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* The narrator of "Pink Pants!" by Music/TheAquabats is incredibly self-absorbed.
-->''Hey, let's talk about it! (Let's talk!)\\
We can talk and talk and talk and talk about it\\
And you know (You rock!)\\
That the world loves to spin around me\\
Let's talk about it!''
* Music/JonathanCoulton's song, "The World Belongs To You" is directed at someone who apparently believes this:
--> They said it's you
--> Who puts the gravity in the ground
--> They said it's you
--> Who all the stars revolve around
--> Scientists were wrong
--> And you suspected all along it might be true
--> The world belongs to you
* Music/DanielAmos's "Faces to the Window" (from ''Music/{{Alarma}}''). The narrator sees starving children while he’s eating his breakfast. He complains that they’re ruining his meal and even prays to God to relieve him of this terrible burden--while doing absolutely nothing to help the children.
* Music/HarryChapin was the absolute master of narcissistic protagonists. At least a dozen of his songs warrant mention here, but it's hard to top "W-O-L-D" (about a guy who calls his ex-wife out of the blue eight years after he ran off on her, doesn't ask how she or the kids have been doing - he only wants to know what the kids thought of hearing their old man on the radio at his new job - and then asks her to take him back; she's smart enough to say no) and "If My Mary Were Here" (where he calls his ex in the middle of the night to whine about how the woman he dumped her for - the titular Mary - has now dumped him, and can he please come over?).
* Music/TheDecemberists' "The Rake's Song": the Rake murdered his entire family just because he was bored with raising children:
-->"And that's how I came, your humble narrator,\\
To be living so easy and free,\\
I 'spect that you think that I should be haunted,\\
But it never really bothers me."
** Oh come on, you're not giving him enough credit. He wasn't bored - he was actively horrified that he'd ever allowed himself to be in a position that hampers his rakish ways.
* Music/DoctorSteel's song, "Build the Robots".
--> One fine day when I've got my army made
--> My flying saucers and toys invade
--> Every city and every town
--> And then I'll plaster my face up all over the place
--> See, I'm gonna win the human race
--> See, I'm gonna make the world a better place... <{{beat}}>
--> For me.
* Music/BobDylan's "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right," where he reassures his ex that he doesn't mind, it's just that "You just kind of wasted my precious time". It's not her time that was wasted, only his.
* Marshall Mathers aka Music/{{Eminem}} put out a wonderful EarWorm called "Without Me":
-->Now this looks like a job for me so everybody just follow me
-->cuz we need a little controversy,
-->cuz it feels so empty without me
* Austrian pop star Falco's song "Egoist".
--> The whole world turns around me
--> Cause I'm just an egoist
--> The person who's closest to me
--> Is myself, I'm an egoist
* Both the music video and lyrics of Music/FallOutBoy's "I Don't Care" from ''Folie á Deux'' is about a self-obsessed celebrity AttentionWhore.
--> ''I- don't- care what you think''
--> ''As long as it's a-bout me''
--> ''The best of us can find happiness''
--> ''In misery''
* Obscure New Zealand jazz group Hot Club Sandwich have a song all about this, entitled 'Let's Talk About Me'
-->Let's talk about me (Let's talk about me)
-->I'm much more interesting than you
-->Let's talk about me (Let's talk about me)
-->My life is fabulous, it's true
-->Let's talk about me (Let's talk about me)
-->It's something that we all should do, come on
-->That's enough about me, let's talk about you
-->What do you think about ME?
* Music/TobyKeith's "I Want To Talk About Me".
* The Music/{{Metallica}} song "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADhklL3NhhQ My World]]." "God it feels like it only rains on me."
* Pink, the protagonist in Music/PinkFloyd's ''Music/TheWall'', has a DoubleStandard where, especially with his emotional wall (the "bricks in the wall" preoccupy him to the point that he doesn't consider anyone else's feelings), he abuses his wife, (when not ignoring her), and sleeps with as many groupies as possible on the road, but feels betrayed when he calls her and hears a male voice on the line. Already feeling contempt for his audience and bitter at his dysfunctional, war-affected past (and affected by some kind of drug his greedy managers inject him with to do a show, leaving him "comfortably numb"), he leads, or imagines he leads, some kind of fascist, [[ThoseWackyNazis Nazi-like]] rally onstage, leading to chaos and ostracizing and imprisoning everyone in town he disapproves of.
* Music/{{Queen}}'s "Bohemian Rhapsody" is a confessed murderer's self-pity. Never once do we hear the narrator express remorse for the murder; he's only sorry he got in trouble for it. The only concern shown for anyone else is the narrator's mother. [[EvenBadMenLoveTheirMamas He didn't mean to make her cry…]]
* Music/TheSistersOfMercy song ''I Was Wrong'' (and really most of their ''Vision Thing'' album) veers off in this direction: ''"Pain looks great on other men, that's what they're for."''
* The Music/WeirdAlYankovic song "Why Does This Always Happen to Me?" shows the narrator getting increasingly sociopathic, from getting mad that the news interrupted ''TheSimpsons'' to report a horrific earthquake, to lamenting the fact that a friend who owed him five bucks just got killed in a car accident and he'll never see the money again, to bending the tip of his really nice knife when he stabbed his boss in the face.