* ''VideoGame/LANoire'': "Always happy to help the LAPD."
* ''Franchise/AceAttorney''
** ''VisualNovel/PhoenixWrightAceAttorney'' has a moment in case 1-3; the killer is within Wright's grasp but somehow manages to escape. Before leaving the stand, he can either say "You did it, [[spoiler:Vasquez]]!" (the wrong answer), "Testify again, [[spoiler:Vasquez]]!", or [[ThatWasObjectionable stall and end up coming up with no response]]. Right before the witness leaves, [[spoiler:Edgeworth]] does the latter two as well; each of them has similar reactions as before, but is much more amusing coming from him.
** Phoenix Wright's DreamIntro from the first case of ''Justice For All'' comes back in the second trial for the fourth case, after Phoenix learns that [[spoiler: he has to defend a guilty person in court.]]
** ''VisualNovel/PhoenixWrightAceAttorneyTrialsAndTribulations'' had:
-->[[spoiler:'''Luke Atmey''']]: [[LaughingMad Hee hee hee ha ha ha aha ha ha ha ha ha ha!]] [[OverlyLongGag Ho ho ho hee hee hee!]] Take a good look, everyone! Unable to find a rival worthy of my genius, I was forced to create one by myself! Here I am! The tragic clown...
** This happens after he is convicted as [[spoiler:Mask☆[=DeMasque=]]]. Later, when it is revealed he is actually a murderer, he was trying to use his first conviction as an ''alibi'', and he was actually [[spoiler:blackmailing Ron [=DeLite=], the ''real'' Mask☆[=DeMasque=]]] he repeats this, only truthfully this time.
** The above line is immediately [[LampshadeHanging lampshaded]]:
-->'''Judge''': ...That's the same line you gave yesterday.
-->'''Phoenix''': But... I think there's a little more meaning behind it this time.
* In ''VideoGame/GuildWars: Eye of the North'', the player character dismisses his ability to activate the scrying pool in the Hall of Monuments as "Just lucky, I guess." Later in the same cutscene, when the PC complains, "Why do I have to make the tough decisions?" Gwen tauntingly replies, "You're just lucky, I guess."
* In ''VideoGame/DungeonSiege II'', your player character sounds skeptical about the Dark Wizards, saying that it "sounds like something told to restrain wandering children" ([[LampshadeHanging ignoring the fact that your character worked for Valdis at one point]]). In ''Broken World'', the [[UltimateEvil Overmage of the Cinbri]] says something quite similar.
* In a subquest of ''VideoGame/JadeEmpire'', you meet a woman who, in the past, watched as her boyfriend knocked another child into a river and stopped her from saving him from drowning by saying, "If we help him, he'll only tell the others what we've done. We have to let him go." You can take her to the ex-boyfriend, whom she means to kill. He offers you silver to help him; if you refuse, you echo his words.
* In ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaTwilightPrincess'', Midna's CatchPhrase is a gleeful "Eee hee hee! See you later!" At the very end of the game, a now-loving Midna's final words to Link before [[spoiler:[[ButNowIMustGo returning to her people and destroying the Mirror of Twilight]]]] are a tearful "[[IUhYouToo Link, I- See you later.]]" [[TearJerker *sob* ]]
** To a lesser extent, something similar happens in ''[[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaTheWindWaker The Wind Waker]]'': Tetra has a habit of winking with one eye when she's up to something. "Up to something" usually meaning that she's helping Link in a way that ends up being not too comfortable for him, since she does not care too much about his well-being. In the end of the game, however, Tetra [[spoiler:winks once again, before returning his sword to him, which he lost in the duel with Ganondorf. Once again, she is up to something and once again, it's not going to be a pleasant experience for Link, the difference being that she now ''does'' genuinely care about him. It's just that Tetra and Link have no other choice than to go with what they're about to do if they want to survive.]]
** An optional one occurs in ''[[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaSkywardSword Skyward Sword]]'': After the second temple, Link [[spoiler:finds himself being derided by Impa for being late, as Zelda would have fallen prey to Ghirahim had she not come herself.]] After the third temple, when [[spoiler:Ghirahim attacks Zelda and Impa, Link has the option to say "Am I late?" when he steps in to buy them time to escape.]]
* ''[[VideoGame/DefJamSeries Def Jam: Fight For New York]]'' is a game all about a MobWar between two gangs, one led by D-Mob (your boss) and the other by Crow, (the BigBad) for control of New York's illegal [[FightClubbing underground no holds barred fight circuit]]. Less than halfway through the game the Crow says to D-Mob "Seems like you have a morale issue there, brother" when [[RivalTurnedEvil your rival walks out on D-Mob]] when D-Mob picks you as his best fighter instead of him. Later, when Crow's gang is so disgusted by his tactics and tired of his ManipulativeBastard shit, some of them, (including both of his [[TheDragon dragons]]) walk out on him in a single {{cutscene}}. In the case of the second dragon, he walks out on Crow while in the middle of holding a gun to your head, and gives you the gun before he leaves. Guess what your character says while pointing the gun at Crow.
* In ''VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft'', "That day is not today..." is said twice at the Battle for Light's Hope Chapel, first by {{Flashback}} Alexandros Morgraine after he states that Darion will wield [[CoolSword The Ashbringer]], and then by Darion before he throws that same sword to Tirion Fordring. It's quite a spectacle.
** Of course, that in turn is borrowed from a a certain someone else using a reforged sword that belonged to one of his ancestors... "It is not this day!".
** In the Ulduar raid, after showing the players a vision of the Lich King, Yogg-Saron says "He will learn no King rules forever. Only death is eternal!" Then, in Icecrown Citadel, as Arthas lays dying, his father's spirit tells him "No King rules forever, my son."
** Long ago Jaina refuses to aid Arthas in the Culling of Stratholme. Years later Jaina plans to bring down a tsunami on Ogrimmar and Kalecgos calls her out that if she does this she will be no different than Athas making Jaina back down.
* In ''VideoGame/MadWorld'', Jack meets with a doctor named Leo twice. The first time, Leo asks Jack to help him escape the city. Jack responds with. "I don't help people. I kill them." and continues competing in the games. [[spoiler:The second time, Jack figures out that Leo was behind the games all along and fatally wounds him. Leo explains the whole story and points out that Jack won't be able to arrest him without helping him before he dies. Jack's response? "I don't help people... (Chainsaws Leo and watches him fall into the abyss) I kill them."]]
** Another in the sequel, ''VideoGame/AnarchyReigns'', that also counts. Although there is confusion on how the game relates to ''Mad World'', but it's a clear call back. [[spoiler: Jack is tasked by Max's daughter to bring him back. When Jack finally comes face to face, he gets ready to kill Max for the death of his daughter. Rather than cruel but slightly selfaware, or simply getting revenge, He says in a way that puts his life as killer into clear resolve]]: "We don't help people, we ''kill'' them!"
* In ''VideoGame/StarCraft'', Tassadar tells Kerrigan:
-->'''Tassadar:''' So long as you continue to be so predictable, O Queen, I need not face you at all. You are your own worst enemy.
** Later, when Kerrigan doublecrosses her allies...
-->'''Kerrigan:''' You Protoss are all so headstrong and predictable. You are your own worst enemies.\\
'''Fenix:''' That's ironic, I can remember Tassadar teaching you a very similar lesson on Char.\\
'''Kerrigan:''' I took that lesson to heart, Praetor.
** In [[VideoGame/StarcraftII Heart of the Swarm]], "So predictable" seems to be among her unit sounds.
** At the end of the UED campaign in ''Broodwar'', Kerrigan tells Dugalle that he'd be surprised how many "special interest groups" in the sector want to see the UED stopped. In the briefing of the last mission of Kerrigan's campaign, after she has betrayed everyone else, Arcturus Mengsk contacts her to let her know he's gunning for her. When she asks him how he scrounged up so many ships to attack her, he says he made a few deals and tells her she'd be surprised how many "special interest groups" in the sector want to see her dead. He's more right than he knows; he's actually not aware that there are ''three'' fleets after her this time--and bonus points since one of the groups is the remainder of the UED fleet led by Dugalle. (The other fleet is a protoss fleet led by Artanis.)
** Happens in [[VideoGame/StarcraftII Legacy of the Void]] when [[spoiler: Stukov kills Narud]]. In Broodwar, Duran is ordered relieve Stukov of his command, and when he confronts him, Stukov sees through Duran's actual plans. Duran then shoots him, stating "Say goodnight, Stukov." Years later when [[spoiler: Narud]] is confronted by Stukov, the two exchange dialogue.
-->'''Stukov''' Hello, Duran. Do you remember what you did to me?\\
'''Duran''': Stukov...you've come to gloat, haven't you.\\
'''Stukov''': No. I've come to say goodnight, you son of a bitch.
* In ''VideoGame/TalesOfMonkeyIsland'', at the beginning of chapter one, when Guybrush stabs [=LeChuck=] with the Cursed Cutlass of Kaflu, he yells "Unholy THIS!". [[spoiler:[=LeChuck=] says the exact same at the end of chapter four when stabbing Guybrush to death.]]
* In ''VideoGame/ModernWarfare 2,'' an Army Ranger notes that the air strike General Shepherd's just called in is danger-close in relation to where they're positioned, and another Ranger says, "Since when does Shepherd care about danger-close?" Later on, [[spoiler:Price]] repeats the line when [[spoiler:Shepherd calls in an airstrike to kill him and Soap, not danger-close but ''right on top of his own men'']].
** There's also another. In the beginning, Shepherd makes a monologue, including the famous phrase "History is written by the victors". As [[spoiler:Price and Soap are preparing to kill him]], [[spoiler:Price]] says the following line.
-->'''Price:''' History is written by the victors. ''History is filled with liars''.
* ''VideoGame/HalfLife2: Episode One'' features a long speech from Dr. Kleiner in which, at one point, he lets those who have safely evacuated City 17 know that "For those so inclined, now would be an excellent time for procreation." This line is repeated as a voiceover in the opening recap in ''Episode Two'', out of context, against a backdrop of citizens still fighting for their lives.
* ''VideoGame/KnightsOfTheOldRepublic'': The Carth/Canderous "warriors vs. soldiers" argument. Paraphrased:
-->'''Carth:''' Warriors conquer and enslave, they prey upon the weak. Soldiers defend the innocent, mostly from warriors.
-->'''Canderous:''' [[YouKeepTellingYourselfThat Nice speech. I bet you tell yourself that every night so you can sleep.]] Victory in battle is the only justification I need.
-->'''Carth:''' So what does your code mean when you lose? You know, like you did against ''us''?
-->'''Canderous:''' You had us outnumbered five to one. You had more ships, more men, ''and'' the Jedi. And we still made the Republic tremble!
-->'''Carth:''' [[ShutUpHannibal Nice speech. I bet you tell yourself that every night so you can sleep.]]
* ''VideoGame/KnightsOfTheOldRepublicIITheSithLords'': The Jedi Exile sides with Revan using the catchphrase "Apathy is death", referring to the indecision of the Jedi Council to go to war. Near the end of the second game, she has a vision in which [[spoiler:she has to decide which way to decide in a fight between her allies.]] If she tries to remain neutral, they will turn on her with mocking cries of "Apathy is death!"
* ''Franchise/MassEffect'':
** ''VideoGame/MassEffect2'' and ''[[VideoGame/MassEffect3 3]]'': ''"I am the very model of a scientist salarian!"'' The first time Mordin sings it, he does it as his [[MotorMouth usual]] [[{{Keet}} energetic]] [[CloudCuckooLander self]], a man who has no doubt that creating a [[DepopulationBomb fertility-damaging bioweapon]] for use against a [[ProudWarriorRaceGuy hostile and warlike race]] [[MorallyAmbiguousDoctorate was the "humane" thing to do]] compared with forcing the Turian military to KillEmAll. He hums the song again while [[spoiler: [[ScienceHero distributing the cure for the same bioweapon with a weather control tower]] that is [[HeroicSacrifice exploding around him]].]]
** The [[AscendedMeme memetic]] "Shepard. Wrex." exchange enactable in ''VideoGame/MassEffect1'' between Shepard and Wrex gets one in ''[[VideoGame/MassEffect3 3]]'' [[spoiler:if you sabotage the genophage cure when Wrex is the krogan leader]]. Those are the first words spoken in a scene [[spoiler:in which Wrex calls Shepard out on their betrayal and which invariably results in his (Wrex's) death]]. They even get reversed to "Wrex. Shepard."
** [[WellIntentionedExtremist The Illusive Man]] brings up "our brief existence" twice. First in ''VideoGame/MassEffect2'', referring to the threat of the Reapers, then again in ''VideoGame/MassEffect3'', this time arguing against their destruction. Set to the same theme tune and in the same room for added points.
** In ''VideoGame/MassEffect3'' Shepard can throw one out to the quarian fleet when [[spoiler:Shepard is trying convince them to end their war with the geth.]]
--> '''Shepard''': [[spoiler:"The geth don't want to fight you! If you believe that for just one minute, this war will be over!]] You have a choice. Please. '''Keelah se'lai'''."
** In the ''Leviathan DLC'' for the third game, when Shepard notices a small part of Sovereign's wreckage in Dr Bryson's lab.
--> '''Shepard''': Sovereign, the "''[[ResistanceIsFutile vanguard of our destruction]]''". How's that working out for you, [[DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu big guy?]]
* Bioware strikes again in ''VideoGame/DragonAgeII''. At the end of the prologue, [[ItWasHisSled Aveline is forced to kill her husband Wesley, who has been infected by the darkspawn]]. Flemeth's comment on this, probably to comfort Aveline, is "without an end, there can be no peace." [[spoiler: Anders]] repeats "there can be no peace" [[spoiler: when he blows up the chantry; he means there can be no peaceful end to the mage-templar conflict.]]
* In ''VideoGame/TheLostCrown'', Nigel says "Nothing ventured..." to himself before stepping into unlit rooms or other potentially dangerous locales. Lucy later says the exact same thing to Nigel when he hesitates to accompany ''her'' on a risky endeavor.
* The Butcher's lines in ''VideoGame/{{Psychonauts}}''. "Don't run, or else Daddy's gonna kill ya!" The Butcher shares most of his [[BossBanter mid-battle dialogue]] with [[spoiler: Little Oly]], from the EscortMission earlier in the Meat Circus. These are mostly innocuous lines like "Bun, bun, bun!" and "Here little bunny!" but, as was noted above, there ''is'' "Don't run or Daddy's gonna kill you!"
** Also, "When are you going to just shut up and kiss me?"
* In ''VideoGame/{{Iji}}'', Asha's logbook challenging Iji is entitled "To the Death." A later logbook ends with the same words, this time predicting the ultimate result of [[{{Pride}} his weakness]].
* In ''VideoGame/SupremeCommander2'''s UEF campaign, Commander Dominic Maddox mutinies after learning that his commanding officer, [[GeneralRipper Colonel Rodgers]], has ordered an attack on New Cathedral where Maddox's wife and son are. When Maddox tries to reason with Commander Lynch to stop her attack on the city, Rodgers tells him "Speeches will get you nowhere." At the end of the following mission, Maddox is about to blow up a huge reactor that sits right on top of Rodgers's command post:
-->'''Maddox:''' Colonel Rodgers, I'm feeling generous right now, so I'm going to give you one last chance to walk out of here alive.\\
'''Rodgers:''' The UEF can survive the idiots who want to create coalitions and make treaties with our enemies, but people like you rot the soul of our great faction. I'm ready to die like a soldier, with honor.\\
'''Maddox:''' Speeches will get you nowhere, Colonel.
* Early in ''VideoGame/{{Sacrifice}}'', there is the following exchange between the LawfulGood Persephone and ChaoticEvil Charnel: "Charnel, death is not the answer to everything!" "Yes. Torture also has its merits." If the player chooses to [[VillainProtagonist finish the campaign with the evil god]], and asks the favour of dealing with another evil wizard that was scheming against him, the Ironic echo comes into play.
-->'''Charnel:''' As you wish. But remember, if you kill Acheron, I'll have to find a crueler demon to replace him.\\
'''Player:''' Charnel, death is not the answer to everything.\\
'''Charnel:''' Yes. Torture also has its merits.\\
'''Player:''' Exactly!
* There's a brief {{Leitmotif}} that plays when you kill a colossus in ''VideoGame/ShadowOfTheColossus''. At the end, [[spoiler:Wander becomes a colossus, but is then struck down and absorbed by a powerful spell. As it draws him in, the "colossus killed" music plays.]]
* As a soldier, [[VideoGame/{{Metroid}} Samus]] used to give her C.O. a thumbs-down (instead of the Federation's usual thumbs-up) when acknowledging a mission, just to be cheeky. [[spoiler: Anthony]] gives the same gesture at the end of ''[[VideoGame/MetroidOtherM Other M]]'' as a sign of camaraderie.
* In the 'Shade Impulse' campaign of ''VideoGame/DissidiaFinalFantasy'', [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyII the Emperor]] dismisses the heroes' resolution to continue fighting, by claiming that 'Insects will swarm, but they are insects nonetheless.' Later, when they actually defeat him for good, he asks disbelievingly who they are. Several of the characters have their own echoes for him, if you defeated him with them:
-->'''[[VideoGame/FinalFantasyII Firion:]]''' Just a swarm of insects.\\
'''[[VideoGame/FinalFantasyIV Cecil]]:''' Insects with a sting.\\
'''[[VideoGame/FinalFantasyV Bartz]]:''' I heard you call us insects!\\
'''[[VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII Cloud]]:''' Just another bug.
* ''VideoGame/{{Portal 2}}''
** When Wheatley attempts to hack into the neurotoxin generator he jokingly says, "Let the games begin". However, after he's [[spoiler: performed his FaceHeelTurn, he echoes this same line while trying to ''kill you''. And this time [[TranquilFury much, MUCH more]] [[NightmareFuel menacingly]]]].
** First heard in a recorded message, to showcase Caroline's cheerful sarcasm. [[spoiler: Last heard from [=GLaDOS=], after she's [[KilledOffForReal deleted]] [[BrainUploading Caroline]] from her mainframe.]]
--> "Goodbye Caroline!"
* ''VideoGame/DeusExHumanRevolution'': A potential CrowningMomentOfAwesome if you don't get [[spoiler: your [[SchmuckBait neural implants serviced by the company in charge of controlling the world via them.]]]]
-->'''Zhao''': "Men never fail to underestimate women."\\
[[spoiler: Later when she tries to activate the hacked implant she is sure you got like everybody else:]]\\
'''Adam''': "Women never fail to underestimate men."
* As the player character's journey is just beginning in ''VideoGame/PokemonBlackAndWhite'', Ghetsis gives a rousing speech about liberating Pokémon. He seems to make some good points. In the town with the final gym leader, he repeats this speech word for word. [[spoiler:However, by this point in the game, the player has learned that Ghetsis is a far worse person than initially believed, and the whole point of the liberation of Pokémon is so he alone can control their power.]]
* From ''VideoGame/TheDarkness''.
** "I remember the night of my twenty-first birthday... That was the first time I died."
** ''WebVideo/{{Unskippable}}'' was so amused by this that they turned it into a RunningGag where the "death" counter goes up every time the point of view character dies or falls unconscious.
* ''VideoGame/KidIcarusUprising'' begins with Pit telling Palutena ([[LeaningOnTheFourthWall and the player]]) "Sorry to keep you waiting!" referencing the 25 years between that game and [[VideoGame/KidIcarus his first adventure]]. Later on, when [[spoiler:[[TheManBehindTheMan Hades]]]] appears for the first time, he repeats this line word-for-word to them after [[spoiler:[[BigBad Medusa]] is defeated and before Act II begins]].
* In ''Videogame/GrandTheftAutoSanAndreas'' Carl, after coming back home after years of being away, meets Officer Tenpenny looking to "chat". Tenpenny proceeds to start screwing around with Carl and coerces Carl into his service via blackmail and a frame job. Tenpenny ends their "chat" by saying : [[spoiler:''See you around, Carl"]] before walking (then driving away). Guess what Carl says later in the game when [[spoiler:[[ItMakesSenseInContext Tenpenny ends up dying on the street due to driving a firetruck off a bridge while being chased by Carl and Sweet.]]]]
* In the opening of ''Franchise/TombRaider'', Larson asks Lara Croft "What's a man gotta do to get that sort of attention from ya?" Since Lara Croft is obviously sexy looking, that kind of comment was inevitable. Later on, when Larson attacks Lara outside of Qualapec's Tomb and Lara defeats him, Lara retorts "Well, you have my total attention now. I'm not sure if I got yours, though. Hello?"
* In ''Videogame/RatchetAndClankFutureACrackInTime'', when first asked why he didn't leave with the Lombaxes, Azimuth wistfully answers: "Sometimes the universe has a cruel sense of humor". At the end of the game, Orvus concludes his final message to Clank by saying: "The universe has a wonderful sense of humor. [[Heartwarming/RatchetAndClank The trick is learning how to take a joke."]]
* In ''Videogame/MegaManBattleNetwork 6'', at one point Baryl tells Lan that [[spoiler: joining the WWW]] was his "destiny." Lan asks him, "if this is "destiny," what about "will?" Later on, right before confronting the Main/BigBad, Baryl [[spoiler:has a change of heart and performs a Main/HeelFaceTurn]] and tells Lan "This is my "will.""
* In ''VideoGame/TheElderScrollsIVOblivion'', when the player awakes in prison at the beginning, an obnoxious Dark Elf in a nearby cell tells the player;
--> '''Valen Dreth''': You're going to die in here!
** Later in the game, if the player joins the Dark Brotherhood, they are sent to assassinate him and get to reply;
--> '''Player''': You're going to die in here!
* ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXIII'': After capturing Vanille and Sazh in Nautilus, [[TheBaroness Jihl Nabaat]] coolly quips;
--> "Take care with ''those''. For every task, there is a perfect tool."
** Much later, Galenth Dysley (after [[KickTheSonOfABitch killing her]], and every other human in the room) has this exchange;
--> '''Snow''': ''Monster!'' People aren't yours to use!
--> '''Dysley''': What else does one do with ''tools''?
* ''VideoGame/LightningReturnsFinalFantasyXIII'', Hope suggests that Lightning take over the role as The Savior in a stage play that gets done every day in Yusnaan, to topple a statue and gain access to Snow's palace to confront him. Lightning dismisses the idea, and gets an echo from Hope to something she told him in ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXIII''.
--> '''Lightning:''' "I can't do that!"
--> '''Hope:''' "It's not a matter of what you can or can't do. You just do it."
* The rabbit Marquis de Hoto from ''VideoGame/TheNightOfTheRabbit'' has the catchphrase "Nothing is impossible" which normaly is used to motivate the hero. However [[spoiler:the real (and evil) Marquis de Hoto]] also uses this phrase, but as a response to the statement that it is not possible for him to escape his imprisonment.
* When dealing with the Brotherhood of Stilwater in ''VideoGame/SaintsRow2'', a mission starts with Jessica, the girlfriend of Maero (the Brotherhood's leader) says "Do me a favor. When you're [[spoiler:scraping your buddy's face off the pavement]], just remember Maero gave you a chance to be his partner." The next mission ends with you tossing the keys to a car that Maero just crushed with his monster truck [[spoiler:(and Jessica along with it)]], and saying to him "Do me a favor. [[spoiler:When you check the trunk]], just remember you should've offered me better than 20 percent."
* [[VideoGame/SpecOpsTheLine Gentlemen, welcome to Dubai.]]
* ''Can'' happen in ''VideoGame/ManiacMansion'' if you do two things:
** First, bring Bernard with you.
-->'''Dave:''' This could be real dangerous. If anyone wants to back out...
-->'''Bernard:''' Okay, I'm outta here.
-->'''Dave:''' Bernard, don't be a tunahead! This is Sandy we're talking about!
** Second, finish the game normally. [[spoiler:By getting rid of the meteor.]]
-->'''[[spoiler:Dr. Fred]]:''' If there's anything I can do to repay you.
-->'''Dave:''' Cash would be nice.
-->'''[[spoiler:Dr. Fred]]:''' Don't be a tunahead.
* In ''VideoGame/HetaOni'', relatively early on, [[HeroicWannabe Alfred]] warns [[LovableCoward Feliciano]] to "smile a little more naturally" when he's lying - revealing to the viewer that Feli is, indeed, hiding something worrisome from the group, namely his concerns about the mansion's GroundhogDayLoop. Much, much later in the game, as Alfred himself is falling apart upon witnessing [[KillEmAll the death of Arthur]] in one of the time loops, Feli asks him if he'll be all right, and when Alfred tells him yes, Feliciano advises him to "smile a little more naturally" [[TearJerker when he lies]].
* ''VideoGame/InfamousSecondSon'': Several times over the course of the game, [[BigBad Brooke Augustine]] deadpans "Yeah, I'm told that hurts" whenever she's using her concrete powers to [[JackBauerInterrogationTechnique interrogate]] or [[ColdBloodedTorture hurt]] people. During the FinalBoss, Delsin, [[spoiler: having [[PowerCopying copied said concrete powers]]]], throws that very same line back at her as he's [[spoiler: using said powers to encase Augustine in concrete]].
* In ''VideoGame/YuGiOhCapsuleMonsterColiseum'', losing or winning against Bandit Keith will have the victor say that the duel was over before it started.
* Early in ''VideoGame/FarCry3BloodDragon'', Rex will say twice that it's "Lights out for Sloan", modifying it the second time when he remembers that he's already used that one-liner once. [[spoiler:Sloan says it to Rex at the end while preparing to execute him, then Rex ''inverts'' it after overcoming his own programming and blasting Sloan through the chest with the Killstar.]]
* [[InvertedTrope Inverted]] in ''VideoGame/{{Fallout 4}}''. The Vault-Tec salesman gives you Vault-Tec's slogan of "Prepare for the Future!" at the beginning of the game. Later, you can meet him 200 years later after you've been [[HumanPopsicle cryo-frozen]] and he's been turned into a [[TheAgeless Ghoul]]. If you pass a speech check, the formerly BrokenBird salesman will work for you, and deliver the slogan in a new, positive direction.
* Every time you die in ''VideoGame/{{Undertale}}'', someone with a deep [[VoiceGrunting Voice Grunt]] tells you (or whatever you named yourself) not to give up and to [[ArcWords stay determined]]. At first, most people would brush off the encouragement as nothing more than the game's generic way to convince you not to give up. However, it takes on a whole new meaning once you learn who is behind the voice and then some. [[spoiler: Said voice belongs to Asgore, the King of Monsters, who you meet near the end of the game to do battle with. A part of his battle theme borrows the Game Over theme, further signifying that the voice was his. If you get to the True Laboratory on the GoldenEnding path, you can find several video tapes showing Asgore telling you to not give up and stay determined. Later on, you discover that the protagonist you were controlling wasn't the one you named; the character you gave a name to was the first Fallen Child that Toriel and Asgore adopted and when the child fell sick, Asgore kept giving the child words of encouragement to stay determined.]]
** Played more tragically, the FinalBoss of the [[KillEmAll genocide run]], [[spoiler:[[BewareTheSillyOnes Sans]] the lazy skeleton]] will ask you [[spoiler:if it's possible for someone to be a good person if they just try hard enough, no matter how evil they may be. Before you can give a reply, he laughs. Of course, if you recall back, these were his brother Papyrus' last words before you murdered him, YouBastard. Like Papyrus, he'll also offer you a CooldownHug if you accept his Mercy: if you accept, well, ''[[ISurrenderSuckers geeettttttt]] [[OneHitKill dunked]] [[HaveANiceDeath on!!]]'']]
* In the original ''VideoGame/CommandAndConquer'''s Nod campaign, [[TheDragon Seth]] eventually has enough of your winning streak and tries to get you killed. When his first attempt to do so via UriahGambit fails, he goes for a more direct approach and orders you to go to the US on a mission so secret that not even Kane knows about it yet because ''"power shifts quickly in the Brotherhood"''. He then reveals that he wants you to attack the Pentagon head-on - but as he's in the middle of briefing you, Seth [[KilledMidSentence suddenly gets shot in the head from off-screen]]. [[EstablishingCharacterMoment Kane then walks into the screen and casually tosses Seth's body out of the chair while quipping]] ''"Yes, power shifts more quickly than some people think."'' before occupying the chair himself and proceeding to give you the real briefing for your upcoming mission.
* ''VideoGame/TheTalosPrinciple'': In the main game, a document can be found named post437_comments, featuring one commenter replying "first!" at the beginning and "last" at the very end. In ''Road To Gehenna'', one thread starts and ends with 401 saying the exact same. Given a big part of the game is whether or not these AI's can be considered "people", [[SarcasmMode it seems just a little important]].
* ''VideoGame/DinoCrisis'' has Regina chide Dr. Kirk's attitude over sacrificing his colleagues for his experiments by calling him a devil. In the ending where [[spoiler: Gail]] dies, Kirk mocks Regina by saying how she called him a devil when the true devil all along was the government she works for.
* In ''VideoGame/Borderlands2'', Lilith greets everyone with "'Sup," most notably when she saves Sanctuary from Handsome Jack's schemes by teleporting it across the planet. At the end of "Where Angels Fear To Tread", when Jack has just killed her LoveInterest, he throws "'Sup?" at her, shortly followed by a control collar.