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[[caption-width-right:350:This trope is [[LargeHam OUTRAGEOUS]], [[MythologyGag old]] [[Series/{{Batman}} chum!]]]]

->''"So... this is what a president looks like... HE GOT TWO ARMS! TWO LEGS! HE'S JUST LIKE US! AHAHAHAHA!"''
-->-- '''Dablone''', ''Film/{{Escape 2000}}''

A common character in {{RPG}}s and action shows, the Boisterous Bruiser is a fun guy to be around. He will often be part of an ensemble and will most likely be TheBigGuy in a FiveManBand (specifically, their Class 4), although he tends to be a bit more boisterous than the usual archetype who plays that role. If he's not TheIdiotFromOsaka, he will at least tend to act bumpkin-ish and crude. If he's [[DumbMuscle as dumb as he is big]], he will at least have had enough life experience to dispense sage and world-wise advice to the KidHero whenever he needs it.

He - since [[TheLadette female Boisterous Bruisers are quite rare]], even if their number has started to increase lately - will usually not be part of a formal army (unless serving under a KidHero). More often the Bruiser is a mercenary-for-hire or the leader of a band of thieves. Or the leader of a band of pirates. Or the leader of [[RagtagBunchOfMisfits freedom fighters]]. Or all four at once. If he's an {{anime}} character, he will inevitably have a KansaiRegionalAccent, and will often be HotBlooded and use ''ore-sama'' as his [[UsefulNotes/JapanesePronouns personal pronoun]]. He's like a really obnoxious but likable SupportingLeader. He's almost always a LargeHam.

He may start out as an antagonist or as some kind of obstacle to our heroes, but he will usually be charmed into joining the heroes' side after witnessing their courage and determination (or he may just decide to throw in with them on a whim or if they both have a mutual enemy).

If he happens to be some sort of formal ruler or [[RoyalBlood king]], he will act in an extremely informal way. He will also tend to be loud, brash, filled with bravado, and (if it's a live-action production)... played by Creator/BrianBlessed.

He will spend most of his off-time at the tavern, partying hard, knocking back tankards of ale or cups of sake, and getting into fights. The StraightMan, TheSmartGuy and TheChick will find him annoying or scary, but everyone else will think he's a total hoot, and these three [[DefrostingIceQueen will probably warm up to him anyway]]. His tales of his prowess can be a little exaggerated, but those who assume he is [[MilesGloriosus all talk]] will have a surprise coming. He tends to laugh often, and is rather fond of giving rookies a hard time or playfully patting weaker characters on the back with enough force to send them flying across the room. (The NaiveNewcomer may not realize his strength because he does not look like a bodybuilder; StoutStrength is common.) He might show affection through bone-crushing {{Bear Hug}}s.

He will rub a lot of people the wrong way, [[BunnyEarsLawyer but he's such a good fighter that most of his comrades will tolerate his foibles.]] He will usually pull Tank Duty if he's part of an RPG combat party and in large formal battles, he will often split off from the main party and start mowing down enemies by the hundreds (an action which may or may not anger his superiors). But there's really no telling him what to do. He plays fast and free by his own rules and most people are okay with him (although they'd be even ''more'' okay with him if he drank less, stopped getting into fights, didn't leave his dirty laundry everywhere, and stopped hurling insults at people).

If his melancholies are as gigantic as his mirths, see also EmotionalBruiser. If someone has the size and personality with some extra paunch, see BigFun.

A SubTrope of ChewingTheScenery.

Compare the FriendlySniper (with ImprobableAimingSkills instead of physical strength), {{Keet}} (the less macho counterpart).

Contrast the BoisterousWeakling, who talks the talk but cannot walk the walk.

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