->''"His cases have gone badly of late. He never got to the bottom of that Veilgarden soul ring. And now it sounds like he's rearranging the station furniture with a hammer."''
-->-- '''Videogame/FallenLondon''', when confronting DaChief having a meltdown

A character is angry. Very angry. He or she proceeds to smash up a room. This montage shows it, often in [[RepeatCut stuttercuts]] or other fancy editing work to make it look even more dramatic.

Closely related to TrashTheSet. Compare DefenestrateAndBerate.



[[folder: Advertising ]]

* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyXFN4ocN_o This is what your family goes through!]]
** ''WesternAnimation/RobotChicken'' [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4H517oi7pU reproduces the above Public Service Announcement]] about why Drugs Are Bad and CrossesTheLineTwice (and a few more times after that), extending the montage to the point of OverlyLongGag.


[[folder: Comics ]]

* Comicbook/{{Daredevil}} did this after archenemy Bullseye killed his long time girlfriend Karen Page.
* Arguably ''every'' time [[ComicBook/IncredibleHulk The Hulk]] goes on a rampage it's one of these.
* There's a four-page special of Franchise/{{Superman}} doing this ''in space'', smashing up asteroids and suchlike, when he finds out that ComicBook/LexLuthor has been elected President.


[[folder: Films - Animated]]

* ''WesternAnimation/FantasticMrFox'': Mr. Bean does this in response to the title character's latest victory.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheLittleMermaid'': Done when King Triton, in a fit of blind rage, fires his Trident to destroy Ariel's grotto and everything in it.


[[folder: Films - Live-Action ]]

* The movie ''Film/EarthGirlsAreEasy'' featured an AngerMontage that was also a musical number, in which Geena Davis sings as she systematically demolishes everything owned by her unfaithful fiancee. (A particular favorite is the moment where she rolls a bowling ball down a pair of skis into his computer's monitor.)
* ''Film/CitizenKane''. The movie commentary tracks note that this scene was a bit of "method acting" that got out of control. Welles broke his hand very early in the sequence; you can see him favoring it at the end. Also different from the typical example in that it is shown in a couple of long master shots, rather than an actual montage of closeups: this is because they could only do one take.
* In ''Film/ApocalypseNow'', the opening montage shows Martin Sheen being randomly enraged/emotionally crippled in several ways, including punching a mirror, an injury which necessitated the bandage on his hand for much of the movie. The stuttercuts in this sequence were happened because the cameraman stopped filming when he saw Martin Sheen had been injured. Coppola told him to keep going, but the break in continuity made a montage necessary when editing it all together.
* Used in the film of ''{{Theatre/Dreamgirls}}'' when Jennifer Hudson is just walking down a runway singing, "I am telling you, I'm not going!" The camera cuts away and back to her so fast it's like they're afraid of relying the scene solely on her performance. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czftJYMoRv4 Jennifer Holliday's version]] has her just ''sitting down'', and she's still astounding.
* Selina Kyle from ''Film/BatmanReturns'' trashes her apartment as part of her FreakOut and transformation into the dark and dangerous Catwoman.
** A nice touch: she has a neon sign above her bed that reads "HELLO THERE", and we see her hit it twice. At the end of the montage the camera pans out and we see the sign now reads "HELL HERE."
* ''Film/TheRoom'' ends with quite possibly the wimpiest, most half-hearted AngerMontage in the history of film, where Johnny destroys the titular Room by knocking down some fixtures, pulling down drawers and throwing a TV out of the window. It may also be a ShoutOut to the Film/CitizenKane example above.
* Inverted in ''Film/{{Zombieland}}'', where the protagonists mess up an abandoned store in this manner just ForTheLulz. Kinda like GladToBeAliveSex, except with less sex and more smashing things.
* MasterAndMargarita: When Margarita found the apartment of the critic who ruined the Master, she rips ink on his pillows, makes the bath overflow, and smashes everything that can be smashed.
* In ''Film/WalkTheLine'', Johnny Cash (Joaquin Phoenix) has a complete meltdown, in which he uproots a sink, smashes his guitar to pieces, and throws chairs around all because of an emotional breakdown.
* In the film of ''Music/TheWall'', Pink snaps and trashes his hotel room during the "One of My Turns" sequence after learning that his wife was cheating on him, culminating in him throwing one of his [=TVs=] out the window. This sudden display of anger and violence thoroughly freaks out the groupie that he had taken into said room.


[[folder: Live Action TV ]]

* In the ''Series/{{Battlestar Galactica|2003}}'' episode "Revelations", Admiral Adama has an epic one [[spoiler: after discovering his best friend and XO, Saul Tigh, is a Cylon]]. It ends with the stoic and paternal Adama collapsed in an otherwise uncharacteristic emotional heap on the floor, simply unable to handle the decision facing him. For extra symbolism points, the first thing he smashes is the model ship he's been slowly building throughout the series.
* Done in an ITV two-part one-off drama called ''Lawless'', where Trevor Eve's character trashes a house.
* Elliot does this in an episode of ''Series/{{Scrubs}}'', trashing her bedroom before going and getting her hair hacked up into the now-familiar "scarecrow" configuration (all to the tune of "American Girl").
** Dr. Cox often does this as well.
* Cameron Mitchell has one of these in the ''Series/StargateSG1'' episode "Unending" [[spoiler: thanks to the stress of being stuck in a time dilation bubble for years on end.]]
* In the 1990 Charles Dance miniseries of ''Series/ThePhantomOfTheOpera'', Erik does one of these after Christine unmasks him, smashing his creepy, childlike possessions.
* The ''Series/HowIMetYourMother'' episode "Benefits" has Barney going back to the alley and smashing a TV set from the dumpster every time [[spoiler:Ted mentions how he's having sex with Robin again, since Barney has fallen in love with her]]. Eventually the dumpster runs out of [=TVs=], so he goes to the store and buys one (after doing some comparison shopping with a helpful salesman) just so he can smash it.
* In the ''[[Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer Buffy]]'' episode "Blood Ties," Dawn destroys her room (and burns her diaries) after she [[spoiler: learns that she is the Key.]] On Buffy's ''birthday''.
* King Henry VIII does this a ''lot'' in ''Series/TheTudors''.
* Happens occasionally in ''Series/RescueMe'' when Tommy or Sheila goes on a rampage.
* Sue Sylvester on ''Series/{{Glee}}'' has rampages all the time, frequently throwing students around.
* Subverted in a season 3 episode of ''Series/{{Dexter}}''. We see Dexter snapping and trashing his lab, throwing a chair through a window, smashing his laptop... except he's doing it entirely in his head. In the next shot, he's in his intact lab, even putting on a fake smile.
* On an episode of the short-lived ''Series/TenaciousD'' series, Kyle briefly quits the band, setting Jack off on one of these. Including some particularly theatrical [[PunchAWall wall punches]].
* Dean Winchester does this on "Series/{{Supernatural}}" when [[spoiler:Kevin]] dies. Also, the toll of the [[spoiler:Mark of Cain]] leads to Dean doing this in a motel room after [[spoiler:getting his hunter friend Rudy killed and beating up Castiel.]]


[[folder: Video Games ]]

* In ''VideoGame/SplinterCellConviction'', Sam goes into one of these after learning that [[spoiler:Lambert and Grimsdottir, the two people he thought he could trust in Third Echelon are both responsible for taking his daughter away from him.]]


[[folder: Visual Novel ]]

* Done in the VN of ''[[VisualNovel/UminekoWhenTheyCry Turn of the golden witch]]''. Jessica storms into the honored guest's room after the [[CruelAndUnusualDeath first twilight]], only to find a note there taunting her and insulting her parents. She then proceeds to wreck the room in a fit


[[folder: Web Original ]]

* WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic:
** When he reviewed ''Film/TheNeverEndingStoryIII'', he is so angry about the end theme being replaced that he proceeds to destroy the DVD in this manner.
** He also does it at the beginning of his review of ''WesternAnimation/{{Foodfight}}'' as a ShoutOut to the ''Film/BatmanReturns'' example above.


[[folder: Western Animation]]

* ''WesternAnimation/{{Rugrats}}'': In "Runaway Angelica", Angelica trashes her room in a screaming rage after her father grounds her.