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''Harold and the Purple Crayon'' is an illustrated childrenís book first published in 1955 by [[EmbarrassingFirstName Crockett]] Johnson. The story follows Harold as he wanders around [[RealityWarper drawing his own reality]] with his purple crayon and [[TheHomewardJourney trying to get home]].

Harold is colored in with a blue jumpsuit and Caucasian skin. Everything else in the story is purple, since it was [[ArtInitiatesLife drawn with the crayon]]; this lets the reader see that Harold is somehow more real than everything else.

It has received several sequels, and also been adapted into a series of children's animated shorts.

The book is aimed at young children, ages 3 to 7, but itís a good quick read for adults.

!!This book provides examples of:

* AdaptationExpansion: a 13-episode HBO series narrated by Sharon Stone.
* AppliedPhlebotinum: The crayon.
* ArtInitiatesLife
* ArtShift: Each episode of the HBO series had BookEnds set in Harold's bedroom, which looked more realistic than the rest of the backgrounds.
* BaldOfAwesome
* BigFriendlyDog: Lilac in the Animated Series.
* ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin
* TheFaceless: Harold's mom in the animated series. The audiences only ever got to see her hands.
* HeroicMime: Harold.
** In some episodes of the HBO series, Harold would get to deliver one line, but the narrator would still do most of the talking.
* TheHomewardJourney
* LimitedAnimation: 3 classic shorts.
* MentalWorld: One possible explanation.
* NonstandardCharacterDesign: Harold contrasts against the people he draws, who have little more than purple outlines.
* PresentTenseNarrative
* RealityWarper
* ShortRunner: The animated TV series on HBO Family only lasted 13 episodes.
* WeirdMoon: Always accompanies Harold in his adventures.