[[caption-width-right:350:That chick in the hotpants? That's... [[DudeLooksLikeALady not a chick]].]]

->''"You're mine. Don't even bother resisting; you'll only make it worse, and that could be ''painful."
-->-- '''Megatron''' (to Starscream)

Since Cybertronians are a [[PurelyAestheticGender gender neutral species]] with [[MostWritersAreMale a suspiciously large percentage of characters considered male]], HoYay and FoeYay collapse into themselves in an explosion of pink energon, purple [[BigBad Big Bads]], and *ahem* ''brotherhood.''

[[YaoiFangirl Might as well put it all together in one easily accessible page. You know, for efficiency.]]



[[SaltAndPepper Prowl is an uptight security officer, Jazz is a funky spy.]] The fanfics kinda write themselves. 961 of them, last count.
* In "The Elite Guard", Prowl is so busy staring at Jazz ''he forgets he's in the middle of a fight''.
*** Animated, not G1. Slightly different Jazz, very different Prowl.
** [[BroadStrokes Jazz and Prowl are Jazz and Prowl]]. Their personality clash transcends the multi-verse.
* Animated Prowl and Jazz, being cyber-ninjas, have more experiences and history in common, and have some nice bonding moments.
* The lack of Prowl in ''[[ComicBook/TransformersShatteredGlass Shattered Glass]]'' is severely inhibiting evil!Jazz/Prowl action, but dedicated fans still find a way.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a Megatron in possession of an EvilPlan must be in want of a [[TheStarscream Starscream]] to have domination-innuendo with. Official FFN count: 717.
* G1: Starscream is Megatron's bitch, but doesn't want to be. He comes up with various {{Zany Scheme}}s to do in Megs instead of a direct attack because a bastard with a fusion cannon can make nearly anyone his bitch.
** Also, it's interesting to note that he and Megatron can be quite civil to each other whenever Star isn't plotting yet another overthrow.
** Starscream [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ce_VOlRTT_8 glomps]] [[BigBad Megatron]] after returning from the past. Also note Starscream saying the beginning of what may be a DoubleEntendre: "Aren't you pleased to see us?"
** Even funnier in that Megatron is more concerned about Starscream ruining his shot (either target practice or at the Autobots, the former more likely).
** Usually when Starscream begs for forgiveness from Megatron, it was in a sweet and innocent tone.
*** In "Bruticus' Revenge", Starscream tries to convince Megatron that the Combaticons [[BlatantLies forced him]] to threaten him, Shockwave was the only one to respond while quoting "He is lying!".
** Any related video counts as M/S, most likely.
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JAjDdfJZrQ&feature=related Amusing domestic abuse is amusing.]]
** M/S slashfic. Lots of it. [[http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v649/TClaymore/Yaoi.jpg Seriously]].
** In "Enter the Nightbird", the Decepticons gain a human-made Female robot called Nightbird, and Megatron apparently falls in love with her. Starscream becomes enraged and destroys her, really pissing Megatron off.
-->'''Starscream''': She's not so hot.
-->'''Megatron''': She's hot enough to replace you whenever I choose!
-->'''Megatron''': (witnessing Nightbird's fight with the Autobots) TERRIFIC!! [[KickTheDog You're definitely on my replacement list, Starscream. She's everything I've always wanted]].
-->'''Starscream (outraged)''': REPLACE ''ME''!? '''''NEVER!''''' (punches Megatron)
** Starscream's revenge towards Galvatron can be interpreted as a [[{{Yandere}} psycho ex-girlfriend getting back at her boyfriend]].
*** To further a dew. Starscream's motivation... is to regain his body. One could easily argue he's heart-broken from being killed by his former leader.
* Marvel Comics: Basically the same as G1, but expanded on.
** "Why? That's what they all asked me. Why him... why Starscream? Why, of all the Decepticons, did I decide to revitalize the one whose record of deceit and betrayal is legend? Because I'm an idiot, that's why!"
* Beast Wars II: Starscream's bordering on CampGay, but sadly, he'd rather backstab his teammates than Galvatron. Of course, you ''could'' say he's trying to work his way up to get closer to the one he loves...
* Unicron Trilogy: Care to guess where the top quote comes from? In this one, Starscream is still a whiny nuisance, but he gets [[strike: jealous of Megatron paying attention to the others]] sick of sucking up to Megatron for scraps and defects to the Autobots in ''Armada'' (Megatron ''will miss him when he's gone!''). Megatron is offended by Starscream's audacity. So when Starscream returns in ''Energon'' without his memories, Megatron... helps. While [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything Megatron is penetrating Starscream's body with a large object]] as the below dialogue plays, having started with this page's quote. At the end, Demolishor, watching the whole thing, says, "Whew! That looked like it hurt!" I'll be in my bunk.
-->"What is my name, Starscream?!"
-->"Meg... a... tron!"
** The point of this exchange was that Starscream had lost his memories and Megatron wanted to make it very clear to the confused mech that he lived for Megatron and Megatron alone. After this, Megs gets the perfect soldier: The rare Starscream who does anything that Megatron commands him to do, without question, and whenever Screamer ''does'' wonder who he is Megatron shuts him up and puts him back in the kitchen so that the 'rebelling/getting self killed' bit from ''Armada'' doesn't repeat itself.
** Galvatron and Starscream are paired together in the 2nd japanese ending of ''[[Anime/TransformersCybertron Cybertron]]''.
* Bayverse: Megatron and Starscream are the only Decepticons with much verbal screentime, so their dependence on each other is highlighted. This is the only incarnation where a battle-damaged Megatron calls on ''Starscream'' to help him!
** Their only conversation in the first movie:
--> '''Starscream:''' I live to serve you, Lord Megatro--
--> '''Megatron:''' ''Where is the cube!''
--> '''Starscream:''' The humans have taken it. :(
--> '''Megatron:''' You fail me yet again, Starscream.
** From ''Revenge Of The Fallen'', three words:
--> Megatron: Starscream, ''I'm home''.
** Megatron and Starscream have kids, too. If that isn't out of place and creepy enough, Megs gets back into domestic abuse form and roughs Starscream up around them, ''killing one of them''. Though in all fairness, they're less 'kids' and more 'clone soldiers.'
** Megatron slapping Starscream with his severed arm was a nice touch.
* In ''[[ComicBook/TransformersShatteredGlass Shattered Glass]]'', Starscream is worshipful of Megatron to the point of practically mooning over him like a lovestruck teenager. He calls him "magnificent leader" and similar titles all of the time with utter sincerity. In one of the stories he gets very fussing and protective when Megatron is injured. In another he reacts with horror at the thought of having to leave Megatron behind stranded on Cybertron due to circumstances while he and the others go to Earth, and when he's forced to anyway he gets mopey about it. Then in the recent comics [[spoiler:when Megatron is killed, Starscream throws himself on Megatron's body and wails about why couldn't it have been himself that was killed instead]]. While it's obviously intended as a reversal of TheStarscream usually being a disloyal backstabber, it has the side effect of some seriously slashy overtones.
** Of course, being a mirror universe, this means that if everything character-wise is the opposite, if Starscream is gay for Megatron here, he ''isn't'' in the main timeline.
*** Starscream being gay for Megatron transcends the multi-verse.
* Animated: This may be the ONLY incarnation of Megatron and Starscream that doesn't have copious amounts whatever the fuck these two have been doing for 25 years. To compensate, they gave us a ''female Starscream clone'', Slipstream, who betrayed Screamer for Megatron.
** Remember, each of Starscream's clones [[LiteralSplitPersonality represented a different part of his personality]]. There's been a lot of guesses on what Slipstream represented...
* Hell, in ''VideoGame/TransformersWarForCybertron'', Starscream and Megatron don't even start on the same SIDE, and they STILL can't stop talking about how "intriguing" they think the other is. The first instance of this happens roughly ten minutes into THE FIRST LEVEL.
* And now we can add ''WesternAnimation/TransformersPrime'' to the list. Episode Six where Starscream finds a near-dead Megatron. Ol' Screamer lands ''on top'' of Megatron and moves his face closer to his. Subtext? We don't need no subtext!
** In ''Out of his Head" Starscream is gloating over Megatron's unconscious body:
---> '''Starscream''': Seems I possess the only means that will allow you to rise off that slab and walk again, my dearest Megatron.
** Then in the next episode, Megatron gloats at a badly beaten (by him) Starscream who is lying on that same berth:
---> '''Megatron''': To think that but a short time ago it was you who were standing here while I was lying there, right after your failed attempt to terminate me. But know this, dear Starscream - our positions shall never again be reversed!
** In "Rock Bottom", what drove Starscream to rescue Megatron is the idea of the approval it would give him. And, when Megatron found him stuck in a cave-in, Starscream tries a whole string of excuses to try and get Megatron to help him, Megatron responds with nothing but a smirk. Note that this is the same bot who would leave his henchmen to die without hesitation.
** This quote from ''Partners'':
--->''Megatron'': "I don't care about some trinket! My second-in-command is a prisoner of the enemy!"
** Yeah, it's because all Decepticon intelligence could be in Autobot hands, but the very fact that he's more angry about Starscream's capture, rather than the loss of a very powerful weapon, should be enough FanficFuel.
** We get lines like "my dearest Megatron" and such, going both ways. It usually means [[TermsOfEndangerment pain is about to ensue]], though.
** Even the ''humans'' start noticing it, as Agent Fowler reports to his superior (while summing up Starscream's entire character and purpose in the franchise) in a RecapEpisode.
--> '''Agent Fowler''': Starscream really needs to decide: does he want Megatron's position... or his approval?
** Not just the humans. The Decepticon's good doctor Knockout even picked up on it:
---> '''Knockout (to Megatron)''': "Now tell me you love me more than Starscream."
*** Keep in mind this is after Knockout has seen Starscream leave and be replaced AND he was now currently witnessing Megatron show favor to Shockwave. And yet he still mentioned Starscream specifically for comparison.
** Smokescreen's heard rumours about that stilleto-heeled creep...
** [[FanNickname Screamer's]] reaction towards Dreadwing's position as Megatron's new right-hand man?
--> '''Starscream''': "[[LargeHam THAT'S]] [[BerserkButton MY POST]]"
** But it's okay. Because after having an episode-long talk in Starscream's mind (via the psychic patch) Megatron forgives him, yet again, and allows him back into his ranks as his co-second-in-command. Yep, after seeing every ounce of Starscream's treachery in this series, Megatron still forgives Starscream (though not without some [[TheReasonYouSuckSpeech epic verbal punishment]] that deconstructs his character). Keep in mind he tries to have Airachnid killed after she betrays him only once.
** And then, Megatron [[spoiler: actually KILLS Dreadwing]] to save Starscream in the very next episode. Granted [[spoiler: Dreadwing betrayed the Decepticon army after he found out that Starscream revived his brother from the dead and Megatron was going to help cover it up. But Megatron didn't ''know'' this at the time and so yes, he killed one of his (as far as he knew) most loyal commanders ever for a commander who's deceit and betrayal are every bit as well-known in this continuity as others]].
** In a later episode, Megatron says aloud what everyone already knows.
--> '''Megatron(to Starscream)''': "You've been given more chances at redemption than anyone else in Decepticon history!"
*** And yet he just keeps granting them to him.
** Starscream's hatred of Shockwave and Megatron's favoritism towards him COULD come across as attention-whoring from a greedy, insecure con...but it's probably easier to just call it jealousy.
** Then, Starscream goes into a berserk vengeance-crazed fury when Megatron [[spoiler: gets killed by Bumblebee]]. Yes, he cares about Megatron so much, ''it overrides his sense of self-preservation, self-centeredness, and tactics'', also known as "the fundamental building blocks of his personality".
* The "Starscream's Ambition" manga [[http://www.allspark.com/content/2014/04/starscreams-ambition-manga-henkei-henkei-special-comic/ really makes no effort to hide it]].
-->'''Megatron:''' However, I'm more interested in that body of yours.
-->'''Starscream:''' I'd be happy to give you a taste....of the power that I hold!
* ''VideoGame/TransformersDevastation'''s opening cutscene includes this bit of dialogue:
--> '''Starscream''': No Cybertronian has been able to tame it since... since the Golden Age!
--> '''Megatron''': Then stand back, Starscream, and watch me tame it... as I have tamed you.


[[folder:Megatron/Optimus Prime]]
It's rare for archenemies to escape some level of FoeYay, though Starscream usually monopolizes Megatron's bloodlust. Fanfic count: 633, not including Optimus Primal.
* In general, Meg/OP slashfics ''are'' popular.
** Usually written from Megatron's Secret Crush POV.
** Which has led, through some weird association, to Optimus/Starscream.
** Megatron is the one with a life-size working model of Optimus hidden in his closet! [[http://tfwiki.net/wiki/The_Ultimate_Doom,_Part_1 I'm serious]]!
*** Evidently parodied in ''Webcomic/{{Shortpacked}}!'' [[http://www.shortpacked.com/index.php?id=213 here]], with Starscream... [[WesternAnimation/HarveyBirdmanAttorneyAtLaw having Apache Chief's power]], apparently.
*** He actually does have those powers for those exact reasons in ''Anime/TransformersCybertron''... though I think there might be some... "''other'' implications" in this case.
** Optimus forcing an unconscious Megatron to his gun-mode really sticks to the mind of the fans.
---> '''Youtube comment''': optimus transformed megatron againts his will. haha that would be classified as transformer rape.
* Unicron Trilogy: Megatron becomes catatonic when Optimus Prime dies. First Screamer, then Prime!? ''Who is he supposed to'' '''punch?!''' He was naturally quite pleased when Prime came BackFromTheDead.
** He's just as bad in the old Creator/MarvelComics TF series. When Prime dies there, Megatron becomes unbalanced, to AxCrazy proportions. It's generally better for ''all'' involved whenever it finally turns out that Prime isn't as dead as Megs thought.
* Animated: The fact that the first two SeasonFinale battles involved Optimus [[BoundAndGagged bound]] and at Megatron's mercy [[http://www.tfw2005.com/transformers-images/screen-captures/Transformers-Animated/16-Megatron-Rising-part-2/Transformers+Animated+Ep+16+++00333.jpg.html is]] [[http://www.tfw2005.com/transformers-images/screen-captures/Transformers-Animated/29-A-Bridge-Too-Close-Part-2/Transformers+Animated+Ep+29+00244.jpg.html fascinating]].
* Transformers Prime: Can now be added to the list. To start there is the entire background of their friendship as Orion and Megatronus, then there are the multiple fights where they make a habit of getting in suggestive positions, and most of all there is the last three episodes of season 1 where not only does Megatron save Optimus several times, they form an alliance (And get in each other's personal space constantly) and then when Optimus loses his memories and Megatron is about to kill him he looks up and asks, '''"Where are we, Megatronus?"''' The look on Megatron's face [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/LauncherOfAThousandShips launched a thousand fanfics]]
* IDW's Transformers comics actually acknowledge the Foe Yay between Optimus and Megatron and portray it in a more serious and cerebral light. In the past Megatron was Optimus Prime's inspiration and friend, with the two eventually working together to bring down a corrupt senate and Prime's KnightTemplar predecessor. In the present Optimus admits that he honestly doesn't understand how he feels about Megatron; he can't describe it as hate, but it's definitely not love. The general implication is that Optimus is extremely insecure and disturbed by the Foe Yay, while Megatron notices it and plays it up to toy with Optimus' head. It only gets slashier and creepier from there:
** The end one story arc has Megatron turn himself in while cradling an unconscious Optimus.
** The Chaos Theory arc focuses on a one-on-one debate/conversation between the two. It veers wildly between heated argument, nostalgic reminiscing, and heartfelt attempts to make peace. It culminates in Optimus trying to torture Megatron with an electrical chair after Megs deliberately goaded him into doing so by making light of all the innocent people he's killed. The whole thing comes off like a sadomasochistic nightmare and it's clear that Megatron knows ''exactly'' how uncomfortable Optimus is and exploits that for all it's worth.
** At one point in the above arc, Rodimus angrily accuses Optimus of getting a little ''too'' cozy during his interrogation of Megatron. Prime immediately loses his shit and screams at the rest of High Command to get the hell out of the room. Once they do he collapses into a chair and buries his face in his hands shamefully.
** When Megatron has a HeelRealization and becomes good again, Optimus is the first to accept it and pretty much the only person who believes the change is genuine. Afterwards the mind game dynamic gets unsettlingly inverted; when Megatron asks to help the Lost Light on its quest, Optimus agrees but only on a single condition. Forcing Megatron to publicly denounce the Decepticon cause and all the people who looked up to him. The sequence reads like Optimus turning out to be NotSoAboveItAll and taking the moment to mentally torment Megatron in the same way Megs had done to him.
** At one point there's a time traveling conversation between Optimus when he was just Orion Pax and Megatron from the present. Orion is extremely supportive and friendly to Megatron and generally comes off like he's the guy's biggest fan.
** In Lost Light #5, Megatron is [[spoiler:left behind in the Functionist Universe, giving him a second chance at a new life.]] Roller had previously said he was trying to contact [[spoiler:FU!Orion, but had failed.]] Turns out Megatron kept the communicator Roller had been using, and as he'd gazing out at the world, absorbing everything that's happened, [[spoiler:Orion answers the old calls and Megatron smiles.]] Later, in repsonse to a fan on twitter, James Roberts said "Megatron has a chance to [[spoiler:re-live his life - with Orion by his side.]]"

* Just to get it out of the way, before Starscream was a know-it-all commander, he was a know-it-all scientist and explorer. And Skyfire/Jetfire was his partner. LAB partner. Yeah... Fanfic count 194.
--> '''Skyfire:''' Are you... ''happier'' being a warrior than a scientist, Starscream?
--> '''Starscream:''' ''Oh, yes!'' [[HappinessInSlavery It's far more exciting!]] And one day I will be leader of the Decepticons and you will be my second-in-command.
--> '''Skyfire:''' I will do my best.
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-LSEB7jUko Proof that Starscream has a heart.]]

[[folder:Beast Wars]]
* Rattrap from ''{{Transformers}}: WesternAnimation/BeastWars'', despite his talk about the femmebots back home, seems to be laying it on pretty thick with the guys of his team; he has no problem with telling Cheetor just how he "tickles his joystick", tries to talk Silverbolt into going to a robot strip club with him, and even ''kisses Rhinox on the cheek after "saving" him from a fall''. He also gives Rhinox an ever so slight kiss on the lips during the season finale, when both are under the impression that they are going to die at the guns of the Nemesis. Rhinox doesn't seem to have a problem with it (the kiss, not the dying). He doesn't even give a nod to Airazor, and has nothing but contempt for Blackarachnia, the only two females in the series. He ''might'' be [[AnythingThatMoves bisexual]]. FFNet count: 38
* Dinobot and Rattrap. VitriolicBestBuds sounded too much like an old married couple. And Rattrap became Horatio to Dinobot's Hamlet (he held Dinobot's slaggin' hand until raptors were extinct AGAIN) in the end. We know how [[AmbiguouslyGay ambiguous]] THEY were, raising eyebrows in the theatre part here. Plus the scrapped episode of "Dark Glass" in which Rattrap defies orders to go on a suicide mission to resurrect his personal Pred in the clone.
** The script of Dark Glass would have called for Rattrap to kiss Dinobot, not to mention how protective Dinobot gets over Rattrap's safety.
*** The "Dark Glass" script with the kiss is actually a fanfic made to look like a Christy Marx script, though the fact that so many people believe it to be genuine must count for something.
*** Although Rattrap did get a girlfriend, Botanica, in Beast Machines.
*** I've heard the argument DB/RT shippers make saying she was a surrogate for Rhinox, green brainy buddy, but forget Rattrap had more onscreen smooches with Rhinox than BA and Silver had... Even in a heteroship Rattrap still gives off homo vibes...
*** Well, Rattrap did argue with her like did with Dinobot.
* Heck, when Dinobot is about to ShootYourMate Rattrap, the Japan dub has him utter "be gentle, I hear the first time hurts".

[[folder:Megatron/Everyone Else]]
You don't become the dynamic new leader of the Decepticons/Predacons without some subordinate excuses. Yesss...
* Megatron and Starscream are unconscious in a volcano for 99% of this series, but Megatron and Dinobot are ready to serve you with hours of "prideful boyfriends who can't stop arguing" action.
** Megatron's [[ReplacementGoldfish repeated attempts]] at cloning Dinobot and their arguments.
** There's also Inferno's obsession with his "queen."
* Megatron's VerbalTic makes it sound like he's flirting with everyone, ''yessss''... It's sleazy and charming at the same time.
* ''Anime/TransformersEnergon'' has been mentioned and yet Mirage's feelings for Galvatron haven't? In the Japanese version he was 100% [[SingleTargetSexuality Gay-For-Galvatron]]. The dub either tried to cut it out, or never noticed it was there due to the rush job and incomplete translation, but one mention got in: when the GoldfishPoopGang was jealous of Starscream getting all the credit, Mirage says, "But I've been so loyal! How could Galvatron not know how I feel about him?" The few times his Japanese counterpart's personality is carried over to the US version, it's ''even more hilarious,'' because he retains his deep gravelly voice from when he was Tidal Wave. If you haven't seen it, imagine the line as given by Darth Vader, delivered ''dead seriously''.
** He once pirouetted in front of a glowy pink cartoon heart when Galvatron called for him.
* In ''Armada'', Megatron actually exploits this. After manipulating Starscream into attacking Demolishor, Megatron heroically jumps between them and takes the blow. When Demolishor asks if Megs is all right, Megatron replies that it's nothing as long Demolishor is OK, prompting Demolishor to give him a suspiciously tender look.
** Demolishor’s got a few moments of Megs love, actually. For example, when collecting a Mini-con for the Decepticons, he says “Megatron will love me for this!” Later, after having lost it to the Autobots, Megatron points his sword at him, but eventually only threatens him with banishment. Demolishor begs, “No, please don’t banish me! Anything but that!” With a really big sword to his throat, he still considers that the worst thing that can happen.
* As stated in FoeYay: Megatron/Screamer, Megatron/Optimus, Megatron/Sky Byte, Megatron/Dinobot, Galvatron/Cyclonus... and Soundwave and Grimlock... Really, Megatron was [[WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender Azula]] when being hot meant being a 35-foot-tall silver gun.
** Or dragon, T. Rex, tank, or Osprey helicopter. Megatron is versatile, just for you.
** Cyclonus gets special mention. Always calls him "Mighty Galvatron," and is always by his side and ''genuinely'' caring about him, no matter how insane he gets... it's actually sweet. And at one point, when Cyclonus is in danger, Galvatron looks back, and hesitates just a moment (before leaving him and saving his own skidplate, of course). From the AxCrazy BadBoss that is G1 Galvatron, that's a lot. He'd actually ''thrown'' some {{Mooks}} into the path of [[EldritchAbomination The Dweller]] to increase his own chances of escaping earlier.
* Megatron and Sam. No, really. Michael Bay's Megatron seems to be more obsessed on Sam than he's obsessed on Optimus. In the first movie, he sure as hell was really into to get the boy, and then when he had him cornered he gives him the chance to live by becoming his ''pet''. In the second movie, he gets all close to Sam, such as when he had him in the warehouse he holds him in a weird position on a dominating way, and then says he'll ''enjoy'' what he's gonna do, "''slowly and painfully''".
--> '''Megatron''': Oh, it feels good to grab your ''flesh''!
* The IDW comics have a Post-HeelFaceTurn Megatron have some Ho Yay with Ultra Magnus of all people, thanks to their shared love of discipline and rules. Hilariously, there's a scene where Magnus's disembodied armor (being controlled by scraplets) tries to hug Megatron; Megs mistakenly thinks it's the ''real'' Magnus coming onto him and tries to let him down gently. [[SugarWiki/FunnyMoments His attempt accidentally gets broadcast over the ship intercom]] and when Rodimus hears it the only thing he says is "I knew it."

* In ''WesternAnimation/TransformersAnimated'', at the end of their EnemyMine episode, Lockdown invites Prowl to run away together. When Prowl turns him down, he even says "Don't be like that." FFNet: 31
** Prowl/Lockdown is probably the most popular pairing in the fandom thanks to ''just one scene''. Granted, this scene is halfway to being a parody of someone telling their admirer to "stop calling me", so Lockdown at least thinks he's fun to hang out with.
** Not only that, but a 'spark to spark' could be seen as fanon speak for a theorized method of Transformers sex--even though in this case it is very more likely the equivalent to 'heart to heart', which is more about... all right, an ''intimate'' conversation, so Lockdown's remarks can be seen as a DoubleEntendre.

[[folder:Rest of TFA]]
* In ''WesternAnimation/TransformersAnimated'', [[ThoseTwoBadGuys Blitzwing and Lugnut]] have quite a lot going for them. MAN I wish my printscreen key worked to catch some of the stuff in clips of the show. ''Because it's there.''
** Besides the whole hugging thing, after which Lugnut launches them both into the sky? In their first appearance, Blitzwing just iced Blackarachnia after she insulted Lugnut, despite the fact that he himself [[VitriolicBestBuds does it all the time]]. [[BelligerentSexualTension Um]]...
** And lets not forget Lugnut's utter devotion to his [[MemeticMutation GLORIOUS]] master, Lord Megatron.
* Blurr and Bumblebee, on the other hand, make for good rivalshipping.
* Optimus/Sentinel anyone? Optimus has always gone above and beyond to help his former Academy-mate, even when Sentinel clearly deserved whatever sticky situation he got himself into! There were even several instances where Optimus clearly cared more about protecting Sentinel than Elita/[[spoiler: Blackarachnia]] who was arguably the more logical love-interest for Optimus!
* There's also Wasp's obsession with Bumblebee. His planned revenge on the little bug is [[spoiler:not only dressing Bumblebee up as himself in order to make Bumblebee suffer through the same persecution and ruined life as he did, but turning ''himself'' into ''Bumblebee''.]]
* In the episode "Home Is Where The Spark Is", [[KidAppealCharacter Bumblebee]] is pushed to the ground by Prowl and he [[RidiculouslyHumanRobots blushes]]. Uh-huh...
** Normally, ItMakesSenseInContext cancels many of these, but it's actually ''slashier'' in context. Prowl demonstrates his agility by ''pouncing'' on Bumblebee, and while on top of him, he's leaning right into Bumblebee's face with the biggest grin. And Bumblebee really does blush.

[[folder: Miscellaneous G1]]
* Megatron and Starscream have nothing on [[http://tfwiki.net/wiki/Image:AutoBerserk_Inferno_RedAlert_friendship.jpg Inferno and Red Alert]]. While not Jazz/Prowl level, it is usually a consistant fact that they are in a relationship, or are at least very close.
* For a rarer pairing, though with nice context, check out Blurr and Hardhead [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2Kdn-CzDTk in all their slashy glory.]]
* Sometimes the fans don't even bother with the canon characters and just randomly slash minor characters or [[OCStandIn OC Stand Ins]]. Some combinations include Tracks/Raoul, Cosmos/Beachcomber, and Hubcap/Jackpot, [[LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters among others.]]
** I wouldn't call Tracks/Raoul or Hubcap/Jackpot "random", as they both have definite [[Franchise/TransformersGenerationOne canon]] [[ComicBook/TransformersTransTech roots]]. Snarky best friend pairings = win.
*** Definitely not Tracks/Raoul. Think about it. In both of Tracks' feature episodes ("Make Tracks" and "Auto-Bop"), Raoul is very heavily featured. In the former episode, when Raoul is captured by Megatron, Tracks personally threatens the ''leader of the Decepticon military.'' In both episodes, Raoul risks life and limb to save or otherwise help Tracks. The icing on the Ho Yay cake? Picture all of Tracks and Raoul's scenes playing out between a man and a woman. [[IncrediblyLamePun The Ho Yay practically jumps up and kisses you on the mouth.]]
** There's still no explanation for [[ShipsThatPassInTheNight Beachcomber/Cosmos]] though. Not that I'm complaining.
* At one point, Cliffjumper hops into Mirage's lap, and the two hug while rolling over and over each other. It's ''exactly'' as it sounds. (This is how they make up after Cliffjumper suspects Mirage of treason.)
** And in the Japanese Dub, the line when Cliffjumper hops into Mirage's lap is "Do what ever you want with me."
* The humans aren't exempt, either. Rad/Carlos is the first one to pop into my head.
* Two obscure Transformers characters, Magnificus and the [[ComicBooks/MicroNauts Ga'mede]] have a.....really slashy relationship with one another. One might say it is because Magnificus saved Ga'Mede from death but the way it is presented in the few times they appeared....

[[folder:Transformers Zone]].
* With the page image, notice the kids at the bottom holding hands. They're Cain (the one with the green hair) and Akira (brown hair) from ''Manga/TransformersZone'', and are both quite male, and Akira doesn't usually look this feminine, and ''neither'' probably look as girly to the 1989 Japan as to us (especially the "hotpants," once standard 80s shorts length, and Cain's hair - it's [[AnimeHair anime]], it's [[EightiesHair '89]], 'nuff said.) ''Literally all'' toy-company-produced promotional materials have them touching, and in the OVA, they're very HoYay-tastic, with Akira practically landing in Cain's lap at one point, and both looking at each other, seeing how close they are, blushing, and... not moving away. In the end credits, there's more hand-holding. The only reason the idea that this could be unintended subtext and not an OfficialCouple stands up at ''all'' is the fact that it's ''Franchise/{{Transformers}},'' and [[MerchandiseDriven cartoons that exist to sell toys to 6-to-10-year-old boys]] Do Not Work That Way. Shippers ''must'' be making too much of it and it ''must'' be ''completely platonic'' blushing and repeated affectionate touching and running through fields of flowers hand-in-hand -- it must be!
** Makes you wonder how slashy they would have been if ''Zone'' had been picked up as a full series. Nowhere to go from there but the wedding.

[[folder: Robots in Disguise 2001]].
* ''Anime/TransformersRobotsInDisguise'' gets what is pretty much a remake of the Cliffjumper/Mirage episode, but Ironhide gets the Cliffjumper role. When 'hide confronts Mirage, it all comes off like a breakup. [[spoiler:In the original, Cliffjumper had simply jumped to conclusions, followed by Mirage actually getting brainwashed. In this version, it's a plan Mirage has but can't let the others in on because he's been bugged. Cliffjumper comes off as being ''totally'' out of his processor; not so much Ironhide.]]
-->'''Ironhide:''' "What's happened to you, Mirage? I thought I knew you! I thought you were dedicated! I thought you cared!"
-->'''Mirage:''' "Yeah, well, you thought wrong. I don't care about them, and I don't care about you."
-->'''Ironhide:''' "I can't believe you're saying this! You and me are history!"

* Bumblebee and Sam. Holy hell, [[InterspeciesRomance Bumblebee and Sam]]. Probably at least partly due to the pair of them having better chemistry together than Sam did with either of his girlfriends.
* Miles who seems pretty pissed Sam ditched him for Mikaela.

[[folder:Transformers Prime]]
* ''WesternAnimation/TransformersPrime'' has brought us Airachnid and Arcee. And it is beautiful.
** Another one is Smokescreen and Optimus; it MakesSenseInContext,considering it could easily go hand-in-hand with the hero-worship and all. Also, let's not forget the time [[spoiler: Soundwave kidnaps Smokescreen]]. Oh yeah, that one really supported the fangirls of it. If you don't get it, just visit Website/DeviantArt and enter "Smokescreen x Optimus" in the little nifty search bar. Have fun sleeping tonight.
** Don't think the fans haven't noticed the effeminate medic Knock-Out ''wolf-whistling'' at Optimus Prime and complimenting his bodywork.
** Not to mention the FoeYay between Bulkhead and Breakdown. Bulkhead is even convinced to help [[SaveTheVillain rescue Breakdown]] so that he can have a [[TheOnlyOneAllowedToDefeatYou rematch of an earlier fight]]! And Breakdown even hesitates to fight Bulkhead after being rescued, despite having his loyalties to the Decepticons questioned.
** In the episode "Triage" Wheeljack and Ratchet team up to find an artifact. A ''lot'' of their conversations come off as Wheeljack basically flirting with Ratchet, calling him "sunshine" and other unwanted nicknames.
** Knock Out/Breakdown much? They are ThoseTwoBadGuys and BashBrothers who seem to get along and know each other pretty well, with Knock Out even calling up his partner to brag about a human he caught in "Speed Metal". The fact that the good doctor has made some rather... questionable remarks about his assistant ("Detailing was so much easier when Breakdown was around", "Breakdown may act the brute, but he's a maestro behind a rotary buffer"), not to mention his eagerness to [[spoiler:dissect Silas in order to avenge Breakdown]] only add fuel to the fire. They're practically the most popular pairing in the show.
*** Also this rather blatant gem from Knock Out towards Megatron:
-->'''Knock Out''': So go on, Big M: tell me you love me more than ''Starscream!''
** What? No mention of Optimus and Ratchet? Optimus frequently calls Ratchet "Old Friend", and their long history with each other is apparent in the trust they express towards each other, especially in the second season premiere where Ratchet insists that [[spoiler:the amnesiac Optimus is still an Autobot inside despite joning the Decepticons]]. This is pretty exceptional for the usually cynical Ratchet. Several members of the fandom have commented on how the two act {{like an old married couple}}.
** Knockout and Starscream. Despite they often argue LikeAnOldMarriedCouple, Knockout seems to be one of few people that Starscream seems to care about.
*** In 'Sick Mind' Starscream and Knockout have a secret meeting. Starscream even offers Knockout to be his [[WeCanRuleTogether second-in-command]] but their talk was full of sexual tension.
*** A very awkward ItHasBeenAnHonor moment in 'Thirst' puts Starscream and Knock-Out's [[SnarkToSnarkCombat constant bickering]] in a quite different light ''as well as'' adding fuel to the Knockout[=/=]Breakdown fire:
--->'''Knock-Out:''' "I find it rather ironic that after battling Autobots all these years, getting smacked down, shot at, blown up, this is how our lights go out?"
--->'''Starscream:''' "Drained of our precious fluids. If this is indeed the end, if we are to become Terrorcon-chow, it has been an honor serving Lord Megatron with you."
--->'''Knock-Out:''' "You're no Breakdown. Though I must confess, I have always admired your lustrous finish."
--->(Long pause)
--->'''Starscream:''' "*ahem* Well, then."
--->'''Knock-Out:''' "Should be going."
* Soundwave and Megatron too. Soundwave is so loyal to Megatron that he is ready to kick Airachnid's ass when she tries to overthrow him. Furthermore, Megatron always shows more respect for Soundwave than he ever did to anyone else and freaks out when Soundwave is captured by Autobots.
** And in the Titan comic, when Soundwave is injured, while Megatron could have run and let him die, he didn't. He was so enraged to the point of protecting him. Then, there is a cute moment between them afterward, where Megatron gives Soundwave a piggy-ride back even though he said he saved him because he needed generals. And that's one of the only times where Soundwave talks. And his word? "Thanks."

[[folder:All IDW]].
* The IDW comics are very notable in this regard because they're the first Transformers medium to openly feature gay and bisexual characters/relationships, as well as acknowledge some of the gender oddities inherent in a species of living robots. These comics made it canon that gender is widely seen as irrelevant by most Transformers and that relationships between same-sex couples aren't seen as any different than heterosexual ones. In other words, in this continuity you're much more likely to see all those Ho Yay relationships become official. Aside from their take on Megatron's pairings described above there's also:
* Rewind and Chromedome, who were initially portrayed as "best friends", with Rewind constantly running after Chromedome like a devoted puppydog, defending him to others, and even cradling his head in his lap when Chromedome is injured at one point. When they were confirmed in a later issue to not only be in a relationship but to also be ''married'', people were only surprised because they didn't think IDW would actually go through with it.
* There's also Skids with ''multiple people''. First with Swerve, where Swerve tries his best to convince Skids they'd make a great team but is initially rebuffed... only for Skids to change his mind after Swerve shows a bit of his soul behind the motormouth chatter, and say, "'Skids and Swerve.' That ''does'' sound pretty cool." They become close friends over the course of the series. Then he goes through the same thing with Rung in season 2. And that's on top of hetero tension he ends up having with the female Nautica. By the time of [[spoiler: his death]] it seems like Skids ReallyGetsAround.
* Bringing back Chromedome, him and Prowl's past relationship was full of it, and Prowl and Rewind are visibly jealous of each other in the present.
* There's also Rodimus and Drift taking a HandsOnApproach to learning swordplay and their relationship in general, and ''Remain in Light'' gives us Cyclonus's reaction to [[spoiler:Tailgate being terminally ill]] and [[spoiler:Pharma]] going full-blown {{Yandere}} on Ratchet. This is all the work of James Roberts in his book ''More Than Meets the Eye'', which has been [[FandomNickname nicknamed]] "Gay Robots in Space" expressly because of the stuff described above.
** There's one subplot where Getaway literally attempts to seduce Tailgate. The blurb indicating this event is, instead of a paragraph or so of text, a simple infographic: [[LoveTriangle a triangle]] with the corners marked "Tailgate", "Getaway" and "Cyclonus".
* The above-mentioned Knockout and Breakdown are offically together in this continuity, which borders on AscendedFanon.
* IDW Prowl has this with ''a lot'' of people to some degree or another due to his manipulative personality. Other than his thing with Chromedome, his strained friendship with Optimus Prime starts veering this territory more and more as Prowl starts SlowlySlippingIntoEvil. When the two end up fighting it out because of Prowl's actions, their argument reads like a horrifically bad and abusive break up.
* This version of Starscream tends to get very touchy feely with others, [[DepravedBisexual both male and female]] and WordOfGod explicitly states that the writers' interpretation of him was as a sexually aggressive boss who likes to mess with his employees. He also becomes friends with Bumblebee after the war, which mainly consists of Bee trying to get Screamer to be a good person in scenes that feel loaded with BeligerantSexualTension.
* A new one is Blast-Off and Onslaught, with the former being undyingly loyal to the latter and coming off like he's trying desperately to get his sempai's attention. [[spoiler: Surprisingly this turns out to be canon; Starscream realizes that Blast-Off fell in love with Onslaught and that Onslaught is oblivious to how Blast-Off really feels. [[DeconstructedTrope He proceeds to use that information to manipulate Blast-Off]], using memory rewriting technology to make Onslaught notice Blast-Off's feelings in exchange for Blast-Off convincing the other Combaticons to work for Starscream.]]
* Windblade and her bodyguard Chromia have a lot of Les Yay going on. Some of it is just the result of Chromia having to spend so long around Windblade because of her job. However things like them sparring together and Chromia being willing to sacrifice her own reputation and life just to help out Windblade, make it clear things between them go beyond merely working together. Notably, Chromia ends up having some obvious sexual tension with Ironhide and Windblade has a lot of FoeYay with Starscream. Can anyone else sense a LoveTriangle?
* Needlenose and Horri-Bull spend a great deal of time in each other's company and after Horri-Bull dies, Needlenose spends most of his time talking about how much he misses him. [[spoiler: Ultimately confirmed. Needlenose admits that he actually loved Horri-Bull, but the latter was apparently unaware of his true feelings, thinking they were just friends.]]

[[folder:Rescue Bots]]
* Blades' infatuation with Bumblebee could be interpreted as an outright crush. Blades' voice actor is himself openly gay.
* Despite the tensions they've had, Blurr is pretty excited to be going on a mission alone with Heatwave in "The Need for Speed" (this despite Heatwave dismissively saying that no one else was available) and his jumping the gun on their rescue even seems to be out of eagerness to impress him.

[[folder:Robots in Disguise 2015]]
* Grimlock and Bumblebee, which starts in episode 3 ''Trust Exercises'' with Grimlock catching Bee in a {{Bridal Carry}} which seems fairly unnecessary for simply trust exercises.
** It then happens again in episode 7 ''Collect Them All'' with what sounds almost like flirting between the two:
-->'''Bumblebee''': Grimlock, we need you!
-->'''Grimlock''': Say it again, ''slooower?''
-->'''Bumblebee''': '''Just get over here!'''