->"''Let the Farce be with you, Lurker.''" -- ERU

->"''Apophenia - noun. The tendency to see connections where none exist. Did you come here just to make fun of my work?''" -- ''[[WesternAnimation/JusticeLeagueUnlimited The Question]]''

Debuting in early March '07, this series was introduced on the Trope Vision Network ([=TVn=]) to tap into the growing demographic of fans of ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender'', ''Literature/TheLordOfTheRings'', ''Literature/HarryPotter'', and ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'' who are pretty sure they can work up an example -- somehow, anyhow -- of a given trope from their show.[[note]] Don't be offended. We are all {{otaku}} of one sort or the other here. This is meant to be an in-joke, where all of us who have spammed the wiki with citations from our favorite show/genre can poke fun at ourselves.[[/note]]

The show developed an interesting multi-verse through the novel use of a [[FramingDevice framing device]], in which the intrepid heroes (The "Vamp Benders", among fans) would pass through a Story Gate at the beginning of each episode, landing them in surroundings and situations familiar to television viewers the world over. Classic episodes ("A Three Hour Tour" and "My So-Called Felicity") aired, giving rise to a fan [[EpilepticTrees theory]] that the Story Gate is in reality a [[HardLight Holodeck]] of some sort.

Producers are, of course, keeping mum on the controversy, but promising that all will eventually be revealed.

Though the immensely popular [[SpinOff tie-in comics and novels]] seem to be leaning in [[AdaptationDecay different]] [[AdaptationDistillation directions]] for the plot line, the series seems to be ignoring both and going along its own line.

'''Dramatis Personae'''

See AATAFOVS/MainCharacters for character information, discussion, etc.



[[caption-width-right:300:Sue & Fluffykins]]


[[caption-width-right:300:Mr Edwin Rupert Udite]]

||Hero||Avatar [=McPotter=]||Clever young man with an amazing ability to construct useful tools out of nothing but bottle caps and baling wire.||
||Lancer||Solo [=McPotter=]||Avatar's older brother, the one with the rap-sheet and alcohol issues.
||Big Guy||{{AATAFOVS/Sue}}||Super-strong body-builder able to break through walls and tell the others to ''just get on with it.''||
||Smart Guy||{{AATAFOVS/Nerdly}}||A plot-savvy guy with a huge store of knowledge. Has a "thing" for Cleo.||
||Chick #1||AATAFOVS/{{Cleo}}||Has a "thing" for Solo, when he is sober, which isn't often.\\
Life has been a long series of one wardrobe failure after another for Cleo.||
||Chick #2 (later)||{{AATAFOVS/Krystal}}||A tail-less, genetically-modified "catgirl" who recently joined the team.||
||Pet||[[{{AATAFOVS/Fluffy}} Fluffykins]]||Sue's pet kitten. Can transform into various reptilian forms (which have advanced from snake to small dragon), talks, and has psychic abilities most fans would kill for.||

Their mentor was Mr Edwin Rupert Udite, a retired English scientist with a long white beard who mysteriously disappeared, wheelchair and all, several years ago. Every week he sends them self-destructing cryptic messages which inevitably lead to the gang getting tangled up in the Dark Council's latest plot.

The series is currently well into its third season, with many a surprising twist. An episode in the third season resulted in a spin off. Though small at first, the show is slowly building up a separate fan base. Find it below.

For more information on the Dark Council, see AATAFOVS/EvilDramatisPersonae.

The show is actually a Finnish-American co-production, and is unique in that it has three executives for every one writer.

The series has a vast AlternateRealityGame accessible from its [[HomePage official website]]. This game has received criticism from fans that certain parts are impossible without buying the [[GuideDangIt official guide]].

The TV Tropes Wiki maintains an episode guide for the program. Best fan guide on the web!

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