''Need to protect a character from dying? It's easy! Just:''

# Make them [[ContractualImmortality a main character]].
# Make them [[EnsembleDarkhorse more popular than the main character]].
## Unless the main character is particularly [[CreatorsPet beloved by the writers]], in which case make yours slightly ''less'' popular to avoid [[TooCoolToLive complications]].
# Make them the main character's [[ThePowerOfLove love interest]] or [[ThePowerOfFriendship best friend]] (with plenty of CharacterDevelopment to keep you [[StuffedIntoTheFridge out of the crisper]]).
# Train them in SuperNotDrowningSkills.
# Refer to them to indicate that they're [[CharacterOutlivesActor alive off-screen]] without appearing on-screen.
# Give them the superpower of [[NighInvulnerability biological invincibility]].
# Send them on [[HumanPopsicle a trip longer than their life-span]].
# Give them a PocketProtector.
# Put them in [[DeathTrap an elaborate killing-machine, unsupervised]].
# Put them in [[FakingTheDead the Plot Device Witness Protection Program]].
# Inflict [[MadeOfIron lethal injuries when the plot doesn't call for death]].
# Have rules against upsetting the BalanceBetweenGoodAndEvil.
# Ensure that the opposing sides [[EnforcedColdWar never actually come to blows]].
# Make the other characters [[LeftForDead perfectly satisfied they're dead]].
# Honorably discharge them from the cast with [[AscendToAHigherPlaneOfExistence a possibility they could return]].
# Allow the villain to indulge at having [[BondVillainStupidity the perfect opportunity to kill them]].
# [[{{Bowdlerise}} Rewrite the show]] to make it [[NeverSayDie safer]]/ lower the target audience age.
# Have their [[TrueLovesKiss true love kiss them]].
# Make them [[InfantImmortality a baby or a dog]].
## Unless the latter is [[DeathByNewberyMedal in a work after the Newbery Medal.]]
# Put them through a situation that would surely kill them [[NotQuiteDead without showing them dead]].
# Make them [[JokerImmunity a talented or popular villain]].
# Invite [[TheOnlyOneAllowedToDefeatYou their arch rival]] to their battle with someone else.
# Comply with [[NeverSayDie censors]].
# Don't let anyone [[NeverFoundTheBody find their body]].
# [[OnlyAFleshWound Wound]] them during a critical, dramatic, action-packed fight scene.
# [[HumanPopsicle Freeze them]].
# Make them an incredibly cool hero with [[HollywoodHealing injuries that should be fatal]].
# Make them [[SealedEvilInACan too powerful to be killed]].
# Have them get captured by an egotistical villain with [[WhyDontYaJustShootHim a flair for the dramatic]].
# Remind TheHero that IfYouKillHimYouWillBeJustLikeHim.
# [[DeathTakesAHoliday Imprison whoever makes people die]].
# Cast them in a [[DisneyDeath Disney movie]]. (So long as you ''don't'' make them one of the [[ParentalAbandonment parents]] of the [[HeartwarmingOrphan very young protagonist]].)
# Diagnose them with [[MistakenForDying a fatal illness]].
# Give them [[KissOfLife artificial respiration]].
# Make TheHero [[SwordOverHead defeat them in a duel]], preferably [[SaveTheVillain on top of a building]].
# Have them ask any killer to GetItOverWith.
# Take the body to [[WakingUpAtTheMorgue the morgue]].
# Leave behind a [[DecoyGetaway decoy]] and escape.
# Make it very clear [[NoOneCouldSurviveThat no one could have survived that]].
# Use TimeTravel to go back in time and [[TrickedOutTime make it look like they died, but really didn't.]]
# Literally ''[[ChessWithDeath cheat]]'': Knock over one of His playing pieces, then reset the board while He isn't looking.
# Have Death [[BalancingDeathsBooks take someone more expendable]] instead.
# Have them [[CreatorsPet make a few "friends" on the writing staff]] despite [[TheScrappy the fanbase wishing to see the character stabbed to death with numerous sharp pointies]].
# [[MerchandiseDriven Make a new toy for them.]]
# Do not give them any [[TabletopRPG stats]].
# But, really, if you ever feel like it, just [[BackFromTheDead bring them back from the dead]]. [[AssPull However you like]].
# Most importantly, make sure [[RunningTheAsylum no one important in making the show wants you dead for no good reason]].
# And if you can't follow this list, [[KillEmAll take everyone else down with you.]]
# Remember unless it is directly before the credits Never Ever [[DeathBySex have sex.]]
# Simply [[CursedWithAwesome curse]] them with immortality.
# In [[ComicBook/TheSandman certain]] circumstances, why not try AnythingThatMoves? It worked with a giant demoness in "Literature/{{Damned}}" either...
# Make them immune to poison.
# Make them an animated character in a show full of slapsticky violence.
# [[ChessWithDeath Have him play a game with Death incarnate,]] [[CombatPragmatist and/or have them literally cheat death.]]
But really, WhoWantsToLiveForever
''[[CameBackWrong hhHhuuurghhh...!]]''