->''"They don't use actors in Italian pictures -- they use people."''
-->-- '''Jerry Biffle''' (PhilSilvers), ''Top Banana''

Any movie, show, etc. (that is, not a {{documentary}}), where the cast is composed of untrained or untried actors and actresses. Directors do this for a variety of reasons, usually [[DoingItForTheArt for the art]] or for the [[NoBudget budget]], and less commonly to avert potential HeyItsThatGuy, YouLookFamiliar, and/or NarrowedItDownToTheGuyIRecognize moments.

Can become RetroactiveRecognition if an actor or actress becomes famous afterward. Differs from NonActorVehicle in that the non-actors tend to be unknown to fame.

The inverse of this trope is AllStarCast.


[[folder: Anime ]]

* L.A.-based Recording Studio BangZoomEntertainment tends to use this trope nowadays when it lands a dubbing job. They tend to cast newer voice actors and prefer to avoid all star casts.
* When Creator/SentaiFilmworks does a dubbed release for its anime titles, they tend to cast newer names in lead roles, such as Creator/MargaretMcDonald and Creator/CaitlynnFrench.

[[folder: Film ]]

* As the page quote suggests, almost any movie from the Italian neorealism period:
** ''BicycleThieves''
* ''Raising Victor Vargas'', which makes good use of {{Real Life Relative}}s to play related characters.
* The Afghan movie ''Film/{{Osama}}'' did this.
* Creator/WernerHerzog is known to do this, with ''Film/{{Stroszek}}'' being the best example. Bruno S. made only two films, both with Herzog, and Eva Mattes was the only professional actress in it — everyone else was just someone whom Herzog saw during filming and wanted to use.
* Peter Hall's 1974 British film ''[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Akenfield Akenfield]]'' used entirely non-union amateur actors (and apparently cameramen, too, by the look of it).
* ''Film/ToKillAMockingbird'' did this with the parts for the children, which were filled by local kids near the shooting spot. None of them went on to have a career as a normal actor.
* Many of the actors in ''Film/ASeriousMan''.
* Most of the ''Film/HarryPotter'' kids had never acted professionally at the time of the first movie, in contrast to the AllStarCast of adults; this was a reason Creator/ChrisColumbus was selected as director thanks to his great track record of children-heavy films. However, the series lasted so long that the actors ceased to be amateurs simply through the process of making it.
* Creator/MartinScorsese cast his Dalai Lama {{biopic}} ''Kundun'' mostly with actual Tibetan Buddhist monks.
* ''Literature/TheKiteRunner'' did this, at least with the Afghan actors, using actual Afghan people.
* Most of the cast of ''TheCommitments'' (at least the actors who portrayed the band) were mostly unknowns selected for their musical talent.
* The star of ''Film/{{District 9}}'', Sharlto Copley, was hired because he just happened to be hanging out where the director was filming footage for the effects test.
* French director Creator/RobertBresson used to do this.
* The Swedish movie ''ShowMeLove'' had a largely inexperienced cast.
* In the film version of ''IMissYouIMissYou'' nearly all of the teenage characters were played by amateurs.
* The punks in ''Film/{{Suburbia}}'' are, in fact, played by real punks.
* Creator/StevenSoderbergh made ''Bubble'' without any professional actors. Lead actress Debbie Doebereiner, for instance, was discovered working at a KFC drive-thru.
* ''Beasts of the Southern Wild'' has an entirely unknown cast, many of them acting for the first time.
* ''Film/ManosTheHandsOfFate'' mixes AmateurCast with Amateur ''Crew'' and Amateur ''Voice Acting'' to produce something that has become notorious around the world.
* Besides the lead couple none of the cast members of ''[[Film/{{Monsters2010}} Monsters (2010)]]'' had any acting experience.
* [[Creator/MilosForman Miloš Forman]] used non-actors and mixed them with rather famous actors in his Czech movies from the sixties. Most notable of these movies is probably ''Film/TheFiremensBall''.
* ''FatalDeviation'', with the exception of Mikey Graham.
* The director of ''Film/{{Once}}'' originally intended to hire professional actors but decided that, as it was a musical, he'd rather have "musicians who could half-act than actors who could half-sing." Since the acting in the film is very understated anyway, it works well.
* ''Dogtooth'' Most of the actors haven't had much of an acting history, if at all. The director has stated that he prefers working with amateurs, as he finds their performances more pure.
* In universe example in the film "A Bunch of Amateurs": Burt Reynolds' character is tricked into doing a production of King Lear with people who may be considered close to your local book club or church choir.


[[folder: Live Action Television ]]

* The original cast of ''Series/RedDwarf'' had all ''appeared'' on TV and/or film before, but none of them were "proper actors": Chris Barrie was an impressionist & voice actor, Craig Charles was a poet, Danny John-Jules was a dancer and Norman Lovett was a stand-up comedian. Likewise, Hattie Hayridge was also a stand-up comedian before joining the cast in Series III; however, Robert Llewellyn and Chloe Annett (who joined the cast in Series III and VII respectively) were both "legit" actors.
* The early 90's cast of SaturdayNightLive was made up almost entirely of standup comedians (David Spade, Adam Sandler, etc.) instead of the improv actors the series had relied on. Although {{vindicated by history}}, the ratings were so low that the show was almost cancelled. This is often blamed on the cast concentrating on characters from their standup instead of doing ensemble work.
* Creator/PeterKay assembled the cast for ''Series/PhoenixNights'' form stand-up comics, personal friends from college and elsewhere, and otherwise amateur actors, because he knew them all and had a feeling they'd work together.