->''"Fifteen-Year-old Maya and her Fourteen-Year-old brother Joey noticed a gap in the fence of a ‘Government Owned Property’'"''
-->-- '''The first line of the first book.'''
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''The Maradonia Saga'', written and self-published by Gloria Tesch, self-defined "One of the Worlds Youngest Novelist", starts as an everyday story. Then a girl called Maya and a boy called Joey find a World between the Worlds: Maradonia. Upon their arrival a prophecy is fulfilled, whereby they have to try and change the future of Maradonia.

!!This book has examples of:

* AerithAndBob: In the land of Maradonia, you have names like Astrodoulos, Apollyon, and Abbadon. There is also a military commander named Justin, and his father, Kerry.
* AlphaBitch: Alana Terence, since she is "part of the 'Gothic Movement'", which makes her automatically evil.
* BrotherSisterTeam: Maya and Joey.
* DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment: Tesch seems to be a fan of these. Among them we have "final end" and "irrationally confused".
* DoorStopper: All three books are about 820 pages each.
* TheEmpire: [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin It is even called the Evil Empire.]]
* GodSaveUsFromTheQueen : In the second book, ''Maradonia and the Gold of Ophir'' (pre-split edition), Maya becomes Queen of Maradonia and develops a fondness for mass executions without trial.
* IceCreamKoan: Joey spews many, many of them.
* PunctuationShaker: For 'some' reason, random 'words' have quotes 'around' them. Why? Nobody really knows.
* RuleOfPool: Maya goes to a birthday party wearing a new outfit. There is a pool. Guess what happens.
* SchizoTech: Flying saucers that fire blindness-causing rays and ocean liners co-exist with pre-gunpowder weaponry, ''gunpowder'' weaponry, horse-drawn vehicles, and a general vaguely late-Medieval/Renaissance atmosphere. This juxtaposition has no in-work explanation.
* TrilogyCreep: The Maradonia trilogy, as the author still calls it, will be made up of nine books. It was apparently always planned to be a trilogy, but then Tesch suddenly said that it was always planned to be nine books. [[Literature/NineteenEightyFour The Maradonia Saga has nine books. The Maradonia Saga has always had nine books.]] It's really only six when you get down to it. She just split the first three books into halves, and now has to write three more.
* VanityPublishing: How it all came to be. Tesch thinks there's going to be a Maradonia movie and themepark. [[http://twitter.com/maradoniasaga No, seriously]]
* VideoReviewShow: [=SwankiVY=], well known for her [[http://swankivy.com/writing/essays/info/inheritance/eragon.html unflattering review]] of Eragon, has recently done a [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEVX_L6Zsfg review of the Maradonia book trailer and the series as a whole.]]
* AWizardDidIt: The actual land of Maradonia is tacked on somewhere to the rest of the USA. Apparently both nations failed to notice each other because of magic.