''The White Men'' (Danish: ''De Hvide Mænd'') is a {{Dystopia}}n novel by the Danish author, Kenneth Bøgh Andersen.

In future Denmark, the country is ruled by a Fascist government that came to power after an overpopulation crisis. A one-child policy is strictly enforced, the possession of drugs, including alcohol is forbidden, and if you are in any way handicapped, chronically ill or crippled, over the age of 65, or fail to get a sufficiently high grade at your final exams, you are considered amongst the weak and unwanted and will be summarily executed by the titular White Men's Corps, the sinister and brutal enforces of the government's vicious laws. But all of this is just necessary steps to get Denmark safely through the crisis, or so claims the government.

Our protagonist, Edwin Georg Normann, is a 21-year-old former model student. Highly intelligent and once staled to pass his exam with the highest possible average, he finds himself plagued by doubt in the righteousness of the oppressive society and hunted by the ghosts of his past, and his grades is slowly slipping towards the lowest allowed average.
* ArcWords: "You are exactly what this society needs."
* BrokenPedestal: [[spoiler:Edwin finds out that his grandfather, the person who planted the ideas of a more open and tolerant society in him, had been a member of the White Men's Corps in the past]].
* DespotismJustifiesTheMeans: [[spoiler:Even if the inhumane and draconian laws that the Fascist government originally was founded on was once a necessary evil to counter the overpopulation crisis, it is made quite clear that it is no longer the case (if anything the country currently suffers from being vastly underpopulated), and that their only reason for upholding them is that the fear they instil in the population is a very effective control measurement]].
* DownerEnding: [[spoiler:Edwin joins the White Men's Corps to ensure the survival of Lykke and his unborn child, he gets the news from a former friend he is about to execute that she was shot and killed while trying to cross the border]].
* MortonsFork: [[spoiler:"So what you choose Mr. Normann? To die... or to die?"]]
* ScrewTheRulesIMakeThem: [[spoiler:Edwin notices that the leader of the White Men is very obviously over the maximum age of 65]].