Literature / Divine Blood Novels
Main characters, or at least as close as the series gets to it.

"Evolution can be...inconvenient." - series tagline.

An independent novel by self-published author, Luke Green.

Public Chapters and short stories are available at the author's DA account.

The series as a whole includes:

Full Novels:

Semester Start - The Semezou triplets arrive at Bravura Academy to meet Damir Milos, Jeon Yoon-Ji, Hel Logesdottir and Sherissie Minaba.

Short Stories:

Smoke Over Grimsvotn - Before getting sent on light duty helping babysit Hel, Lilitu Geisthexe had a simple mission go very, very wrong.

Following Dernhelm - Explains the backstory of Sergeant Major Eowyn Desai from rich girl to warrior lady.

Serious Matter - While most of the cast is being taken hostage on the way to Sydney, Minaba wants a snack.

A Day in the Life of a Busy Woman - A week after the events of Semester Start, Mao Semezou has a moderately aggravating day ahead of her.

High School Hel - Hel Logesdottir needs new clothes since her entire wardrobe was lost in Semester Start. Also, there's a new Precious Puppy toy being released.

Can't Go Home - Once upon a time, Avalon pilot and sniper, Whelan Connor, was an IRA sniper. What ended that career?

Regarding the Proper Use of Force - Gaetana Trolleti tenders her resignation to the Path of the Golden Dawn.

Pop Quiz - Naiki Semezou spends a day relaxing.

The Divine Blood setting is a self-admitted cleaned up and Ascended Mega Crossover. The story as a setting includes giant robots, magic, psychic powers, Demons, Gods and intrigue.

The series revolves around Bravura Academy which is attended by exceptional, or at least rich, students from all over the world, and beyond it in one case. While most of the student body are relatively normal kids who are just incredibly talented, but some of the students have their own secrets which have drawn attention to the school from different factions of the world. Fortunately, the school is already sponsored by Avalon, a mercenary organization that is somehow connected with the major powers of the free world.
  • All Myths Are True: There is a large number of minor races which evolved in isolated communities throughout the world. Most of the modern ones look very human or can make themselves look very human. Combined with the activities of the Gods and Demons, most myths can be attributed to something real, though some species have been extinct for a while.
  • Alternate History: The history of the world from Divine Blood is rather different:
    • Burma, the Empire of Myanmar, rose to power in South East Asia after World War II thanks to MacArthur getting Imperialist in late WWII.
    • The US has two States in Asia: Okinawa and Shandong.
    • Warsaw Pact survived the Soviet collapse, but is in chaos right now.
    • The three major "free world" countries aside from the US include the part of China that escaped Burma's push in the late 40s and early 50s, an alliance of Middle Eastern countries and Australia.
  • Animal Motif: Naiki is a shark.
  • Ascended Fanfic: From Divine Blood
  • Bad Ass: Several
  • Bad Ass Normal: Most of Avalon
  • Ensemble Cast
  • Expy: Several Characters due to being an Ascended Fanfic
  • Fantastic Slurs
    • Akira
    • Also Deep One
  • Functional Magic: Several Types
    • Channelling is blunt, swift manipulation of Life Force (for humans, Chi)
    • Shaping are ritualistic blessings and curses formed from Life Force
    • Magic is borrowing the inborn powers of other beings.
  • Knight Templar Big Brother: Despite being the same age as his sisters, Deimosu
  • Mini-Mecha: the Uprights
  • The Omniscient Council of Vagueness: The novel starts with a short segment titled "Conversations at a Tea Party" which is entirely dialogue with no description or other narration.
    • In fact, until Act Three, much of the stuff with the Gods and Demons are this.
  • Psychic Powers: Captain Trolleti and the Semezou Family mostly, though there are others.
  • Shout-Out: Several
  • Tsundere: Played with. Yooji's tsundere act is mostly just that, an act. And she's just about constantly afraid someone is going to call her on it.
    • Hel Logesdottir is definitely Tsundere, however
  • Van Helsing Hate Crime: Actually referred to as "Van Helsings"
  • Yandere Sherissie Minaba might qualify
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Odd hair colors implies a long family heritage of psychic ability.