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->''"Because it is always plagiarism, especially when it isn't."''

Sometimes, two works are obviously [[WholePlotReference inspired by each other]], or the younger one contains minor {{Shout Out}}s to the older one, or they are coincidentally considered DuelingMovies.

This page is '''not''' a collection for them. Here, we should experiment with finding some less obvious, and probably ''nonexistent'' connections, through wordplay, and selective examples of plot points. Please sign your entries[[note]]By making your own subhead in alphabetical order by Troper[[/note]] in the appropriate folder.

This page is where the ''plots'' or ''settings'' between two stories are similar. If all that is similar are the ''characters'', that belongs in JustForFun/SurprisinglySimilarCharacters instead.

Because the article has become too long, all entries have been separated into two pages.

'''Spoilers ahead!''' Mostly unmarked, so read at your own risk.

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