"[[http://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Red_Nails Red Nails]]" is a Literature/ConanTheBarbarian novella by Creator/RobertEHoward. Published in 3 parts, from July to October, 1936. [[http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/32759 It can be read online]] at Project Gutenberg. Creator/MarvelComics also adapted the story in comic book form in issues 2 and 3 of the ''Savage Tales of Conan the Barbarian''.
!!Tropes included
* ActionGirl: Valeria.
* CycleOfRevenge: The people of Xotalanca and Tecuhltli have been at war longer than any of the combatants have been alive, and they have no idea how to stop it anymore.
* DesignatedGirlFight: In the final battle, Valeria is the one who kills the villainess.
* DinosaursAreDragons: A Stegosaurus (at least in the comic version; in the story it's unclear). [[ArtisticLicensePaleontology A carnivorous one yet]].
* FamedInStory: Valeria "of the Red Brotherhood, whose deeds are celebrated in song and ballad wherever seafarers gather."
* InTheBack: Conan forgets the need to protect against this.
* JackBauerInterrogationTechnique: When Valeria awakens to find a serving girl attempting to drug her, she beats the girl to find out why.
* LiquidAssets: Tascela does this.
* PirateGirl: Valeria
* PsychoLesbian: Tascela shows signs of being one of these.
* RecycledPremise: The plot, which sees Conan and a female companion come across a mostly-deserted city that is being destroyed from within, bears some similarities to the earlier "Literature/XuthalOfTheDusk."
* SuperPersistentPredator: the dragon/dinosaur
* TechnicolorFire: Actually, it's the smoke that's green
* TheyHaveTheScent: the dinosaur
* VainSorceress: Tascela
* WasOnceAMan: Tolkemac