Literature / Nil

The gate opens.

Nil is a Web Original novel by Forzare, currently in progress.

Our universe is not alone. Infinite parallel realities coexist simultaneously; if you can imagine it, somewhere, in some universe, it's happening right now. Everything exists. This complex, infinite network is held together by individuals known as Focal Points, who act as the glue keeping reality whole. Most never even know that the Multiverse even exists.

And something is devouring them. A race of monsters known only as Nil sweeps through the Multiverse, consuming entire realities, murdering and assimilating billions of people every day. In a desperate attempt to stem the tide, a coalition of 476 different Earths, having developed interdimensional travel, have banded together to form the organization known only as Vanguard, dedicated to containing Nil incursions and protecting as many Focal Points as possible for the greater good.

Siblings Danny and Laura Decker know nothing of the epic war raging behind the scenes. They live in blissful ignorance... at least until strange things start happening around them.

Everything is not as it seems.

And the gate is open.

This story provides examples of: