Witch World is an early and influential HeroicFantasy setting, created by Creator/AndreNorton.

In the first volume, written in 1963, Simon Tregarth travels from America to Estcarp, on the Witch World, using the [[KingArthur Siege Perilous]], which sends people to the world that best fits them. There he discovers magic powers, and plays a leading role in a war against high-tech invaders from a third world.

After one sequel, the focus moved to Simon's children, who crossed the eastern mountains to the land from where the WitchSpecies had come, and many old powers slept for good or [[SealedEvilInACan ill]].

Norton also wrote books set on the continent across the sea, with little overt connection with the early volumes beyond the setting. Many of the later books were written in collaboration with fans of the original.

!!Tropes from Witch World
* AttackAttackAttack: Kolder drones do this, due to being completely mindless. The first time he fights them, Simon is disturbed by the fact they apparently have no idea how to defend themselves.
* ArrangedMarriage: Common. In the first book, Loyse is ax-wedded (basically, a proxy wedding) to the Duke of Karsten for her wealth and relation to the old nobility. It takes her until the second book to actually meet him, since she flees Verlaine immediately after.
* BalanceBetweenGoodAndEvil: Which is not ''maintained'' -- the Good characters are merely aware of it as a fact, that the battle will go on, though the Evil ones really think they can win.
* CannotCrossRunningWater: Many evils.
* CastsNoShadow: Gillian in ''Year Of the Unicorn'', after they cast the spell on her.
* ChangingOfTheGuard: The switch from Simon to his children.
* {{Curse}}
* DerelictGraveyard
* DreamingOfTimesGoneBy: In ''Horn Crown'', how a character learns the past.
* DueToTheDead: Koris goes to bury his subordinates.
* FireForgedFriends: Simon among the guardsmen.
* GenderRestrictedAbility: The Witches are women and shocked by Simon having magic. The Were-Riders are men.
* HomeSweetHome: Most characters crave a place to settle down.
* MamasBabyPapasMaybe: Invoked in the ''Jargoon Pard'' to explain how he can be his uncle's heir when his uncle has a son.
* MercyKill: Jaelithe says killing the Kolder drones is this, as a body being forced to live on with no soul is a FateWorseThanDeath.
* MoreThanMindControl: The second way the Kolder have of controlling people--unlike the mindless drones, these people retain all their wits and simply ''really want'' to help the Kolder. They do it to [[spoiler: Fulk and Aldis, and try to do it to Simon, but Jaelithe jailbreaks him.]] When they've captured Simon, a Kolder agent tries to convince him to accept it fully, saying that he is a man of "civilization" (ie, advanced technology, like theirs) and they'd treat him well.
* NeedleInAStackOfNeedles
* NoOneGetsLeftBehind
* PeopleOfHairColor: The people all appear to be white and distinguish themselves by hair.
* PrefersTheIllusion: In a short story, the protagonist, severely disfigured and disabled by a magical accident, chooses to live in a permanent dream and forget his harsh reality.
* RipVanWinkle
* SecondLove
* ShutUpKiss
* TalkingInYourDreams: Hilarion first talks to Kaththea like this.
* TrueSight: Gillian uses moly to give herself this.
* VirginPower: The Witches of Estcarp thought magic worked this way. They were wrong.
* WarRefugees: Gillian is one herself, among many.
* TheWildHunt: Those Who Hunt the Ridges.
* WitchSpecies: The Old Race. They have the Power, and they can't be taken over by the Kolder.
* WorldSundering: Twice; once in the backstory, to create the eastern mountain barrier of Estcarp, once in the third volume, to create a southern mountain barrier.