Just For Fun / How to Pull Off a Bavarian Fire Drill

Got a task that needs to get done, but have run into a Bureaucratic Barrier? Consider pulling a Bavarian Fire Drill! To do it just:

  1. Dress the part. Most of the time, looking like a person in authority is as easy as putting on a sharp looking suit and tie. On rare occasions you may need to acquire a specific uniform and possibly an ID badge, though.
  2. Carry yourself like someone in authority. No one will believe you're a big shot unless you walk the walk.
  3. Have PDA, iPad, or Clipboard in hand and act like you're gathering important data.
  4. Act impatient and overly officious. People have been carefully conditioned all their lives to assume that such a person is in charge.
  5. Learn to spot easy marks, watch out for anyone who might not be so gullible.
  6. Journalists are terrifying to anyone at a desk job. Exponentially more so when they're working for corporations, governments, or criminal fronts. Posing as a journalist will get you far.