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Ill Girl: Comic Books

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  • X-Men: Abraham Kieros was a Vietnam War veteran who ended up horribly crippled and abandoned in an hospital. Then, he takes a Deal with the Devil from Apocalypse and becomes his follower, War I. After the group is disbanded, Kieros is again paralyzed, but recently he has been healed by his ex-fellow Horseman Archangel.
  • NYX: Bobby Soul aka Felon's little brother, Lil' Bro, is severely autistic, and he has been using his powers for shady jobs to raise the money to get him out of District X and into a school where he can receive the care he needs. The only reason Felon takes on Zebra Daddy's job to track down a runaway prostitute is because Daddy offers to not only pay him the rest of what he needs, but a substantial additional bonus.
    • The sequel suggested that Lil' Bro was not actually autistic, but had become catatonic as a result of severe sexual abuse by their mother's boyfriend, which is also why Bobby was raising the little guy on his own - he'd completely lost trust in their mother.

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