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[[caption-width-right:332:Koyomi, Kaho, Misa & Yumiko]]
Translation: ''Easy to Understand Modern Magic''

Koyomi Morishita is an OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent who can't do anything right. Figuring that magic could help her out, she follows an old pamphlet to the Anehara Cross School of Magic. Misa Anehara, who lives there with her younger brother, says that the building hasn't been a proper school for years, but she agrees to take on Koyomi anyhow and teach her in the ways of Modern Magic. Koyomi's classmate, Kaho, and a descendant of a powerful magician, Yumiko, end up learning from Misa as well.

Based on a series of LightNovels, the show received an anime adaptation in the summer of 2009. The anime adaptation is currently airing on [[http://www.theanimenetwork.com/Anime/Modern-Magic-Made-Simple/Watch The Anime Network.]] as ''Modern Magic Made Simple'' and on [[http://www.crunchyroll.com/yokuwakaru-gendai-maho Crunchyroll]] as Yokuwakaru Gendai Maho.
!!Tropes in ''Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou'' include:

* AccidentalPervert: Koyomi is fascinated by Yumiko's bras, panties, and frequent lack thereof. She [[MsFanservice frequently gets into situations that reveal this]].
* AcquiredPoisonImmunity: A magical version with [[spoiler:Soshiro]]. Having been unknowingly exposed to magic through [[spoiler: Misa's cooking]] his entire life, nothing [[AntiMagic magical]] affects him.
** This is how the ChurchMilitant trains their {{Mage Killer}}s. It usually kills the person who does it. [[spoiler:Soshiro and Misa]] lucked out. ([[spoiler:And Misa]] luckily avoided being responsible for the death of ''another'' family member.) No, [[spoiler:Soshiro]] is not a member of the ChurchMilitant; but enemy mages confuse him for one. (Said Church never actually appears in the anime)
* AnvilOnHead: Or [[DropTheWashtub the nearest equivalent]], several falling basins from Koyomi.
* ArbitrarySkepticism: Soshiro refuses to believe magic exists, and thinks all the supposed mages around him are nuts. This is partly because of his [[spoiler:magic immunity]] preventing him from seeing the spells, but it's not clear how he rationalizes the huge washbasins that keep appearing out of thin air right in front of him.
* AttackOfThe50FootWhatever: Misa stops a crashing plane by summoning a [[spoiler:''giant teddy bear''.]]
* BadassNormal: Kaho. She is the most normal person in the main cast, class representative, and badass modern-time magician. She is probably on par with Misa in understanding modern magic and was able to upgrade Misa's pendant and use a miniature version of Misa's Christmas Shopper (a program that gives her access to all computers on the world) ''with her cell phone''. What makes it even more impressing is the fact [[InvisibleToNormals that she can't even SEE most of the stuff the others are talking/fighting about]].
* BeachEpisode
* BishoujoGenre
* BlandNameProduct: WcDonalds, Aser (instead of Acer), etc.
* BoringButPractical: Seriously, ''guys''! That magic to turn codes into swords really starts getting old after episode 10!
* ButNotTooForeign: Yumiko, in spite of her unusual looks, is still Japanese, as she points out.
* ChekhovsGun: Misa introduces a spell that "could call a cell phone that's turned off" early into the third episode. She later uses that spell to call Yumiko... as she's trying to sneak up on a group of Daemons.
* ClassRepresentative: Kaho
* CombinedEnergyAttack: The Sorceress Library has the power of all Ghostscripts in the world. Misa created the Christmas Shopper, a program that gives her access and the power of all computers in the world.
%% * CoolBigSis: Misa
* CrashIntoHello: Koyomi's first meeting with Soshiro in the novels.
* CrazyPrepared: Knowing that Koyomi would likely get herself into trouble, Kaho placed a hard copy of her phone number into the battery compartment of Koyomi's cell phone. This ends up saving her when she's trapped in an office building.
** Koyomi getting herself into trouble doesn't take too much ability to anticipate, however.
%% * CreditsRunningSequence
%% * CuteClumsyGirl: Koyomi
%% * DarkIsNotEvil: Misa Anehara
* DeathByChildbirth: Variation. Misa's mother used up all of her strength while saving Misa, so she did not have enough energy while giving birth to Soshiro and died.
* DecoyProtagonist: In the First Episode Yumiko has the focus however its turns out that Koyomi Morishita is the main character
* DropTheWashtub: Koyomi's [[BlessedWithSuck sole ability]].
* EmotionlessGirl: Kaho
* EvilIsNotAToy: Guess how the Evil Sorceress who wants to kill everyone rewards the mage who resurrected her? Go on, guess.
* EyesAlwaysShut: Guibarthez.
* FunbagAirbag: How Yumiko and Koyomi first meet.
* TheFool
-->'''Kaho''': Our secret weapon is a [[CuteClumsyGirl klutzy crybaby]] who will [[TakeAThirdOption walk the unknown highwire]], crying and tripping all the way, [[AllLovingHero to save us all.]]
* FuroScene: The bonus episode 0 ends with one of these.
* GratuitousEnglish: Used extensively in the opening tune.
* IdiosyncraticEpisodeNaming: Overlaps with ShownTheirWork, as every episode title is related to computer programming in some way, beginning with the first episode ("[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hello_world_program Hello, World]]").
* IneptMage: Koyomi, who only knows ''one'' spell. [[DropTheWashtub Wear your helmet when she performs it]].
** It could be seen as a case of BlessedWithSuck: she transforms all spells into falling basins, including those being cast ''on her''.
** To be fair, it's not the only spell she ''knows'', but the only spell she can perform, as any spell cast by and on her are transformed into this.
* IKnowYoureInThereSomewhereFight.
* InvisibleToNormals: Daemons, Jinis and Ghostscripts can't be seen by those who can't detect magic, which leaves Kaho unable to see most of what everyone's talking about.
* LethalChef: Misa's cooking looks terrible, but she cheats around the trope by using magic.
%% * LightIsGood: Yumiko
* LightIsNotGood: Guibarthez he wears white and has a white glow
* {{Magitek}}: Any sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from technology, since it all works on electronic pulses, whether those are from a computer (Modern Day Magic) or a person (Classical Magic).
* MaleGaze: In the anime, the camera often pauses on female characters' breasts or rear ends.
%% * ManInWhite: Guibarthez.
* ModestyBedsheet: Yumiko's way of wrapping hers around is truly amazing.
* MoodWhiplash: Various minor examples, what with the bizarre fanservicey comedy interspersed with appearances by the creepy homicidal ghost-wizard, but this ''really'' takes effect when [[spoiler:Yumiko accidentally impales Misa, and spends the next few episodes angsting over her apparent death.]]
%% * MsFanservice: Yumiko
* MysticalWhiteHair: Yumiko. It's a marker for magical ability.
* OlderThanTheyLook: Koyomi is mistaken for an elementary schooler even though she's 15. In contrast, Yumiko is YoungerThanTheyLook. She's ''also'' 15, but looks closer to an adult.
%% * OminousLatinChanting: Whenever Guibarthez appears.
* TheOneGuy: Soushirou, Misa's younger brother, who mostly helps with odd jobs around the house.
* OurGhostsAreDifferent: Well, not ''too'' different; "Ghostscripts" are given some MagiBabble as the memories left behind. Some have more personality than others.
* PantyShot: Whoever wrote the first couple of episodes of the anime must have quite a fetish for these...
* PowerCopying: Yumiko is able to copy a spell after seeing it performed once.
* PowersViaPossession: Yumiko becomes the vessel for a legendary sorceress, effectively being taken over. This crosses over with PowerGivesYouWings as well.
* RealPlaceBackground: The series takes place in some clearly recognizable Tokyo locales, Akihabara first and foremost.
* RedBaron: Misa is "The Modern Day Mage."
* SheIsNotMyGirlfriend: In the first chapter of the novels, Misa finds Koyomi and Soshiro arguing about magic, and mistakes it for a couple's fight. Both of them are quick to deny it.
* SmokeShield: Misa is smart enough to know this did ''not'' kill the BigBad and says she's waiting for them to come out.
* StableTimeLoop: Koyomi returns to the time when Yumiko is still a kid and met Misa for the first time, originally the cat that Yumiko befriends died and become a ghostscript, but thanks to Koyomi it survives and Yumiko ends up admiring the girl she met that day without knowing it's Koyomi all along.
%% * StormOfBlades: Yumiko and Guibarthez
%% * TakeMyHand
* TimeStandsStill: [[spoiler:The destructive fire-mage]] has this power, although it looks like teleportation at first.
* ThanatosGambit: Misa turns herself into a Ghostscript deliberately in order to be able to drag the Sorceress into a Dimensional Abyss. [[spoiler: However, she survived.]]
* {{Tsundere}}: Yumiko often displays a somewhat of a tsundere like personality towards Koyomi
* VaporWear: Yumiko has a tendency to lose her panties.
* {{Webisode}}: Episode 0 was posted online as a lead-in to the series.
* WhatKindOfLamePowerIsHeartAnyway: Koyomi's sole magical skill is summoning basins. It's still a decently useful power if she ever figures out just how she creates them.
** Of course, once they discover how it works, it goes from 'decently useful' to '[[HeartIsAnAwesomePower almost unstoppable]]' as Koyomi can rewrite ''any'' spellcode into the basin summoning spell, no matter how powerful or how complicated. This makes attacking her with any sort of magic nigh impossible. Unfortunately, as noted by TheDragon, once she can't create any more codes (your capillaries break if you create too many), she becomes a sitting duck.
* WizardingSchool: The story's main setting, the Anehara Cross School of Magic. Technically it used to be a school; but the current owner of the house (also a mage) figured "Eh, why not?" and is teaching Koyomi and Kaho for her amusement.
%% * WomanInWhite: Yumiko
* YearInsideHourOutside: Koyomi spends three episodes, spread over the course of a few hours, in the past. It translates to 23 seconds in the present.
%% * YouShallNotPass
* YoungerThanTheyLook: Yumiko who is 15 but looks closer to an adult.
* YourMindMakesItReal: When Koyomi time travels by writing herself into the Code of the past, she has to be careful not to be harmed in the past, as it could damage her future self as well.
** For that matter; she really ''shouldn't'' have been able to travel to the past; or rather; it should have been more IntangibleTimeTravel. Something about her made it real.