Welcome to the home page for the SecretOrganizationCravingIntelligentEnigmaticTropersYonder ([[FunWithAcronyms SOCIETY]]). To differentiate ourselves from other organizations using the term "society," please use all-caps when referring to us.

We are TV Tropes' very own "secret" organization with a secret {{Plan}} to fulfill the Great Edit. Who we are is a mystery known only to us. Are we an AncientConspiracy, the villain of TV Tropes, or are we just a misunderstood beneficiary group looking out for the common good for everyone? Just because [[VillainByDefault secret organizations]] tend to be villainous doesn't mean we are villains -- right?

We are an organization that exists on both sides of the fourth wall. This means that we exist as an actual troper organization but we also exist as an entity in the Troperverse. For example, we send our [[TheDragon Dragon]], [[SdrawkcabName Nate Port]], to the Council Of Shadows and House Of Mentalism as our representative during their meetings.

Whether you believe this or not, we claim on our W-4 forms to be a Lawful Good organization, concerned with upholding the standards of TV Tropes. We accept members of most affiliations/alignments (unless we deem you a villain; but this is unlikely, so SPOONS, FORKS, KNIVES, PLATTERS members are all welcome to join). In our soon-to-come mission page, we will designate what pages to edit and what we want edited.

Perhaps we can drop subtle hints about who we are. Why are we giving you this information? We want to advance the Great Edit, of course, and disorient those who want to stand against us.

[[spoiler: This is hard to comprehend, is it not?]] Indeed, many fail to comprehend the planning required for an operation of that scale. How does this help us? A secret we decline to reveal. We knowingly admit all this because we do not want any misunderstood tension (or do we?) and we want you to know that you can have an even larger part in our plans.

Perhaps because of that major spoiler our only secrets seem to be what the Great Edit is, and what we do to fulfill it. Yet that tidbit is such a tiny fragment of information, and its revelation prepares the Great Edit to proceed further, because we [[GambitRoulette planned]] for how YOU will use that information. You are barely beginning to grasp the magnitude and reach of the SOCIETY. Pages upon pages will have links to us; you could find it as a word or even punctuation. While we seem to be only an unusual editing organization, our activities reach farther than you can imagine.

Oh, and remember when you highlighted that spoiler tag? You helped us prepare for phase 3 of the Great Edit.

Just add your name to the page and you are part of the SOCIETY! Simply add a "*" and a link to your troper page (or we will make one for you), along with a (preferably blue-linked epithet) if you so choose. In fact, if you so much as edit this page, you are automatically inducted and ResignationsNotAccepted policies (which may/may not change in the future) are in full swing, so hit the ~cancel edit~ button if you do not want to join. Direct your questions to our discussion page, please.

!!High Members
* '''The Contributor'''
* [[SdrawkcabName Nate Port]], TheDragon
* Several others that declined mention

* {{Tropers/Ahzoh}}, An {{Ubermensch}}/[[TheAntiNihilist Anti-Nihilist]], a {{Magnificent Bastard}} and a {{Badass In A Nice Suit}}. Also he is a native speaker of the language of [[ConLang Arkhæo]].
* {{Tropers/Daikiwixep}}, [[AddedAlliterativeAppeal Fellow Founder]]
* Tropers/BlossomMorphine, [[TheStarscream Loyal]] [[DragonWithAnAgenda Follower]]
* Tropers/SPPKnight, [[AmbitionIsEvil Ambitious]] {{Schemer}}
* Tropers/LadyNorbert, ReverseMole
* Nejikitty, {{Mad Scientist}}
* Crazyjosh, {{Schemer}}
* Tropers/DraconicAssassin, {{Deadpan Snarker}}
* {{Tropers/Freiberg}}, ForeheadOfDoom
* Tropers/HighOnTrope, [[LargeHam Representative]]
* Tropers/OMalley, [[NeoclassicalPunkZydecoRockabilly Resident indie musician]]
* {{Tropers/Guardyanangel}}, [[TheOphelia Insane]] [[WideEyedIdealist Innocent]]
* Tropers/ExplodingFrogs, [[PerpetualSmiler Cheery]] [[DoubleReverseQuadrupleAgent Multitasker]]
* {{Tropers/Catheri}}, [[TheHeart The Heart]] training to be [[MessianicArchetype The Messiah]]
* {{Tropers/Doomlewa}}, [[CanadaEh Northern Intelligence]]
* {{Tropers/Haustere}}, [[UndyingLoyalty Devoted]] [[TheMedic Medic]].
* {{Tropers/Ringo}}, heaven's [[{{Exalted}} fate-ninja]] with [[AlmightyJanitor discipline]] issues.
* {{Tropers/invisible-chan}}, [[DeadpanSnarker deadpan snarking]] MetaGuy
* {{Tropers/DoMakeSayThink}}, [[BadassBeard Bearded]] [[MagnificentBastard magnificent bastard]]
* {{Tropers/TheAppleFreak}}, [[LargeHam A person with a natural affinity for speaking loudly and exorbitantly]]
* {{Tropers/LostLenore}}, [[SillyRabbitIdealismIsForKids Ubercynic]] and [[BadassLongcoat token trenchcoat-wearer]]
* {{Tropers/Theanimejunkie12}}, The [[EvilGenius smart]] {{Meganekko}} with a [[GirlWithPsychoWeapon love for]] [[KnifeNut sharp knives]].
* {{Tropers/Brick3621}}, a BrilliantButLazy [[KnightInSourArmor idealist who wears a facade of cynicism]].
* {{Tropers/KardThief}}, a [[BrilliantbutLazy less than reliable]] {{Gentleman Thief}} with a [[MultiplechoicePast mysterious past]], [[TheGrimReaper plus a side job]].
* {{Tropers/Allsmileysfly}}, a [[BowtiesAreCool bowtie-loving]], [[GenkiGirl amusingly]] [[SesquipedalianLoquaciousness bookish]] [[SupernaturalIsPurple Purple]] [[BlackMagicianGirl Magician Girl]] who [[ProtectorsOfThePlotContinuum defends the dimensions of fiction]] from the forces of [[MyImmortal evil]], [[CharacterDerailment character derailment]], and [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking yogurt]] in her spare time. [[AwesomenessByAnalysis Knows something]] about the SOCIETY's [[FourthWallObserver storyline....]]
* {{Tropers/Jcatgrl}}, a [[TeenGenius smart]] but [[AttentionDeficitOohShiny easily distracted]] [[{{Meganekko}} glasses wearing girl]] with a penchant for [[ZettaiRyouiki short skirts and long socks]].
* {{Tropers/Icarael}}, KnightTemplar and Chancellor of [[MagicTheGathering the Machine Orthodoxy of New Phyrexia]].
* {{Tropers/Ingonyama}}, the [[TokenMinority token]] [[StraightGay gay]] [[GoodWitchVersusBadWitch witch]] with the [[Franchise/{{X-Men}} mutant power]] of [[ThePornomancer pornomancy]].
* {{Tropers/Spark2}}, the WeirdnessMagnet.
* {{Tropers/HumanaUox}}, the [[AIIsACrapshoot MOST AMazing... COMpuTER ev-ev-ev-er BUILT]].
* {{Tropers/FrostedSwitchblade}}, [[VillainSong Tap-Dancing]] [[HumanoidAbomination Humanoid Abomination]].
* {{Tropers/Cybergman}}, [[BlatantLies is a perfectly normal]] [[EldritchAbomination human]] [[HumanoidAbomination being]]. Despite his completely normal leather [[HammerSpace tr]][[PocketDimension en]][[TeleportCloak ch]][[BadassLongcoat coat]].
* {{Tropers/Kriminell}}, is [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial definitely not here for his own agenda]]. [[BlatantLies Totally here to further SOCIETY's goals]]. [[BlatantLies Also totally]] [[TheManBehindTheMan not the]] [[EldritchAbomination being]] [[ItChangedNowItSucks that created Death]] [[MostWonderfulSound when the songs of creation were sung]].
* {{Tropers/Fishsicles}}, MysteriousWatcher
* {{Tropers/Teslamancer}}, [[TimeAbyss Has had alot of time to]] [[BeingWatched observe the situation]] and decided to join [[ForTheEvulz just because.]] [[ShockAndAwe Has a decided affinity for electricity]] [[HumongousMecha ,robots]] [[MoreDakka and]] [[GunPorn guns]]
* {{Tropers/ladygem}}, ProperlyParanoid {{Cloudcuckoolander}} If you can't beat them, join 'em.
* {{Tropers/Calisky}}, [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial Certainly Not]] [[TheOnlyOneAllowedToDefeatYou the Only Only one Allowed to Defeat]] [[ThereIsAnother the Other]] [[MetaGuy Meta Guy]].
* {{Tropers/piratemari}}, [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Rogue rover]] with her [[CloudCuckooLander head in the clouds]] and filled with [[ObfuscatingInsanity crazy]].
* {{Tropers/Loveindigo}}, A [[GeniusDitz Great and]] [[CorruptCorporateExecutive Powerful]] [[AnonymousBenefactor Rich]] [[Series/DoctorWho Time Lord]] who funds SOCIETY in it's endavors.
* @/WillZ
* [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Tropers/AeonEchelon Aeon Echelon]], AdventurerArchaeologist
* {{Tropers/AiliaSparrowhawk}} the [[GenkiGirl sugar]] [[CloudCuckooLander high]] [[BewaretheNiceOnes demolition]] [[CrazyAwesome expert]]
* {{Tropers/Trebor}} the [[CloudCuckooLander cra]][[NightmareFetishist zy]] [[DepravedHomosexual homo]][[CampGay sexual]] [[TooKinkyToTorture fre]][[PerkyGoth ak]] and [[ASinisterClue lefty]].
* {{Tropers/Hilhog0}} the [[FalseReassurance compl]] [[BlatantLies etely]] [[AxCrazy sane]] representative of [[TheIlluminati certain]] interests [[spoiler: fnord]]
* {{Tropers/Muramasan13}}, local ''[[NoodleImplements something]]'' [[IMeantToDoThat expert.]]
* @/Kickasstakenames, [[TheChessmaster excellent planner]], [[FauxAffablyEvil terribly polite]] and [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking head of catering.]]
* {{Tropers/Jstriker}}, A [[BlatantLies normal]] [[MadScientist person]] who just happens to have a [[SupervillainLair rather]] [[BiggerOnTheInside large]] [[MaximumFunChamber basement]]. [[InfallibleBabble Rumors abound]] that he [[CaptainErsatz heavily]] resembles a [[MagnificentBastard character]] from [[Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion a certain anime]] and may be plotting to become the ultimate [[KavorkaMan pimp]] using a [[WebAnimation/EvangelionReDeath outdated pop song]]. [[spoiler: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-RsepQh342g Ohh, Baby.]]]]
* {{Tropers/MSAdict}}, local TeamChef and good for [[TheStrategist planning.]] [[TVTropesWillRuinYourLife Reached]] the DespairEventHorizon, and joined. [[BlatantLies He's totally not insane.]] [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial Really.]] [[RightHandCat Isn't]] [[CrazyCatLady that]] [[CatsAreMean right]] [[KindheartedCatLover kitty...?]]
* {{Tropers/Squall}}. Just Squall, thank you.
* {{Tropers/Kitkun}}. [[MagnificentBastard Magnificent Bastard]] shapeshifter (Always a [[TalkingAnimal Talking]]/[[FunnyAnimal Funny]] [[TalkingAnimal Animal]]) [[LittleMissSnarker with a love of snark]], [[LargeHam hamminess]], and [[MindScrew messing with people's minds]].
* {{Tropers/Nekumata}}. Resident CatBoy AxeCrazy HitmanWithAHeart reporting, though previous attempts at our enemies' heads have had... [[TheDitz Oops..]]
* {{Tropers/LordZorc}} DitzyGenius [[SuperPoweredEvilSide with something dark hiding inside]].
* {{Tropers/KingNerd}} The 12 year old that [[CreepyChild LOVES]] [[BlackComedy Dead Baby Comedy]].
* {{Tropers/MeesterBob}}. The pen name of an EldritchAbomination that may or may not be the one whom the Society worships.
* @/{{razorrozar7}}, the [[SunnySunflowerDisposition irrepressibly happy]] GrammarNazi.
* @/BlakeDiamond, an [[StraightGay openly gay]] [[JackOfAllTrades youth of many talents]] (Though he [[SelfDeprecation wont openly admit it]]) who is eager to get involved.
* southpawfoil. The [[IAmNotLeftHanded actually left-handed]] youthful samurai and resident [[ShrinkingViolet Shrinking Violet]].
* @/{{Savato}}, the {{Insufferable Genius}}, who installed the {{Berserk Button}}.
* @/{{ronnoc1}}, the {{magnificent bastard}} {{double reverse quadruple agent}} and newcomer who wields a {{One Handed Zweihander}}. Skilled in the arts of {{Brainwashed and Crazy}} and {{More than mind control}}.
* @/{{Reterusu}}, AKA Romaji. The only member of the SOCIETY made out of letters.
* {{Tropers/Raysenn}}, The {{Adorkable}} [[TheCutie cutie]] with NoIndoorVoice, with DeadpanSnarker tendencies.
* {{Tropers/PhoenixTorque}}, the [[KuuDere quiet]] [[TheSnarkKnight sarcastic]] [[GamerChick techie]] [[GenreSavvy with]] [[TheChessmaster so]][[MagnificentBastard me]] [[StepfordSnarker issues.]]
* Tropers/{{magmablock}}, [[TheStoic stoic]] on the outside, [[CloudCuckooLander oddball]] on the inside. [[TheChessmaster Thinks twelve steps ahead]], but often leaves out [[SuperOCD one tiny, meaningless detail that drives him mad]].
* AvaPhoenixia, CloudCuckooLander [[MinionWithAnFInEvil with an F in Evil]].
* Veloren, resident [[ManchurianAgent liaison]] with the [[http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=118398138182138 Omniscient Council Of Vagueness]]. [[DoubleReverseQuadrupleAgent Possibly]].
* Tropers/SpellCzech: [[UnreliableNarrator Unreliable]] {{Cloudcuckoolander}} [[BlatantLies Bishonen with a Fu Manchu.]] In short, controller of [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking truth, lies, and the cafeteria.]]
* Tropers/TheBibliothecarius: ThePianoPlayer with a {{Complexity Addiction}}.
* {{Tropers/Numbuh9494}}, The StepfordSmiler
* {{Tropers/Darkclaw}}, The NiceGuy, WideEyedIdealist [[BreadEggsMilkSquick and]] BloodKnight
* Lilla, may or may not exist
* Tropers/ChaosTheVoid, EldritchAbomination from [[TimeAbyss before the creation of the Universe]].
* Tropers/LoonShia, [[NoodleIncident destroyer of bathrooms]].
* Tropers/RainbowLizard, the mythical [[CharacterLevel Level]] [[OneHundredAndEight 108]] LizardFolk [[GuildWars Mesmer]]
* [[Creator/TomCruise Tom Cruise]], fellow follower.
* {{Tropers/ShinyVulpix}}, [[TheTrickster Trickster]] [[CunningLikeAFox Extraordinaire]] and {{Lovable Rogue}}.
* {{Tropers/Newwingstonight}} A [[MisunderstoodLonerwithaHeartofGold Loner]] with some skill in [[TheStrategist strategy]]
* {{Tropers/FanGirlAndProudOfIt}}, NotSoAboveItAll CloudCuckoolandersMinder.
* {{Tropers/EvilDucky}}, the EnigmaticMinion with PsychicPowers, who believes you and he are NotSoDifferent.
* Tropers/BananaPancakes, a [[Series/{{Community}} Human Being]] in a [[Series/{{Firefly}} brown coat]] with a [[BigEater big appetite]] and too many {{Berserk Button}}s to count.
* {{Tropers/MHMhasf1998}}, A [[NiceGuy nice]] BadassBookworm [[BadassInANiceSuit who wears a very nice suit,]] complete with BadassLongcoat, and also wears a snazzy pair of [[CoolShades Rayban Predators.]] He is a FunctionalMagic user, (and so carries a wand and spell book in his pocket at all times) and head of Memory Control, who will make sure that no non-members will remember what has been read here. For this reason, he carries a [[Film/MenInBlack neuralyser]] with him at all times. If you will kindly look into this here red light....*FLASH*.'' You saw nothing suspicious on this page. You will not remember what you saw on this page.You were merely browsing through this [[ShamelessSelfPromotion incredible site, and will likely become an editor of it in the near future]]. You will close this page, and not go to this trope page again unless you are ready to become a member. Thank you for your time.''
* {{Tropers/NNLand}}, Currently suffering from [[MoodSwinger personality conflicts]]. [[BurningWithAnger All]] [[DullEyesOfUnhappiness four]] [[ThePollyanna sides of]] [[DeadpanSnarker him]] don't understand why either. And no, the name isn't a reference to ''Literature/AlicesAdventuresInWonderland. [[BerserkButton Stop it.]]
* Tropers/TryinaD Nobody. Just nobody.
* {{Tropers/Vyor}} here, I love Flounders, dOn't yoU? Never thought i'D see the day where You shOwed me the dark Unending abyss...
* {{Tropers/Zephyroph}}, an Atheist, PunchClockVillain, [[BadassInANiceSuit complete with a dapper suit]] and a [[KnightInSourArmor flak jacket of pure cynicism to compliment.]]
* {{Tropers/Torchic65101}}, a {{Pacifist}} who has [[MoodSwinger Bipolar Disorder]] who is {{TheSmartGuy}} and is [[PsychicBlockDefense immune to mind control]].
* {{Tropers/Hobodude34}}, a [[BlatantLies totally epic and amazing guy who's the best member of the SOCIETY]], who the Chihuahua dragged in one day.
* Tropers/ShiningKami, StepfordSnarker, GamerChick and not-so-BadassBookworm.
* Tropers/EinherjarLeo. NaiveNewcomer. NiceGuy [[BewareTheNiceOnes (albeit a bit short fused]] and [[KnightInSourArmor somewhat cynical)]]. [[GratuitousForeignLanguage Foreigner, prone to]] [[{{Engrish}} mistakes]]. [[TheSlacker A bit lazy]] and [[BookDumb knowledgeable only in specific subjects]]. [[CoolGuns Fond of guns, especially pistols,]] with UndyingLoyalty for the TrueCompanions.
* {{Tropers/ojgjgb}}. A [[TheCynic cynical]], [[ConsummateLiar lying]], MagnificentBastard [[DeadpanSnarker with a cutting tongue]]. [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial Totally not]] [[BlatantLies an]] [[StepfordSnarker insane]] [[AxCrazy as]][[GirlWithPsychoWeapon sa]][[ChainsawGood ss]][[KnifeNut in]].
* {{Tropers/Treeman}}. {{The Quiet One}},With a touch of {{Genius Ditz}}
* {{Tropers/MockingByrd}}. The {{Emotionless Girl}}. Hello.
* {{Tropers/Koopario}}, [[FanCharacter yellow-shelled]] [[PaperMario Koopa]], maker of characters, [[BreakingtheFourthWall 4th wall aware,]] and [[BalefulPolymorph Sorcerer]] [[VoluntaryShapeshifting of]] [[ShapeshifterModeLock Animals]]. Relations to a certain Goomba are unknown, and he [[NoFourthWall doesn't seem too interested in keeping that wall intact...]]
* {{Tropers/inukai44}}, An student of history and Resident BadassBookworm
* {{Tropers/Rytex}}, [[CulturedBadass Cultured]] BadassBookworm (in his head), DeadpanSnarker, NiceGuy, sports fan, WarriorPoet, CloudCuckoolander, and {{Troll}} extraordinaire.
* {{Tropers/dArhengel}} MadScientist &[[TheEngineer Engineer]] superlative. Hobbies include [[KineticWeaponsAreJustBetter Kinetics]], PoweredArmour, long rides with his [[TransformingMecha customized]] [[MiniMecha motorcycle]] and putting himself thru TrainingFromHell in his spare time to achieve GeniusBruiser status.
Our missions page will come up when the first couple of members sign up.