--> By the time I stamped down the stairs, I was already pissed off and getting worse. My favourite jeans weren’t clean and I had a zit the size of Mount Pinatubo on my temple under a hank of dishwater brown hair. I opted for a grey T-shirt and a red hoodie, a pair of combat boots and no makeup. Why bother, right? I wasn’t going to be here long enough for anyone to care. -- Dru Anderson

--> You may have all day, but you certainly don't have all night. -- Christophe

'''Strange Angels''' is a series of Young Adult fantasy novels by Lili St. Crow (a pseudonym for Lilith Saintcrow).

There aren't many girls like Dru. Girls who travel around the country in a beat up old pickup getting rid of poltergeists and roach spirits among other things. Girls who can sense when something weird is about to happen. When they move to a small town in the Dakotas she assumes it's going to be like every other move. Spend a couple of months, kill some baddies and get back on the road. But she realizes something's wrong when her Dad doesn't come home one night and his zombie smashes through her kitchen door.

Afraid and alone Dru befriends a street kid named Graves who is bitten by a werewolf. They struggle to stay alive and to discover what's going on when a mysterious blonde boy named Christophe appears. He knows all the answers and offers to help the escape the thing that's hunting Dru.

A Series of Five Books:
* 1 - ''Strange Angels''
* 2 - ''Jealousy''
* 3 - ''Betrayals''
* 4 - ''Defiance''
* 5 - To Be Released
!!Tropes featured include:
* ActionGirl: Dru [[spoiler: Also Dru's mother Elizabeth to some extent before she was killed]]
* DisappearedDad: Dru's Dad is turned into a zombie and she has to shoot him and spends the rest of the series missing him
* MissingMom: Dru's mom is dead and she was left by her father with her grandmother who also died. [[spoiler: Her mother was killed by the Vampire Sergej and her grandmother died of natural causes.]]