[[caption-width-right:175:First issue of ''Yuri Hime'']]
''Yuri Hime'' (''Lily Princess'') started out as the {{Yuri}} anthology magazine ''Yuri Shimai'' (''Lily Sisters'') publishing both individual stories and serials. Unfortunately ''Yuri Shimai'' folded in February 2005 though it was rebranded and brought back in July 2005 as ''Yuri Hime''. The magazine started out as a {{shoujo}}[=/=]{{josei}} magazine with about 70% female readership.

Two spinoff magazines have been created from ''Yuri Hime''. One is ''Yuri Hime S'', a {{Seinen}} yuri publication which began in June of 2007 but has since been combined with the ''Yuri Hime'' publication. The other is ''Yuri Hime Wildrose'' since renamed to ''Girls' Love'', which is about the more erotic aspects of {{Yuri}}.

''Yuri Hime'', and ''Girls Love'' are both published by Ichijinsha. ''Yuri Hime'' is currently being published bi-monthly.


[[AC:Works found in ''Yuri Shimai'']]
* ''FirstLoveSisters''
* ''TheMikosWordsAndTheWitchesIncantations''
* ''StrawberryShakeSweet''

[[AC:Works found in ''Yuri Hime'']]
* ''Manga/AmeIroKouchakanKandan''
* ''AoiShiro'' (prequel {{manga}})
* ''Manga/CreoTheCrimsonCrises''
* ''Manga/HaruNatsuAkiFuyu''
* ''JunsuiAdolescence''
* ''{{Simoun}}''
* ''TokimekiMononokeJogakkou''

[[AC:Works found in ''Yuri Hime S'']]
* ''FlowerFlower''
* ''HoneyCrush''
* ''Manga/WifeAndWife''
* ''OtomeKikanGretel''
* ''Manga/OtomeiroStayTune''
* ''Manga/YuruYuri''

[[AC:Works found in ''Yuri Hime Wildrose''/''Girls Love'']]
* ''GokujouDrops''
* ''HanjukuJoshi''