Barry Trotter is a series of ''Literature/HarryPotter'' parodies written by Michael Gerber. The ''Harry Potter'' series are taken as a heavily censored version of the life of Barry Trotter. The story takes place long after the trio have "finished" their education at the [[SuckySchool Hogwash]] School of Wizardry and Witchcrap.

The first book in the series is ''Barry Trotter and the Shameless Parody''. It follows [[JerkAss Barry Trotter]], Lon Measly and [[ApatheticTeacher Ermine Cringer]] as they do their best to stop the making of TheMovie of the series of books about Barry's school life, written in-universe by [[Creator/JKRowling J.G. Rollins]].

The second book is ''Barry Trotter and the Unnecessary Sequel'', in which Barry becomes [[PointyHairedBoss headmister]] of Hogwash after the previous one died.

The third book is ''Barry Trotter and the Dead Horse'', a {{Prequel}} within a {{Sequel}}, wherein Barry undergoes hypnotherapy to relive the memories of his time at Hogwash in order to find a cure for the [[NotAllowedToGrowUp arrested]] [[MerlinSickness youthanasia]] curse he was afflicted with in the previous book.

!! Tropes found in this series:

* YouFailBiologyForever: Lon living with [[spoiler: a hole in his head, clean through, and having part of a dogs brain implanted as substitute]]. But its a parody and... [[AWizardDidIt well]]...
* CharacterNameAndTheNounPhrase: Each book, following the pattern of the series being parodied.
* DeconstructiveParody: Quidit, for one.
* EquivalentExchange: The second book mentions this, where everyone has graduated and started families [[spoiler: (despite being effectively proven wrong by the final book)]]. It's only then that Barry learns that to summon something with magic is actually just teleportation, and it always comes from somewhere else. This coincidentally results in someone whose possessions always go missing on Barry's birthday, and wind up as his presents and food.
* FootnoteFever: The books use footnotes to expand one-line jokes in the text into paragraph-long comedic monologues that would otherwise break the flow of the narrative.
* GoKartingWithBowser: [[spoiler: Valumart]] attends Barrys birthday party, and is generally friendly towards him and other main characters, having abandoned his quest to [[spoiler: kill Barry]] in exchange for [[spoiler: building a media empire]].
* GoldenSnitch: Parodied, as catching it gives that team a zillion points, rendering every other aspect of the game completely meaningless.
* {{Parody}}: Of the ''Franchise/HarryPotter'' franchise, naturally.
* ParodyName: The books contain such winners as "Muddle" for Muggle, "Philosopher's Scone" for Philosopher's Stone, "Hogwash" for Hogwarts, "Lord Valumart" for Lord Voldemort, "Earth Eaters" for Death Eaters and "Measlys" for Weasleys.
* {{Postmodernism}}: The first book. It's a parody [[spoiler:which is actually a book about trying to stop a movie which turns out to be said movie which is actually revealed to be a parody of the movie written by the main character who has been watching a movie based loosely off his own life, which involved trying to stop the movie from being made]]. There's even a disclaimer at the back from the author, claiming that [[MindScrew if anyone has worked out what's going on]] that they are to let him know at once.
* PredatoryBusiness: As suggested by his name, much of Lord Valumart fits this trope by selling magical goods to the Muddle world.