%% Several Zero Context Examples have been commented out. To qualify as a Lightning Bruiser, a character must be 1.) fast, 2.) strong, and 3.) tough. All entries must establish all three of these things.

%% * ''VideoGame/ArxFatalis'' has the heavily armored Ylsides who dash around with super speed as well as strength, and if that's not bad enough, they will [[TakingYouWithMe self-detonate on death.]]
* The Black Beast in ''VideoGame/ArxFatalis'', the monster [[DugTooDeep from the bowels of the planet]], has completely impenetrable hide, can tunnel through solid rock and will tear you to ribbons [[OneHitKill in one hit]]. And, despite usually walking rather slowly, it ''can'' run like a subway train, which you'll find out in the worst way possible if you try SequenceBreaking.
* ''VideoGame/DirtyBomb''
** Nader is a downplayed example. She has the fourth highest health of all the mercenaries, but she is faster than the mercenaries with the same health while being able to deal amazing amounts of burst damage in little time using her grenades.
** Fletcher has the fifth highest health in the game, which isn't impressive in its own right, but his speed compared to other mercs with the same health, along with the sheer power of his sticky bombs make him a very effective hybrid between a combat class and an engineer. His only real weakness is range, but that is mitigated to a degree by the Blishlok.
* In ''VideoGame/{{Overwatch}}'': The Tank class of heroes surprisingly has a few of these. Winston and D.va deal respectable damage in close-quarters combat and have very high Health values (paired with abilities that block enemy fire), as well as abilities that let them move (fly in D.va's case, jump in Winston's) around maps extremely fast. (Although it should be mentioned that their hit-boxes are very large, making them easy to shoot down relatively quickly unless they move around unpredictably and get frequent healing) and Reinhardt can also be considered qualified, as despite being slower (yet bulkier) than them, can still charge forward deceptively fast for a long distance or until he hits a wall, and OHKO almost any other character unlucky enough to stand between him and said wall. There are a few notable non-tank ones too, such as Genji, who is an Offense hero, that despite being squishier than the tanks, deals very high damage, is arguably the most mobile character in the game, and can deflect some shots back at his attackers with correct timing and Lucio, a Support hero that can very easily push enemies off maps (which often eliminates them instantly), heal or boost the movement speed for all allies around him (including himself) constantly, and ride on walls giving him exceptional mobility.
** Doomfist can now be added to the list by being able to charge across the map with his power fist as well as hit hard enough, even being able to knock people off the map.
* ''VideoGame/HyperLightDrifter'': The Drifter becomes this over the course of the game, gaining special and powerful attacks and having the ability to quickly dodge.
* ''VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoIV'': Observable in-game: [[PlayerCharacter Niko Bellic]] can run faster and jump higher than the other two protagonists of the game, allowing him to avoid gunfire and traverse uneven terrain better, but he can also absorb the same amount of damage they can (discounting Johnny's added resiliency in motorcycle collisions).
* ''Videogame/LeagueOfLegends:''
** [[TitleDrop Bruiser]] class champions are melee champions designed after the developers realised their melee DPS champions would get annihilated before they could do significant damage. Between naturally high defense and magic resist that scales with level, high amounts of health (and usually a form of life steal), very fast movement speed, a charge or teleport ability or other gap closer and still decent amounts of damage, they are vastly more powerful than any equivalent ranged DPS in terms of stats. Their main disadvantage is that if the enemy DPS is correctly positioned they have to force their way through the entire enemy team and probably die in the process, but this disadvantage only comes into play at high skill levels where players work together as a team, leaving bruisers free to trample [[{{Noob}} unskilled]] and moderately skilled players.
** Jarvan and Lee Sin are the prime examples. The former has a gap closer that spawns a circular wall to trap enemies, a shield that also slows all nearby enemies, a defense and damage buff that affects his entire team, an armor pierce ability that hits multiple targets and doubles as another gap closer (which goes through walls and stuns enemies in its path), and a passive that deals percentage based damage on auto attacks. The latter has a ranged nuke that can also be used as a gap closer and deals bonus damage against weak enemies, a shield that is also a teleport in the direction of an ally and shields him as well and can be reactivated to grant lifesteal and armor, an area effect nuke and stealth reveal that also slows enemies and reduces their attack speed, a knockback that potentially disables multiple enemies and deals major damage, and free auto attack damage after each of his abilities. Considering each champion nominally has only 4 abilities and a passive, the amount of overloading is impressive.
** [[HeroicLineage Irelia]], too, can fall under this category. She's [[MadeOfIron tough as hell]], [[SupernaturalMartialArts wields a]] [[FlyingWeapon huge telekinetic blade]], deals [[ArmorIsUseless true damage]], and not only has a {{Deadly Lunge}}, but her passive ability gives her one of the game's highest boosts to Tenacity--meaning it can be almost impossible to stop her or slow her down. It doesn't help (her enemies) that she also has built in [[HealingFactor lifesteal]] when attacking anything, including you. Good luck.
** Honorable mention goes to Hecarim, who, while can be easily killed on his own, is healed by any damage done to enemies by allies in a short vicinity, can run through minions, get two pairs of boots in at least one gamemode, with all spells able to be cast while moving. The effect is a champion that can relentlessly chase you into the nexus, if need be, and come out on top, while staying alive despite turrets.
** [[BearsAreBadNews Volibear]] is a [[NinjaPirateZombieRobot huge, electrically-charged polar bear,]] whose first ability allows him to chase down enemies with ease, tossing them over his head, along with a skill that makes his attacks progressively faster with each successive attack, a roar that damages and slows enemies around him [[BrownNote (and fears minions and monsters)]], and his ultimate gives all his attacks a chain lightning effect. He's also arguably the [[NighInvulnerable most durable champion in the game,]] due to a combination of his outrageously high health and his passive ability, [[HealingFactor which rapidly heals him once his health gets low enough.]] While all this makes Volibear sound overpowered on paper, his main weakness is that he's only effective at melee range and doesn't have a quick gap-closer, making him vulnerable to any fast ranged champions with slows.
%% * VideoGame/CartoonNetworkPunchTimeExplosion has [[WesternAnimation/Ben10UltimateAlien 16- year-old Ben Tennyson and his younger 10 year old counterpart]], [[WesternAnimation/ThePowerpuffGirls Buttercup]], [[WesternAnimation/DextersLaboratory Monkey]], [[WesternAnimation/SamuraiJack the best samurai in Cartoon Network history]], and [[WesternAnimation/CodenameKidsNextDoor Father]]. Except of Ben and Buttercup, they only have one weakness, a decent projectile.
%%* ''Franchise/SuperMarioBros'':
%%** In several games, [[Characters/SuperMarioBrosBowser Bowser]] has been seen getting around quite fast when he wants to. In ''VideoGame/SuperMarioGalaxy'', not only can he outrun Mario, but he actually ''backflips'' around the arena. His kin share his agility, most especially Roy and Morton who can leap WHILE within their shells.
%% * The Deer Haunter from ''VideoGame/TimeSplittersFuturePerfect'' is a particularly annoying miniboss because it is both fast, strong, and confined to a small room ([[OutsideTheBoxTactic until you figure out that he can't hit you in the room he starts in]]).
%% * The Goron form in ''[[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaMajorasMask Majora's Mask]]''. It's the biggest shape you've got and it has the slowest walking speed, but when you start rolling you're the fastest thing in the game.
%% ** From the same game, there is also the [[GameBreaker Fierce Deity's Mask]], which comes with a sword that deals 4 times as much damage as the Kokiri sword & shoots laser beams with every stab.
%% ** Ganondorf in ''[[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaTwilightPrincess Twilight Princess]]'' in his boar form, in which he's the size of an elephant, smashes through the stone pillars in area you fight when running, and runs much faster than you do.
* ''VideoGame/HyruleWarriors'':
** Ganondorf, whether he's using his [[CastingAShadow Great]] [[OneHandedZweihander Swo]][[DualWielding rds]], or his [[ShockAndAwe Tri]][[ProngsOfPoseidon dent]], his attacks hit like a freight train, and he moves as fast as one.
** [[DragonKnight Volga]], armed with his [[PlayingWithFire Dragon]] [[BladeOnAStick Spear]], is a force to be reckoned with. Striking fast and hitting hard, it's easy to see why the Hyrulean army fears him.
* In the ''Franchise/MetalGear'' franchise:
** Fatman from ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid2SonsOfLiberty''. He rolls around on [[RollerBladeGood skates]], has an impenetrable bomb suit, and wields a fully automatic Glock 18. Plus he is a MadBomber.
** Raiden is merely a BadassNormal and a bit of a rookie during his first playable appearance in ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid2SonsOfLiberty''. However, his subsequent appearances in ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid4GunsOfThePatriots'' and ''VideoGame/MetalGearRisingRevengeance'' brings him back as a cyborg who is strong enough to throw several tons of steel into the air, fast enough to deflect bullets, and tough enough that nothing short of other equally enhanced cyborgs [[spoiler: and one seriously well-equipped and incredible skilled human samurai]] can put up a challenge against him. This on top of the ability to heal his injuries by ripping out the energy sources of other cyborgs.
%% ** Not to mention Final Boss, and Penultimate Bad, Senator Armstrong. The guy takes Lightning Bruiser and puts the Bruiser back in it. He uses his fists, hurls gigantic chunks of Metal Gear at you, can heal, and beats the tar out of you with ease. Just fight in him on Revengeance Difficulty. You'll know what I mean...
%%** [[ThatOneBoss Monsoon]] from VideoGame/MetalGearRisingRevengeance also deserves a mention.
%% ** ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid'''s Vulcan Raven is a seven foot tall Inuit/Alaskan Native American who is capable of not only lifting a twenty millimeter Vulcan cannon, a gun normally mounted on ''fighter jets'', and carrying the refrigerator-sized ammunition barrel on his back while in the middle of the permafrost layer [[WalkingShirtlessScene without a shirt]], he is able to run while doing so. Not only that, but he's ''[[GeniusBruiser smart]]''. Needless to say, he's quite a challenge to defeat.
* The small colossi from ''VideoGame/ShadowOfTheColossus'' are some of the most frightening and difficult bosses as they are much, much faster than the player and not any less dangerous than the big ones.
%%* Perceval from ''Knights of the Round'', seemingly a MightyGlacier, has the ability to dash, enabling him to easily keep up with the [[JackOfAllStats Jacks of All Stats]] and {{Fragile Speedster}}s of the group without sacrificing any power.
%%* Mess from ''Cadillacs & Dinosaurs'', seemingly a MightyGlacier, has the ability to dash, enabling him to easily keep up with the [[JackOfAllStats Jacks of All Stats]] and {{Fragile Speedster}}s of the group without sacrificing any power.
%% * Dr. Zan from ''[[VideoGame/StreetsOfRage Streets of Rage 3]]'' also qualifies.
%% * When Akuma isn't a GlassCannon, he's a Lightning Bruiser. When he's a Lightning Bruiser, he's a GameBreaker.
%% ** Ditto for M. Bison.
* Most [[SNKBoss bosses]] in ''VideoGame/TheKingOfFighters'' tend to be this. Particularly [[WithGreatPowerComesGreatInsanity the "Orochi" forms of Iori and Leona]], who become extremely fast over their normal counterparts (aptly, you will fight one of them as the sub-boss of ''The King of Fighters '97'' before going on to duel with the Orochi Unleashed team and Orochi itself). This also extends to the {{True Final Boss}}es of ''[[VideoGame/CapcomVsSNK2MarkOfTheMillennium Capcom vs. SNK 2]]'', God Rugal (Rugal mixing his Orochi power with Akuma's Satsui no Hadou ki) and an Orochi-enhanced Shin Akuma, who both move at the same rate as Orochi Iori.
* Good God, the Shopkeeper in Spelunky. He outperforms the player character in speed and power, and packs a mean shotgun to boot. In many ways, it takes more skill to become a Shopkeeper hunter than to defeat the final boss. However, the player character can also be this, depending on playstyle and accumulated resources towards the end of the game.
%% * Zappa's Raoh ghost in the ''VideoGame/GuiltyGear'' series. Raoh is capable of [[OneHitKill taking out 100% of the opponent's health]], and his attacks are fast and his exclusive super "Bellows Malice" can send the guard bar straight flying to the max.
%% ** Justice when she's in Gold Mode.
* Sol of ''VideoGame/GuiltyGear'' becomes a ''frighteningly'' fast and durable opponent in Gold, and can easily spam his specials, as well as regenerates health constantly. In story, Sol is one of the most powerful and durable characters in the entire cast, and ''Xrd'' shows that when he goes all-out, he can out-run [[spoiler:an ICBM]].
%% * Many raid bosses from ''VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft''. The most extreme example is Patchwerk, whose Hateful Strike ability will OneHitKill all but the most well geared and buffed tanks (and you're cutting it close). He uses Hateful Strike approximately once a second.
%% ** Warriors are also this, especially Fury warriors. They have skills that allow them to dash insanely fast to an opponent and then cut them down. Druids, as a result, also have similar skills that mimic Warriors.
%% ** Way back in the original ''VideoGame/{{Warcraft}}'' RTS, the two EliteMook units, the human Knight and the orcish Raider, both filled this role. They had 5 Armor, the best anyone of their species could have, 90 HP, and moved about the battlefield swiftly on their mount.
%% ** With the Mists of Pandaria expansion pack and the addition of the Monk class, Tauren can be this. We're talking 8 feet tall, 400 pounds of muscle, fists the size of sledgehammers, and they're on the upper echelon of dexterity.
%% * Bob from ''VideoGame/{{Tekken}} 6''. In his own words: Speed and weight!
%% ** Ogre (pre-OneWingedAngel) and Jinpachi, and the boss versions of Heihachi, Kazuya and Jin.
%% * Elvis in ''VideoGame/GodHand'' gets ridiculously fast in demon form, and his human form has several fast dash attacks as well.
* Berserker in ''VisualNovel/FateStayNight''. Insane strength, surprisingly fast, and has natural armor that can't be penetrated by anything but the most powerful attacks.
** Not to mention that he also has twelve lives that all need to be claimed before he's offed. On top of that, he also gains immunity from whatever ''does'' manage to kill him the first time.
%% ** Rider from ''Literature/FateZero'' is the most massive Servant and a BoisterousBruiser. Off his chariot he's fast for his size, not necessarily a match for other Servants, but he can move and fight quite dexterously from his car.
* The Assassin in ''VideoGame/GuildWars''. Properly built for [=PvE=], it deals attacks more quickly than any other class, deals more damage than any other class, and is extremely hard to kill. It is capable of doing all of [=PvE=] with minimum effort and best time and uses most weapons better than the classes designed to use those weapons -- though it is also one of the harder classes to play for non-powergamers. In ''[=PvP=]'' it loses the resilience aspect to a degree but remains potent.
** Addendum: the spirit changes have turned the Ritualist into something like this. It has the second highest damage in the game, can gain a frontline quality armor level, and can shift the spirits constantly to the best position on the battlefield.
%% ** Shiro plays this role as a boss in ''Nightfall''. He moves slightly faster than players and can dish out a large amount of damage quickly.
** Assassins in the original ''VideoGame/GuildWars'' would more fall under GlassCannon territory. They have no problem dealing out damage, but they aren't known for their ability to take it, and in fact this is why many players find them difficult to play as. However, Warriors who use Assassin skills, such as [[FlashStep shadow stepping]] and dagger combos, in combination with their naturally heavy armor, would definitely qualify as a Lightning Bruiser.
* ''VideoGame/BioShock''
** Big Daddies in the first to games are really big and tough, but also fast and able to dish it out. Especially the [[MascotMook Bouncers]].
** Brute splicers in ''VideoGame/BioShock2'' are just as tough, fast and able to dish it out like the Big Daddies.
** The Big Sisters in ''VideoGame/BioShock2'' are much faster and more agile than the Big Daddies, armed with plasmids and capable of breaking the glass windows of Rapture, which can take .50 caliber rounds without even showing scratches. Oh and they usually overpower the above-mention Big Daddies in a straight fight, and can take just as much of a beating. It's telling that most people consider the two Big Sisters in the second-to-last level the main boss and the actual boss just an exercise in [[spoiler: "[[PurposelyOverpowered Point Eleanor at target and watch fireworks]].]]
** Handymen in ''VideoGame/BioshockInfinite'', being similar to Big Daddies, also qualify. They are terrifyingly agile, deal loads of damage, and are ridiculously hard to kill.
* Duster in ''VideoGame/{{Mother 3}}''. His HP and physical attack power are barely second only to [[MightyGlacier Lucas]] and his speed is barely second to [[FragileSpeedster Boney]]. He even has a special ability that occasionally allows him to get a hit in before anyone else, even if you don't manage a first strike. Balanced by not having any PSI, though depending on your viewpoint [[BadassNormal that just makes him even cooler]]. Not just that, he has another ability where if the enemy catches you from behind, there's a chance he'll flip over them before they can act and attack them from behind instead. What's really strange is that he walks with a limp. Imagine how fast he'd be with two good legs.
* ''{{Franchise/Pokemon}}'':
** In general, most legendary Pokemon are this compared to the other Pokemon due to having a higher overall stats than most Pokemon. There are some exceptions, such as [[StoneWall Cresselia]] and [[GlassCannon Azelf]].
** Slaking could technically count thanks to its incredibly high attack and HP while also having good defense and speed. However, there are some factors that hinder Slaking, such as its special defense being pretty bad and more importantly, [[BlessedWithSuck its Truant ability prevents it from using a move for every second turn.]]
** Garchomp is one of the most famous examples around here. Being a Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon, its overall stats are pretty high. Unlike most Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon which tends to be a MightyGlacier, Garchomp is fast, with high HP and Garchomp can hit pretty hard with its high attack to boot.
** Both Mega Charizard forms can arguably qualify as this. Mega Charizard X has its Attack and Defense increased significantly while still being fast, with its contact attacks being boosted even further by its ability, Tough Claws. Meanwhile, Mega Charizard Y has its Special Attack and Special Defense boosted (with Special Attack gaining a *50 stat point boost*). It also gains Drought, an ability that summons harsh sunlight (which further boosts the power of Fire types moves ON TOP of STAB, weakens the power of Water type moves and nullifies the cooldown period for Solar Beam).
** Mega Kangaskhan goes from a JackOfAllStats into a fast, strong and bulky juggernaut while her Parental Bond ability makes most of her moves hit twice, though the second hit dish out less damage than the first one.
** Mega Pinsir becomes much faster and stronger, as well as its bulk gaining some noticeable boost. Mega Pinsir also gains Aerilate as its ability, which turns Normal-type attacks into Flying-type as well as providing some power boost.
** Mega Salamence's defense receives a gigantic boost as well as becoming noticeably faster. While Mega Salamence's attack and special attack only receives a tiny boost, it gains Aerilate as its ability, converting Normal-type attacks into Flying-type attacks.
** Mega Metagross becomes way faster than before and its already good defense and sp. defense is increased significantly. Although its offensive stats just slightly boosted, it gains Tough Claw as its ability.
** Mega Lopunny gains large boosts to its Attack and Speed, and it also gains a slight Defense boost; while not bulky by any means, it can shrug off a few hits and pulverize whatever tried to take it out in return.
%%** Mega Gallade gains a huge boost in his Attack along with his Defense and Speed get a considerable boost.
* ''Franchise/{{Halo}}'':
** [[SuperSoldier Spartans]], at least in the fluff. Your average Spartan is proficient with all weapons, ridiculously strong, can shrug off terrible wounds, and has reflexes so fast they enter a BulletTime-like state when in combat -- and that's without wearing their trademark [[PoweredArmor MJOLNIR Armor]], which increases their strength and speed even more. In-game, however, GamePlayAndStorySegregation results in Spartan characters being {{Glass Cannon}}s who can only take a handful of shots before dying messily. That said, while Spartans in the earlier games could move only slightly faster than regular humans, later games gave them various mobility abilities, including Sprint.
** Elites in general are big (even more so than the 7'0" Spartans), strong, tough, and very dodgy; this is reflected even in ''VideoGame/HaloReach'''s multiplayer, where they have regenerating health, faster-recharging shields, and special evasion moves.
** The [[KillerSpaceMonkey Brutes]] are even bigger, stronger, and more resilient than both the Elites and Spartans, and are stated in the lore to be a lot faster than you'd expect from their bulk, which shows up even in-game; a berserking Brute in ''VideoGame/{{Halo 2}}'' ''will'' run you down if you don't kill it first.
** Hunters started as {{Mighty Glacier}}s (or {{Glass Cannon}}s if you attack their weak point), but got faster and more evasive (and even tougher) as the series progressed, taking this trope to its logical conclusion by ''VideoGame/Halo5Guardians''.
%% * Although in theory the right mix of items from the (in)famous ''[[VideoGame/{{Warcraft}} Warcraft III]]'' map ''VideoGame/DefenseOfTheAncients'' allows any of its player characters to become one of these, only a few really fit conceptually. Amongst these are the Chaos Knight, who has the highest base movespeed and can summon unusually powerful illusions via his [[LastDiscMagic ultimate spell]] as tanking and DPS; the Lycanthrope, whose SuperMode maxes his movespeed and lets him make better use of attackspeed bonuses as well as giving a damage multiplier; finally the Slithereen Guard, whose Sprint move nearly maxes movespeed and whose armor-reducing [[LastDiscMagic ultimate spell]] lets him gain a large edge over his targets. These three happen to have Strength as their dominant attribute, giving higher un-enhanced health maximum and regeneration compared to most.
* ''VideoGame/DefenseOfTheAncients'': Any agility based hero in a map where you can buy infinite stat-up items. Agility gives attack speed, armor, and if they're agi-based, attack power. So one of these heroes will, when buffed up, high attack power, an absurd attack speed, and high armor. Eventually it reaches the point where the only thing stopping them from instantly killing things is their attack animation, which apparently reaches some sort of attack speed limit.
** Syllabear, while being an agility hero, can almost double his HP with his ultimate and attack extremely fast using rabid. The only trade off is his range attack for melee. Medusa also qualifies as an agility hero with mana shield boosting her effective HP.
* In ''VideoGame/{{Dota 2}}'', most melee carries are relatively fast (or at least mobile), damaging, and tanky (or at least durable). Some, such as Night Stalker or Spirit Breaker, are especially so.
%% ** Bloodlust. Orcs. Just make sure your army has a mass buff dispel ability.
* In ''[[VideoGame/{{Warcraft}} Warcraft 2]]'', Knights and Ogres filled this role. Good damage, good armor, good hit points, fastest ground units. Then consider Orcs had the Haste and Bloodlust spells. With a good click speed, you could turn your ogres group into a mass of death.
* The Tank from ''VideoGame/Left4Dead''. At 6000 hp it has the most health of anything and can give a good pummeling, while also being much faster than it looks. The Witch is also an example, in that despite looking as fragile as a standard zombie, it can withstand multiple autoshotgun blasts, is frightfully fast and will one-hit-down any of the survivors.
* Deathclaws in the ''VideoGame/{{Fallout}}'' series. The Alpha Male and Mother variants in ''VideoGame/FalloutNewVegas'' take this trope to its logical conclusion, being twice as fast, able to [[DeadlyLunge leap large distances]], and [[OneHitKill kill even high-level players in a single swipe]].
** Some of the super-mutants in ''VideoGame/{{Fallout 3}}'', especially Behemoths and Overlords, which are very fast in spite of being the largest (and some of the toughest and most damaging) enemies in the game.
*** ''Broken Steel'' also introduces Feral Ghoul Reavers (the most fearsome enemy in the game hands down) and Albino Radscorpions as part of the quartet of new DemonicSpiders. Both have the same HP as Mutant Overlords but are even faster, have [[ArmorPiercingAttack armor-piercing]] melee attacks on par with Deathclaws, and the former throws explosive gore projectiles.
%% *** Some of the Swampfolk in ''Point Lookout'', notably the Trackers and [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Bruisers]].
** Investing points in Strength, Agility and Endurance can lead to the PlayerCharacter becoming this, especially if you have the top-tier weapons and armor. Strength allows you to hit harder and effectively wield bigger and better weapons, Agility allows you to run faster, jump higher and swing melee weapons faster, and Endurance makes you tougher. This is highly recommended for melee users.
%%** Grandma Lily Bowen in ''VideoGame/FalloutNewVegas'', like the rest of the Nightkin (Read: Blue super-mutants who can still sneak with the best of them despite looking like an uglier Hulk) is made and trained for speed and stealth. She towers over other characters, wields a BFS made out of the [[ImprovisedWeapon vertibird rotor blade]], and is the only character with maximum agility, giving her ''all'' the AP. She will ''always'' arrive at a fight before you, and usually has splattered someone by the time you get there.
%% ** Veronica goes from GlassCannon to this if you give her Power Armor (which due to being from the Brotherhood of Steel, she's more likely to wear) and the [[ShotgunsAreJustBetter Ballistic]] [[PowerFist Fist]]. She becomes powerful enough to even take on [[FinalBoss Legate]] [[AsskickingEqualsAuthority Lanius]] (who himself is this trope) by herself and ''win''.
** Normal Cazadors are already quite fast, hard-hitting, and durable, but Specimen 73 from ''Old World Blues'' puts the "lightning" in this trope, as well as having higher HP than the Legendary Cazador (although less attack damage).
** Caesar's and Lanius's {{Praetorian Guard}}s in ''VideoGame/FalloutNewVegas'', who have the Toughness perk, are considerably faster than other Legionaries, and are armed with deadly Ballistic {{Power Fist}}s. They also [[LevelScaling level with you]].
*** Lanius himself counts as well. He's probably the tallest person in the Mojave, buff enough that he can easily slash you apart with a {{BFS}} made from a truck bumper (swords like these are normally wielded by ''Super Mutants''), and fast enough that he'll always outrun you even if you cripple both his legs. Also, he's tough enough to soak up KillSat fire, anti-tank rounds and mini-nukes without breaking stride.
** The Ghost People from Dead Money normally shamble around like zombies, but in combat they're capable of moving at positively inhuman speeds, making them difficult to hit even in VATS. On top of that, they have high health, no headshot multiplier, get back up when killed unless dismembered, and hit ''hard''.
%% * Saren (in his final form at the end) in ''Franchise/MassEffect'' certainly fits this trope.
%% ** Krogan are also like this. Especially Wrex.
* A recent addition to the ''VideoGame/MassEffect3'' multiplayer is the Krogan Vanguard. Start with their crazy durability and their melee-boosting rage powers inherent to all Krogan classes, then give him the Barrier power and the trademark [[FlashStep Vanguard]] [[FoeTossingCharge Charge]], and you have the [[FanNickname Murder Train]].
** Harbinger. He moves faster than ordinary Collectors, has high barriers/shields, and spams a blast of yellow-black energy that deals significant damage.
** [[PlayerCharacter Commander Shepard]] him/herself in [=ME2=], depending on your class. [[BadassNormal Soldiers]] have Adrenaline Rush, which slows down time around you, and [[MagicKnight Vanguards]] have Biotic Charge, which uses [[AppliedPhlebotinum mass effect fields]] (the same things that starships use to travel faster than light) to hurl you across the battlefield through anything in between you and your unlucky target. Both of them can use a shotgun that can shatter a regular human's arms if he/she tried to fire it, and the Soldier can use an ''anti-tank rifle'' or a light machine gun. [[BadassBlink Infiltrators]] can also use an anti-tank sniper rifle, while receiving significant damage bonuses for stealth and being able to slow time when aiming through the scope, allowing you to empty your magazine into some poor guy's head within seconds. They aren't all that squishy, either.
** [[EldritchAbomination Reapers]] of Sovereign's class all fit this trope. Sovereign is an enormous and [[NighInvulnerability incredibly powerful being that almost wipes out a fleet before it is destroyed.]] It is also very fast and agile, with Joker at one point saying that it "made a turn that would shear any other ship in half."
** In ''VideoGame/MassEffect2'', the SSV ''Normandy'' SR-2 when fully upgraded. By default she's a stealth recon frigate, so she's very fast and agile for a capital ship. Your squadmates can add upgraded kinetic barriers and armor, as well as a main gun reverse-engineered from [[spoiler:the weapon Sovereign used to one-shot Citadel capital ships at the climax of ''VideoGame/MassEffect1'']]. Altogether, she's a frigate that hits like a dreadnought or better, with shields and armor to match; War Asset calculations with the Citadel DLC completed put the Normandy at 50pts base, +15 for the Thanix cannon, +25 for the armor plating, +25 for the cyclonic barrier upgrade, +35 for maintenance, +35 for crew morale, putting its War Asset value at 185, or ''twice the value of the Alliance Sixth Fleet''. Admiral Hackett even specifies that the Normandy makes a great "tip of the spear" for engagements; it can move quickly enough to find their strategic vulnerabilities before they react, and it can hit hard enough to exploit those weaknesses.
** By ''VideoGame/MassEffect3'', [[ActionGirl Ashley Williams]] fits best out of Shepard's squadmates. She has the second highest weapon damage, so whether it's through her unique [[MoreDakka Marksman]] power, or by creating her own [[CombinationAttack Tech Bursts and Fire Explosions]] by chaining together Disruptor Ammo, Inferno Grenades, and Concussive Shot together in that order, she can cause large amounts of damage very quickly with no help from Shepard or the third squadmate. She also has the best defenses of any character that doesn't have a damage reduction power.
%% * The bosses in ''VideoGame/PunchOut'' and its sequels. Particularly the Sandman from the Wii game, who stands at 285 lbs, ~6 feet 5 inches, and can punch in the blink of an eye, especially in the second playthrough.
* The Goliath of ''Videogame/{{Evolve}}''. Its leap lets it quickly cover distance or move past obstacles and two of its combat abilities let it move quickly, while its rock throw and heavy melee attacks let it quickly decimate opponents.
* In ''VideoGame/TeamFortress2'', the Demoman's [[{{BFS}} Eyelander.]] It [[CastFromHitPoints takes off a chunk of your health]] at the outset, but you get more health and better speed after you behead someone. After two, you're up to above-normal HP and a goodly running speed, and at the maximum of 4, you've got more health than a Soldier and a little less speed than a [[FragileSpeedster Scout.]] Normally, the Eyelander is paired with a shield that reduces certain damage and allows guaranteed crits (which is handy because the Eyelander never gets random crits), but if you take the default Sticky-Bomb launcher and still manage to get 4 heads, you're unstoppable.
** The Soldier originally starts out as a JackOfAllStats, with the second slowest movement speed and second highest health in the game, with higher firepower than most of the other classes. But when a player masters RocketJumping, he becomes a DifficultButAwesome hailstorm of explosive death from above that can cross maps in a few seconds. However, the blast from his rocket jumps injures him every time and he does take fall damage for landing from extreme heights, allowing him to be easily finished off by enemies or HoistByHisOwnPetard if he doesn't manage his health wisely.
** The Tomislav originally let a Heavy slow down his firing rate by just 1/5 to cut ''70%'' of its startup time (and making no noise), making him [[GameBreaker rather excessively]] good at ambushing, before the spin-up time was {{nerf}} to a somewhat more reasonable amount.
** With the release of [[TheWarSequence Mann vs Machine]] mode its [[PowerAtAPrice upgrade station system]], with the right upgrades and weaponry, Scout can deal ''a lot'' of damage and yet still exceed the health of an over-healed [[MightyGlacier Heavy]] while remaining the fastest class in the game. This is because the Scout gains health for any money he picks up. When you have a robotic hoard ''all'' dropping wads of cash, some Scouts have been known to get to ''700'' health, in comparison to their usual 125. The hard part [[UnstableEquilibrium is getting enough health to keep getting health.]]
*** Upgrades also include up to a 30% speed bonus and as much as 75% resistance to most damage types. These can end up turning any offensive class into a Lightning Bruiser, besides the Heavy, as there are no upgrades to increase his minigun spinup time or [[DoNotRunWithAGun walking speed while using it]] (besides the general speed upgrade, but the difference is quite small when you're already that slow). Demoman in particular can take this to a crazy degree as said upgrades stack with the speed and health boost from the Eyelander, which is much easier to get kills with due to the large number of robots and being able to shield charge more often with upgrades (which ''also'' lets him get around faster).
* ''VideoGame/LocksQuest'': have [[TheBrute Clockwork Brutes]], being the second most durable clockwork in the game, having the highest attack, and able to move ''slightly'' faster than just about every other clockwork.
%% ** Or '''every''' clockwork that isn't [[StoneWall The Sheilder]] in [[NintendoHard Hard Mode.]]
** Luckily, Lock can be like this too, able to punch out the clockwork army, take the brunt of their assaults, and run back just in time to repair defenses before the clockworks can break through them.
%% * In the first ''VideoGame/DungeonKeeper'' game, the Horned Reaper is almost universally assumed to be the strongest monster available, and it only takes a few levels of training before it gains the Speed Monster ability as well. Their drawback is that they're extremely hard to get your hands on, and they require a lot of monitoring to stop them flipping out and attacking your own creatures.
* The Brute archetype in ''VideoGame/CityOfHeroes'' has high {{Hit Point}}s, self-sufficient defenses, and very strong attack sets. The archetype's special attribute is doing more damage the more it attacks or is attacked, making both quick frequent attacks and slow powerful ones beneficial (the former to power up the character so the latter hit extra-hard). It's essentially a class of playable Comicbook/{{Incredible Hulk}}s. This is boosted even more by taking powers that boost recharge (Hasten, Lightning Reflexes...) or using powersets that recharge quickly like Claws or Dual Blades. The Brute Playstyle amounts to AttackAttackAttack while popping the occasional insp or clicky power. Oh, and sometimes holding aggro is involved.
* In ''VideoGame/{{Disciples}} 2: Dark Prophecy'', the Defender of Faith, one of the Empire's most powerful fighter units, is a DualWielding heavily armored knight mounted on a heavily armored horse. Despite this, thanks to its high Initiative stat, it usually strikes first in each round of battle. He also hits ''hard''. High HP, decent armor, strikes hard, strikes ''fast'', and only takes up one space in the party? The only reason he's not a GameBreaker is that it takes a ridiculous amount of exp and gold to get them in most scenarios.
** Another example would be Overlord, from Legions Of The Damned's support tree after his buff in ''Rise of the Elves''. Despite taking two places in a party and an absurd amount of exp and gold, he's durable, hits like a truck, deals additional fire damage and moves at speed of a warrior (50 Initiative).
** The Legion's Gargoyle units are just as big as their support units, but they are also just as fast as the other factions' archer units (initiative 60), hit hard, and have heavy armor ratings (Onyx Gargoyle has 65 armor), poison immunity, and mind wards. A party with an Overlord and an Onyx Gargoyle is bad news for any enemy.
** There's also Son of Ymir, even more broken than Defender of Faith and Overlord combined. First of all, he's level ''four'' as opposed to previous two level five which means he will level up faster. While he takes two places, he has an excellent hp, absurd damage with additional frostbite (sort of poison, but with ice) and, worst of all, ''the'' highest initiative in Clans, 50. Only summons and supportive mages tree have higher IN.
%% ** Summons from higher levels for all races also lean toward this.
* Though all of the superdragons could count, ''VideoGame/HeroesOfMightAndMagic'''s Crystal Dragon is probably the best example. It's fast enough to out-speed almost everything in the game, is insanely difficult to kill and packs an obscene amount of damage. The only saving grace is that - unlike most dragons - those aren't immune to magic, which allows you to cripple them down and make fight noticeably easier.
%% * You know Elvis, the [[GeniusBruiser massive, muscle-bound, fist-fighting Professor]] in ''VideoGame/{{Wild ARMs 5}}''? Looking at how huge he is, surely he must be the MightyGlacier of the villain team, right? Nope! He's the fastest of the four Sentinels you face, barely beating the resident ninja Fereydoon by a few speed points.
%% * All types of Skaarj from ''VideoGame/{{Unreal}}'' (not so much in the [[VideoGame/UnrealTournament Tourna]][[VideoGame/UnrealTournament2004 ment]] series, where they could be [=PCs=] and so were retooled into the MightyGlacier for game-balance reasons). Taken to ridiculous extremes by the [[AttackAttackAttack Berserkers]], [[AuthorityEqualsAsskicking Lords]] and [[FlyingBrick Warlords]].
%% * Venom from the ''VideoGame/UltimateSpiderMan'' game is at least twice as bulky as Spider-Man, attacks with brutal claw and tentacle strikes and throws and can pick up and toss cars with ease. He's also nearly as agile as Spider-Man and possesses a "locomotion jump" that lets him leap HUGE distances in a single bound.
%% * [[Videogame/FinalFantasyX Jecht]] in ''VideoGame/DissidiaFinalFantasy'' is a heavy-hitting brawler with some of the longest, strongest combo attacks in the game. In contrast to Mighty Glaciers like Cloud and Garland though, Jecht moves pretty quickly and his attacks come out very fast as well.
* [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyXII Gabranth's]] gimmick in ''VideoGame/DissidiaFinalFantasy'' is to charge his EX Gauge so he can enter [[SuperMode EX Mode]] quickly. "Lightning Bruiser" doesn't describe Gabranth's EX Mode accurately enough though, a better term would be ''primal force of destruction''. He moves and attacks quickly and his combos are incredibly powerful, and in addition to brute strength a lot of his attacks can crush guards, combo without hitting, or deflect projectiles. This is all on top of the normal EX Mode bonuses of regenerating HP, increased chance to land critical hits, and the ability to use an [[LimitBreak EX Burst]].
%% ** Golbez is not to be forgotten, while his movement speed is amongst the slower in the game, he's the only one who gets a teleport for his dodge, and his attacks come out rather fast, are hard to block due to coming from multiple directions, and leave him with frighteningly little lag. Once he does hit you, usually with a critical hit, he'll hit just as hard as Jecht and will chain it into a HP attack instantly. Really, the only thing that separates him from Jecht, is a more varied moveset, the lack of Jeckt Block, the increased range on attacks, and the fact that you don't have to rely on careful button inputs. Though he does lack Jecht's guard crushing and charged attack capabilities.
%% * This is Akira Yuki's niche in ''VideoGame/VirtuaFighter''. Most of his attacks come out incredibly fast with high power. However, many have a very short optimum range, and many of his attacks and combos have strict timings. One of the most extreme examples would be his knee attack, which is pulled off by pressing Guard+ Kick, then letting go of Guard exactly one frame (1/60th of a second) later. The faster ones also have a long lag at the end of them, leaving an opening if they miss or are blocked. Since most of his attacks do their best damage at close range, the opponent will likely be close enough to return with a damaging throw. However, his movement and basic attacks don't match the speed of Pai, Kagemaru, Sarah, or Lion.
%% ** Straighter examples from the series would be Jacky and Brad, who attack with fast and damaging combos with the ability to quickly dash or duck out of the way. Sarah also comes close, but with a little more emphasis on speed over power, while Jean puts a bit more power over speed.
* ''VideoGame/BlazBlue'' has a few examples.
%%** Iron Tager was a MightyGlacier in ''Calamity Trigger'', but speed buffs in ''Continuum Shift'' are shifting him in this direction. Similarly for Hakumen. Then the trailer for the PSP version came out with Unlimited Tager...
%%--->''"I told you I can get him across the screen in thirty frames."''
** Whereas Ragna the Bloodedge is normally a GlassCannon, Unlimited Ragna not only deals more damage and is faster than his normal self, but has the health to out-tank Tager even before taking into account his life-draining Drive attacks. His health was nerfed to more tolerable levels in ''Continuum Shift'', but that's all the downgrading he got.
* The Rex Wheelie from ''VideoGame/{{Kirby}} Air Ride Star'' is a Bulk Star with more speed and acceleration, doesn't have the need to refuel, has a lot of HP, Defense and attack and is HUGE. Also, being a wheel based Machine and therefore always on the ground, it jumps high off ramps and automatically activates the special buttons and panels (i.e. Boost Panels) on the floor. Balanced by being quite hard to steer.
* From the ''VideoGame/{{Metroid}}'' series:
** Samus Aran counts. She's a power-armored badass who can soak up damage like a sponge, is death at both short and long range, and is capable of reaching Mach 1. The exception to this is the Prime series, where she's as strong as ever but not nearly as agile.
** Ridley is a super-intelligent killing machine that breathes fire and eats corpses, as well as [[PlayerCharacter Samus Aran's]] most hated enemy. He's also about fifteen feet tall, utterly towering over Samus. You'd think he'd be slow and easy to avoid so you can pick him off with your ArmCannon, right? '''Wrong.''' There is a reason he usually is ThatOneBoss.
%% ** Hit [[VideoGame/SuperMetroid Crocomire]] with a Power Bomb. Go on, do it.
* Hunters from ''VideoGame/HalfLife2 Episode 2''. Large tripod-ish killing ''things'' with impressive speed (they can outrun you, period), an array of deadly weapons, and a lot of hit points - it can take multiple rockets to kill one, depending on difficultly, although the Pulse Rifle altfire is a nice one-hit-kill solution.
%% ** Antlion Guards from [=HL2=] and its Episodes, though unable to jump like lesser Antlions, are the size of [=APCs=] - and just as fast.
%% ** Dog. He can charge at incredible speed, and hurl freaking cars through the air. Fortunately, he's on your side.
* ''Franchise/ResidentEvil''
** The Tyrants; with [[VideoGame/ResidentEvil3Nemesis Nemesis]], a modified Tyrant, as their undisputed king. Generally, they start off slow, hard hitting, and resilient. Then, when you piss them off enough, they get a speed boost. And they are faster than you.
** Mendez, TheBrute in ''VideoGame/ResidentEvil4'' can also flash step, bend metal, kick the crap out of Leon like a ragdoll, and is resistant to bullets. The Mercenaries minigame has Super Salvador, who is as fast as the player, can leap rooftops in a single bound, and will instantly decapitate you with his flailing double chainsaw the moment you get in punching range. Verdugo, the illegitemate love child of Tyrant and the Franchise/{{Predator}}, is even faster and deadlier than the Tyrants, and is NighInvulnerable unless [[KillItWithIce frozen with liquid nitrogen]].
** Series BigBad Wesker can move faster than the eye can see, punch straight through a man and regenerates fast enough to be almost immortal. Best shown in his boss fight where he will block an RPG coming from his blindspot to a standstill and the thing exploding in his face only disorients him for a few seconds.
** Raid Mode of ''VideoGame/ResidentEvilRevelations'' has the enemies with the purple crown symbol, who combine the traits of the fast, defensive and strong enemy types, with none of the weaknesses.
*** Scagdeads, who run fast, hit like a ton of bricks and have a high HP. Even the defensive types that usually are slow {{Mighty Glacier}}s move fast.
** In ''VideoGame/ResidentEvil6'' we have mutated [[spoiler: Derek Simmons]]. His first and relatively small form can effortlessly keep up with speeding trains while tearing them apart and eventually ''derailing'' them in a single swipe. His second form is much larger and stronger, but only slightly less agile. And he comes back for more [[ImplacableMan seven times]], each time shrugging off [[RasputinianDeath the punishment you inflicted on him last time]], to the point only ''repeated lightning strikes'' do any lasting damage to him. Subverted with his final form which is [[MightyGlacier humongous but barely mobile]].
** [[ImplacableMan Ustanak]] from ''VideoGame/ResidentEvil6'' is fast enough to outrun the protagonists while simultaneously [[MadeOfIron smashing through walls and cars]].
%% ** The Executioner Majini from ''VideoGame/ResidentEvil5'' is incredibly fast, despite [[AnAxeToGrind lugging around a humongous axe]]. Even better, the Mercenaries minigame and the ''Desperate Escape'' DLC have a Red version with a flaming axe who rivals Super Salvador in lightning-bruisery.
%% ** We can now add the Ustanak from ''VideoGame/ResidentEvil6''. Fast, nigh invulnerable and a {{Determinator}} to get his target, Jake. [[spoiler: It takes being thrown into lava just to so much as expose its heart, then one last shot with the Magnum to finally kill it!]]
%% ** In ''VideoGame/ResidentEvil6''. Although not to the same extent as his father [[BigBad Wesker]], Jake Muller is incredibly strong and agile. He is the only playable character who has hand-to-hand melee instead of a knife. His melee is also faster, stronger than the others, has powerful counters, and is the only one that can combo. [[spoiler: He is also strong and fast enough to dodge and trade blows with fellow Lightning Bruiser Ustanak.]]
%% * Many end game creatures in ''VideoGame/HeroesOfMightAndMagic''. Perhaps the best example is the dragon units, which are always the strongest units and among the fastest.
%% ** The [[MiniMecha Dragon Golem]] deserves a special mention. It's the fastest walking unit in the game, and the strongest [[TheMagocracy Academy]] unit, slightly stronger than the Titan. To top this, it has both the First Strike and Negate First Strike special abilities, making it able to strike any opponent before it has an opportunity to react. Also, if you attack the Dragon Golem, the chances are fairly high that you'll be killed by the retaliation from the attack you never were able to make.
* VideoGame/{{Doom}} has many units that fit different parts on the scale of CompetitiveBalance but also has Hell Knights, Barons of Hell and Cyberdemons. Hard hitting on ranged and melee, good health and also surprisingly fast.
%% ** And then there's the player character, Doomguy himself; he's blisteringly fast (so much so that he can outrun everything including ''rockets''), and if health and armor are maxed out he's also easily durable enough to survive any single attack that any enemy can perform.
%% * Hell Knights in ''VideoGame/{{Doom}} 3'', according to at least one expedition team member into Hell. You can hear his terrified ramblings on them in an audio log.
* Guardians in ''VideoGame/Uncharted2AmongThieves'' are one of the most unfair examples of this trope. Not only are they big, strong, fast, and capable of leaping absurd distances, they're also ImmuneToBullets when you first meet them. Even when you do get the opportunity to actually kill them, they still absorb enough rounds to turn a small army into salsa and ask for seconds. Oh, and they also fire some of the most accurate and damaging weapons in the game. Good thing you never have to face more than three of them at a time.
* Juggernauts from ''VideoGame/CallOfDutyModernWarfare2''. Heavily armored enough to need multiple hits from otherwise-OneHitKill weapons like the [[{{BFG}} Barret .50 cal]] or [[GameBreaker grenade launcher]], carrying a [[MoreDakka M240 machine gun]] which they use with near-aimbot accuracy, while also being able to charge at a fast clip. They are very much DemonicSpiders.
%% * [[http://megaman.wikia.com/wiki/Blizzard_Buffalo Blizzard Buffalo]] from ''VideoGame/MegaManX 3''. He's an eight-foot-tall robotic bison-man who skids across icy surfaces at high speeds.
* Kain from ''VideoGame/LegacyOfKain''. A vampire with superhuman strength sufficient to move boulders weighing several tons, superior speed, agility, and reflexes to mortals, and skin tougher than a suit of armor.
%% * ''VideoGame/RiseOfTheKasai'' features Rau and Baumusu, two huge guys who fight with a variety of weapons at a blur of speeds, but can also move with amazing silence and stealth.
* Bacchus from ''VideoGame/StarOceanTheLastHope'', His strafing attack moves him quickly along the ground and hits twice. If you add MoreDakka through Item creation, it actually becomes more powerful than his special attacks (which are already some of the best). He also has high Defense and HP. As well a skill that lets him heal 50% of his hp instantly.
%% * The [[MightyGlacier Retri]][[HolyHandGrenade bution]] Paladin in WoW is shaping up to be like this (sort of) in the next expansion, seeing as though a talent allows them to decrease the cooldown of their main instant-attack the more haste they stack and they do their damage as light-infused berserkers.
%% * The ''VideoGame/AdvanceWars'' series past the second installment has the dreaded Neotank, an arachnidian monstrosity that hits harder than a [[MightyGlacier Md. Tank]], yet has the mobility of a regular tank. Makes you wonder why they even bothered with the Megatank in ''Dual Strike''.
%% * Thanks to Creator/{{Koei}}, ''VideoGame/DynastyWarriors'' and ''VideoGame/SamuraiWarriors'' end up with quite a few of these. Often times they end up being ThatOneBoss. A few notable examples:
%% ** ''VideoGame/DynastyWarriors'' gives us the most obvious example in Lu Bu. Where to start with Lu Bu? He's large, powerful, a lot faster than someone who can dwarf 80% of the cast has any right to be. His attack power is through the roof (quite often he's one of a very small number of characters who can flatly max out that stat at the maximum levels), his moveset is usually full of powerful, long-ranged sweeping blows, and just to make things worse you can bet good money that he's got an unblockable attack somewhere in his move pool. There's a reason a lot of ''Dynasty Warriors'' games make him the boss battle from hell, but also offer sweet rewards to those who can beat him when he's in his 'rage mode.'
%% ** ''VideoGame/SamuraiWarriors'' gives us more than a few contenders, ranging from merely stupidly powerful to outright GameBreaker. These include Keiji Maeda, Tadakatsu Honda, and Kenshin Uesugi. Between them you can count on extremely varied movesets, frightening hitting power, some way to break blocks or cause stuns, Musou attacks that come out quickly and painfully, and a good chance of being given in-game status buffs. Keiji and Tadakatsu are clearly designed to be big, burly guys with weapons taller than they are, but they can swing with considerable speed and reach, and very often end up launching foes quite a few yards distant with a good power hit.
* ''VideoGame/WarriorsOrochi'' gives us Orochi himself, who is a GameBreaker on so many levels that they deliberately deny unlocking him (and his upgrade, Orochi X) until the very end of the game. He's large, powerful, moves fast, hits hard, and unlike almost every other character in the game, has automatic immunity frames in some of his moves where he can pummel the opposition without worry or cost.
%% * Every ''VideoGame/ArmoredCore'' in existence after the first generation is one, fifth and sixth generations being the most prominent. A fight between an Armored Core and anything but another Armored Core is a CurbStompBattle turned UpToEleven. Some Arms Forts, giant mobile fortresses that can be several kilometers in length, are exceptions, but many like Stigro get massacred, as do huge numbers of mooks. Oh, and mooks in this game range from tanks to Mechwarrior style mechs, to battleships, to modern and futuristic aerial vehicles of any type you can imagine, and all are mercilessly and effortlessly slaughtered by Armored Cores in the later games.
%% * All the ghouls in ''VideoGame/GhoulsVsHumans'', as well as the preceding ''The Ghouls' Forest'' series of ''VideoGame/{{Doom}}'' [[GameMod WADs]]. Huge floating undead heads which not only glide around at ludicrous speeds (one of them takes it a step further and moves via permanent FlashStep!), but can kill you within seconds if they hit you. That's part of the reason why they're so damn scary.
* ''Franchise/AssassinsCreed''
** [[PraetorianGuard Papal Guards]] in ''VideoGame/AssassinsCreedBrotherhood'' pack more armor than [[SuperToughness Brutes]], run almost as fast as [[FragileSpeedster Agiles]], can use all the weapon types, have their own unblockable pistol attack, and are {{Kung Fu Proof|Mook}} to boot. Fortunately they don't appear often.
** There's also the Janissaries from ''VideoGame/AssassinsCreedRevelations'' and the Jagers in VideoGame/AssassinsCreedIII. Like the Papal Guards before them, these elite of the elites are tougher and hit harder than the {{Mighty Glacier}}s while also being faster than the {{Fragile Speedster}}s and {{Kung Fu Proof|Mook}}.
** While all of the AC protagonists are capable of hitting hard and running fast, Connor from ''Videogame/AssassinsCreedIII'' stands head and shoulder above the rest, being [[CharlesAtlasSuperpower tremendously strong]], as well as faster and more agile than his predecessors.
** ''VideoGame/AssassinsCreedIV'': After some upgrades, it can be easy to forget that the Jackdaw started life as a humble brig (i.e. the lowest tier of medium ships in-game). By the endgame, it can match the firepower of a Man o'War while sailing circles around it ''and'' practically shrug off return fire. Frankly, the in-game "legendary" ships don't hold a candle to that monster.
%% * Black Breeze and his two Werewolf allies from the bonus mission of ''VideoGame/{{Vindictus}}''' first boat, which doesn't unlock until after you've beaten the third. And to make things even worse for the player, they fight together in one of the most evil WolfpackBoss fights ever.
* Laharl for ''VideoGame/DisgaeaHourOfDarkness'', Adell for ''VideoGame/{{Disgaea 2|CursedMemories}}'', and Champloo for ''VideoGame/{{Disgaea 3|AbsenceOfJustice}}''; all 3 of these characters sport exceptional close combat strength, a good set of specials, and exceptional power, defense, movement range, and, for the really exotic on their specials, decent intelligence and resistance to magic. If played right, all one would ever need to complete Disgaea 1 is Laharl, a sword, and a few decent playthroughs of the item world, and he could take on the entire game himself save for a few team oriented stages. Adell can match Laharl (mainly due to his ability that gives him added attack power for units stronger than him) and while Champloo falls a tad short of both, he is almost still guaranteed kills when just within a few levels of his opponent let alone even or higher.
%% * The Purr-lin in ''VideoGame/{{Turok}} 2'', especially the [[BossInMookClothing Juggernauts]]. Also, Lords of the Flesh.
%% * Heavy Hover Tanks in ''VideoGame/QuakeIV''.
%% ** The Boss Tank (who has literal tank treads for a lower body) in ''VideoGame/QuakeII'', despite its bulk, is the fastest of all the boss and GiantMook-type enemies.
%% * The Armored Knights in the lower levels of ''[[VideoGame/DragonQuestI Dragon Quest/Warrior]]'''s FinalDungeon are the second toughest and most damaging (after the Red Dragon) {{Mook}} in the game, as well as being equipped with both Healmore and Hurtmore.
* In ''VideoGame/DragonQuestVI'', Carver very much fits the fast+hard hitting+can take damage description.
* Arem, the BigBad and FinalBoss of ''VideoGame/{{Ys}} IV: The Dawn of Ys'', is very fast for his size especially in his second form, has many hard-hitting attacks, [[MarathonBoss takes a long time to wear down]] even if your EXP is [[{{Cap}} maxed out]], and can [[RegeneratingHealth regenerate his HP]].
* UsefulNotes/OdaNobunaga in ''VideoGame/SengokuBasara'' is another example; he has the second-highest HP, attack and defence in the game (after Tadakatsu), almost as good movement speed, and attacks much faster than Tadakatsu with non-telegraphed attacks that don't move him. He also uses the powerful Shadow element, and his special arts are much more powerful than Tadakatsu's, including a super art that renders him invulnerable. Nobunaga is only unlocked as a BraggingRightsReward and is PurposelyOverpowered.
%% * Asura from ''VideoGame/AsurasWrath'' is a great example. He has a rather bulky frame, and with six arms, would seem rather slow, right? Nope, he can engage in RapidFireFisticuffs that can destroy planet sized beings, and can move quick enough to [[TheJuggernaut mow down anything in his way.]] His master Augus is very much one of these as well. Both have some speedster traits as well.
%% ** The final chapter of the DLC takes this even further. How far? Asura activates a Mantra Reactor and becomes ''larger than Earth'', and then proceeds to fly at faster-than-light speeds to deliver a single, epic punch to the face of a being larger than ''a galaxy''.
%% * Doc Robot's impersonation of Quick Man in ''VideoGame/MegaMan3'' is just as fast as his predecessor, but bigger and tougher.
%% * ''VideoGame/GoldenSunDarkDawn'' gives us Sveta, a young beastwoman. Ordinarily, she's one of the faster party members, and also quite hard hitting. If you transform her, however, she takes this trope up to eleven, getting an immense power and speed boost. And if you get [[ShrineMaiden Himi]] to cast Weapons Graces on her, [[ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill well!]]
* Sasquatch from Capcom's ''VideoGame/{{Darkstalkers}}'' series. Though he possesses the second-highest health in the game, deals heavy damage, and has a large hurtbox, the Canadian yeti also boasts some excellent mobility in the form of "shorthops," canceling his dash (a hop) short of finishing. This grants him some frightening mixup games that lead to devastating, yet simple, combos, and is a large reason why he is arguably the best character in Vampire Savior (the most commonly played title in the series) and Night Warriors.
* ''VideoGame/{{Planetside}}'': The [[TheRemnant Terran Republic's]] faction-specific tank, the Prowler, is the fastest main battle tank in a straight line, it can climb like a mountain goat (though the [[MachineWorship Vanu Sovereignty's]] Magrider still has the edge on overall mobility out of being a HoverTank), and [[MoreDakka with its dual 120mm cannons and coaxial Basilisk HMG]] it eats infantry alive and doles out impressive anti-tank damage too, with the option to replace the Basilisk with an automatic grenade launcher, an anti-tank missile, an anti-aircraft gun or the very badass [[GatlingGood Vulcan chaingun]]. The [[LaResistance New Conglomerate]] Vanguard however [[MightyGlacier still has the Prowler beat for sheer survivability]].
** That said, any vehicle can become this with the right engine upgrades. Even a [[BigBadassRig Sunderer]] [[AwesomePersonnelCarrier transport/support]] vehicle can run circles around most friendlies/enemies if the driver has certified it with the Racer high-speed chassis.
** The Flash as of GU04 can be outfitted with a front-facing, effective-against-everything grenade launcher and has a seat in the back for an infantryman to fire his weapon from. It can go 70km/h ''unupgraded'' and has terrific handling, while also having room for upgrades like stealth and radar.
** As of GU08, the Harasser buggy can mount weapons from the Sunderer or the faction battle tanks and the rear rumble seat can hold a [[PoweredArmor MAX]] suit for even more firepower. It's also much more heavily armoured than the Flash and even faster, even without upgrades.
* ''VideoGame/PlantsVsZombies'' has the Football Zombie, who moves twice as fast as a normal zombie, eats your plants twice as fast, and can take as much damage as a [[HeavilyArmoredMook Buckethead zombie]]. There's also the Zomboni- tons of health, moves faster than most enemies, and it [[OneHitKill crushes your plants instantly]]!
* Doku from ''VideoGame/NinjaGaiden''. A towering AnimatedArmor with a fair bit of health, his slashes come out fast and hurt a lot, and while his DeadlyLunge is telegraphed, if you don't immediately evade he'll eat the distance like a glutton at a buffet and make you pay. His spirit form is even worse.
%% ** Also Genshin from the sequel.
%% * Hercules in ''VideoGame/GodOfWar III'' starts off as a MightyGlacier, and [[ShedArmorGainSpeed grows more agile as Kratos strips away the various pieces of armor he wears]]. In the last phase of the fight, when he's been stripped of his [[PowerFist Nemean Cestus]] and is forced into pummeling Kratos with his bare fists, he gains the ability to FlashStep.
%% * Letho, the Kingslayer, from VideoGame/TheWitcher2. He's a bulky mountain of muscle but has the speed and superhuman reflexes to rival any other witcher.
%% * ''VideoGame/ChronoTrigger'' has Ayla, a thoroughly powerful cavewoman. To make up for the fact that she can't [[BareFistedMonk equip weapons]] or [[BadassNormal use magic]], she has an ''insane'' attack stat and is one of the fastest characters in the game.
* Glenn from ''VideoGame/ChronoCross'', once he gets his hands on the [[InfinityPlusOneSword Dual Einlanzers]], will outdamage everyone else while still having good defenses and speed.
%% * The FinalBoss of ''VideoGame/SyphonFilter 2'' wears [[NighInvulnerability nigh-impenetrable]] full body armor, but it doesn't seem to hinder his agility.
%% * In ''VideoGame/CityOfHeroes'', nothing's stopping mighty [[TheBrute Brutes]] and [[StoneWall Tankers]] from taking the Super Speed power pool, which includes Superspeed (to make you run fast) and Hasten (to make your attacks recharge faster). The Stone Armor powerset does slow the user, but that can be overcome with teleportation!
%% ** Then there are the Electrical Armor and Electrical Melee powersets for Brutes (and Stalkers). The armor set includes a power that boosts your movement and recharge speeds while the melee set has Lightning Rod, a top-tier attack that involves you ''turning into a bolt of lightning and teleporting to your target to hit them''. Power Surge temporarily turns you into a [[EnergyBeing person made of lighting]] for extra damage resistance.
%% * In the [[VideoGame/FireEmblemTellius ninth and tenth installments]] of ''VideoGame/FireEmblem'', Ike is a pretty straight example of this. In ''Path of Radiance,'' he starts out a FragileSpeedster, but about halfway through, he becomes almost as strong and well armored as the {{Mighty Glacier}}s, but also retains his initial speed advantage. He ''starts out'' this way in ''Radiant Dawn'', and only gets better (barring slight speed issues).
* ''VideoGame/FireEmblem'':
** In the ''Videogame/FireEmblemTellius'' subseries, the protagonist Ike's recurring enemy, the Black Knight, is repeatedly described as abnormally fast for a guy in heavy armor, and has the strength to match. And in-game, he's got astronomically high strength, defense, and speed stats, to the point of double-attacking pretty much everything in the game, and more often than not one-round killing it, while enemies can deal ScratchDamage against him if they're ''lucky.'' His LimitBreak, Eclipse, activates often due to his good skill stat, and is noteworthy in that literally ''nothing'' in the subseries, even the FinalBoss of the sequel ''Radiant Dawn,'' is capable of surviving it.[[note]]As the skill multiplies the Black Knight's already amazing strength by 5, and neutralizes enemy defense. After calculations, the maxiumum amount of damage it deals is 280 -- much more health than any unit in the games has.[[/note]]
%% ** Many EleventhHourSuperpower characters can also hit hard and take a hit well.
** There's a reason why the DragonRider Haar of ''Radiant Dawn'' is the game's premiere GameBreaker and the top of unit tier lists. He boasts one of the highest strength stats and growths in the game, as well as the strong defense to tank and one-round kill multiple enemies on his own, to say nothing of his good avoid stat which means enemies flat-out don't deal damage to him a lot of the time. His speed is decently high, allowing to double-attack most everything in the game. He's essentially a OneManArmy.
%% ** As is Sety (who actually has the possibility of getting enemies a 0% chance to hit him) and the swordmaster class.
%% ** Many of the "Mercenary/Hero" class characters throughout ''VideoGame/FireEmblem'' gain great speed and strength gains. And are strong enough to wield the heavier swords [[FragileSpeedster myrmidons cannot.]]
%% ** ''VideoGame/FireEmblem'' is full of these. In ''VideoGame/FireEmblemTheSacredStones,'' you could do this easily with Amelia, who had excellent speed growths and, if promoted into a Knight, access to the mighty General class.
** Trueblades, the class that Swordmasters turn into after level 20 in ''Radiant Dawn'', could also count, especially Mia. They have a ridiculous evasion rate, hit their target most of the time, and between all of their offensive stats you'd be hard-pressed to find anything short of a mini-boss or boss that can survive more than a single round with one; usually they'll end up getting killed by critical hits or their Astra ability. One of the best examples is Stefan in both games. He has high base stats and retains the class line's advantage in speed and skill, but for [[GameplayAndStoryIntegration story reasons]], he also has unusually high growths in HP, strength, defense, and resistance. In ''Path of Radiance'' he was held back by his abysmal luck score. In ''Radiant Dawn'' he's all but guaranteed to max HP, strength, skill, and speed, has a very high chance of maxing out defense and resistance, and unlike other characters with this potential, he does not need to depend on SaveScumming or manipulating bonus experience. As an added bonus, his Heaven affinity ensures that supporting him with ''anyone'' allows him to reliably use the otherwise [[AwesomeButImpractical very inaccurate]] ranged swords. The only things preventing him from breaking the game is his [[EleventhHourRanger late joining time]], and the stat caps of the Trueblade class.
** Gatrie, TheBigGuy Armor Knight of the Greil Mercenaries counts in this in ''Radiant Dawn.'' While he was a MightyGlacier with high strength but low speed in the prequel ''Path of Radiance,'' in ''Radiant Dawn'' he boasts an impressive ''60%'' speed growth, higher than all of the mercenaries except for FragileSpeedster Mia and ColdSniper Shinon, and strange on a class known for normally being pitifully slow. He'll be double-attacking most enemies with his speed, and combined with his enormous strength and high defense that ensures that most enemies will be dealing ScratchDamage to him at most, you've got a Lightning Bruiser. His decent skill means that once he's reached the third unit tier, his Mastery Skill, Luna, which negates enemy defense and ''triples'' his damage will activate fairly often as well. The only thing that holds him back from being a complete GameBreaker is his low movement range.
** Shinon in ''Radiant Dawn'' counts, with his extremely high speed, skill, avoid, and strength ensuring that he'll be double-attacking everything, never getting hit by anything, and critically-hitting often. Even if his very high avoid fails him once or twice, he soaks up any damage done due to his high HP and decent defense. One he's reached the third tier of unit promotion, he gains his Mastery Skill Deadeye, which will be activating a ton of the time, and if the ''tripled'' damage isn't enough to kill an enemy, it also [[StandardStatusEffects immediately puts the target to sleep]]. He's a GameBreaker in his own right.
** Boyd, FriendlyRival to the protagonist Ike, classifies in ''Radiant Dawn.'' This is especially notable as he's of the [[AnAxeToGrind Fighter/Warrior class]], a class usually built with amazing HP and Strength, [[GlassCannon but middling Speed and Skill and bad Defense.]] Boyd completely defies the atypical stat distribution of this class: on top of having amazing HP and Strength, he also has a ''45% growth in Speed and Skill and a 50% growth in Defense.'' Sure, for a class like a Swordmaster and General, this is unimpressive, but it's utterly insane for a Fighter and actually higher overall than ''Ike's growths.'' And despite having middling bases, these growths ensure that Boyd will become an exceptionally powerful unit, capable of surviving stuff most Fighter/Warriors would be completely unable to, while one-rounding or outright ''one-shotting'' his opponents with his high Strength and Speed. His only bad stats are Magic and Resistance, but Magic has always been a DumpStat for the Fighter class, and his exceptional survivability and dodge rate means his Resistance is no problem.
** The [[AsskickingEqualsAuthority royal]] [[{{Animorphism}} laguz]] units (Tibarn, Naesala, Caineghis, and Nailah) of ''Radiant Dawn'' are a case of this as well as PurposefullyOverpowered. Their high speed lets them double attack nearly all enemies in the game, and their strength is more than high enough to take them out in a single round. With their high avoid, they're dodging enemy attacks more often than not, while their high skill means that their powerful {{Limit Break}}s, which triple their damage, will be activating often and {{One Hit Kill}}ing enemies as well. There's a reason they're {{Eleventh Hour Ranger}}s for the most part.
** In ''VideoGame/FireEmblemAwakening'' Chrom certainly fits this as he starts leveling up, dealing insane damage, usually attacking twice and being able to take hits. Upon promotion he gets Aether, like Ike, which he can use to soak up even more damage as the first hit drains health, and also dish out damage as it turns what would normally be a single attack into 2, with the second hit ''ignoring half of defenses''. Play your cards right, and all of the second generation characters can become this. Special mention goes to Galeforce, which, provided you can kill an enemy in round, lets you move twice in one turn, making it possible to get twice the action done.
%% * Knuckles from ''Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog''. He's the strongest character in the Sonic [[TheVerse universe]] AND is capable of moving at super speeds (although not to the extent of Sonic, Tails, and Shadow). Some of the 3D games have {{flanderiz|ation}}ed him into being portrayed as insanely slow, but ''VideoGame/SonicAndTheBlackKnight'' and ''Anime/SonicX'' show he's still got some speed post-''VideoGame/SonicAdventure2''.
** ''VideoGame/FireEmblemFates'' has a few [[LightningBruiser Lightning Bruisers]] as well.
*** [[TheHero The Avatar]], with the right set-up, can potentially be this. Given how the Yato eventually gives bonuses to either Strength/Speed, Defense/Resistance, or ''both'', with the right Boons, Banes, and potential pair-up, the Avatar can be blindingly fast, stupidly hard-hitting and potentially boasting tons of survivability. What's more notable is that he can get skills that can give a ''massive'' debuff to his enemies after combat, can halve damage when next to a more vulnerable opponent, increase his skill activation rate by ''10%'', and even be able to take on a partner's Triggered Skills without equipping them. With the right set-up, the only character that can feasibly surpass the Avatar would be Kana.
*** [[WarriorPrince Ryoma]] is this trope, a rare breed for a [[GlassCannon Swordmaster]]. When he joins, he boasts stupidly high bases on top of a ''unrestricted 1-2 range weapon,'' a weapon that gives him +4 Strength for free, ''and'' he has ridiculous Speed and Skill to couple it. The only real issue is that he has mediocre Defenses, but this is offset by his fantastic Avoid, and he can still take a few hits anyway. As a whole, there's a ''very'' good reason why Ryoma frequents the top of the ''Birthright'' tier lists.
*** [[KnightInShiningArmor Xander]] can also be this with some help. By himself, Xander has a free mount, fantastic offense and ''ridiculous'' Defense, owing to his naturally high growth in the stat ''and'' Siegfried, which gives him a +4 boost to the stat for free. The catch is that he has [[MightyGlacier low Speed by default]]... but then you give him Speedtaker, Dancing Blade, and potentially a [[GoldDigger Charlotte]] pair-up to turn him into an unstoppable maelstrom like Ryoma is... only except with good Defenses. Sadly, his only real flaw is his terrible Resistance, so don't expect him to be a good mage killer.
*** [[MyBelovedSmother Camilla]] is also on the same camp. High HP, good Speed, ridiculous offensive and defensive parameters, and actually has good Resistance, unlike Xander. However, she also is more of a JackOfAllStats LightningBruiser, meaning while she doesn't have any obvious flaws, she doesn't have anything truly going for her, owing to her balanced spreadsheet. On the bright side, she's also a flier, which gives her access to fantastic movement.
*** [[BigEater Effie]] is a rare case amongst the non-Royal characters for being not just a LightningBruiser, but a LightningBruiser in a class that's predominantly a MightyGlacier. Like many Knights/Generals, Effie has amazing HP, Strength and ''especially'' Defense. ''Un''like many Knights/Generals, she has a very decent Speed growth that, with luck, can turn her into a doubling monstrosity. And even if her Speed doesn't work out, she can still gain access to Wary Guard, meaning while she can't double anyone, nobody can double ''her.'' And especially given her early join time, there's a reason why she's high-ranked on tier lists.
*** Believe it or not, ''[[ForGreatJustice Arthur]]'' of all people can qualify as a LightningBruiser, just like his partner Effie. He's an interesting case, because unlike Effie, Arthur doesn't join with the same pedigree of bases as his friend. So what does he have going for him? [[MagikarpPower His growths.]] High HP and Strength is to be expected of the [[GlassCannon Fighter]] [[AnAxeToGrind class]], but he has a '''70% growth''' in Skill, meaning that despite having some accuracy issues at first, some levels will make it ''very'' hard to dodge him. And on top of that, he has a surprisingly high 50% growth in Speed and Defense, meaning with a little luck, he's capable of becoming ''frighteningly'' agile and durable. As a whole, though, this is offset by his bases being rather poor in comparison to Effie, and the fact that his Luck is bad enough [[BornUnlucky (no surprise there)]] to actually threaten him with criticals on a regular basis. At the same time, however, his growth potential is extremely impressive for a non-royal, and he's really the only unit who needs those Goddess Icons anyway. Man, what's with [[{{Mordor}} Nohr]] [[WorldOfBadass possessing so many powerful warriors?]]
*** Another weird example has to be [[{{Troll}} Azama]], who isn't just a LightningBruiser, but a LightningBruiser in a ''healing class.'' [[NotMakingThisUpDisclaimer Yet it's true nonetheless:]] Azama has fantastic physical stats across the board with great HP and Strength, very good Defense, Speed and Luck, and a decent Skill growth. The conundrum here is that he's locked as a healer for his base class, and has a surprisingly sub-par Magic and Resistance growth, but promoting him into a [[RedMage Great]] [[CombatMedic Master]] guarantees he's just as likely to heal as he is to be one of your strongest units... or, as an alternative, you can [[DownloadableContent bypass all of this with the Dread Fighter class]] and turn him into an outright GameBreaker.
* In ''VideoGame/SonicUnleashed'', Sonic is able to move fast, destroy tough enemies, and lose only 20 rings per hit.
** [[TheRival Knuckles]] [[TheBigGuy the Echidna]] is usually depicted as one, possessing incredible superhuman strength while being almost as fast as Sonic.
%% ** All of the "Power" characters in ''VideoGame/SonicHeroes'' (Knuckles, Big, Omega, Vector) are this. They can break huge blocks of stone but have no trouble navigating loops and corkscrews as the "Speed" characters do. When [[CompetitiveBalance balanced for competition]], however, they're {{Mighty Glacier}}s instead.
%% ** Shadow, who is consistently a speed-type character- and in his debut game was able to match speeds with Sonic- but also able to sling around large pieces of rubble one-handed and lay out other characters with a single kick.
%% ** Sonic's "Sonic boost" ability makes him into one of these.
%% ** In ''VideoGame/SonicBattle'', Emerl will most likely end up one of these, combining both fast and powerful moves. He can also unlock ultimate abilities that are faster and stronger than anything else in the game. [[spoiler:You get to see this in action without unlocking any of it as Emerl with every Ultimate ability attached is the game's final boss.]]
%% * [[SociopathicHero Alex Mercer]] of ''VideoGame/{{Prototype}}'' just seems like a guy in a hoodie and jacket. But he can run fast enough to scale buildings and outrun helicopters. And can lift cars above his head, dropkick people to send them flying a block away. And let's not even go into his [[LovecraftianSuperpower blades, tentacles, claws, clubs, or shapeshifting powers]]. It helps that he has a ''ton'' of mass, to the point where a four-foot drop to the ground will result in cracked pavement and simply standing on a '''tank''' will noticeably slow it down; ''definitely'' a hard-hitting speedster.
%% ** ''VideoGame/{{Prototype}}'' has the Supreme Hunter who is as large as a tank and has most of Alex's powers as an EvilCounterpart to the protagonist Alex Mercer who is a hard-hitting speedster. For that matter, standard Hunters are pretty damn speedy for their power, and on Blackwatch's side their {{Super Soldier}}s both have the physical brutishness to fight Alex in melee and the agility to LeParkour while in pursuit of him.
%% ** [[VideoGame/{{Prototype2}} The sequel]] gives protagonist James Heller similar powers, and a comparison between the two reveals that Mercer is stronger, but Heller is ''much'' faster.
* Oswald the Shadow Knight, from ''VideoGame/OdinSphere''. Strongest, toughest character in the game, with good speed and jumping power. Also hits even harder and moves faster when he uses his [[SuperMode Shadow Form]]. Other characters in the game are capable of blocking for highly increased damage resistance or have ranged normal attacks, and some special double-jump power, like flight. Oswald's just meant to rush in and rip things to pieces.
%% * ''VideoGame/BackyardSports'': Pablo Sanchez. There's a reason why he's a MemeticBadass.
* Citan from ''VideoGame/{{Xenogears}}''. He starts off as a BareFistedMonk, with the highest speed and HP of all the characters (plus, enough attack power to compete with a weapon user). But then, as if he wasn't [[GameBreaker broken]] already, he eventually gets a sword, making him the strongest character BY FAR.
* Dante from ''Franchise/DevilMayCry'' looks like a built human but can take a beating from giant demons, strike fast and hard and his SuperMode increases his speed and strength and gives him a HealingFactor. Many of his bosses follow his hit hard, fast and take a beating skills, particularly the MirrorBoss of the [[VideoGame/DevilMayCry first game]].
* Franchise/{{Ratchet|AndClank}} is a pretty good example. He's a quick, nimble hero capable of {{platform|Game}}ing his way around the levels. Yet he is also able to [[MadeOfIron shrug off rockets to the face]] and carries [[OneManArmy more firepower than the entire U.S. Military]] could possibly ever dream of.
%% * Marisa Kirisame of ''VideoGame/{{Touhou}}''. Her bullets fire mainly in front of her, dishing out narrow but concentrated damage, and she moves faster than Reimu, who in many games is the only other playable character.
%% ** Marisa [[GoodBadBugs B]] aka [[FanNickname Marisa Bugged]], aka [[FanNickname Marisa Broken]] from ''Mountain Of Faith'' (and ''Subterranean Animism'', though to a lesser extent, which makes one wonder whether the bug may have been intended) takes this to ridiculous extremes. The game contains a bug that causes Marisa to dish out simply ludicrous amounts of damage as long as her energy remains between 3 and 3.95. Marisa Broken is powerful enough to cut long spellcards to a fraction of their length, and to end non-spellcard attacks before the first bullets fired even reach her.
%% * Beat from ''VideoGame/TheWorldEndsWithYou'' moves around a lot on his screen to attack, and his non-finishing attacks do the most damage of those of the secondary characters.
%% * In ''[[Manga/FistOfTheNorthStar Hokuto]] [[VideoGame/DynastyWarriors Musou]]'' Kenshiro is more of a [[GlassCannon Glass Ninja]] early on, but definitely this once he's been upgraded.
* ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII'': Not so much in the original game due to game mechanics, but the other entries in the Compilation (and [[Anime/FinalFantasyVIIAdventChildren associated works]]) show that many, if not all, of the [[BioAugmentation bioaugmented]] [[SuperSoldier super soldiers]] or test subjects in the series (e.g., Sephiroth, Zack, Cloud, Weiss, Vincent, etc.) tend to fall into this category, displaying superhuman levels of speed/reflexes, toughness, and strength.
** Sephiroth is THE platinum standard of power, speed, and durability for the series. Even pre-insanity, he had: the strength and speed to one-shot large dragons and huge flaming Summons, usually with a single sword stroke before they can even react; jumps multiple stories with no effort; was capable of slicing up the barrel of the massive Junon cannon with his sword as easy as a master chef chops a carrot; had the durability to take a barrage of flaming magic missiles to the face without a scratch. Post-insanity, that strength, speed, and durability increases to nightmarish levels. A character practically has to be a serious LightningBruiser to have any chance of surviving even the briefest encounter with Sephiroth.
** Videogame/FinalFantasyVII prequel ''VideoGame/CrisisCore'' shows that experimental prototypes Sephiroth, Genesis, and Angeal, and 'regular' [=SOLDIERs=] like Zack are not only brutally hard-hitting and insanely durable, but in some cases, [[DodgeTheBullet bullet-dodgingly]] fast. Zack, in particular, had the strength and speed to temporarily hold his own against Sephiroth (even though Zack eventually lost), and the durability to fight and defeat an entire battalion of the Shinra Army, until they were reduced to only ''three'' troopers.
** Vincent shows similar levels of strength, speed, and durabiltiy (at least in the [[CutscenePowerToTheMax cutscenes]]) in ''VideoGame/DirgeOfCerberus''. Examples include the speed to fight the flashstepping Weiss, the strength to fight the [[TheBrute hulking Azul]], and the ability to survive getting a magic orb being ripped out of his chest by Rosso.
%% * The junction system in ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVIII'' allows the player to boost any character's Strength, Stamina, and Speed dramatically by linking the stats to the right kinds of magic, but [[PintSizedPowerhouse Zell]] deserves particular mention; his stat growth is naturally designed to make him hit fast and hard. At higher levels and with good junctions, his ATB speed becomes noticeably faster than the rest of the party's.
%% * Defying the common expectations of his job class, [[TheHero Zidane Tribal]] of ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyIX'' is a surprisingly hard hitter and has good HP, only balanced by his lack of heavy armor (of which only two characters in the game use anyway). And then he becomes a straight-up nuker in his SuperMode.
%% * Vaan from ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXII'', by virtue of him [[TheAce excelling in all stats]].
%% * Lightning from ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXIII'' can become this. Her final stats and abilities make her the JackOfAllStats by default, and her strength is surpassed only by MightyGlacier Fang. However, Lightning is one of three characters (the others being [[TheRedMage Sazh]] and [[GlassCannon Hope]]) who can equip five pieces of equipment (one weapon and four accessories) that have a set bonus that increases ATB recovery rate, meaning she can attack more frequently. Furthermore, the weapon she equips as part of this set, the Axis/Enkindler, increases her ATB gauge with each attack. Slap on a Haste buff on her and she will easily live up to her name.
%% * [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyVIII Squall]] in ''VideoGame/DissidiaFinalFantasy''. His attacks come out fast and he moves pretty quick too. His Bravery combos are very strong, hitting multiple times and can instantly drain the opponent's Bravery. It gets even worse in [[SuperMode EX Mode]], where ''all'' of his Bravery attacks deal twice as many hits, instantly doubling his damage output, and ''then'' take into account that EX Mode raises the probability of landing a critical hit. Add in other critical hit-chance boosting abilities, and you realize about the only thing that keeps him from being a top-tier character is his slow HP attacks.
%% ** [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyIX Zidane]] is normally speedy but not too powerful, his Bravery attacks not doing much damage but being very fast. However, Zidane has the impressive ability to cancel out his attacks and chain them into new ones in a variety of different ways, and a skilled Zidane player can produce combo attacks this variety rivaling the likes of Jecht and Golbez as detailed above. He also has the advantage of having equally fast HP attacks, such as Free Energy which takes InstantRunes to the literal extreme (almost instantaneous in execution), and many of his Bravery attacks can chain into HP attacks.
%% ** [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyIX Prishe]] has fast attacks and high movement speed, and a unique combo gimmick that lets her chain attacks together, allowing her to strike with a fast-hitting attack and follow it up instantly with a slow-executing but very powerful charged attack. However, much like Squall she's held back by slow HP attacks.
%% * The most powerful and hardest-to-recruit character in the VanillaEdition of ''VideoGame/FreedomForce'' is Bullet, who has honest-to-goodness SuperSpeed. His most powerful attack is the same as his least powerful one, only it's done [[RapidFireFisticuffs six times in quick succession]].
* The Berserkers in ''VideoGame/GearsOfWar'' are easily among the strongest in terms of physical strength. In addition to having extremely tough skin that can really take a lot of bullets [[spoiler:unless [[KillItWithFire if on fire]]]] and being insanely powerful, they can move very fast when startled, making them utter terrors in close range.
** Their lambent variations are even bigger examples. They can NoSell any attack that doesn't hit them in their chest cavity, have more health than their normal variants, and have a greater number of attacks as well.
* Roxas from ''Franchise/KingdomHearts'' is a prime example. He can dash at the speed of light, has two keyblades of [[AbsurdCuttingPower infinite sharpness]] and as the icing on the cake, has formidable vitality.
** Sephiroth's appearances in the ''VideoGame/KingdomHearts'' games count: he's got multiple health bars, beyond insane reach with that sword of his, is as fast if not faster than you, and swipes significant chunks of your health every time he hits you - and he ''will'' hit you.
%%** Sora and Riku play out this way in ''VideoGame/KingdomHeartsII''. Their magic plays second to their hard hitting fast combos.
%%** Xehanort plays this rather straight too. [[spoiler: Makes perfect sense, given how he's the Terra Master Xehanort performed GrandTheftMe on. Terra was very strong but obscenely slow, while Master Xehanort had good reflexes and could teleport.]]
%% ** ''[[VideoGame/KingdomHeartsBirthBySleep Birth By Sleep's]]'' [[BonusBoss Mysterious Figure]] takes this trope up to ten thousand. Almost ''every'' hit he lands on you will knock you back to one HP- and that's only because of Second Chance and Once More. If you ''[[OneHitKO didn't]]'' have those abilities equipped....
%% * All three main player characters in the ''[[VideoGame/FirstEncounterAssaultRecon F.E.A.R]]'' games (Point Man, Becket, and the unnamed Sergeant) have BulletTime-abilities that can make them extraordinary fast for a few seconds at a time. They still hit hard enough to [[OneHitKill instantly kill]] a cloned super-soldier by ''slide-tackling their ankles'', and their round-house kicks would put Chuck Norris to shame.
* ''[[VideoGame/FirstEncounterAssaultRecon F.E.A.R: Perseus Mandate]]'' has the Nightcrawler Elite SuperpoweredMooks, who not only have the Pointman's [[FlashStep super-speed]] ability, but can also withstand nearly as much damage as a Heavy Armor GiantMook. Their leader, the Nightcrawler Commander, is armed with a BFG and can survive as much damage as a HumongousMecha.
** The main series has the Replica Assassins, who are both lightning-fast and [[MadeOfIron amazingly tough]] and [[PintSizedPowerhouse powerful for their small size]].
%% ** Despite their bulk, the REV PoweredArmor units are just as fast as the Replica foot soldiers.
%% * In ''VideoGame/TalesOfSymphonia'', [[TheHero Lloyd]] is the fastest character, hits fairly hard, is your primary and best meat shield (even with [[GlacierWaif Presea]] on the field, unless she has [[ImplacableMan Glory]]), has the best Combo techs in the game, which complement well with spells, especially multi-hit ones and those with stopping power. The one thing he can't do is use magic, a trait he shares with Presea. However, he proves he doesn't need it. Also, nearly every boss with a humanoid shape counts, but especially [[spoiler: Kratos, after betraying you,]] who not only has a skill that allows him to chain Techs in any order, his casting speed is crazy fast, and he will ''randomly decide to shrug off your attacks and head straight for your mages.'' He never stops attacking, since he has ''very'' little recovery time from his techs. There's a reason you can lose this battle and not get a GameOver; it's meant to be a CurbStompBattle, and when you take into account [[WhamEpisode where in the game this event takes place,]] it makes sense. Especially since it is [[SequentialBoss preceded by]] ThatOneBoss [[spoiler: Remiel]] and [[SequentialBoss followed by]] a HopelessBossFight with [[spoiler: [[BigBad Yggdrasil]]]]
%% ** ''VideoGame/TalesOfVesperia'' has protagonist Yuri Lowell who is very fast and can deal out hard damage as well as take it. He's also one of the most broken characters in the Tales Series. See GameBreaker for details.
%% ** ''VideoGame/TalesOfGraces'' has main heroine Sophie, who is a fast and very hard-hitting brawler character. She also is a major [[CombatMedic healer]] in the party.
%% * Berserkers in the ''VideoGame/{{Quake}}'' series, especially in ''VideoGame/QuakeIV'', where they have a literal lightning attack and can OneHitKill you on General difficulty. Also, Fiends and Death Knights from [[VideoGame/QuakeI the first game]].
* The [[DemonicSpiders Demon Knight]] in ''VideoGame/DragonQuestI'' dishes out massive damage, has high defense, is magic-proof, and has the highest agility of any enemy.
* ''VideoGame/WildArms2'' has the protagonist Ashley Winchester who fits this trope like a glove. Even though his build is average, he's got pretty good HP, can be ''insanely'' fast even without his Accelerator Force Action, can deal good damage, and yet wields a bayonet that looks like a {{BFS}}. And that's not even getting into his [[spoiler: SuperpoweredEvilSide]].
* Arch-Viles in the ''VideoGame/{{Doom}}'' series are fast, can take tons of damage, are resistant to flinching, attack with a deadly line-of-sight fire spell, and can revive or summon enemies.
%% ** The [[FanNickname Doomguy]] in the old games also qualifies. He carries an alarming number of heavy weapons and runs at something approaching highway speeds.
%% * Shadow Man in ''VideoGame/MegaMan3'' is similar to Quick Man from ''VideoGame/MegaMan2'', but faster and tougher, and has the same sliding ability as Mega Man.
* The BigBad and FinalBoss of the first ''VideoGame/SoldierOfFortune'' totes a {{BFG}}, is extremely fast, and wears PoweredArmor that can withstand more damage than a tank.
%% * Yuuto and Etrangers in general function as this in ''VisualNovel/EienNoAselia'' which is why they are valued so highly. While Yuuto has no skill in combat to start, he's still a match for all but the most skilled and powerful of spirits. [[spoiler:Also, Eternals.]]
%% * The first ''VideoGame/SilentScope'' has Monica the Armed Secretary, who wears full body armor (requiring 3 headshots or two volleys of 10 chest shots) and is incredibly fast. The sequel has Sho & Kane the Lightning Bolts, who don't have armor, but are even faster than Monica, [[ThrowingYourSwordAlwaysWorks throw their swords]], and [[DoppelgangerSpin confuse you with doppelgangers]].
* VideoGame/SuperSmashBros.
** It should be noted that, apart from Captain Falcon, most Lightning Bruisers in the series aren't as dominating as one would expect of the archetype; other factors (such as recovery, combo potential and frame data) are required for success, usually resulting in GlassCannon FragileSpeedster {{Gradual Grinder}}s being the best characters.
** [[VideoGame/FZero Captain Falcon]] in all ''VideoGame/SuperSmashBros'' games except ''Brawl'' has a very fast running speed coupled with extremely fast, powerful attacks that lend themselves naturally to combos. He also has an average weight and good endurance. He technically fit this build in ''Brawl'' itself, but the change in hitstun mechanics pretty much removed combos, nerfing his offense and making him more JackOfAllStats. ''Smash 4'' brought him back to grace, though.
** Roy in ''Videogame/SuperSmashBrosMelee'' applies, as he is a character with great power, speed, and durability, but is actually lacking in other areas specific to the series, such as low range, bad recovery, and high falling speed. Fortunately for Roy, he was heavily buffed in ''Smash 4'', turning him into a true Lightning Bruiser whose only real weakness is that he needs to be very close to reach his full damage potential.
** Little Mac in the 4th installment is also a Lightning Bruiser... technically. While he can run incredibly fast, possesses both quick and hard-hitting attacks with hyper armor in some of them, an exclusive power meter that lets him land a OneHitKO, and decent durability, almost none of these apply while he's in the air. His aerial attacks are very weak and he has the absolute ''worst'' recovery out of any character in the game. Therefore, he's a true Lightning Bruiser in stages with no pits and more of a GlassCannon in any stage with pits due to how easy it is to deny his recovery.
** [[Franchise/{{Pokemon}} Charizard]] has attacks that hit very hard with some coming out quickly, has a very good dash speed, and is a very heavy and durable character. However, similar to ''Brawl'' Captain Falcon, he isn't as successful as many other characters of this type due to heavy lag and low priority on many of his moves. This is mitigated in later versions of Smash 4, letting him reach his true potential as a character who is able to kill early and take a beating, especially with super armor on several moves making it much safer to throw them out. His running speed is the 8th highest out of 52 characters, making it costly to underestimate him.
** Bowser, a resident heavyweight in the series, is even stronger in the fourth game than in previous installments, with almost all of his attacks being able to KO at mid percentages, and he is still the heaviest character in the game, but his speed has been drastically increased, with all of his attacks coming out very fast, as well as managing to dash as fast as [[FragileSpeedster Diddy Kong]].
%%** Donkey Kong was already surprisingly fast for a heavyweight in previous installments, but the fourth game took it even further, with his overall mobility and attacking speed being just as good as characters like [[JackOfAllStats Mario]].
%%** Similarly, [[VideoGame/FireEmblemTellius Ike]], an archetypical MightyGlacier in ''Brawl'', is made slightly weaker but a bit faster and much more mobile in the fourth game.
%% * ''VideoGame/PN03'''s Blackbird suit, unlocked on a NewGamePlus, has all its stats maxed out, making Vanessa one of these. To a lesser extent there's the Ultra Fusion, arguably the best non-secret suit.
* Lancer, also from ''VisualNovel/FateStayNight''. He's the fastest hero and also the best defender, thinking nothing of fighting over several other heroes at once (though Assassin unnerves him somewhat). Also has a cheap instant kill attack, powerful magic and a primary limitation of being unable to win the Grail War because not only is he not a protagonist, his Master won't let him win either.
%% ** Saber can go toe-to-toe with aforementioned Berserker, is Nigh Invulnerable to magecraft, agile enough to sprint on the side of skyscrapers, and she's one of the few wearing proper armor. And all of this is her at her weakest, low on energy and wounded. At full strength she is more or less a demi-god.
* ''VideoGame/HeroesOfMightAndMagic'': In the third game, Crusader. Is able to sprint through half of the battlefield in one sweep (or even the whole thing with the right enhancements), packs high ATK/DEF stats, decent 35 points of hp and attacks ''twice''. You can also usually get them as fast as on Day 2. On the other hand, they're pretty expensive.
** From the same game and castle, Halberdiers. Though they're only Tier 1, they pack an obscene amount of damage, they are resistant to damage, immune to Cavalier's charge bonus and pretty fast. Since AI prefers to attack other units(namely, ''everything else''), you can easily accumulate a vast amount of those guys and proceed to beat things into a bloody pulp.
* ''Franchise/TheElderScrolls'':
** Throughout the series, the ProudWarriorRace [[HornyVikings Nords]] are the ''physical'' Lightning Bruiser race of Tamriel. They get some of the best skill bonuses for two-handed weaponry (including [[{{BFS}} Claymores]], [[AnAxeToGrind Battle Axes]], and [[DropTheHammer Warhammers]]), which allows them to hit very hard. They also get skill bonuses toward Light Armor (fur, leather, light chainmail, etc.) which offers them protection while allowing them to move quickly around the battlefield. Finally, their natural physical endurance is among the best of any of the races. The only thing keeping them from being overpowered (and preserving a semblance of balance among the playable races) is that they are least ''magically'' inclined race in Tamriel and even have a [[DoesNotLikeMagic cultural aversion]] to it.
** In ''[[VideoGame/TheElderScrollsVSkyrim Skyrim]]'', a properly built [[PlayerCharacter Dragonborn]] can be an incredibly fast, [[{{BFS}} greatsword-wielding]], [[KillItWithFire fire-spewing]], [[MadeOfIron borderline unkillable]] [[OneManArmy murder machine]]. Both the Light Armor and Heavy Armor skill trees include perks that reduce weight of armor and let a character move at full speed in full armor, and two of the Dragon Shouts you can learn let you either [[BulletTime slow down time]] ([[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Slow Time]]) and move incredibly fast ([[FlashStep Whirlwind Sprint]]).
%% * In ''VideoGame/MarvelVsCapcom3'' (specifically, [[UpdatedRerelease Ultimate]]), [[VisualNovel/AceAttorney Phoenix Wright]] becomes this in [[SuperMode Turnabout Mode]] (kinda). Despite having average at best movement, his specials become faster & more powerful, his standing, crouching, and jumping heavies becomes uber powerful [[FingerPokeOfDoom Finger Pokes of Doom]], and he gets the best [[LimitBreak level 3 hyper]] in the game.
%%* Princess/Tsarevna Alena from ''VideoGame/DragonQuestIV'' can be considered this. Starts gaining a LOT of Strength and Agility early on, and maxes them out around level 52 or 53, and because of the way Resilience is gained in the early DQ games (namely, at precisely half the rate of Agility), she's got the highest base defense to boot. Whether or not her average HP and subpar equipment options put her here or in FragileSpeedster territory is up for debate, but she still hits MUCH harder than anyone else on the team with normal attacks. On the offense side of things, she's boosted even further by the fact that her best weapon lets her hit twice per turn.
* ''VideoGame/HyperdimensionNeptuniaMk2'' has the protagonist Nepgear herself. She's pretty fast, deals a lot of damage, and can hold on her own ground because she can take a lot of punishment. The one thing that makes her a GameBreaker? She has to be placed ''in support role'' because the only way you can get rid of the [[{{Cap}} Damage Cap]] throughout the entire game (unless you defeat and acquire the [[BraggingRightsReward rare item from]] the highest leveled BonusBoss of the game) is by placing her as support.
** In ''VideoGame/HyperdimensionNeptuniaV'', Neptune became this, graduating from her status as a GlassCannon in the first two games ''[[SuperMode especially in HDD]]''. Good tank, deals quite a bit of damage, is fast enough, and has a lot of attacks to choose from, already breaks the [[{{Cap}} damage limit]] ''without'' having Nepgear as support, and that's no including her multiple [[CombinationAttack combo attacks]] with her partners. Her problem however is that Noire still outdamages her thanks to Noire ignoring enemy traits, she can't heal (which in a NintendoHard game, is pretty bad), and almost has no [[DamageIncreasingDebuff debuffs]] to choose from.
%% * By virtue of jetpacks, the Assault class in ''VideoGame/GlobalAgenda'' alternates between a fast tank (flying) and a slow or even stationary death star (using minigun). Once you get the Combat or Crescent jetpacks, however... you can do both at the same time. FEAR HIM.
* ''VideoGame/AceCombat'' late or endgame planes and the [[GameBreaker superfighters]] embody this trope. Fast, agile, able to take at least two missile hits (on Normal), armed with plenty of regular missiles and ''loaded to the gills'' with special weapons galore.
** In ''VideoGame/AceCombat6FiresOfLiberation'', the early game [=A-10A=] can surprisingly also fulfill this trope for some time, thanks to the highest Stability and Defense rating in the game, the FAEB being probably ''the'' best air-to-ground special weapon in the game (certainly the best unguided free-fall bomb) and a surprising ability in a(n early game) dogfight... at least within ''[[BottomlessMagazines infinite ammo]] tankbuster'' cannon range.
** The ADFX-01 Morgan from ''VideoGame/AceCombatZeroTheBelkanWar'' is blazingly fast, highly maneuverable, has excellent defense, and can mount as weapons a [[FrickinLaserBeams tactical laser system]] that can destroy even the most hardened targets in the game with as little as 2 seconds of sustained fire, an EMP jammer that when active will temporarily deflect ALL attacks, and a small-scale version of the Burst Missile from ''VideoGame/AceCombat5TheUnsungWar'', which has a slow reload time and limited ammo but creates a wide-range explosion capable of killing ''entire squadrons'' in a single shot. "GameBreaker" doesn't even begin to cover it.
%% * And in response to those, competing series by Konami, ''VideoGame/AirForceDelta'' has their flagship, the Vic Viper, as an unlockable. Also, the crazy old man with the modified UsefulNotes/WW2 planes? Every bit as hardcore as Lou Gossett Jr.
* And both games' SpiritualSuccessor, ''VideoGame/VectorThrust'', boasts an entire family of LightningBruisers in the form of the F-15 Eagle family. Eagles are extremely fast with impressive agility only outperformed by 5th generation aircraft and the Su-27 family, as well as above-average defensive abilities when compared to their smaller F-16 friends. They also boast formidable arsenals ranging anywhere from multi-targeting, long-range missiles, cluster bombs, and all-aspect munitions.
* Surprisingly for a game centered around [[SpaceFighter starfighters]], the ''VideoGame/WingCommander'' series includes relatively few of these, and most of the ones that exist belong to the enemy. For playable ships there is generally a fairly realistic tradeoff between speed/agility and defenses/firepower. That said, a handful of genuine Lightning Bruisers do exist - the Rapier endgame medium fighter in the first game, which you get to fly as ATasteOfPower in the second winning mission sequence; the Centurion in the spinoff ''Wing Commander: Privateer'' and its expansion, ''Righteous Fire'', and the endgame space superiority fighter Vampire in ''Wing Commander Prophecy.''
* Ialdabaoth in ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWars''. It's a SuperRobot, which grants it a good dose of defense, yet it's fast and hits almost as hard as other big guns like the Dygenguard. The pilot can up the ante of damage 2.5 times.
** Valzacard. Size LL means it takes less damage and hits damn hard, but because its main pilot spent a lot of the game in the RealRobot Valhawk, there's a good chance it dodges at least as well as some of the tiny Gundams on the team. And half its pilots have the dodging and damage-dealing Spirit Commands of a RealRobot while the other half have the support and defensive Spirit Commands of a CoolShip.
** Either Angelg or Vysaga fits this, in the same vein of Ialdabaoth. They hit really hard, are quite tough, considered SuperRobot and have mirror image that lets them dodge, and activates often. Angelg is even noted to be one of the fastest mechas amongst the good guys.
%% ** Baldios is a non-original example. Size LL, SuperRobot stats, and its own mirror image ability. Oh, and it's a reality warper. Made even more [[BuffySpeak Lightningy]] in Z2, where Marin's Ace bonus increases the odds that the Double Image will activate to a fairly respectable 40% and Baldios's [[SetBonus Full Upgrade Bonus]] removes the previous morale restriction necessary to enable it.
%% ** Speaking of Z2, {{Daitarn 3}}'s Full Upgrade Bonus is Mobility +50, a bonus so huge that the largest mech on your team (apart from the [[CoolShip Macross Quarter]]) starts outspeeding some of your [[FragileSpeedster reals]]. HilarityEnsues.
** So is ''Anime/GaoGaiGar''. Protect Shade/Wall (and later Genesic Armor) let him handle armies of mooks, no trouble. Genesic Aura, Guy's stats, and the base power of Hell and Heaven/Goldion Hammer/Goldion Crusher let him deal tens of thousands of damage unaided. Brave and [[GameBreaker GaoFighGar/Genesic GaoGaiGar's stats]] let him dodge at percents that are poor for a Real, but ''ridiculous'' for a Super. Truly he is the Destruction God.
%% ** Same case with MazinKaiser with Kaiser Scrander, in some game with it having ridiculous armor(it is after all the poster boy and go-to Tank in ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWars'' games) and like ''Anime/GaoGaiGar'' dodge rate that is ridiculous for a Super but poor for a Real. For example in Alpha Gaiden it has absurd Armor that is only rivaled by some Battleship, Hp regeneration, and dodge rate higher than some Reals, and the highest among super, in fact Mazinkaiser is so powerful that alone, a properly equipped Mazinkaiser guarantees a stalemate during later stages (in this NintendoHard game thats saying A LOT). In ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsW'' the same game GaoGaiGar appeared, its stats is GaoGaiGar except instead of defense, its more focused on offense with [[SuperMode Mazinpower]] and Combination attacks instead of Map attacks. After all, it is the same SuperRobot that can become God or Devil depending on the pilot
%% ** Also, the vast majority of bosses will have more HP and armor than any unit you'll have even when they possess high evasion and a small size. The ones that aren't generally being more MightyGlacier (because while high evade can be completely neutralized by Strike, Valor and Soul can only deal with high HP to a limited level).
%% ** One of the first genuinely super robots you get in ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsOriginalGeneration'' - Grungust. In the early levels when you have it, it can one-shot most non-boss enemy mechs in its Wing Gust form - which otherwise possesses crappy weapons - by using [[strike:[[Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann Giga Drill Breaker]]]] Spiral Attack. If you're dealing with something durable, it can then shift forms into its humanoid mode and begin wailing on whatever it hit with Darkness Slash and Final Beam. Oh, and it has a ton of HP. And its default pilot, Irm, learns the Love Spirit Command, which is approximately 80% of the offensive Spirit Commands in the game happening all at once.
%% ** The final boss of the ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsZ'' Special Disc, [[ShadowArchetype Overman Zan]], is ''horrendously'' overpowered. Sure it doesn't even have 40,000 HP, but ''all attacks only do 10% damage to it''. This is on top of it ''acting three times a turn'', ''casting Alert and Strike at the start of each turn'', and a whole bunch of other horribly broken perks making it a very, ''very'' difficult boss.
** Again, [[Anime/MobileSuitZetaGundam The O]]. It's sometimes unlockable as well and it has very good armor, speed, and power for an MS.
** Aquarion in Z can be built into this by manipulating the Element system. The element mode activates at 130 will and [[GameBreaker gives the head pilot the sub-pilots' stats if they surpass the head in an area]]. Pick one stat from each pilot and pour into it. You can have an Apollo who hits like [[GlassCannon Getter]], [[FragileSpeedster dodges like a Gundam]], [[RuleOfThree and]] [[StoneWall tanks like a Mazinger]]. Give Apollo the Attack Again, Hit and Away, and E Save skills for more fun.
** VisualNovel/{{Demonbane}} has one of the highest HP pools and armor value in ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsUX'', hits like a truck, and possesses the "Mirror of Nitocris" ability [[note]] Grants a 30% chance to dodge all attacks[[/note]].
%% ** Mazinkaiser SKL in ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsUX'' is one fast Super, having the highest Mobility out of all Supers even with no PU bonus from a partner. Has only slightly lower HP and Armor than Demonbane.
** ''Great'' Might Gaine in ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsV'' and ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsX''. He may not have the highest HP stats of the team, but with enough investment on both Great Might Gaine and [[TeenGenius his pilot]],[[note]]Who holds the special base skill: "[[TheHero Hero]]", and also the person who wavers "Bravery" with much more ease than Koji."[[/note]] his movement range, attack, and defense power are ''beyond'' enough to just casually throw him solo into the enemy horde and be the team's resident OneManArmy; able to hold the boss long enough for the big gun [[MightyGlacier Mazinger Zero]] to directly finish the boss fight.
** Even with little to no upgrades, Gurren Lagann is one in ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsX'' with Simon's high level "Potential"[[note]]Increases hit rate, evasion, and defense as HP decreases[[/note]], "Spiral Power"[[note]]Hit rate increases and final received damage is reduced. Effect rises with the skill's level. Getting Simon's ace bonus gives him the exclusive "Spiral Infinity".[[/note]], the new "Resolve" spirit command[[note]]Increases Extra Command Gauge by 5[[/note]] and Viral's support commands, Gurren Lagann will firmly be at the top of player's kill counts, especially since Simon joins [[DiskOneNuke very early in the game]]. His weaknesses however are that the Gurren Lagann's item slot only has one slot and the Gurren Lagann is an EN guzzler with two attacks that use ammo. The weaknesses go away once Simon has access to the Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann and Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann.
%% * Cage upgrades to one when the Testament's true form is unlocked. Kinda gamebreaker-y to give the main character something with such ludicrous power. ''VideoGame/ZoneOfTheEnders: Fist of Mars'' gets a very Gundam feeling once the Testament and the Orcrist (not as fast but super long range) come out to play; they have the weapons that make the mooks fall down. In the same vein is Naked Jehuty from ''The Second Runner''. SuperSpeed is a given with [[FlashStep the Zero Shift]], but it can also take a lot more punishment and deal out more than the other Jehuty versions. That too is before considering the unlimited Subweapon energy available in NewGamePlus. Vic Viper is also very nasty.
%% * The B-Fkin-Gear from ''VideoGame/AceOnline''[=/=]''Air Rivals'' is a definite bruiser, but even the level 27 engine makes it pretty faster than two other gear classes. The 86 engine makes it ''faster than the dedicated {{Fragile Speedster}}s'', all the while retaining said bruiser abilities. Level 86 engine build B-Gears would dominate battlefields populated by those below the level since most players [[DidntSeeThatComing doesn't expect a B-Gear that boosts faster and more agile than I-Gears]].
%% ** On the flipside, the I-Gears, being FragileSpeedster as they are, aren't usually deemed too much of a threat when assaulting defended points. When the I-Gear gains [[MacrossMissileMassacre Berserker]] though, it suddenly becomes a top-notch DPS-disher that would make most DPS-dedicated tanks weep.
%% * Sentinel in ''VideoGame/MarvelVsCapcom2''. The largest character of the game with a seemingly clunky walking animation but has a pretty fast ground dash and the fastest flight mode of the game. It can also enter and exit flight mode in a flash too resulting in expert Sentinel players going in an out of flight mode instantly just to cancel the animation for their air attack, making it a deadly giant terror in the sky. These are just few of the reason why he's a top tier character in the game and is referred as [[GameBreaker "one of the four gods".]]
%% * Any of the Aggression-class cars in ''VideoGame/BurnoutParadise''. Furthermore, due to the mechanics of Aggression boost, they actually get stronger and faster the more damage they dish out and take. The three kings of this trope in-game, though, are the Carson Inferno Van, the Hunter Takedown 4x4, and Hunter Olympus Governor; massive, fast, and eager to put your little car into the guardrail.
%% * The {{Game Breaker}}s of ''VideoGame/RaidenFighters'': Judge Spear, Ixion, and certain versions of the Slave. All of them have ridiculous firepower and ridiculous speed.
%% * Nineball from ''VideoGame/ArmoredCore''. It's the reason why it is so [[ThatOneBoss damned hard to beat him]].
* [[BoringYetPractical Basic tanks]] in the early ''VideoGame/CommandAndConquer'' series. In addition to being able to dish out and take far more damage than infantry, they are also much faster than them, which often leads to the games being all about massed tank rushes.
%% * ''VideoGame/CompanyOfHeroes''' Panther Tank counts as this, it's able to move at an equal pace of the '''much-lighter''' Panzer [=IVs=] and packs a lethal long-barreled 75mm Tank-killer cannon. In a game that isn't famous for realism when it comes to vehicles the Panther is well-depicted.
%% ** To a lesser extent the Tiger I tank counts; just think of it as a slower version of the Panther with more armor and a gun that can gang-rape clusters of infantry and tear through enemy armor alike.
%% * Zero, especially in the ''VideoGame/MegaManZero'' series. He's ''very'' quick and agile, but when he cuts loose with the Z-Saber, his enemies don't know what hit them. The only downside is that Zero traditionally [[GlassCannon lacks durability]], but you can make up for that with Sub-Tanks and Cyber-Elves if you like.
%% ** Some games provide power-ups that enhance normal attributes, like running speed, attack speed, or attack power. With the right combination, your character can obtain this trope in a fashion. Though the best example aside from Zero would be Ultimate Armor X in ''VideoGame/MegaManX 8''. Some of the powers of that armor include increased running speed, and the [[OneHitKill Nova Strike]]. Zero comes close in the same game with his [[GameBreaker secret armor and secret sword]], but X has more durability and raw power.
* In the ''Videogame/MechWarrior'' series, first-generation Clan [=OmniMechs=] were heads and shoulders above their Inner Sphere peers at the time where they show up, much like the [[TabletopGame/BattleTech original boardgame]]. The Mad Cat/Timber Wolf is the most iconic example of a Clan-built Lightning Bruiser Omni. It's fast--though it weighs 75 tons, it can outrun many 45 to 50 ton Inner Sphere 'Mechs, clocking in at a lively 86 kph in a weight class where 64 kph is considered the acceptable average. It's also very tough, boasting more armor than many Inner Sphere 'Mechs up to 10 tons heavier, meaning that its armor is thick enough to withstand repeated PPC or autocannon hits in any location save the head. Finally, it's frighteningly well armed, packing an array of lasers, missiles, and machine guns that gives it a throw weight equivalent to two or more comparable Inner Sphere 'Mechs--a Marauder, for instance, has a maximum damage value of 35, where the Timber Wolf boasts a maximum damage value of ''85.''
* ''[[Videogame/MechWarrior MechWarrior Living Legends]]'' has many lightning bruisers among its Heavy [[HumongousMecha Battlemech]] class, but by far the most terrifying mech in the game is the Fafnir "Foxtrot" variant, which is simultaneously the heaviest (100 tons, Assault class) mech, most armored, most dangerous, and the fastest Assault mech in the game. Other Fafnirs are stuck plodding along at 53kph - but not this one, as it carries [[SprintShoes MASC]] which can ramp up its top speed to 75kph, enough to catch anything besides a Light mech. It carries a pair of [[MoreDakka Ultra Autocannon/20s]], rapid-fire murder cannons that can rip armor to pieces in seconds, and to top it off, it carries ''ten'' [[FireBreathingWeapon flamethrowers]], enough to [[OverHeating roast enemies to the point]] where their [[GoingCritical reactor goes critical]]. Luckily for the enemy team, the Fafnir Foxtrot is just as dangerous to itself as it is to its enemies, courtesy of its weapons and MASC putting out some [[OverHeating truly astonishing amounts of heat]] which it has few heatsinks to deal with, leading to many of the [[HeroicRROD mechs melting to death in the middle of combat]].
* ''VideoGame/StarTrekOnline'' has finally introduced the Excelsior class cruiser from the ''Franchise/StarTrek'' movies and TV shows. Whereas all other cruisers have a slow turn rate, are nigh-unbreakable and have moderate offensive abilities, the Excelsior can tank only slightly less effectively while it has access to much higher level offensive powers. It can also turn much faster than all other cruisers in its tier, making nearly as agile as an [[GlassCannon escort class]] (think Defiant) with almost as much firepower. This is after Cryptic planned to give it equal defensive abilities to other cruisers and higher level science abilities too which would have boosted its tank even more or given it crowd control abilities on par with science ships. Even fans of the ship complained that this would make it an utter GameBreaker, forcing Cryptic to tone it down to the moderately overpowered level that it is now.
%% * The ''VideoGame/WingCommander'' games have fighters and capital ships of large size yet exhibiting high speed and maneuverability. First, in ''VideoGame/WingCommander II'' was the Sabre heavy fighter, which turned on a dime, had many guns, and carried 4 torpedoes. ''III'' then introduced the legendary Excaliber. Then ''IV'' brought us the Dragon, which could afterburn without gobbling fuel and had Jump capability, and the Vesuvius class carriers, which were huge, very heavily armored (i.e. to destroy one required flying INSIDE it), carried insane firepower, and could turn on a dime.
* Temjin and the Viper series in ''VideoGame/VirtualOn'', with Temjin having better armor and the Vipers greater speed and weaponry. The Apharmd model also has great agility on par with the Temjin, slightly better defense, and good hitting power, with its main limitations being the small clip size for its shotgun and the need to get close to properly employ its extremely powerful laser tonfa.
* The higher stages of the tech tree in ''VideoGame/GalacticCivilizations II'' allow you to build massive battleships, fitted with maxed-out hyperwarp drives, carrying enough missile launchers to take on a fleet solo and covered in armor plates. The main drawbacks: it'll either take years to build or cost a fortune, and getting your research up to that stage takes absolutely ages, and due to the TacticalRockPaperScissors nature of weapons, ships with the right equipment can eat it alive. On the other hand, it is just ''so cool'' to lay waste to entire Drengin fleets with a single missile-encrusted cruiser.
* In the ''VideoGame/TwistedMetal'' franchise, several competitors may count, but the best example is probably Minion, a demon who drives a CoolTank. The tank is as nearly as fast as the game's {{Fragile Speedster}}s and has top-tier armor and a devastating special move as well; it's one real weak point is its size; since it is so large it is easier to hit than some other vehicles. In most games where he's playable, Minion needs to be unlocked.
* Despite what his stats might imply, Dave's '70 Van in the original ''VideoGame/{{Vigilante 8}}'' qualifies as this. He's got good stats with a heavy slant to armor and his top speed while going in reverse is actually faster than going forward. What really makes him powerful though is having one of the most powerful specials in the game - it does tons of damage from anywhere and it's highly accurate, so you can stock up on specials and destroy enemies without having to get anywhere near them. In the second game, Dave's cultists no longer qualify as they're quite a bit slower and this special attack's been toned down heavily by making it more inaccurate the farther you are from the target when you use it.
* The TIE Defender from the StarWars game ''VideoGame/TIEFighter'' can withstand more punishment than a bomber, can easily overtake a dedicated dogfighter, and still manages to pack four lasers, two ion cannons and two high capacity missile launchers. It is then taken UpToEleven with the Missile Boat, which is even faster with four higher capacity missile launchers, with the only drawback being one laser cannon.
* The Herkers in ''VideoGame/SunsetOverdrive'' pack speed in addition to durability and super strength. Their main close range offensive is a DashAttack that takes off a large chunk of the player's health, and they can use their excavator arm to [[WreakingHavok launch objects]] and [[FastballSpecial other enemies]].
* ''VideoGame/SwordOfTheStars'': Morrigi start as {{Fragile Speedster}}s in the destroyer era, get tougher and more powerful with cruisers and finally graduate to this with their dreadnoughts [[MagikarpPower when you make it that far.]]
** The Loa introduced in the sequel's expansion have durability of [[SuperToughness the Hivers]], guns of [[GlassCannon the Zuul]] and acceleration and speed no organic race can match.
%% * ''VideoGame/NeedForSpeed II'' and a few other games in the series have the [=McLaren=] F1, which was the fastest production car in real life at its time, and it has the highest stats in most other categories as well.
* Meracle from ''VideoGame/StarOceanTheLastHope'' is at first glance a FragileSpeedster, but with No Guard equipped, she turns into this. She's fast, she hits hard, and since she has high HP, she can more than take a hit.
* ''VideoGame/WorldOfTanks'' has a few:
** The Walker Bulldog and AMX 13 90 are tier 7 and tier 8 light tanks, so are small and have the speed of a light tank, but health points in the 4 digit range like the other tier 7 or 8 medium tanks. Both have autoloaders which can dish out a lot of damage in very short amount of time, something other lights can't really do so well as they are generally balanced as scouts.
** The T49 is another light tank that satisfies this, as it has, instead of the low caliber guns typical on light tanks, a very large caliber howitzer, capable of dealing significant damage to the most heavilly armored tanks in the game, even from the front. If it gets a penetrating hit in the rear of an enemy tank or other weakspot, it hits harder than all but the most powerful tank destroyers in the game.
** The tier 9 T-54 is particularly notable, having a solid hitpoint pool, thick armor (especially on the turret), high top speed, fast traverse on both turret and hull, and an optional top gun that has a very high damage output.
** The Japanese-built O-I Experimental is this for its tier. It's a true-blue heavy tank, weighing 100 tons, and yet it has a top speed of 40 kph, and unlike some tanks, it can ''reach'' it. It also has a respectable 75mm of armor and 700 hit points, some of the best defenses in its tier. Finally, it can carry a Japanese-built 10cm cannon, which has good penetration, extremely high alpha damage, and a decent rate of fire. If the armor were better angled or the tank weren't the size of a barn and thus very easy to spot and hit, it would dominate its tier.
%%** The tier 6 premium tank destroyer, the SU-100Y, has a gun that hits harder than most tier 9 tanks; its secondary ammunition hits as hard as some of the top heavy tanks in the game. It is a very large vehicle, but moves as well or better than tanks half its size.
%%** Tanks that are generally considered "heaviums" have a good amount of speed and either a high HP pool or a strong armor configuration. Examples include the E-50 and its upgrade the E-50 M
%% * Multirole ships in ''VideoGame/BattlestarGalacticaOnline'', at least in their own classes. Speed and agility of an Interceptor, tank and weapon mounts of an Assault, computer capabilities of a Command. They're really expensive bastards, though, and in terms of customisability through slots they are only JackOfAllStats.
* Polaris ships in ''[[VideoGame/EscapeVelocity EV Nova]]''. [[GameBreaker All of them.]] Special mention goes to their Manta fighter, a fighter which A) is the fastest ship in the entire game, B) has just under twice the shielding and armor of any of its counterparts from the other governments, and C) mounts a main gun worthy of a light capital ship.
%% * Jake Armitage, the protagonist of the ''TabletopGame/{{Shadowrun}}'' game for the SNES is an example of the 'MasterOfAll' category. By the end of the game he'll be able to blow opponents away with a {{BFG}} ([[MoreDakka firing at double speed thanks to boosted reflexes]]), endure hits with a suit of full body armor and sub-dermal plate, and use a selection of spells to attack, heal, or enhance his defence.
%% * In the ''Touhou'' fighting games, Remilia Scarlet tends to be viewed as a slight case of this: she's got more mobility than anyone nonspecialized in evasion, with no counterbalancing weakness or fragility. Her status is also probably influenced by doujin, {{Fanon}}, and most of all her description in the first fighting game, ''Immaterial and Missing Power'':
%% -->"Faster than the eye can follow, strong enough to crush boulders, powerful enough to manipulate demons, [[UnskilledButStrong she's so strong it's almost not fair, so she doesn't care much for subtle technique.]] She may be weak against sunlight, but she has a pretty strong constitution, [[FromASingleCell so as long as some bit of her still remains, say, a little bat, she can regenerate any time.]] She's dreadful to have as an enemy, but she's not exactly the sort of person you'd want as a friend, either."
%% * In addition to the Ultralisk mentioned above, ''VideoGame/StarCraft''[='=]s zealots and ''VideoGame/StarCraftII''[='=]s marauders are also strong fits.
%% * Agents from ''VideoGame/{{Syndicate}}'' take lots of damage, pack [[GatlingGood ridiculous]] [[YouNukeEm firepower]] and can race cars on foot. The durability of Agents is well demonstrated by Miles from the remake - at one [[CutscenePowerToTheMax admittedly scripted]] point, he is lured onto a bridge wired to the gills with C4, hanging over a drop long enough to kill by itself. At the bottom there are goons with machine guns waiting, because obviously both of those wouldn't still be enough to stop him. He makes it.
* The BigBad of ''VideoGame/MortalKombat'', Shao Kahn can hit fast and hard and takes far less damage than you do. Couple with PerfectPlayAI he attacks relentlessly, blocks most counters and shrugs off what makes it through. Thankfully he doesn't see the problem with taunting in a fight.
* The upgraded Edelweiss in ''Videogame/ValkyriaChronicles'' can move farther than most enemy tanks, has a powerful main cannon that can oneshot them if it hits a weak point and possesses enough armor to shrug off a lot of return fire.
** The namesake Valkyria such as Selvaria [[spoiler:and Alicia]] can traverse half the map and absorb alot of enemy return fire while doing so. With their signature lance and shield they can ignore any fire thrown at them and oneshot tanks.
* The [=LBXs=] of Yamano Ban and Kaidou Jin in ''VideoGame/DanballSenki'' are fast, sturdy, and hard-hitting enough for OneHitKill.
* If it's an air-combat simulator set during UsefulNotes/WorldWarII, the late-war American fighters tend to be this. ''Especially'' simulators set in the Pacific, where American fighters were almost as a rule faster, tougher and better-armed than their Japanese opponents.
%% * The Ceph [[spoiler:Guardians]] of ''VideoGame/{{Crysis}} 2'' have the speed of [[FragileSpeedster Stalkers]] and the durability of [[SuperToughness Devastators]] (multiple JAW or C4 needed). To make matters worse, you fight [[FourIsDeath four at once.]]
* ''VideoGame/ArcTheLad'' has Choko, who can move about twice as far as other units, deals at level 1 about as much melee damage as [[GlassCannon Tosh]] at level 60, and, although the maximum HP is [[RedemptionDemotion not as high as expected]], her defense is also the best from the playable characters in the game. However, she has no magic, and thus is unable to make use of the game's broken [[ReducedManaCost Romancing Stone]] accessories. Plus, she [[ObviousRulePatch cannot be used]] in battles that advance the story.
* ''VideoGame/StarWarsTheOldRepublic'' has a pair of options for this in each faction. The Operative and Scoundrel specializations for the Imperial Agent and Smuggler class (Imperial/Republic respectively) can both wear medium armor and have high mobility coupled with hard-hitting damage output at close range.
* ''VideoGame/NavalOps: Warship Gunner'' players often build LightningBruiser battleships, because at the later missions and on the NewGamePlus, a well-balanced battleship with heavy firepower, good protection and good speed is crucial.
* ''VideoGame/{{Civilization}} V'': In the ''Brave New World'' expansion, the Zulu Impi, when given all special promotions, has 3 move, a giant reduction to incoming ranged damage, increased strength, and does a "spear throw" before its melee attack (which, in addition to dealing more damage without being hurt, also boosts XP gain). It also gets a bonus to flanking attacks (ie attacking when you have other units next to the enemy). When upgraded to riflemen, it keeps all of this except for the spear throw.
* ''VideoGame/TzarTheBurdenOfTheCrown'' has a few examples, the most prominent one being all mounted units (except Horse Archers who prefer {{Hit And Run Tactics}} and Chariots who are mobile {{Stone Wall}}s instead). All of them boast above average values of health, attack and defense as well as moving faster than infantry units. Their weakness is their crippling inability to deal with Pikemen/Spearmen/Samurais who deal bonus damage against them and the fact that almost all of them are end-game units that require specific steps to be accessible(European Knight and Arabian Heavy Horseman are exceptions from this rule).
%% * ''VideoGame/ShinMegamiTenseiIIINocturne'' brings us Matador, the first Fiend you encounter in the game and the game's infamous WakeUpCallBoss. While other enemies can buff their own agility up with the Sukukaja still, Matador has an ability, Red Capote, that is the equivalent of casting Sukukaja four times in one move, in order to exploit the double-turn penalty for missing attacks. Without Sukunda or especially Fog Breath to lower his agility, he becomes near-impossible to hit. On top of that, he has Andalucia, a multi-hit Physical skill that hits for painful amounts of damage.
* Some of the most {{Game Break|er}}ing builds in ''VideoGame/DarkSouls'' are all about becoming a (sometimes [[ShockAndAwe literal]]) Lightning Bruiser. Typically this involves using a weapon upgraded down one of the elemental paths, which gives the weapon high base damage but removes the damage bonuses it would normally get from a character with high stats. This means you only need to level Strength and Dexterity ''just'' enough to be able to use the weapon in the first place, allowing you to pump your Vitality and Endurance stats sky-high so that you have loads of health and can wear heavy armor without being stuck with the "fat roll". The most {{memetic| mutation}} of these Lightning Bruiser builds is the "Giantdad", which has the bare minimum Str/Dex to hold his [[IncendiaryExponent Chaos]] [[{{BFS}} Zweihander]] 2-handed, a [[StatSticks Grass Crest Shield]] on his back, and 3/4 pieces of the ridiculously heavy Giant's Armor, and a crapload of Endurance combined with Havel's Ring, the Ring of Favor and Protection, and the Mask of the Father to boost equip load to the point where he is still just as agile as a completely naked character.[[note]][[MemeticMutation Just don't tell anyone you levelled up Dex.]][[/note]]
* Several of the bosses in ''Videogame/DarkSoulsII'' are big, strong, hit like a freight train, and are almost as fast:
** The Pursuer floats over the battlefield and will charge you like a battering ram. A battering ram wielding a huge sword.
** The Lost Sinner is a huge crazy old woman who nontheless is incredibly dangerous since she spends the entire battle leaping at you and swinging her sword like the madwoman she is.
** Ornstein returns [[spoiler:as the Old Dragonslayer]] and he's even more aggressive than he was in the first game. Thankfully he's alone this time.
** ''Crown of the Iron King'' pits you against Vendrick's fallen former knight Raime, now called the Fume Knight. He is extremely aggressive and quick with his sword combos, to the point that you ''must'' become proficient at dodging since tanking his attacks will drain your stamina fast. He becomes ''even faster'' after he ditches his smaller sword and charges his Ultra Greatsword with fire and dark magic (which makes tanking his attacks even less feasible since no shield can block 100% of fire, dark, and physical damage).
** ''Crown of the Iron King'' also features a fight against the legendary Sir Alonne. He's even more aggressive than the Lost Sinner. He also has an unblockable attack, attacks that can break your guard, and he can launch a SwordBeam. He can even [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q6bxND4XbY4 parry you.]]
** ''Crown of the Ivory King'' features the King's Pets: Aava, Lud, and Zallen. These massive ice tigers leap and charge around the battlefield and are strong enough to take you out in one or two good hits with their claw swipes. The tigers also use magic in the form of ice-like sorceries. To make things worse, Aava is ''invisible'' unless you are holding certain item, while Lud and Zallen are fought together (with one gaining a powerful buff when the other dies).
%%* ''[[Videogame/AlienVsPredatorCapcom Alien Vs. Predator]]: Both of the Predators have excellent mobility and can dish out huge damage very quickly. The Aliens are no pushovers as well. The bosses Razor Claws, Mad Predator and especially the Alien Queen stand out.
* ''[[ComicBook/XenozoicTales Cadillacs and Dinosaurs]]'': The boss Slice moves quicker then the characters running, his boomerang attack outranges any player attack and cuts of a third of player's healthbar, and he takes ages to defeat. And if one is not enough, don't worry - you'll fight ''[[DualBoss two of them]]'' later in the game ([[PaletteSwap palette-swapped]] and renamed to Slisaurs).
* ''[[VideoGame/DungeonsAndDragonsChroniclesOfMystara Dungeons and Dragons]]'': On the player's side, both the Fighter and Dwarf deal a lot damage, have more health than any other character and are pretty mobile (most notably the Dwarf in the second game). On the enemies' side, almost all bosses tend to be this type of enemy. The cake, though, is taken by the Beholder, who dashes around like mad, beating him takes several minutes and (among other effective means to put truckloads of hurt on the players) has a petrifying ray attack, which ''[[OneHitKill instakills]]'' the player if it connects.
* ''VideoGame/LufiaTheLegendReturns'' has Aima and Deckard, who are two of your hardest-hitting and fastest party members, with solid durability to boot. Neither can use magic, but both have a variety of IP abilities to back up their hefty offense.
%%* ''VideoGame/FinalFight'': Among the bosses, Sodom and Rolento. Do you like to have your lifebar [[KatanasAreJustBetter dual-katana-sliced]] in half with a single running charge from the former? Or how about a shoulder toss followed by a grenade from the latter?
* ''VideoGame/GoldenAxe'': The skeletons. Fairly tough for a common enemy, walk faster then any other enemy, and God help you if they can score a full combo or their running dropdown connects.
%%* ''VideoGame/TheKingOfDragons'': The Black Knight and later his [[PaletteSwap palette swaps]] [[DualBoss Royal Knights]], dashing all over the screen, jumping around, hitting ''hard'' and outranging any player other than Elf and Wizard. Becomes more of a GlassCannon if the Wizard is in play - the multihitting jet of flame he has at these levels makes short work of him. But otherwise, have fun.
%%* ''VideoGame/KnightsOfTheRound'': On the player's side, Percival tends to be seen as a MightyGlacier, but this is because of his slow ''acceleration''. After a second of movement he's as fast as the other two characters, only he has a dash and dash attack, and he does the most damage of the trio. On the enemies side, the bosses Braford, who's more mobile on the ground than ''on a horse'', and Muramasa, charging on you with a katana and calling a ''rain of fire'' on players' heads.
%%* ''[[VideoGame/ThePunisherCapcom The Punisher]]'': Both of the player characters are very swift and have some pretty devastating moves in their arsenal. On the other side, all of the bosses, except maybe the first Guardroid. In particular, the first boss, Scully, is a [[WakeUpCallBoss nasty surprise]] after the weak and slow mooks, and Kingpin, the final boss, moves surprisingly fast for someone who looks like [[{{Acrofatic}} 300 kilograms of fat]] and will ''annihilate'' you in seconds if you let your guard down.
* ''TalesOfGraces'': Sophie has some of the best physical defence and offence stats in the game, fairly high HP, and is insanely fast. She can run circles round enemies and then knock them flat with a variety of attacks. Said attacks vary from pummeling enemies to death, to leaping into the air and shooting [[HolyHandGrenade light lasers]] down. Her variety of aerial attacks also help make her harder to hit, she has healing spells, and can learn artes from other party members, meaning she gets some stat-altering artes and ranged artes.
* Higher-level defenses in ''Mutant League Football'', especially the Deathskin Razors, War Slammers, Misfit Demons, and Darkstar Dragons. Their secondaries have the speed to cover receivers, the agility to intercept the ball, and the strength to take down the ball-carrier. Their defensive linemen can walk over most [=OLs=] and sack the QB in the blink of an eye.
* Most of the best players in ''Mutant League Hockey'' have high (often maximum) stats in at least three of the following fields: skating, speed, checking, and/or fighting. Especially notable are the game's best enforcers, Mo and Spew Puke of the Terminator Trolz. As far as teams are concerned, the Black Hearts and Darkstar Dragons have elite speed and combat ability in addition to high scoring power.
* ''VideoGame/MonsterHunter'' has many examples that fit this tropes, but none more literal than Zinogre. An absolutely huge wolf with great speed, strength, health and absurdly great agility for its size. Possessing electrical powers and two Rage modes on top of its already impressive stats makes Zinogre one of the tricker and more dangerous beasts in the game.
%%* ''VideoGame/NosferatuTheWrathOfMalachi'': Lesser Vampires' and Demons' blinding speed combined with their high damage is what makes them such a pain to deal with.
* ''VideoGame/DragonAgeII'' has elven warrior companion Fenris. He has high attack thanks to wielding two-handed weapons, and he can increase his speed and regain health whenever he kills an enemy thanks to his unique specialization. His only weakness, low survivability, is mitigated by his Lyrium Ghost sustained mode.
** A properly-built dual weapon rogue can also be this. While not exceptionally durable, rogues cap out at an 80% chance to dodge all attacks except spells and talents, a massive amount of damage with rapid critical hits, and a surprising amount of mobility on top of it.
* ''VideoGame/{{Terraria}}'' has the optional boss Duke Fishron, who not only deals incredible damage [[note]]most of his attacks deal 100 if you have no armor, in a game where you have 500[[/note]] and ''even more'' if he TurnsRed, flies around ''very'' quickly in any direction, necessitating the use for speed-increasing equips if the player doesn't want to be shredded by CollisionDamage or his attacks, and has the second-highest HP of all bosses while being a single target [[note]]The Destroyer has more but multiple segments can be attacked to deal multiplied damage[[/note]].
* Grappler-archetype ships in ''VideoGame/RingRunnerFlightOfTheSages'', have excellent shields, mobility, and attack power, but few long-range weapons.
* ''{{VideoGame/Bloodborne}}'' has the Military Veteran origin. The Stats focus on Strength and Skill, but sacrifices Bloodtinge, Arcane and a part of the Vitality Stat.
* In ''VideoGame/LordsOfTheRealm2'', knights, and especially macemen are these. Though the latter has lower defense, they move almost as fast as knights who are mounted on horses, and hit even harder than the former does.
* In the {{Franchise/Nasuverse}} doujin game ''VideoGame/BattleMoonWars'', [[VisualNovel/{{Tsukihime}} Arcuied]] -- when she finally stops playing around as a MagicalGirl -- turns into this. With her innate [[{{Vampire}} True Ancestor]] ability and her ridiculous stats, she can laugh off enemy damage, dish out insane damage with criticals, and still dodge, despite being a nominal [[SuperRobot Super]]-type character.
* {{VideoGame/StarWarsTheOldRepublic}}: Depending on your build and rotation, a Jedi Shadow or Sith Assassin can end up as this. Speccing into the tank discipline, they're marginally squishier than Guardian-Juggernaut or Vanguard-Powertech tanks, but they deal as much damage as a slightly undergeared DPS and their Force Speed (useable in or out of combat) can be used to steer bosses around the map, evade area attacks, or race across hazards. This is addition to out of combat stealth abilities and stuns that can be used to break larger groups of mooks into more easily handled numbers.
* ''VideoGame/{{Sinjid}}: Shadow of the Warrior'':
** Warriors are normally [[MightyGlacier really slow]], but if you give them Shadow equipment, you get a class that moves fast, hits hard, and can tank most hits with ease.
** Although the Semi Demon has low magic defense, he still fits this archetype due to his high physical strength, great physical defense, and decent speed.
** The Flesh Fiend has high physical strength, good physical and magic defense, and is the second fastest enemy found in the Monster Portal.
** [[spoiler: [[GrimReaper The Shadow Reaper]]]] is very powerful, has the highest defenses out of any enemy in the game, and is the second fastest enemy in the game, second only to the [[spoiler: [[FragileSpeedster Anti Ninja]]]] in terms of speed. His only weakness is his low health, but his defenses make up for it.
** [[FallenHero Warlord Izumi]] in ''Sinjid'' is fast, powerful, and has a large amount of health. For these reasons, the battle with him is considered to be the part where the game [[WakeUpCallBoss stops pulling its punches and goes all out]], both in-universe and by players.
* Sturm, SNKBoss of ''VideoGame/AdvanceWars 2'' - in the first game, he was a StoneWall, with his units trading 80% Attack for 130% Defense, but in the second, his units have 120% in both stats - that's the "bruiser" part. For the "lightning" part, he ignores terrain speed reductions, meaning that his units can casually speed their way across entire mountain ranges before slamming into the opponent's base. All this is at no increase in costs or downsides to the units themselves, as opposed to, say, Kanbei, whose units slightly eclipse Sturm's in brute power but cost considerably more. His weaknesses are a slow-charging (but very potent) CO power and being so hard to unlock that he's pretty much a BraggingRightsReward.
* Battleships and battlecruisers in ''Ogame''. Both ships share being quite resilient and having both high speed and firepower. Besides differences on building costs and {{Tech Tree}} requirements, the main difference is that the former is rather a JackOfAllTrades and the latter specialized on fighting enemy ships.
* From ''VideoGame/TheBattleCats'', we have Bore. The only thing you could even come close to calling a weakness for it is its short range, and even that [[NotTheIntendedUse helps it get past your front line]].
* The Xenomorph in ''VideoGame/AlienIsolation''. Not only can it run much faster than you, but it's completely immune to [[KillItWithFire nearly]] all of your weapons and [[OneHitKill if it manages to grab you, game over]]. If it sees you, you're pretty much screwed.
* Reaper Leviathans from ''VideoGame/{{Subnautica}}'' are about as fast as your Seamoth and are capable of ''ripping it to shreads'' or slamming it against the sea floor not to mention that they can also can kill your player character in [[OneHitKill one attack.]] Plus Reapers happen to be ''[[SeaMonster gigantic]]'' and can take several ''hundred'' slices without dying.
* In ''VideoGame/{{Nectaris}}'', the EF-88 Hunter is tougher than any other plane, it hits air and ground targets equally hard, and its movement range is almost unsurpassed. Naturally, the single-player campaign makes these fast flying tanks available to the AI much more often than to the player. However, the AI tends to get too aggressive in advancing Hunters ahead of the main offensive line, making them easier to surround and finish off with a good anti-air unit.
* In ''Videogame/EliteDangerous'', the Federal Assault ship priorities firepower, defense, and speed above all else. Courtesy of some massively oversized engines, it can chase down and out-turn almost every ship, has enough armor to tank damage, and can mount twin large Plasma Accelerators. It's also so heavy that it can handily win [[RammingAlwaysWorks ramming fights]]. However, said heavy hull gives it terrible jump range and its oversized thrusters make it expensive to outfit.
* The Way of the {{Turtle|Power}} in ''VideoGame/PunchClub'' requires high stamina to soak up damage, but strength and agility have to be balanced as well. A badly-trained fighter is nothing but a StoneWall with [[DeathOfAThousandCuts weak strikes]] or PowerfulButInaccurate ones, and that doesn't win fights. A ''well''-trained Turtle is a solid meat shield ''plus'' a nastier slugger than [[MightyGlacier the average fighter following the Way of the Bear]], with hard-ass strikes that hit consistently even against a FragileSpeedster focused on dodging like someone in the Way of the Tiger. Not only that, the Turtle has a GradualGrinder flavor to it by controlling the energy battle, letting the enemy tire out while you keep your breath by blocking and sometimes retaliating, and then knocking him down repeatedly. The problem is that, since you have to keep all the stats high, training time becomes a grindfest later on.
* The Secretary in ''VideoGame/PocketArcadeStory''. Moves extremely fast, hits hard, and has above average defenses.
* So long as you aren't comparing him to Vader, Luke Skywalker is this in ''VideoGame/StarWarsBattlefront2015''. His above-average on the ground speed is only added by his mobile jump and his far-reaching dash attack, which makes him a terror considering his lightsaber is almost always a OneHitKill on normal players, even if they try to abuse the invincibility of the Bacta Bomb. He also has great health like all Heroes and can even deflect shots back at enemies with his lightsaber, although not as effectively as Darth Vader.
* Rean Schwarzer in ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfHeroesTrailsOfColdSteel'' is this in gameplay as he's able to tank decently, a high attack power, and is amazingly fast. He also comes with attacks that allow him to delay opponents with ease. And that's not even counting on his SuperMode that buffs up his stats even more in ''Cold Steel II'' or his HumongousMecha where he can tank powerful enemies with ease to buy time for his allies. His only real issue is that he's terrible at counterattacking enemies as his default attack requires that he needs to be right next to an enemy whereas other characters can counterattack from a distance.
* ''VideoGame/MordheimCityOfTheDamned'' has the factions' Impressive units, with the Order factions (the Mercenaries' Ogre, Sisters' Maiden of Sigmar and Witch Hunters' Executioner) putting more emphasis on the "Bruiser" and the Destruction factions (the Skaven's Rat Ogre, the Cult's Chaos Spawn and the Undead's Crypt Horror) putting emphasis on the "Lightning". With their incredibly high strength, toughness, agility and weapons skill, Impressives are a terrifying prospect for your units to face unless they have an Impressive of their own or have Heroes and Leaders working closely together. A single Impressive can rip through multiple lowly henchmen with ease. What's worse, they all generate Fear so troops have to pass a leadership check or take a massive malus to hit, the Chaos Spawn and Crypt Horror have the superior Terror effective instead, and the Maiden swaps Fear for being a MagicKnight who is ImmuneToBullets. Impressives do have their drawbacks, though: they're so big that they can't enter doorways to buildings, they can't loot items or wyrdstone, their equipment selection is usually limited, and most of them are vulnerable to missile troops.
* ''VideoGame/NocturneRebirth'': This trope may or may not apply to Reviel and Luna before the level cap, since their stat build is determined by their skill tree allocation. However, most sensible skill tree builds will ensure that they're stronger (in their primary offensive stat), studier, and faster than average compared to equally leveled familiar units. At the level cap and with maxed skill trees, both Reviel and Luna will definitely exceed capped familiars' average base stats, though Reviel has the highest base stats (in every stat except MP) of the two.
* ''VideoGame/{{Prototype}}'':
** Alex Mercer himself. Fast enough to run up walls, can tank ''anything'' Blackwatch throws at him, and possesses SuperStrength, together with the ability to [[ShapeShifterWeapon transform his limbs into an arsenal of blades, whips, claws, and clubs]].
** There are other Infected (Blackwatch Super Soldiers and Hunters) that can rival Alex's speed, strength and durability.
*** James Heller of ''VideoGame/{{Prototype 2}}'' is ''even more'' faster and stronger than Alex.
* As of ''VideoGame/WolfensteinTheNewOrder'', B.J Blazkowicz has remarkable flexibility and agility for a man who is built like a brick outhouse, strong enough to dual-wield assault rifles and automatic shotguns and with maximum health and armour tough enough to tank as many bullets as the [[SuperSoldier Ubersoldat]] from ''VideoGame/ReturnToCastleWolfenstein''. He can squeeze through tight vents and leap over wide gaps. B.J's MadeOfIron tendencies are truly incredible - there are a fair few instances in the game where he and a Nazi have a fight which consists of the two stabbing each other in the chest until the Nazi inevitably succumbs to his wounds first.
* ''VideoGame/VampireTheMasqueradeBloodlines'' allows any player character to become this through the PointBuildSystem, but special credit goes to the Brujah [[VampireVarietyPack vampire clan]], who are unique in having access to both SuperSpeed and SuperStrength. In the [[JustifiedTutorial tutorial]], a Brujah Elder shows those powers off with a deadly FoeTossingCharge.