''Fairest'', by Gail Carson Levine, is a meta-sequel to Levine's ''Literature/EllaEnchanted'', set in the same world and with the sister of Ella's best friend Areida as the main character. ''Fairest'' is a warped Snow White, set in the singing country of Ayortha. Aza is an adopted, abnormal-looking child in a country obsessed with beauty. Her parents are innkeepers, and since Aza is expected to do her part in taking care of the inn, she often falls victim to rude staring and remarks by the guests - except for the gnomes, one of which becomes her close friend. She has a singing ability that can be done by no one else, called 'illusing', which is actually a voice-throwing skill made magical in a way. Through an interesting course of events, she becomes the companion of the Duchess one night thanks to her cat, and makes her way to the castle for the king's wedding.

The catch? 40-something-year-old King Oscaro has married a 19-year-old Ivi of Kyrria, (Ella's country) a commoner who people distrust at first for that very reason. However, her radiant beauty eventually wins over the court. Ivi discovers the shy, withdrawn Aza while she illuses in private, and forces her to sing for her because she despises Sings and singing so much. When the king falls ill, Ivi uproots the kingdom with Aza in tow with deception dragging at her every day. Aza's story winds around falling in love, getting over her weakness, and learning to accept herself for who she is.



* {{BBW}}: Aza is heavily implied to be one, being abnormally wide as well as abnormally tall. [[spoiler: Ijori likes that aspect of her as well, avoiding a preachy {{Beautiful All Along}} message and instead opting for {{Just the Way You Are}}]]
* BitchInSheepsClothing: When Aza meets Queen Ivi for the second time.
* BlondesAreEvil: Ivi, to a tee.
* CrazyCatLady: The Duchess of Olixio. Though she's a lot more sane than others.
* DisneyDeath: Aza has one in the strangest way possible. You could also call her predicament a BigSleep, because [[spoiler:it's unclear whether she died after she was poisoned, even though her trip into a magic mirror and becoming an apparition (except while singing) certainly implied this.]]
* DubNameChange: In the Hebrew translation, Aza's name is Kyra, presumably because the name Aza in Hebrew provokes associasions to the Gaza strip.
* EtTuBrute: The fact that [[spoiler:the prince, who is Aza's friend and love interest, allows her to be taken to prison once her secret is revealed.]]
* FauxDeath
* FirstPersonSmartass: Aza in a few instances when she's referring to people she dislikes.
* FoodPorn: Done twice, although the second time it's done disgustingly.
* GenkiGirl: Ivi, especially when it comes to fashion.
* GodSaveUsFromTheQueen: Ivi again. To the point of needing protection from her own subjects, which has apparently never happened before in Ayortha. She dissolves the council, imprisons people for minor crimes, refuses to help countries in need, and apparently studies the art of effective blackmail. [[spoiler:Later on in the book, she ''tries to murder'' Aza. It very nearly works.]]
* HeelFaceRevolvingDoor: Ijori. Make up your mind whose side you're on, dagnabit.
* HumansAreBastards: The beautiful, ethereal-voiced Ayorthaians are snobbish to the point of being xenophobic, and god help anyone who isn't attractive or can't sing.
* IFeelAngry: Aza, when [[spoiler:the tailor ruins all her new clothing in an attempt to rebel against Ivi, who has appointed Aza her lady-in-waiting and therefore her right hand woman. Ijori helps out with this quite a bit.]]
* IJustWantToBeLoved: Ivi's motivation for most of the book. [[spoiler: When King Oscaro falls ill, she tries to seduce Ijori just so that she can have someone else to love her.]]
* KarmaHoudini: [[spoiler:Ivi, for the most part.]]
* KickTheDog: Ivi when she [[spoiler:somehow manages to take the songbirds away from Ayortha.]]
* MagicMusic: Sort of. Aza can skillfully throw her voice without moving her lips, sound like an object or a person whenever she wants to, but no one else can [[spoiler:except for the gnomes]].
* MayDecemberRomance: The forty-year-old king Oscaro and 19-year-old Ivi. It's implied that Oscaro truly does love Ivi.
* OurMonstersAreDifferent
* EeriePaleSkinnedBrunette: Aza, to keep within the Snow White theme. However, in Ayortha that combination of hair colour and complexion is considered ugly.
* PinocchioNose: See if you can tell what Ivi does before she lies. Aza even mentions it.
* {{Rewrite}}: See FridgeLogic above.
* ThisIsMyNameOnForeign: Ayorthian names begin and end with the same vowel, so Ivy of Kyrria becomes Ivi of Ayortha.
* {{Uncoffee}}: Ostumo, a common hot morning drink made with molasses.
%% * UnfortunateImplications: It's revealed that ogres and humans have interbred several times over the course of history. Ogres are represented as an entirely evil species (even though all other species have clear capacity for good an evil...) [[ImpliedRape who can convince most sentient beings to do whatever they like with only a few words]]....
* YouCantGoHomeAgain: Once again, Aza, through no fault of her own. It's not forever, though.