[[caption-width-right:350:''What do you think will happen next?'']]
->''"If you give a mouse a cookie, he's going to ask for a glass of milk."''
--> -- ''If You Give a Mouse a Cookie''

''If You Give a Mouse a Cookie'' is a children's picture book written by Laura Numeroff and illustrated by Felicia Bond. Each page has a large, colorful picture and short sentence telling the story of a (nameless yet eponymous) mouse and an equally nameless boy. The story starts, naturally, with the boy [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin giving the mouse a cookie]]. The story goes on from there, with the mouse needing a new item on each page. It ends up with the mouse, once again, wanting a cookie.

The many, many sequels (''If You Give a Moose a Muffin'', ''If You Give a Pig a Pancake'', ''If You Give a Bear a Brownie'', ''If You Give a Cat a Cupcake'', ''If You Give a Dog a Donut'') all [[SameStoryDifferentNames follow approximately the same plot]], with variations on the animal and food item.

In 2015, a cartoon based on the original book was released by Creator/AmazonStudios. It was written, developed and executive produced by Ken Scarborough, known for ''WesternAnimation/{{Arthur}}'' and ''WesternAnimation/{{Doug}}''. The cartoon features the boy (now [[NamedByTheAdaptation named Oliver]] instead of being nameless) and mouse from the original picture book, with the cast rounded out by the animals from the other books, such as the pig, the moose, the cat and the dog. Originally only one special was produced, but in September 2017, Amazon [[http://deadline.com/2017/09/amazon-prime-kids-slate-sigmund-sea-monster-1202163232/ announced]] an actual television series, which premiered on November 7, 2017. The author and illustrator of the original books are both executive producers on the show.

A narrated version of the original story was also featured on an episode of ''Series/ReadingRainbow'' in 1993.

!! This book contains examples of:

* ABoyAndHisX: A boy and his mouse.
* AddedAlliterativeAppeal: All but the first book alliterated the animal with the food.
* CatchPhrase: The AnimatedAdaptation on Amazon has "What do you think will happen next?" It's usually said by Oliver, the boy with the mouse, though occasionally by one of the other human characters that's a companion to one of the animals. It's present in theme song as well. At the end of each story, one of the characters will say "If you (''give something to / do something with an animal'') what do you think will happen next?", making it a SigningOffCatchphrase as well. Also, see HereWeGoAgain below.
* ChristmasSpecial: The Amazon ''If You Give a Mouse a Cookie'' was followed up with a Christmas special in the same style, ''If You Give a Mouse a Christmas Cookie''.
* ADogNamedDog: Everyone who's an animal character is this - Mouse, Dog, Cat, Pig, and Moose.
* ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin: The book is about a mouse. Who wants a cookie.
* ExpressiveEars: On the Amazon animated series, Mouse's ears are very expressive of his moods, particularly dropping about halfway when sad or bothered by something, but perking back up when he's excited or happy.
* HereWeGoAgain: The last page has the mouse, once again, wanting a cookie (to go with his glass of milk). On the animated series, it's something of a CatchPhrase.
* InterspeciesFriendship: Oliver and the mouse are the primary ones though they're also friends with a dog, a cat, a pig and a moose.
* MooseAreIdiots: ''If You Give a Moose a Muffin'' has a moose who is this. In the animated series, he doesn't really seem all that dumb, but still has the typical [[SimpletonVoice stupid-sounding voice]] associated with a dumb moose.
* NamelessNarrative: The human characters in the book don't have names given. However, in the AnimatedAdaptation, they are NamedByTheAdaptation. The boy with the mouse is Oliver and the other human characters have names as well.
* SantaClaus: He appears at the end of the animated ''If You Give a Mouse a Christmas Cookie'', just after Mouse sneaks a bite of the cookie left out for him. He leaves Mouse and Oliver's presents, and then Mouse hands him the cookie.
-->'''Oliver''': (''narrating'') And if you give Santa a cookie, then...
-->'''Santa''': Thirsty.
-->'''Oliver''': He's going to want a glass of milk to go with.
-->'''Santa''': Merry Christmas, Mouse.
* SceneryPorn: The animated series looks like a picture book brought to life and in particular has some very gorgeous backgrounds, like of sunsets or the starry night sky. There's also plenty of colorful detail to be observed on things such as tents and flowers.
* SecondPersonNarration: The original books are all told in second person, with the boy [[NamedByTheAdaptation who would become Oliver]] being a reader stand-in.
* SerialEscalation: With each item the animal of the story receives, they end up wanting something else, often with the reasons getting crazier as they can go from wanting pancakes to moving into a treehouse.
* StockAnimalDiet: Averted. This mouse eats cookies. With milk, of course. And the other animals aren't any more stock diet in their tastes.
* SuspiciouslySpecificDenial: In the ''If You Give a Mouse a Christmas Cookie'' animated special, Mouse and his friends accidentally wreck the decorations for a play that Mouse's boy, Oliver, has a big role in. Later, when Pig encounters Oliver, wondering where he can find Mouse, she tells him that Mouse is getting a haircut so that he'll look good when he sees him in the theater, which definitely hasn't had anything bad happen to it.
* TalkingAnimal: The eponymous mouse and other characters in the spin-off books. Same for the animated series, though perhaps moving up a bit on the SlidingScaleOfAnthropomorphism.
* TitleThemeTune and ThemeTuneRollCall: The animated series has this. ''If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, then he'll ask for a glass of milk... And then one thing will lead to another, and you never know what's next! Let's go to unexpected places, they'll leave a smile on our faces. With Moose, Pig, Cat and Dog, so come on, come along. If you give a mouse a cookie, you never know what you'll get. If you give a mouse a cookie, what do you think will happen next?''
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: While the books were all about each particular animal being given a particular type of treat, this is only carried for Mouse in the AnimatedAdaptation on Amazon, in which he is still very big on cookies, particularly chocolate chip. Though in the show, he doesn't seem to require milk, though he does like to have it with the cookie if it's around. He's even something of an advocate for cookies. In the story "Sick Day," in which all of the other animal characters get a cold, he invents a whistling system for them - one whistle for a glass of water, two whistles for hot soup and three if they want a cookie. They all say they're too sick to want a cookie, but he says they never know.