AliceAndBob are very much in love. However, due to cruel fate and improbable circumstances, Bob has recently been the victim of some LaserGuidedAmnesia that specifically targeted their shared memories of being a couple. Now Bob is in the difficult position of neither knowing who he is, nor why this crazy person insists they're in love. Alice has her work cut out for her as well. She'll have to help her [[TitleDrop Amnesiac Lover]] remember these lost memories (or having to create entirely new ones) in the hope that unlike lightning, love can strike the same place twice.

This is no easy task, especially if Bob suffers a case of total amnesia. While [[QuestForIdentity helping Bob recover]] the [[LossOfIdentity lost pieces of his identity]], Alice will be further tortured by being both with and without the man she loves. She won't be able to properly express her love without alienating him, and he's not likely to return her affections, in fact his reactions will fall anywhere from indifferent to creeped out to angry at her and his loss of memory.

Bob may not even ''want'' to love Alice back (at least at first), which is especially likely if Amnesiac!Bob is developing his personality along [[IdentityAmnesia different lines than his old self]]. Complicating matters, he may instead start falling for someone else.

Where this gets interesting is if both Alice and Bob have suffered the effects of amnesia, in which case they'll somehow manage to gravitate back towards each other as if they shared a ReincarnationRomance. The effects are much the same if TimeTravel is involved, though at least in these cases Alice may be able to convince Bob they're a couple in the future thanks to knowledge of his personal life. If Bob is dead in the present, expect Alice to be ''especially'' melancholy at the situation.

Compare RelationshipResetButton.



[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* Used tragically in ''[[VisualNovel/EfaFairyTaleOfTheTwo ef: A Tale of Memories]]''. Chihiro is only able to remember new things up to 13 hours after they happen. If she doesn't constantly read her dairy and write events in well thinking about events throughout the day, they will be completely forgotten. This also means no matter how hard she tries, she'll never truly be mentally older than 13 years old. Her eventual boyfriend Renji and her are constantly struggling with this fact and it gets worse before it gets better. An underlining theme throughout the story is the fact The PowerOfLove will not help along this road and Chihiro will never recover.
** [[spoiler: She even completely forgets Renji and everything else after she suddenly collapses and sleeps for more than 13 hours, causing her to wake up with no memory of her accident and have to find out everything about her life up until that point all over again, which wasn't the first time this had happened.]]
* In ''LightNovel/StrawberryPanic'', [[spoiler:Amane loses her memories of both the Etoile election and her love for Hikari. She gets them back after a while, when hearing Hikari sing.]]
* ''Manga/AyashiNoCeres'' inverts this: Tooya is an amnesiac when he and Aya fall in love to begin with. It's when he gets his memories ''back'' that he forgets about her. [[spoiler:Then those memories turn out to be fake...]]
* In ''Manga/MeruPuri'', a magic spell on Prince Aram wipes [[LaserGuidedAmnesia all his memories]] of his human fiancee, Airi. Subsequent plot involves Aram thinking Airi is a StalkerWithACrush, Airi trying to [[IKnowYoureInThereSomewhereFight make Aram remember her]], and the people who created the spell trying to [[MurderTheHypotenuse stop her]].
* Unrequited variation in ''Anime/CodeGeass'': Shirley is very much in love with oblivious Lelouch, yet some very traumatic events in her life force him to erase all memories of him from her mind. Over the next year, she eventually falls in love with him all over again, [[spoiler:and ''again'' when she eventually regains her original memories, including that part where she discovered that he was responsible for her father's death]].
** Also played straight with Kaname Ohgi and Villetta Nu.
* In ''Manga/HibikisMagic'', Master Shirotsuki must sacrifice memories in order to use his magic. Things become tragic when he continually forgets his lover Yui, even though she tries her best to keep reminding him every time it happens. [[spoiler: He eventually ends the cycle when he tells her to leave him the next time he forgets.]]
* In ''Anime/SailorMoon'', Mamoru/Darien becomes one of these in the anime-only Makaiju arc, due to being the last of everyone involved in the previous arc to regain his memories. [[spoiler: He still had a subconscious desire to help Usagi/Serena, leading to the "birth" of the MysteriousProtector Moonlight Knight who takes up the Tuxedo Mask role of sorts.]]
* Princess Sakura in ''Manga/TsubasaReservoirChronicle'', at least before the MindScrew plot sets in. The Witch of Space-Time strikes a deal with Syaoran that he can travel through dimensions freely to recover Sakura's memories, but at the cost of his relationship with Sakura - the most precious thing in the cosmos to him. The Witch later reveals that this counts as Sakura's payment as well (she was unconscious when the transaction was made), because she also treasures their relationship. To twist the knife further, there's a tiny ResetButton in place: any time Sakura figures out that she must have known Syaoran ''before'' she lost her memory, she'll be knocked out and wake up again, having forgotten even that.
* Played with in ''VisualNovel/ToHeart2'' Takaaki an Iron Claw so severe that he gets amnesia, cue every girl within earshot hearing about it and trying to convince the Lucky Bastard that they were lovers.
* ''{{Manga/Berserk}}'''s Casca has a severe, [[TraumaInducedAmnesia trauma-induced]] case of this as a result of the horrible events of the Eclipse which drove her insane and [[DumbStruck rendered her mute]]. One can hardly blame [[HeartbrokenBadass Guts]] for being madder than hell at [[spoiler:Griffith]] for driving her into this state, but [[spoiler:leaving her to deal with her trauma alone for two years to pursue vengeance against him]] did not help matters for her at all.
* In ''Anime/MobileSuitGundamSEEDDestiny'', [[spoiler:Neo Roanoke]] ends up in this position once he's taken prisoner by the crew of the ''Archangel'', who confirm that he's actually Captain Murrue Ramius's presumed-dead lover Mu La Flaga - at least in body. AmnesiacDissonance sets in immediately, to the point that when Murrue tries to set him free, he comes back of his own accord to help the ''Archangel'' in battle, even though he doesn't recover his memories until the finale.
* By the end of ''Anime/{{Charlotte}}'', [[spoiler: Yuu has lost most of his memories thanks to the extent that he had to use his plunder ability]]. Naturally, this includes the promise that he and [[spoiler: Nao]] made that they'd start dating when he got back. However, despite some initial confusion, he seems to take her introducing herself as his girlfriend fairly well.
* In one of the ''Manga/DetectiveConan'' {{non serial movie}}s, Ran Mouri briefly spends some time as a mix of TheOphelia and this to Shinichi/Conan due to TraumaInducedAmnesia. She recovers towards the end, however.
* PlayedForLaughs in ''Manga/CheerfulAmnesia'', where Arisa has forgotten her entire two year long relationship with her girlfriend Mari but is still in love with her (a flashback establishes that Arisa initially fell in LoveAtFirstSight). There are a few issues (pre-amnesia Arisa was the one who usually took the initiative in the relationship, leaving neither of them with any idea how engage in intimacy), but it's usually the source of jokes.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* In the recent (Post-{{Udon}}) ComicBook/{{Taskmaster}} mini, it is revealed that his ability to copy other peoples fighting styles comes at the price of his personal memories. He eventually remembers that he used to be a SHIELD agent and the waitress that has been tagging along with him is really his wife and also a SHIELD agent. Sadly, To save her he copies the fighting style of the guy who's attacking them, thus causing him to forget her again, leaving Mercedes alone once again. She even implies that this isn't the first time she has managed to make him remember her.

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* This happened to [[WesternAnimation/DannyPhantom Danny and Sam]] in the ''FanFic/FacingTheFutureSeries'' when [[spoiler:Nocturne trapped them in a dream world and sealed away their memories of each other. However, they ended up falling in love again before recovering their memories.]]
* Many ''LightNovel/ACertainMagicalIndex'' fics, like ''Fanfic/TwistOfFate'', incorporate the fan theory that Touma was a close childhood friend or even boyfriend of Misaki before he suffered amnesia early in the series.
* Rainbow Dash in FanFic/DividedRainbow.
* Given that Bucky was canonically brainwashed and continually mind-wiped by HYDRA as the Winter Soldier for seventy years, this trope automatically comes into effect in post-''Film/CaptainAmericaTheWinterSoldier'' Bucky/Steve fics and Bucky/Natasha fics that draw on their characters' history in the Red Room from the original comic books. Bucky/Steve fics also tend to play with this trope quite a bit: some invert it with Bucky's feelings for Steve as the ''only'' thing he can remember at first and others subvert it with Bucky coming to believe that he and Steve were lovers only to learn that they [[JustFriends never actually were]].
* Downplayed and inverted in ''Fanfic/AndTheStoryContinues'' with [[spoiler:Umbra/L. Downplayed in that he and Erin did not enter an official romantic relationship in the past but it's been heavily implied that [[CannotSpitItOut they did have those kind of feelings for each other]] before his death and subsequent reincarnation. Inverted in that Umbra/L has forgotten everything EXCEPT his love for Erin. Overlaps with GhostAmnesia.]]
* In ''Fanfic/AdviceAndTrust'', Rei ends up loosing all memories of Kaworu ([[YankTheDogsChain right after she begins to return his affection]]) [[spoiler:due to being killed in a HeroicSacrifice and then restored with a memory backup from before they met]]. She finds it very hard to believe that she could have ever fallen in love with an angel, and probably would have dismissed it as a lie if Asuka and Shinji (whom she trusts implicitly) hadn't corroborated the story.

[[folder:Films -- Animation]]
* Inverted in ''WesternAnimation/ToyStory3'', both Evil Buzz and Spanish Buzz are ''still'' in love with Jessie. However, because there has not been any RelationshipUpgrade, to Jessie this isn't the loss of a boyfriend, but of just a close and reliable friend.
* Both Cinderella and the Prince undergo this in ''Disney/CinderellaIIIATwistInTime'', thanks to the Stepmother using magic to reverse time and keep Cinderella from ever trying on the glass slipper. Because they're in true love or some such thing, the two instinctively are drawn together anyway. This makes the Stepmother's plan to [[spoiler:get the Prince to marry Anastasia instead]] much more difficult. At the end of the movie, [[spoiler:the Fairy Godmother offers to undo the magic spell so that they all go back to the original timeline (and, implicitly, get back their original memories), but decides not to since Cinderella and the Prince seem to be getting along fine as it is.]]
* ''Literature/ArashiNoYoruNi'': Near the end of the movie, Gabu gets caught in an avalanche and [[IdentityAmnesia forgets who he is]] and his relationship with Mei. It is one of the few times in the movie when Mei really loses his cool, and he damn well ''does''. Made even worse by the fact that Gabu is not just apathetic to Mei - he actually wants to ''eat him''. He gets better, thankfully.
* ''Disney/WallE'' ends with EVE rebuilding WALL-E and trying to show him his favorite things, only to have him revert to his original programming as a trash compactor. He eventually snaps out of it when she hums his favorite love song. Some viewers interpreted this as his memory drives needing extra time to boot up after his near-destruction. Others called it ThePowerOfLove.

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* Inverted in ''Film/ThirtySixHours1965''. Major Jefferson Pike is told that during the period which he can no longer remember (from 1944 to 1950) he fell in love with and married Anna Hedler, who is now distraught that he can no longer remember her. It's all part of an elaborate plan of deception. [[spoiler: He never had amnesia. He never married Anna. And it's not 1950.]]
* The end of ''Film/DarkCity''.
* At the end of ''Film/EternalSunshineOfTheSpotlessMind'', [[spoiler:Joel and Clementine get a second chance at romance. (Both-have-amnesia variant.) WordOfGod indicates the sequence during the closing credits is meant to indicate they go through this over and over afterwards]]
* The film ''Film/FiftyFirstDates'' was all about this. Due to a brain injury, the female protagonist can't form new long-term memories, and when she falls asleep, forgets everything since her car accident. The male protagonist is a Casanova who enjoys "meeting" her and winning her love every day.
* In ''Film/LoveLetters'', Allen (a soldier) falls in love with Roger's girlfriend who he writes his love letters for. She loses her memory when she kills Roger when she finds out he didn't write those letters. Allen then tries to find her and romance her without letting her know that he wrote those letters.
* The Goldie Hawn and Creator/KurtRussell movie ''Film/{{Overboard}}'' has this trope invoked. Kurt Russell's character takes advantage of Goldie's amnesia to fool her into believing she's his wife as revenge for stiffing him on a closet he built for her. Of course, they actually ''do'' fall in love.
* Done very well in the Creator/HarrisonFord movie ''Regarding Henry.'' A shooting victim in a store robbery, the main character loses his memory and, in essence, becomes someone his wife has to fall in love with all over again (but a much nicer person than he was).
* In ''Film/TimeCop'', Van Damme's character is in this situation regarding his wife who is dead in the present.
* In ''Film/AVeryLongEngagement'', Mathilde eventually learns that [[spoiler:Manech is alive, but entirely lost his memory and has been given a new identity. The film ends with their "introduction."]]
* ''Film/TheMuppetsTakeManhattan'': This happens to Kermit after he is hit by a car. When he Miss Piggy tries to convince him that they are in love, he makes a series of pig jokes which result in Piggy punching him across the room. This, of course, results in his memory returning completely.
* ''Film/TheVow'': A couple on their way to being HappilyMarried get into a car accident and suddenly she doesn't remember who she is or who her husband is. Probably BasedOnATrueStory where the poor husband's first conversation after a series of strokes was "It's me, I'm your wife!" "What's a 'wife'?".
* In ''Film/RandomHarvest'', based on a novel by James Hilton, a shell-shocked amnesiac veteran wanders away from a hospital and meets a music hall performer. They make a life together until he is hit by a car and gets up off the ground with his old memories back, and no memory of being with the other woman. He returns to his old life and we are surprised to find [[spoiler: that a few years later his secretary is his wife, who tracked down her missing husband and got the job to be near the man she loves hoping that his memory will return. It does.]] Check out the Carol Burnett version "Rancid Harvest".
* ''Film/{{Oblivion 2013}}'':[[spoiler:After a [[CloningBlues fashion]], Jack is this to Julia.]]
* In ''Film/ItsAWonderfulLife'', Mary naturally loses all memory of George after Clarance made it as if George had never been born. George is extremely upset to find that his wife doesn't recognize him, and tearfully tries to get her to remember. Because this version of Mary grew up in a CrapsackWorld and thus is extremely withdrawn, she just freaks out and runs for it.
* Of a sort in ''Film/AboutTime''. Tim and Mary have a brilliant first date, but it gets erased when he goes back in time to help a friend instead of going to the restaurant.
* ''Film/XMenApocalypse'' has a case of someone inflicting the amnesia on purpose on their loved one. When Charles and Moira reunite 21 years after the events of ''Film/XMenFirstClass'', he has trouble acting like they've never met before.
* ''Film/{{Hancock}}'' has a plot twist where it turns out [[spoiler: the titular Hancock used to have a wife before he lost his memory.]] Played with because the audience doesn't learn this until [[spoiler: Hancock]] does.

* In ''Literature/TheHungerGames'', this is the case with [[spoiler: Peeta]] after he is tortured by the capitol. While he isn't completely amnesiac, he does forget that [[spoiler: he was once in love with Katniss.]] And then he tries to strangle her.
* In ''Literature/TheDresdenFiles'', Lea [[spoiler:temporarily]] takes away Susan's memories of her relationship with Harry. Which wouldn't be as bad if it didn't happen in the middle of a vampire ball, just as Harry needed her to trust him and just run for her life.
* Chris from ''Literature/PercyJacksonAndTheOlympians'' becomes this to Clarisse after getting {{Mind Rape}}d by King Minos.
* SequelSeries ''Literature/TheHeroesOfOlympus'' plays with this trope in a few ways:
** Jason and Piper [[spoiler: [[SubvertedTrope subvert]] this trope as they were never dating in the first place.]]
** Percy is an [[InvertedTrope Inversion]], since Percy has forgotten everything ''except'' that he is in love with Annabeth.
** It's also subverted with [[spoiler:Jason and Reyna. At the end of ''The Lost Hero'', Jason doesn't remember how close he was to Reyna, but his vague memories are enough to make him feel guilty about his feelings for Piper. However, it's later revealed that while Reyna was in love with him, he didn't feel the same way. He still feels bad about it, though, because while [[MasterOfTheMixedMessage he never directly led her on, he apparently didn't exactly dissuade her feelings]].]]
* One of the ''Literature/AmeliaPeabody'' books features Amelia's husband Emerson losing his memories of meeting, falling in love with, and marrying her.
* The trilogy that makes up the final Literature/SwordOfTruth books features a spell that destroys everyone's memory of Richard's wife Kahlan, including Kahlan's memories of her own life and her marriage to Richard. Richard is immune to the spell and needs to find a way to help Kahlan and reverse the spell without revealing their relationship to her for fear that knowledge of their love would interfere with the counterspell. [[spoiler: She does find out, but because she had already fallen in love with Richard again, it didn't matter.]]
* In Creator/LMMontgomery's ''Literature/ATangledWeb'', a UsefulNotes/WorldWarI veteran has grown somewhat fond of his wife over the years as she nursed his injuries, but he doesn't remember their falling in love and marrying. [[spoiler: Until his head gets whacked at the end.]]
* Subverted in Creator/LMMontgomery's Anne’s House of Dreams. A neighbor’s husband was abusive. It was thought he had died on a sailing voyage. When traveling Captain Jim recognizes an man who not only has amnesia but brain damage as the missing husband, in part because he has 1 brown and 1 blue eye. Gilbert believes that surgery to relieve pressure from a depressed section of skull could help him. When the man wakes up from surgery it is revealed he isn’t the abusive husband, but the husband’s double first cousin. The cousin had a strong family resemblance down to the different colored eyes.
* Louise Cooper's ''Aisling'' inverts this trope: a DoggedNiceGuy lies to the heroine after she loses her memory due to head injury, claiming that she's engaged to marry him. They'd known each other, but she was uninterested and engaged to someone else anyway. He's treated [[KarmaHoudini surprisingly sympathetically for someone who takes advantage of her in that way]].
* In ''[[Creator/PeterSBeagle The Innkeeper's Song]]'', Lukassa can't remember anything of her life or her lover Tikat, [[GhostAmnesia because of her recent death and subsequent revival.]]
* In Creator/DevonMonk's novel ''Literature/MagicToTheBone'', having caused VictoryGuidedAmnesia in herself, Allie learns at the end that she had fallen in love in the course of the novel. She and the man meet again, tenatively, at the end.
* In the Piers Anthony Literature/{{Xanth}} novel ''The Source of Magic", a Forget Spell is damaged when magic is temporarily taken away. A common farmer is eventually brought back to his home and family whom he doesn't recognize. Fortunately, he finds his "wife" quite comely and looks forward to falling in love with her again.
* ''The Participants'' by Brian Blose has the character [[spoiler: Zack, who spent thousands of years as the love of Elza before repressing his memories after being buried alive.]]
* In the ''Literature/{{Relativity}}'' story "Sinkhole", Sara has lost two years' worth of memories, including meeting her husband Phil. Though he's a total stranger to her, he seems nice enough and she decides to try to make it work. However, he does have a nasty side which surfaces occasionally... Oh, and the reader [[DramaticIrony knows from page one]] that Phil is [[AmnesiaDanger actually a supervillain.]]

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* In ''Series/{{Smallville}}'', ''Abyss'', [[spoiler:Chloe completely forgets about Jimmy due to ComicBook/{{Brainiac}}'s influence.]]
* Often a part of [[SoapOpera soap operas]] Series/BackFromTheDead storylines. Whether or not the audience knows that the person is alive, when he/she returns to town, he/she is amnesia stricken and has either fallen in love with someone else while in their new persona and/or needs to be reminded of the love they shared with the lover they left behind:
** Back in the olden days (like the '70s) on ''Series/AsTheWorldTurns'', heroine Kim lost her memory, including those of her love Dan. Scheming Susan worked this to advantage, even going as far as to attempt erasure of Kim's answering machine message proclaiming that she did ''indeed'' remember Dan and their love. Susan failed and Kim and Dan were reunited.
*** When Jack was presumed dead, he had actually been rescued and nursed back to health by a woman who shared a name with his crazy ex-wife Julia. The FlorenceNightingaleEffect took place, to the point where he all but loathed his true love Carly when she tracked him down. It took intense work on her part to get him to remember her.
** Sadly averted when ''Series/GeneralHospital'''s Jason developed amnesia following a car accident. Despite her best efforts, he never remembered his girlfriend Keesha, to point of becoming verbally abusive in response to her overtures.
** ''Series/AllMyChildren'''s Edmund had to do this with wife Maria when she returned from the dead. It didn't help that of course, she'd fallen in love with someone else while she was away.
*** Once on ''Series/AllMyChildren'', Ryan got amnesia that made him forget the past four-or-so years of his life. He couldn't even remember meeting his current wife, much less anything about her, and instead believed he was still seeing and in love with one of his ex-girlfriends. Also he had a child with another woman (which was a botched surrogacy, not another romantic relationship) he didn't remember to complicate it even further.
** Subverted in a ''Series/OneLifeToLive'' storyline. "Todd" (actualy the real Todd's brother) rescues an amnesiac Marty from a car wreck and nurses her back to health. He convinces her that they were friends in college and that he was secretly in love with her from afar. She [[RescueRomance falls in love]] with him based on this "friendship" and seduces him while in his care. It's only afterwards she learns that not only did he neglect to tell her that she had a son who was convinced she was dead, but that when they were in college together, he was the ringleader of her gang rape.
* The plot of an episode of "Doc", made more complicated by the fact that the fiancée ''did'' remember him, just as her ''boss'', not her lover.
* Happens towards the end of ''Series/{{Dollhouse}}'' to [[spoiler: Paul]] specifically.
** Throughout the series, Victor and Sierra, [[OneTrueLove seem to fall in love every time they meet]], despite their memories constantly being wiped, no matter what personality each of them have been imprinted with. Even in their blank state, they gravitate toward one another.
* Occurs in an episode of ''Series/{{Castle}}''. The man suffering from the amnesia never really gets his memories back, but since he can't remember why he and his wife divorced, they are able to get back together. Also subverted in the same episode where a woman claims to be the man's wife after seeing on the news that he had amnesia and figuring it to be an easy way to get a husband.
* In an episode of ''Series/{{Medium}}'', Ariel flashes forwards to being married with a child and not remembering anything beyond high school. This is what it looks like to her husband. Then she flashes forwards ''again'' and he tells her that she ''never'' recovered her memories the last time. [[FridgeHorror Yikes]].
* An episode of ''Series/{{House}}'' featured a patient who turned up in the ER with no memory of who she was. When they find out she's married, she seems repelled by both her husband and by the life she turns out to have (having no memory of their history together, or of the events that catalyzed her choices). Naturally, this disturbs her husband, but the team explains that her memories are unlikely to ever return, while he thinks of her as his wife, she sees him as someone she's just met. He appears to take their advice to court her and try to rebuild their marriage from the beginning, and she appears to be receptive.
* Used in ''Series/ChinesePaladin 3'' between Changqing and Zixuan, due to two previously failed {{Reincarnation Romance}}s. In this case, it's the "I don't know why this person is bugging me (but I kind of like it)" version. Changqing eventually regains his memories, but doesn't stay with her. [[spoiler: Initially.]]
* Occurred in an episode of ''Series/SabrinaTheTeenageWitch'' that parodied daytime soaps. Sabrina's beau Harvey was knocked out and lost his memory. [[AlphaBitch Libby]] tried to pretend she and Harvey were in a relationship, but eventually Sabrina got through to him.
* In the episode "Adam" of ''Series/{{Torchwood}}'', the titular Adam is actually a memory altering alien which infiltrates the facility. While inserting memories of himself into Gwen, he accidentally erases those of her fiancee Rhys. When she gets home, not only does she not remember who is he, but thinks he's some psychopathic stalker who wants to rape her. However, once she gets over the initial shock (and her friends try to jog her memory), she is perfectly willing to let Rhys remind her of their relationship.
* Interesting example in ''Series/DoctorWho''. When [[spoiler: Rory not only dies, but is erased from existence,]] Amy forgets everything about him. Eventually he manages to remind her (he comes back as a Roman- [[ItMakesSenseInContext don't ask]]).
** A season later, they ''both'' manage to forget who each other are due to the TimeCrash. All Amy knows is that she's in love with a man named Rory; she just doesn't know what he looks like. What a shame that Officer Pond never asked what Captain Williams' first name was. [[spoiler: They still sort it out anyway.]]
** In "Hell Bent," the Twelfth Doctor is forced to [[spoiler: erase most of his memories of Clara Oswald]] after his love for her (whether platonic or otherwise is a matter of fan debate) drives him to threaten all of reality by attempting to change her destiny. While he retains memories of their adventures, and is able to piece together some facts such as her name, crucially he no longer remembers "what she looked like, or how she talked, or laughed..." Sadly, he says this to [[spoiler: Clara]] who is sitting right in front of him and he doesn't realize it.
* Virtually the entire cast of ''Series/OnceUponATime''. The very premise of the show is that all the characters have been ripped apart from the people they love, and their memories have been erased. The separated lovers still find themselves inexplicably drawn to each other, but they don't know why, which is especially troublesome when many of them have already married other people since the amnesia set in.
* In the pilot for the spin-off series ''Series/TheBionicWoman'', Jamie Sommer's brain-damage causes her to forget who her fiancee, Steve Austin, the Six Million Dollar Man, was. Eventually, though, she gets her memory (and feelings back) and they wed in the last of the series of tele-movies.
* Played with in the episode of ''Series/ANTFarm'' when Olive loses her memory completely. Olive's AbhorrentAdmirer, Angus, introduces himself to her as her boyfriend. She may have lost her memory, but not her mind, so she doesn't fall for that one.
* Season two of ''Series/{{Grimm}}'' has a plot where Juliette can't remember Nick due to a spell. It actually turned out to be a good thing because as a result of what she went through while under the spell, when she finally remembers [[YouHaveToBelieveME what Nick told her]] about {{the masquerade}}, she actually believes it.
* In a ''Series/StarTrekVoyager'' episode the crew are abducted and their memories wiped so they can be used as labor; OfficialCouple B'Elanna Torres and Tom Paris manage to gravitate towards each other despite their memory loss.
* An InvertedTrope occurs in an alternate future episode of ''Series/StarTrekEnterprise''. Captain Archer suffers from a condition where he loses his long-term memories, and T'Pol is forced to nurse him and constantly remind him each day of his condition. Both Archer and the viewer are left unclear as to just how intimate this relationship has become over the years.
* In the SeriesFinale of ''Series/{{Chuck}}'', [[spoiler: Sarah has had her memory of the past five years destroyed when Quinn used a faulty Intersect to wipe her mind and brainwash her, and Morgan suggests that Chuck can restore her memories with a kiss after commenting he's watched too many Franchise/DisneyPrincess movies with baby Clara. It's hinted that Sarah's memory hasn't been ''totally'' destroyed, and while by the end of the first half Sarah acknowledges Chuck has been telling the truth about their relationship, she tells him she doesn't ''feel'' it anymore. Over the second half of the finale Chuck attempts to help restore her memory entirely and there are more bits and pieces that shows she might be able to recover, but by the end of the episode EasyAmnesia has been averted and Sarah still doesn't have all her memories. Fortunately, however, the final shot of them kissing on [[BookEnds the beach where they met at the end of the pilot]] and WordOfGod suggests that Chuck and Sarah will ultimately remain together.]]
* One episode of ''Series/StargateSG1'' has the team finding a whole city on a planet that seems to have lots its memory, and two of the main people they interact with -- who spend the whole episode bickering like an old married couple -- turn out to have been married before the memory wipe.
* On the 5th season of ''Series/MadMen'', Pete Campbell starts an affair with the just-as-depressed Beth Dawes. Her husband is a philandering jerk who has her take a lot of electroshock treatments to break her out of her depression and leave behind her lovers. After one, when Pete sees her, she politely receives him as a stranger.
* ''Series/TotalRecall2070'': After Olivia Hume's fake memory implant is destroyed, she doesn't remember ever meeting her husband David Hume in the first place, so they have to rekindle their romance all over again.

* "[[ I Don't Remember Loving You]]" by John Conlee is all about this trope.
* In "Yoiyami No Uta" from Music/SoundHorizon's ''Märchen'' album, the amnesiac Märchen gets the feeling that he had once been in love, only for the seven dead princesses ([[spoiler:except for one: the very girl he loved]]) to assure him that it's only his imagination.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* Franchise/SlyCooper plays with this trope by [[spoiler: faking the amnesia at the end of his [[VideoGame/Sly3HonorAmongThieves third game]]]] and then starting a RelationshipUpgrade with [[spoiler: Inspector Fox]]
* Rachel is this to [[spoiler: Locke]] in ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVI''. While exploring a cave, she falls and loses her memory after some nasty head trauma. Her family basically forces [[spoiler: Locke]] to leave and say that him being around and trying to get her remember him just causes her more pain. He becomes a FailureKnight after he later learns that Rachel was killed when TheEmpire invaded the village she lived in, and she remembered him right before she died. The whole flashback where this is revealed in the World of Ruin is just a ''massive'' TearJerker.
** Again with Sir Fratley, amnesiac lover of Freya in ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyIX''. A particularly bittersweet example in that the game shows this to still be the case in the epilogue. However, he is beginning to return Freya's affections and she plans on trying to start over anew anyway.
* ''VideoGame/CaveStory'': The protagonist and Curly Brace (if you hold to the interpretation that they are a BattleCouple). In the aftermath of the Core fight, Curly sustains damage and can't remember you at all the next time you meet. You have to backtrack to nearly the beginning of the game to find an item that restores her memory. [[spoiler:When she does get her memory back, she realizes that ''all'' your in-game interactions with her were amnesiac romance--you had been partners ten years ago, and then both she and you sustained amnesia prior to the start of the game.]]
* Subverted in ''VideoGame/TalesOfTheAbyss''. Natalia and Luke are [[PerfectlyArrangedMarriage arranged to be married]] and have a ChildhoodMarriagePromise. But later, Luke loses ALL his memories, and seven years later Natalia still can't make him fall in love with her. [[spoiler:Then it turns out that Luke DOESN'T have amnesia, he's a clone of the real Luke and took his place, the real one having adopted another identity (Asch the Bloody) but having his memories intact ''and'' [[MoralityPet still caring for Natalia]]. So Luke can't remember Natalia's love ''because he isn't the one she loved to begin with''.]]
* In ''VideoGame/PlanescapeTorment'', [[OurGhostsAreDifferent Deionarra]] has this problem: She loves [[TheChazz The Nameless One]], but the incarnation she fell in love with is long since gone and subsequent ones do not know who she is. Her love is so strong that it binds her to the world even after death. [[spoiler:It takes on a decisively tragic bent when you learn that the incarnation she fell in love with never loved her in the first place, but purposefully deceived and used her so she would stay bound to the planes and keep on serving his designs even after death. The Nameless One has the option to reciprocate her feelings at the end of the game (or at least claim that you do out of kindness) to grant her peace.]]
* A non-romantic instance in ''VideoGame/TheWorldEndsWithYou''. Rhyme has suffered LaserGuidedAmnesia, and fails to remember that her partner Beat [[spoiler:is her older brother]]. However, Rhyme is such a pure, happy little girl that she still remembers what a good person her older brother was, and talks about him and his good deeds endlessly to Beat. [[spoiler:However, Most of that was either lies told by Beat for Rhyme's benefit, or instances from several years ago, back before he grew away from her and began to hate her just as much as the rest of his family.]]
** Wait, what? [[spoiler: Beat died trying to save her, how did he hate her? Not to mention that apparently her memories of him were his most important thing, since they were taken as his entry fee.]]
* ''VideoGame/RuleOfRose'' makes an extremely unconventional twist of this trope. It turns out that Jennifer [[spoiler:swore everlasting true love with Wendy when they were children, but Wendy went {{Yandere}} when Jennifer got a puppy on the side, eventually leading to the deaths of everybody in the orphanage except Jennifer who lost her memory from the trauma, and the game is set in her muddled memories trying to reclaim what she lost, even though both subjects of her love are long since dead.]]
* In the DatingSim ''VideoGame/AlwaysRememberMe'', Amy's boyfriend Aaron [[TraumaInducedAmnesia loses his memory]] of the past few years (including their relationship). [[BreakTheCutie She goes through a lot of stress and a couple of emotional breakdowns]] [[EarnYourHappyEnding while trying to help him regain his memories]]. That is, if you choose to stay with Aaron instead of pursuing [[{{Bishounen}} other eligible bachelors in town]].
* Downplayed in ''VideoGame/ToTheMoon''. Johnny meets River in high school, marries her as an adult, and lives happily with her until she dies from a illness in old age. What he isn't aware of [[spoiler:is that him and River had met long before high school, and back then made a [[ThePromise promise]] that if they ever got separated in some way, they would meet each other again on the Moon. But Johnny has forgotten this since his twin brother, Joey, [[AngstySurvivingTwin died in an accident]] and he was given beta blockers to cope with the experience, and this had the side effect of suppressing almost all memories of his early childhood. When River discover that he has forgotten about their old promise, she tries for the rest of her life to subtly jog his memory, as she is implied to have Asperger's Syndrome and therefore have difficulties with telling him outright, but Johnny never realizes this. In the end, after River's death, all he remembers is a inexplicable longing to visit the Moon]].
* In ''VideoGame/LufiaAndTheFortressOfDoom'', [[spoiler:Lufia loses her memories after her "death" on Doom Island. Despite this, she is shown to have feelings for the Hero when they "first" meet and the Hero still loves her.]]
--> [[spoiler:The Hero]]: "Memories... [[SugarWiki/HeartwarmingMoments That's alright. We'll make new memories.]]"
* Two examples for [[AmnesiacHero Link]] in ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaBreathOfTheWild'': [[BodyguardCrush Zelda]] and [[ChildhoodFriendRomance Mipha]]. Both had feelings for Link before the Great Calamity, and it takes Link [[StoryBreadcrumbs looking at locations he had been with them]] to recover his memories of them. In fact, [[spoiler:the very first thing Zelda does after Calamity Ganon is finally slain and she is free of its grasp is to ask with anticipation whether or not Link truly remembers her, the answer to which depends on the player's actions]].
* Played pretty straight in ''VideoGame/FireEmblemGaiden'' and even straighter in its remake, ''VideoGame/FireEmblemEchoesShadowsOfValentia''. [[spoiler:The WhiteMagicianGirl Tatiana is in a relationship with the knight Zeke, whom she found ashore with no memories of his past and [[FlorenceNightingaleEffect rescued/took care of]]. What she doesn't know is that Zeke is actually the AntiVillain and BlackKnight Camus, believed to have died in ''VideoGame/FireEmblemShadowDragonAndTheBladeOfLight''; when he begins to recover his lost memories, [[InsecureLoveInterest Tatiana]] is very scared and conflicted, though Zeke promises that he will stay with her.]] What happens in the end depends on whether both of them live to the end: [[spoiler: If both survive, Zeke fully recovers her memories and briefly leaves to help Archanea (and [[StarCrossedLovers his former love Nyna]]) in ''VideoGame/FireEmblemMysteryOfTheEmblem'' but ultimately returns to Tatiana's side and they marry. If Tatiana dies, Zeke crosses the DespairEventHorizon and leaves to help Archanea too, but never returns to Valentia. If Zeke dies, Tatiana also crosses the DespairEventHorizon and falls in heavy depression (and only recovers in ''Echoes'').]]

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* In ''VisualNovel/LittleBusters'': [[spoiler:Every time Riki tries to ask her out, Kurugaya turns up the next day as if nothing happened. Even after they start going out, she forgets every night and has to remind herself with a NoteToSelf. In this case, though, the amnesia is specifically caused by the fact that they're lovers - the world they are in didn't expect that and so can't cope with it, causing it to break down.]]
* If you screw up the time line in ''VisualNovel/TickTack'', Nerine will eventually forget who Rin is, though since she still longs for him for some reason it manages to work out okay anyway.
* In ''VisualNovel/FrozenEssence'', the protagonist Mina suffers from TraumaInducedAmnesia after she's freed from her CrystalPrison and hence has no memory or clue that [[spoiler:the Oracle who rescued her and the mysterious voice that occasionally comforts or helps her is actually Zareh, her childhood friend who's in love with her and has worked hard for a long time to be able to help her]]. [[spoiler:Zareh]] chooses not to tell Mina about this in most story paths because he believes [[IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy that she'd be happier not remembering anything about her past and/or being with someone else]], but his own story path has Mina regain her memories and choose to either accept or reject him.
* [[spoiler:Becoming an Eternal]] in ''VisualNovel/EienNoAselia'' causes everyone to forget that person ever existed. Only similar people will remember the way things were before. Which means that if it happens to the player character, the lover isn't going to remember. [[spoiler:Except while they don't remember, their emotions will still be there. They'll just be very confused.]]
* ''[[VisualNovel/ShallWeDateNinjaShadow Shall We Date?: Ninja Shadow]]'' has Eduard, a Dutch man who cannot remember what he did and how he lived before coming to the still-isolated Japan and working for both the Dutch trading houses and the Nagasaki Vigilantes. [[spoiler: It turns out to be TraumaInducedAmnesia, coming from having been a TykeBomb for a guild of Dutch assassins. The BigBad of the route, Willem, aims to make Eduard remember so he'll return.]]

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* In ''Webcomic/VinciAndArty'', a knock to the head makes Vinci forget everything that has happened since he moved from Greece to the United States, like learning the English language or being in love with Arty. What makes it worse for Arty is that pre-immigration Vinci was apparently kinda homophobic.

* ''WebVideo/GemmaAndTheBear'' is a rather unusual series about a white woman (Gemma) who turns into a gay black man (Bear) at night. Unfortunately, she has no memory of anything he does. In a misguided attempt to find himself and Gemma a man, Bear has the annoying habit of bringing dates home, leaving Gemma to wake up with random guys in her bed. (Don't worry, it's PlayedForLaughs.)
* Inverted by [[spoiler:Shell]] in ''[[Roleplay/{{Glowfic}} Effulgence]]''. By the time she gets back to the peal, the only thing she can remember about her old life is that "[[MadnessMantra somebody loved me once]]".

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* The episode "Betty" in ''WesternAnimation/AdventureTime'' ends like this -- [[spoiler: once Betty restores the [[ArtifactOfDoom Ice]] [[AmuletOfDependency Crown's]] magic [[EmergencyTransformation in order to save her fiance]], Simon/Ice King, [[EmergencyTransformation from succumbing to]] NoImmortalInertia, it erases his memories and he once again has no idea who she is. [[BittersweetEnding However, she is still in Ooo searching for a cure for him, so there may be hope yet.]]]]
* An episode of ''WesternAnimation/AmericanDad'' took it a step further, with Francine not just losing her memories but reverting to herself from college, where she was a drunken free-spirited party girl. Stan, who's just about the definition of "The Man", had to try to win her back by convincing her that he had a sensitive side (which he managed to do after failing several times by saying IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy).
* In the ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}'' episode "Fun on the Bun", Leela undergoes literal LaserGuidedAmnesia after thinking she ate Fry, who was presumed to have fallen into a sausage maker. Fry however fell down a chasm, hitting his head, and discovered a hidden society of Neanderthals who assumed he was one of them because of his swollen forehead and natural stupidity. Fry eventually leads the Neanderthals to battle against the Homo Sapiens, and just has he and Leela are about to kill each other, they both regain their memories and unite the two species.
* WesternAnimation/KimPossible suffers {{Phlebotinum}}-induced amnesia in the fourth season episode "Clean Slate". After a night of reviewing childhood memories, she soon remembers that Ron is her best friend, but finds it laughably unlikely that they had got a RelationshipUpgrade. It takes seeing [[RunningGag his pants fall down]] to remember that she gave him a belt for their "half-a-versary" and that she does love him in that way.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'':
** The trope is the main focus on the episode "Regarding Margie", in which Marge got amnesia from bumping her head on a stool.
** Creator/DonHertzfeldt's [[CouchGag/TheSimpsons Couch Gag]] posits a particularly horrifying scenario: as the show continues to air for century after century, the [[ArtEvolution art design changes radically]], with increasingly abstract versions of Marge struggling to tell Homer that she loves him and will never forget him. But by the year 10,535, the characters have mutated beyond all recognition -- confronted with grotesque, catchphrase-spouting children and a vacant wife who can only shout alien propaganda, Homer utters a deeply sad [annoyed grunt].
* Early in season 5 of ''WesternAnimation/WinxClub'', Sky takes a hit for Bloom from Icy, injuring him and causing him to fall from a great height. He's miraculously alive from the fall, but now he doesn't know who Bloom or also how use a sword. Bloom tries to jog his memories, but her attempts are usuless and leave him annoyed and frustrated. More later, he regain his memories when Flora gives him the Pendant of Eraklyon, a present for Bloom that he had lost in the first episodes.