time, since his ChildhoodFriend has a MegatonPunch. [[spoiler: UpToEleven Once he not only survived taking a Planet destroying laser, but he actually shoots back, managing to combine both funny and heartwarming with just pure screw fest in to one of the most memorable moments of the manga. MakesJustAsMuchSenseInContext ]]
* {{Subverted|Trope}} at the start of the World Heel Championship tournament in ''Manga/TigerMask'': Mister Wrestling decides to provoke the protagonist and when kicked in the balls he reveals that, knowing the kind of tournament he's going to take part in, he's wearing a cup, only for Tiger Mask to grab Mister Wrestling's own [[ChainPain motorbike chain]] and use it for an attack that both strangled the poor sap and ''broke his cup''.

[[folder: Comic Books ]]
* In the ''ComicBook/SecretSix'' comics, Ragdoll is at one point the victim of a GroinAttack, but he simply takes it and replies, "I had those removed for getting in the way." Catman compliments him on how devoted he is to being a freak.
* In the Comicbook/BlackCanary/Comicbook/GreenArrow wedding issue, Canary manages to land a kick on Comicbook/{{Deathstroke}}, but this trope is used as he angrily says that he's wearing over 50 pounds of body armor, so of ''course'' he's wearing a cup.
* During Creator/WarrenEllis' run on ''Comicbook/{{Thunderbolts}}'', Doc Samson shrugs off a hit to the groin from Moonstone, quipping "Oh, trust me. It's ALL gamma-enhanced."
* At one point Sasha Bordeaux tried to give a GroinAttack to Comicbook/{{Nightwing}}, but found out he wore a cup.
* One of DC's D-List characters, "Wild Dog," takes a shot to the crotch from a female reporter that drops him to the ground. One or two issues later, circumstances repeat, but Wild Dog informs the reporter that he now wears a metal cup. Apparently, none of Wild Dog's male criminal targets would even think of using this maneuver, so he never thought of incorporating that piece of protective gear before.
* During the ''[[ComicBook/BuffyTheVampireSlayer Buffy Season 8]]'' comics, Faith goes for the groin attack against the {{Nigh Invulnerab|ility}}le Twilight. His response? "What makes you think "invulnerable" isn't all over?" Subverted when he sees Buffy going for them with the scythe like she did with Caleb. Thinking better than to risk, it, he avoids the blow. [[spoiler: Makes sense, since he's Angel and actually saw what that move did.]]
* In one issue of ''ComicBook/TheBadger'', Badger was fighting a jump-rope wielding BloodKnight named Dominance in an alternate dimension. At one point in the fight, Badger get in a groin attack against him, and Dominance instantly responds with a counter that sends Badger flying. Dominance then grins and declares "I had my gonads removed, jokes on you!" Ham, who's scrying the fight from earth comments, "He had his gonads removed and he thinks the jokes on Badger." Which was almost exactly what badger said when the POV shifted back to him.
* In ''ComicBook/JustAPilgrim'', the titular Pilgrim kicks SkyPirate captain Castenado in the groin, only for him to cheerfully remark that there is "Nothin' there!"
* One issue of ''ComicBook/AvengersAcademy'' had the Academy kids facing off against the Young ComicBook/XMen, [[https://shadowandflamewithmagik.files.wordpress.com/2014/11/avengers-academy-38-kitty-hazmat-kick-rockslide-in-the-would-be-nuts.jpg leading Hazmat to try and kick Rockslide in the crotch.]] Rockslide, as the name suggests, is a mutant whose power destroyed his original body but lets him animate stone, so that he's now a walking pile of rocks. Cut to her gripping her foot in pain.
** In the ensuing conversation about girlfriend difficulties with Mettle (another Avengers Academy student whose body responded to trauma by replacing his skin with a red metallic covering with little sense of touch), Rockslide points out that maybe people whose power makes their genitals less sensitive shouldn't expect a great deal of pity from people whose power means they have no genitals at all.

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* ''Fanfic/TheBridge'': Sonata Dusk tries to fight off Enjin with an IV stand to the groin, but it has no effect. Enjin has FeelNoPain, NoBiologicalSex, and is superhumanly tough.
* ''Fanfic/ThisBites'': [[ThePeepingTom Absalom]] has these, unfortunately enough. Turns out even a GroinAttack by a CuteBruiser can be {{No Sell}}ed if you can completely turn off your sense of pain.
* In a VideoGame/KantaiCollection doujin, Fusou is starting death by shelling dead in the face when [[https://safebooru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=1423017 the Maso Admiral comes to her rescue.]] By taking the shell meant for her ''full on in the nads''. Without even flinching.

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* Done most famously in ''Film/RaidersOfTheLostArk,'' where Franchise/{{Ind|ianaJones}}y is challenged by a hopelessly larger fighter; Indy kicks him the groin in desperation--in response to which the fighter just challenges him again.
* ''Film/JamesBond'':
** In ''Film/YouOnlyLiveTwice'', a martial artist is hit in the testicles, but it's revealed he had drawn them into his body.
** In ''Film/{{Moonraker}}'', Bond knees Jaws in the groin while fighting him in the space station. There's a "clang" sound when Bond does so, indicating that Jaws has Balls of Steel, just like his teeth.
** In ''Film/TheWorldIsNotEnough'', Bond makes Renard fall groin first onto a pipe, but since Renard has FeelNoPain, it doesn't affect him. He just looks down in surprise, then gets up.
** As of ''Film/CasinoRoyale2006'', it's safe to say Bond himself has BallsOfSteel. During the torture scene, not only does he effortlessly take more than a few for the team down there, but he ''actively goads Le Chiffre into hitting him harder''.
--->'''Bond:''' Now the whole world's gonna know that you died scratching my balls!
* ''Film/KungPowEnterTheFist'':
** This is one of Master Pain's/Betty's powers, which he demonstrates by having his {{Mooks}} thrust his staff directly at genitals to no effect. The Chosen One later tries to see if he has this power, and painfully discovers that he does not. On the DVD commentary, director Steve Oedekirk says that the film the footage was taken from, ''Tiger and Crane Fists'', actually had those shots, and nothing was changed visually--it was that absurd-looking.
** Wimp Lo thinks he has this, to where he's developed a Nuts-to-Your-Fists Style.
* In ''Film/MenInBlackII'', K is trying to fight off an alien with little success until J points out that that particular alien--a "[[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Ballchinian]]"--is impervious to groin attacks... [[BizarreAlienBiology because his balls are on his chin instead]].
* Pai Mei from ''Film/KillBill Volume 2'' has these, as the Bride finds out the hard way during her battle with him.
* In ''Film/TheJerk'', Creator/SteveMartin's character makes the mistake of kicking the crotch of [[MeaningfulName "Iron Balls" McGinty]].
* [[{{Pun}} Played with]] in ''Film/ShesTheMan''. Viola gets hit in the crotch with a soccer ball and belatedly remembers to cry in agony, making it momentarily appear that "he" has balls of steel.
* In ''Film/WildWildWest'', Jim West tries to take on a bad guy with metal plating all over his body. When he tries a kick to the groin, all he gets is a bell-ringing noise, to which he utters a horrified ''"No!"'' in stunned disbelief--as well as sympathy that his makers would have done this to him.
* In ''Film/FreddyVsJason'', during the final battle, Freddy tries one of these on Jason when no amount of savage beating on him works. Jason is impervious to all pain, and Freddy curses as he clutches his broken foot.
* Although he is not completely unaffected by the experience, there is a clang when Marty punches Griff in the groin in ''Film/BackToTheFuturePartII''. This was also after a mention that Griff had bionics.
* ''Film/XMenFilmSeries'':
** In ''Film/XMen1'', during a cage fight, Wolverine's opponent is told, "Anything goes, but you hit him in the balls, he'll take it personal." Sure enough, the poor fool tries it--there's an audible "ping,"[[note]]which is a StealthPun since it suggests that Wolvie has literal balls of Adamantium,[[/note]] and Wolverine kicks the tar out of him.
** In ''Film/XMenTheLastStand'', Wolverine ends up fighting a mook who grows his arms back when they're cut off. Wolverine kicks him in the balls and quips "Grow those back." [[WebVideo/CinemaSins There's apparently no reason why he can't...]]
** In ''Film/{{Deadpool 2016}}'', Colossus is a literal case, as he's a mutant capable of [[ChromeChampion turning his skin into organic steel.]] When Deadpool tries to punch Colossus in the family jewels, he injures his hand plentifully (while making an audible *clang* sound).
--->'''Deadpool''': Oh, your poor wife!
*** Averted later in the film when Angel Dust, who has SuperStrength, punches Colossus in the crotch and successfully hurts him.
* In ''Film/RoboCop1987'', a villain resists arrest in a way that shows Murphy's fatal accident cost him more than just an arm and a leg.
* One of the fighters in ''Film/MasterOfTheFlyingGuillotine'' is completely immune to repeated groin attacks. His weak spots are his eyes.
* In ''Film/AlienNation'', Sykes groin-kicks an alien, who [[NoSell laughs it off]]. Later, George tells him that he'll get the result he was looking for by hitting an alien in the side of the torso. Sykes tries this out later, and it proves as effective as a groin shot.
* In ''Film/GetSmart'', during the free-fall scene, Max tries a groin attack on Dalip, followed by Agent 99 trying the same thing, only to receive a dark chuckle in return.
* Owen Wilson in ''Film/ISpy'' takes several groin shots from Creator/FamkeJanssen, but in the very last scene he thwarts her by wearing a cup.
* Film/JohnnyEnglish gains these in the sequel. [[BrickJoke It comes in handy later]].
* Similar to the ''MIB'' example above, in ''Film/StarTrekVITheUndiscoveredCountry'', Kirk is forced into a prison yard fight against an alien twice his size. He repeatedly tries to kick the creature in the groin, resulting in a NoSell each time. After it knocks him to the ground, he strikes the creature in the knees... and it immediately drops like a sack of bricks.
-->'''Marta:''' Not everybody keeps their genitals in the same place, Captain.\\
'''Kirk:''' Anything ''you'' want to tell me?
* Taken UpToEleven with ''Film/YouDontMessWithTheZohan'' when Zohan confronts his arch-enemy, The Phantom, on the Palestine beach where they compete on which one is the tougher, letting themselves get bitten by a piranha to prove their point. The phantom uses the piranha to bite his own neck. Not to be outdone, Zohan takes the piranha and drops it down his swimming trunks to prove he feels no pain. He even nonchalantly lets the Phantom take a peek into his speedo, which makes him wince at the spectacle.
* In ''Torrente: El brazo tonto de la ley'', Malaguita claims to know a mystical trick to draw his genitals to his peritoneum using concentration, and tells Torrente to kick him in the groin to prove it. However, he fails when Toneti accidentally makes him lose his concentration one second before Torrente kicks him.
* In ''Film/TinCup'', this is how the main character got the titular nickname in high school.
* ''Film/BatmanReturns'': Catwoman kicks Batman down there with a heel-heeled boot, but he barely reacts. Considering that the Groin Attack is one of Catwoman's favorite attacks, she may realize that this attack isn't very effective against Batman, as he isn't showing much flinch after received the attack. But, of course, Batman should be wearing a protective cup at the time, not to mention he's also been trained as a ninja and all.
* Double subverted in ''Film/MortalKombat'' in one of the funniest scenes. Johnny Cage challenges Goro to Mortal Kombat, and as Goro raises his arms to roar in triumph, Cage instantly drops into his infamous [[GroinAttack Split Punch]] from the games. And it ''works''; Goro clutches himself and moans in pain, giving Cage the chance to flee from the ring, and when he's out of view he shakes out the fist he punched with. Whatever Goro was packing down there hurt ''him''!

* ''Literature/{{Discworld}}'':
** ''Discworld/MonstrousRegiment''--our heroine [[SweetPollyOliver Polly "Oliver" Perks]] is bitten in the crotch by a horse when disguised as a man, and only the horrified reaction of a male onlooker makes her realise she should be bent double in agony. [[note]]The trick is that the horse was actually just biting the fake bulge made of rolled-up socks.[[/note]] Also, Sergeant Jackrum once shrugged off getting kicked in the groin during a bar brawl, according to a story recounted by a soldier's son. [[spoiler: Like Polly, there's a good reason for that...]]
** In ''Discworld/GuardsGuards'', Carrot was given a codpiece as a parting gift from the friend who suggested he join the Watch. It proved to be useful throughout the book, as roughly half his enemies attempted {{Groin Attack}}s against him. In one of Carrot's letters home, he describes how a mugger kicked him in the Vitals, but he was wearing his Protective.
*** There is a fight scene in which the narrative mentions the sound "of a small gong being struck repeatedly".
** Detritus, being a troll, literally has balls not of steel but of stone. In ''The Fifth Elephant'',
-->'But if you can find der man dat kicked me inna rocks, I should be happy to give him a flick around der earhole. I know which one it was. He's der one walkin' wid der limp.'
** In ''Discworld/UnseenAcademicals,'' Pepe gives Trev a pair of micromail underpants. They cause Andy Shank to hurt himself when he tries to kick Trev in the fork.
* In the ''Literature/ProvostsDog'' series, a criminal tries for the standard subversion, and has some confidence due to it. Sadly, his armor, rather than protecting him, ''crumples''. Goodwin chides him for cheaping out on his armor as she makes the arrest.
* In ''Promised Land'' Literature/{{Spenser}} takes a shot to the groin from a female martial artist, and though, as he points out, ''it still hurts like hell'' he manages to power through it, knock her on her ass and explain to her that it's not the fool proof trick she thinks it is, especially when a guy's been kicked there before and knows how to deal with it.
* The novel ''Literature/YouOnlyLiveTwice'' has Tiger Tanaka describe the sumo wrestlers' ability to suck their genitals up into a recess in their hip bone, to which Bond responds with amazement. Bond casually muses that he'd wished he had this skill when the BigBad seats him right over an active (and soon to blow) geyser.
* ''Literature/DocSidhe'': Knowing of PsychoForHire Angus Prowie's fondness for the GroinAttack, Harris foils him by wearing a cup with ColdIron spikes welded to it. When Powrie attempts to knee Harris in the groin, he ends up in a world of pain.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* In an episode of ''Series/TheATeam'', a bad guy slams his rifle into BA's crotch with no effect.
* Used in Series 3, Episode 7 of ''Series/{{Primeval}}'', where Danny tricks a knight with the old [[LookBehindYou Look Up]] routine, only to discover out his groin is armour protected.
* Used in the ''Series/{{Farscape}}'' episode "Hot to Katratzi", where Chiana confronts a Scarran who had captured and threatened to torture her in a previous episode. After verifying his identity, she asks him if Scarrans have [[PardonMyKlingon mivonks]], and abruptly knees him in the groin before he has a chance to respond. As she lies on the floor clutching ''her knee'' in pain, the Scarran informs her that they do have them, but they're not external.
* One clip shown on ''Series/WorldsDumbest'' has a woman kicking a cop in the groin repeatedly (his "offense" was trying to arrest her for assaulting him to begin with). He didn't seem to even notice, although commentators did.
* Series/{{Titus}} was smart enough in one episode to wear a cup when he went to go get his girlfriend's niece, so when she kicked him there all she did was [[AgonyOfDeFeet hurt her foot]].

[[folder:Music Videos]]
* Variant of the ''literal'' Groin Attack (i.e. [[RussianReversal groin attacks you]]) kind: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMUDVMiITOU "Turn Down For What,"]] by DJ Snake and Music/LilJon.

[[folder: Professional Wrestling ]]
* Wrestling/{{Chyna}} used the low blow continually. It never seemed to get her disqualified. It backfired at King of the Ring '99 when her opponent Road Dogg was wearing a cup.
* Wrestling/WrestlingSocietyX had the Human Tornado, a black pimp who exhibited the trope. Any attempt at low-blowing him would suffer a NoSell and the attacker would receive a pimp slap for their troubles.
* Some examples from [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3i8vyLY-8w this video.]] Not all of them, however, since, some others simply stop or block their opponents' groin attack rather than endure them.
* Both Wrestling/{{Kane}} and Wrestling/TheUndertaker have completely no-sold groin attacks, often during their Superhuman Comebacks. It is also not unheard of for monster heels to no-sell groin attacks ... usually from jobbers trying just anything to find an opening.

[[folder: Role Playing Games ]]
* In TabletopGame/TranshumanSpace, one of possible augmentations is to have your testicles moved inside your body and have metal or silicon replacements to keep appearances. The purpose of this augmentation is exactly this trope.

[[folder: Video Games ]]
* ''VideoGame/{{Tekken}} Tag Tournament'' featured a number of special intros/outros from combining certain pairs of fighters on your team. Several outros involving Nina Williams features her delivering her signature Groin Attack to her partner, causing him to crumble to the ground. If you pair her with Bryan Fury, however, she'll deliver the groin attack but he laughs at it and does one of his taunts in response.
* In ''VideoGame/MirrorsEdge'', a slide kick in the groin is a very effective method of dispatching armed enemies (disabling them for just enough time for a disarm)... except the heavy troopers who explicitly wear groin protection with their armor and therefore only receive normal damage from such kicks. Also, the groin kicks don't work on the Parkour Killer, [[spoiler: an early indication that she's a girl]].
* ''VideoGame/GodHand'' reverses this with Mr. Silver, one-half of a MidBoss [[DualBoss duo]], who is immune to the Ball Buster GroinAttack because he's been castrated.
* While most enemies in ''VideoGame/Fallout1'' and ''VideoGame/Fallout2'' have a high risk of taking extra critical damage and possible getting knocked unconscious by an aimed shot to the groin ([[RealityEnsues even if they're female]]), Super Mutants will simply laugh and say that they don't have that weakness.

[[folder: Web Comics ]]
* ''Webcomic/LeastICouldDo'' has [[http://leasticoulddo.com/comic/20080507 this]]. CRACK! "The Emperor protects his soldiers." "Where once I had a knee, I now have thousands of tiny floating bones."
* One of the groups of Shaolin monks in ''Webcomic/ShiLongPang'' is [[http://www.shilongpang.com/?number=192 Team Iron Crotch]]. ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin . Eventually the hero ends up learning their ways. [[http://www.shilongpang.com/?number=160 And it's a good thing too...]]
* In the ''Webcomic/MSPaintAdventures'' second series ''Webcomic/BardQuest'', codpieces are an important plot element.

[[folder: Web Original]]
* ''WebAnimation/QuirkyMisadventuresOfSoldineTheCyborg'': Any enemy who attempts to perform a GroinAttack on [[{{Cyborg}} Soldine]] ends up learning this [[AgonyOfTheFeet the hard way]]. Soldine doesn't even feel a thing due to literally having a super-tough metal body.
* Played with in ''Machinima/RedVsBlue'' Season 8, where Grif is repeatedly and brutally attacked in the groin by [[spoiler: Tex]]. While getting attacked, he's clearly in incredible pain... but that only lasts a couple of seconds, while the kind of attacks he withstood should have permanently neutered and crippled him. Of course, Grif is more or less MadeOfIron throughout the series, mostly because of RuleOfFunny.

[[folder: Western Animation ]]
* ''WesternAnimation/KingOfTheHill'': Bobby, after taking a women's self-defense course, starts kicking anyone who upsets him in the testicles. Of course, it doesn't work on Peggy. However, how realistic her reaction is can depend on a number of factors. While a GroinAttack on a woman can be just as painful to a woman, the vulnerable regions of a woman are smaller. Had Bobby listened to Khan's claim about Peggy bluffing, he might have had more success with a repeat attack.
* ''WesternAnimation/RobotChicken''
** In a short titled "Ode to the Nut-shot", we see two instances of this, one straight and one played with; in one case, a lumberjack repeatedly punches himself in the nuts to no effect, and in another, one robot kicks another in the groin, at which the victim simply stands there and shrugs.
** [[Series/ThePriceIsRight Bob Barker]] goes around forcibly spaying and neutering pets. Snoop Dog tries to stop him with a GroinAttack. It doesn't work as Barker points out he's 83, "shooting dust for years".
* Painfully subverted in ''WesternAnimation/TheOblongs'', where Mayor Bledsoe, whilst doing a number of macho exercises, dares Mr. Klimer to hit him in the testicles with his golf club. Once the blow is made, the mayor stands perfectly still before saying, in an even voice, "That hurts more than I thought it would."
* In the ''WesternAnimation/BeavisAndButtHead'' episode "Buff 'N Stuff", Coach Buzzcut tells Butt-Head to "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8p0YEc1VDSY Kick me in the Jimmy]]". The only reaction to Butt-head doing so (twice) is his face turning red while he goes "YYYESSS!"
* In ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'' episode "Bart Star", Bart joins a pee-wee ([[LampshadedDoubleEntendre heh]]) football team; when Marge buys equipment for him, including a cup, Bart tells Milhouse to test the cup, [[GroinAttack which he does]]. Bart doesn't feel a thing, so he tells Milhouse to try again, [[TemptingFate and then again]], at which point Marge yells at him to stop.
* At the end of the first season of the Netflix ''WesternAnimation/{{Castlevania}}'' series, [[HunterOfMonsters Trevor Belmont]] is fighting [[FriendlyNeighborhoodVampire Alucard]]. To try to break a BladeLock, he knees Alucard in the groin to no effect.
--> '''Alucard''': Please. This isn't a [[CallBack bar fight]]. Have some class.
* Used Somewhat [[{{Pun}} literally]] in ''WesternAnimation/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles2012'': [[TheFool Michelangelo]] attempts to take down Metalhead ([[CaptainObvious who of course is a robot]]) with a GroinAttack and predictably hurts himself.

[[folder: Real Life ]]
* There's also [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a86cQobU-n4 this]] famous clip. He might not literally have these, but that seems to be about as close as you can possibly get without surgical augmentation. Before he was on that show, the man in question and several of his students were also on ''Franchise/RipleysBelieveItOrNot'' when one of his students took a shot in the crotch from an NFL placekicker.
* [[http://www.garagetv.be/video-galerij/ashleyil/Miss_Norway_knees_guy_in_the_balls_mp4.aspx This guy]] doesn't mind letting Miss Norway practice on him.
* There's no need to become a Shaolin monk to achieve this. One of the first kata learned by Shorin-ryu Karatedo students is ''naihanchi shodan''; the basic stance of this kata has you thrust your pelvis forward and ''keep it that way through the whole kata'' (at first, it's a literal pain in the ass). If performed correctly, it protects your genitals from an attack coming from under you, since a good part of your buttocks is where they should be.
* The inventor of the Nutty Buddy, which he claims is a vast improvement over the previous design of the athletic cup, frequently demonstrates its effectiveness by taking a hit to the groin from a [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yV831oPwG8M baseball pitching machine.]]