''Star Risk, Ltd.'' is a series of five science fiction novels by the late Creator/ChrisBunch following a {{private military contract|ors}}ing company of the same name.

* ''Star Risk, Ltd.'' (2002): The company forms and takes on its first contract: to eliminate SpacePirates harassing the AsteroidMiners of the Foley System.
* ''The Scoundrel Worlds'' (2003): Star Risk finishes a contract keeping the peace at a skyball tournament, then is hired to prove the innocence of a man condemned for treason.
* ''The Double-Cross Program'' (2004): Star Risk is hired to train the army of a planetful of {{Miles Gloriosus}}es who want to turn a neighboring planet into a farm for the latest fad foodstuff.
* ''The Dog From Hell'' (2005): Having crossed the much larger PMC Cerberus Systems once too often, Star Risk comes under attack from all fronts that forces them out of business. But when Cerberus tries to make their retirement permanent, the group fights back.
* ''The Gangster Conspiracy'' (2007): Written by Steve and Dal Perry after Bunch's [[AuthorExistenceFailure death]], based on Bunch's notes. Star Risk is back in business. They've moved into new offices but can't find any clients. Then a pastor from the Artegal System hires them to protect laborers trying to unionize. Things get complicated from there.[[invoked]]

The [[RagtagBunchOfMisfits Star Risk team]] is:
* Friedrich von Baldur, a former Alliance Navy officer who resigned to evade court-martial.
* M'chel Riss, a former Alliance Marine who left the service after her CO attempted to force himself on her (and failed miserably).
* Jasmine King, an ex-office manager and research specialist for Cerberus Systems who left said company after her boss decided [[InsaneTrollLogic she was too perfect to be human, so she was an android, so he didn't legally need to pay her]].
* Amanandrala "Grok" Grookonomonslf, the {{token nonhuman}}, an ex-Cerberus contract agent who gave the fledgling company a much-needed cash infusion.
* Chas Goodnight, an ex-Marine [[SuperSoldier "bester"]] turned jewel thief.

!!This series provides examples of:

* AcePilot / BadassBookworm: Frequent subcontractor Redon Spada looks like a bespectacled teacher, but is absolutely lethal at the controls of a starship and can fly everything from gunships to destroyers.
* ActionGirl: Riss, being a former Marine. King is a lesser case since she mainly stays in the office, but as she demonstrates in book 5 she's no slouch either.
* TheAlliance: The dominant human interstellar government is called the Alliance, but the details are fairly vague.
* AntiHero: The entire team. They have standards, but they're in it for the money.
* AwesomeButImpractical: One book mentions that Star Risk tried to hang onto a destroyer they bought and crewed for [[NoodleIncident one of their off-screen jobs]], until a Star Risk accountant explained to Freddy that they couldn't afford to maintain it.
* BearsAreBadNews: That's basically what Grok's species looks like. At one point in book five, he [[InvokedTrope makes use of the similarity]].
* GeniusBruiser: Grok is good with computers and cryptography and a thoroughly terrifying combatant.
* PrivateMilitaryContractors: Both Star Risk Ltd. and their major competition, Cerberus.
* RagtagBunchOfMisfits: Oh, so much.
* SemperFi[=/=]SpaceMarines: Riss left the Alliance Marines after her CO decided her next posting should be to his bed. Goodnight was dishonorably discharged for theft.
* SignatureStyle: Steve Perry's is highlighted by the little differences between ''The Gangster Conspiracy'' and the other four books. Perry tends to go for the WorldOfBadass, so previous TheChick Jasmine King gets multiple ActionGirl moments. He also brings in concepts like a type of computer called the ''betydelse'' space that previously appeared in the ''Literature/MatadorSeries''.
* SociopathicHero: All of them have shades of this on occasion (kinda comes with being mercenaries), but Goodnight is the best example.
* SomeoneToRememberHimBy: [[spoiler:Jasmine King falls in love with the team's second client in ''Conspiracy'', but he's killed soon after. In the epilogue, she reveals she's pregnant.]]
* SuperSoldier: "Besters" like Goodnight are cybernetically and biochemically enhanced so that with the flick of a switch, they can move several times faster than normal humans. ''The Gangster Conspiracy'' reveals that the augmentation has the unintended benefit of enabling besters to analyze situations much faster as well.
* TokenNonhuman: Grok's species is never actually stated.
* {{Tuckerization}}: Riss is named after Chris Bunch's friend Michelle Rice, a US Marine.
* TwoGirlsToATeam: Two women, two men, and a male alien.
* TheUnpronounceable: Grok's full name is Amanandrala Grookonomonslf. He even admits that this is only a close approximation of it.