A listing of the many, many voice actors and actresses that results in the eponymous reaction.


!English Voice Talents
Creator/{{Hasbro}} apparently went to UsefulNotes/{{Vancouver}}, and hired many talents used by Creator/TheOceanGroup for the voice actors, resulting in all this - ''and more!''

[[folder: The Cast]]
* [[Creator/TaraStrong Twilight Sparkle]] is [[WesternAnimation/TeenTitans Raven]] and [[VideoGame/BatmanArkhamCity Harley Quinn]].
** Amusingly enough, out of all the varied voices Tara can pull off, she uses a voice very similar to what she used for [[WesternAnimation/DrawnTogether Princess Clara]]. This has [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Z0nQcC9cPI not gone unnoticed]].
** She's also [[VideoGame/MetalGearSolidPeaceWalker Paz Ortega]], [[WesternAnimation/TheFairlyOddparents Timmy Turner,]] [[WesternAnimation/ThePowerpuffGirls Bubbles,]] [[WesternAnimation/TheAdventuresOfSuperMarioBros3 Hip]], [[WesternAnimation/SuperMarioWorld Hop]] and even [[WesternAnimation/{{Chowder}} Truffles!]]
** She's also [[VideoGame/LollipopChainsaw Juliet Starling]]. Insert jokes about having Flash Sentry's decapitated head for a boyfriend.
* [[Creator/TabithaStGermain Rarity/Princess Luna]] is WesternAnimation/{{Martha|Speaks}}, making [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LXXSY4mhBk this clip]] rather hilarious for bronies. Anime fans may know her better as [[LightNovel/ShakuganNoShana Shana]], [[Manga/BlackLagoon Roberta]], [[Anime/{{Hamtaro}} Pashmina]], or [[Manga/DeathNote Naomi Misora]].
** Tabitha was also Kootie Pie/Wendy O. Koopa back in the latter two ''WesternAnimation/SuperMarioBros'' cartoons (as Paulina Gillis), though this isn't particularly obvious until [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pw4vHMXqEt4 she starts whining]].
** She was also [[Franchise/{{Bionicle}} Nokama]] as well as the first person to voice [[WesternAnimation/EdEddNEddy Nazz]].
* [[Creator/AndreaLibman Fluttershy/Pinkie Pie]] is Literature/{{Madeline}}.
** She was once also a [[DragonTales girl who befriended and rode on]] [[Creator/ChantalStrand Diamond Tiara]] regularly. Ironically, at that time, Diamond Tiara ''was'' a dragon. Even more ironically, Creator/ChantalStrand ''also'' played ''Madeline''.
** She's also [[Franchise/MegaMan Roll]] from [[Anime/MegaManUponAStar Mega Man: Upon A Star]] and [[VideoGame/MegaManPoweredUp Mega Man Powered Up]]
** What do you get when you mix Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy's voices together? [[WesternAnimation/{{Reboot}} AndrAIa]]. You'd think her voice would change even a little since that show's season 3, when she was thirteen. You would be wrong.
** She was that possessed girl in [[Recap/TheXFilesS01E22BornAgain that one episode of the X_Files]]. Which makes ''Fanfic/{{Cupcakes}}'' even more scary...
*** Pinkie Pie's singing voice (as well as Silver Spoon) is Creator/ShannonChanKent ([[Manga/DeathNote Misa Amane]]). This too, has [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVK9HKN0Jbo not gone unnoticed]].
* [[Music/HeyOcean Applejack/Rainbow Dash are part of an indie pop band]].
** You may wanna laugh that they're also Franchise/CareBears in Adventures in Care-a-Lot. Specifically, they are one Oopsy Bear. Who is clumsy and silly to the bone. Who's the silly pony now?
** She's also [[IronManArmoredAdventures Black Widow]] (who sounds likes an older Rainbow Dash).
** She [[PlayingAgainstType also]] voices [[CreepyChild Hansel]] from ''Manga/BlackLagoon''. This makes ''FanFic/RainbowFactory'' look even more creepier.
* [[Creator/CathyWeseluck Spike]] is [[Manga/DeathNote Near]]. This has also [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjK8N3be2-4 not gone unnoticed]]. He's also [[Anime/{{Hamtaro}} Snoozer]] and {{Cybersix}}, using the same voice Cathy used as Six's Adrian persona. To quote [[FamiliarFaces CR]], "Now I think Spike's cross-dressing all the time."
** Spike is also [[Manga/RanmaOneHalf Shampoo]], [[WesternAnimation/UltimateBookOfSpells Vern]] and [[Manga/InuYasha Kagome's mother]].
** News update: Spike was a ''[[WesternAnimation/DragonTales Dragon Fairy]]''.
** And [[Manga/BlackLagoon Garcia Lovelace]]. This also falls on HilariousInHindsight since Cathy played both Garcia and Spike who both love their respective crushes (Roberta and Rarity respectively) that were both voiced by Tabitha.
** Don't forget about [[WesternAnimation/KidVsKat Dennis Lawrence Chan]].
* [[Creator/NicoleOliver Princess Celestia/Cheerilee]] is [[Manga/CardCaptorSakura Meiling Li]].
** And [[WesternAnimation/HeManAndTheMastersOfTheUniverse2002 The Sorceress/Queen Marlena Glenn]].
* Scootaloo (Madeline Peters) and Apple Bloom (Michelle Creber) are [[MarthaSpeaks Helen Lorraine and Alice]].
* [[Creator/MarykeHendrikse Gilda]] is [[Manga/BlackLagoon Revy]].
* Trixie/Queen Chrysalis is [[ReBoot Dot Matrix]]. Kathleen Barr also voices [[CrossdressingVoices one of the Pegasus bullies]] ([[FanNickname Hoops]]) using her [[WesternAnimation/EdEddNEddy Kevin]] voice.
** She was also [[WesternAnimation/HeManAndTheMastersOfTheUniverse2002 Evil-Lyn]].
** She's also [[DragonTales Wheezie]], [[{{Bionicle}} Toa Gali, and Roodaka]].
** And [[VideoGame/{{Ys}} Olha]].
** And then [[WesternAnimation/LittlestPetShop2012 Mrs. Twombly]].
** And [[Manga/GalaxyExpress999 Maetel]].
* [[MattHill Soarin']] is WesternAnimation/{{Ed|EddNEddy}} - and, perhaps more fittingly for a Pegasus, [[WesternAnimation/StormHawks Finn]].
** He was also [[WesternAnimation/DragonBooster Artha Penn]] and [[Anime/MegaManNTWarrior Bass]].
** Where there's MattHill, there's Creator/SamuelVincent ([[WesternAnimation/EdEddNEddy Double D]] and [[Manga/BlackLagoon Lotton The Wizard]]), who voices Flim and the lead Pegasus bully ([[FanNickname Dumb-Bell]]).
* [[Creator/JohnDeLancie Discord]] is [[Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration Q]]. This has ''definitely'' [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5DE6xrCgLA not gone unnoticed]].
** WesternAnimation/InvaderZim fans may know him as Agent Darkbootie.
* [[Creator/ChantalStrand Diamond Tiara]] [[PlayingAgainstType is]] [[Anime/{{Hamtaro}} Bijou]]. Seriously.
** And as mentioned above, ''[[WesternAnimation/DragonTales Cassie]]'' of all characters. PlayingAgainstType almost doesn't cover it.
** She is also the English dubbed voice of Maki from ''Film/LChangeTheWorld''.
* [[Creator/RichardIanCox Snails]] is ''Manga/InuYasha''.
* Snips, Steven Magnet and Spot the Diamond Dog are voiced by Creator/LeeTockar, a.k.a. [[WesternAnimation/JohnnyTest Bling-Bling Boy]] and ''[[Franchise/{{Bionicle}} Makuta Teridax]]''.
* [[Creator/ScottMcNeil Chief Thunderhooves/Flam/Rover the Diamond Dog]] is [[VideoGame/DawnOfWar Firaeveus Carron]]. Once again, this has [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PM1JoYTXkC0 not gone unnoticed]].
** He is also [[VideoGame/DawnOfWar A number of Space Marines, SINDRI, and Sergeant Merrik]] and [[Franchise/{{Bionicle}} Keetongu, Tahu and Onua]] as well as [[{{WesternAnimation/Megaman}} Dr. Wily and Protoman]] and Piccolo.
** He was also a tree that cracked bad puns (let the name ''Sid Sycamore'' settle in for a bit) in DragonTales and Grumpy Bear in CareBears: Adventures in Care-a-Lot. Most egregiously, he was chicken-phobic grade school teacher Mr. Yoshi in ''Anime/{{Hamtaro}}''.
* [[Creator/TrevorDevall Fancy Pants]] is [[Series/StargateSG1 Kvasir]], [[Franchise/{{Bionicle}} Nuju]], and [[Manga/BlackLagoon Mr. Chang]].
* [[Creator/ChiaraZanni Daring Do]] is Anime/{{Hamtaro}}. Don't even think of imagining her eating a lot of Sunflower Seeds. She's also [[Franchise/{{Bionicle}} Hahlii]].
* Princess Cadance is [[Franchise/{{Bratz}} Cloe]], [[DeadLikeMe Reggie Lass]], [[{{Trollz}} Amethyst van der Troll]], [[StrawberryShortcake Blueberry Muffin]], and [[WesternAnimation/SabrinaTheAnimatedSeries Sabrina Spellman]].
** Like Applejack/Rainbow Dash, Cadance also [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9dMuDlChN0 sings in a Canadian band]], a country duo with her sister. And now you know why her singing voice is so [[MostWonderfulSound lovely]].
** Horror movie fans might recognize her voice as that of Macy, the AlphaBitch from ''Film/TrickRTreat''.
* Shining Armor voice actor, Creator/AndrewFrancis, voiced Jaller from the first {{Bionicle}} movie, who was also [[ActorAllusion a captain of the guard.]]
** He's also [[Anime/MonsterRancher Genki]].
** If you didn't know better, you'd never have guessed that he played the AxCrazy PsychoForHire [[Anime/TheVisionOfEscaflowne Dilandau]] considering how [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2g3W_wFPbhA squeaky and chirpy his voice was]] back then. Yes, that was what his voice sounded like back then. Now you will NEVER UNHEAR IT.
* Little Strongheart is either [[DinosaurTrain Stacie, Vera or Judy]].
* Lightning Dust is [[Series/{{Smallville}} Stargirl]], [[{{Madeline}} Nicole and Danielle]], [[{{Bratz}} Jade]], [[WesternAnimation/BarbieInAMermaidTale2 Mirabella]], and [[WesternAnimation/PackagesFromPlanetX Amanda]].
* The tourist in Putting Your Hoof Down. Let's be honest, if you had to listen to [[WesternAnimation/{{Reboot}} Mike the TV and his endless infomercials]], you'd get violent, too.
** It's even funnier when you realize that that tourist is also [[VideoGame/TheElderScrollsVSkyrim Malacath]].
* [[Creator/ClaireCorlett Sweetie Belle]] is [[DinosaurTrain Tiny Pteranodon]].
* Music/WeirdAlYankovic is Cheese Sandwich.
* Trenderhoof is [[WesternAnimation/VoltronForce Vince]], [[WesternAnimation/ClassOfTheTitans Odie]], and [[WesternAnimation/GeorgeOfTheJungle2007 Big Mitch]].
* Seabreeze is [[Franchise/DragonBall Vegeta]].
* [[IanJamesCorlett Silver Shill]] is [[Franchise/DragonBall Goku]], WesternAnimation/MegaMan, [[WesternAnimation/TheAdventuresOfSonicTheHedgehog Coconuts]], and [[WesternAnimation/SittingDucks Bill]].
* To {{Creator/Pixar}} fans, Mulia Mild is [[WesternAnimation/ToyStory3 Sparks]] and [[WesternAnimation/ABugsLife Axel]]. To Anime fans, she's the original voice of [[Manga/{{Akira}} Tetsuo]].
* Cherry Jubilee is [[Anime/TheVisionOfEscaflowne Sora]], [[Anime/BrainPowerd Midori]], and [[ProjectARMS Wasp]].
* Babs Seed is [[DinosaurTrain Daphne Daspletosaurus]].
* Braeburn is Film/AceVentura, [[WesternAnimation/RescueHeroes Steve]], [[Series/StargateSG1 Big Jaffa]], [[Series/{{Smallville}} Gordon Godfrey]], [[Anime/InuYasha Sesshomaru]], and [[VideoGame/DeadRising3 Phoenix]].
* Flash Sentry is [[WesternAnimation/IronManArmoredAdventures The Mandarin]] and [[Manga/DeathNote Touta Matsuda]].
* Guess Bulk Biceps is really strong. He must be [[Anime/{{DragonballZ}} OVER 9000!]]
** He's also [[Franchise/{{BIONICLE}} Matau and Onewa]].
* Maud Pie is [[WesternAnimation/StrawberryShortcake Raspberry Torte]] and [[Series/{{Supernatural}} Jane Peterson]].
* Spitfire is [[Anime/GhostIntheShellStandAloneComplex Tachikoma]], [[Anime/DemashitaPowerpuffGirlsZ Buttercup]], [[Anime/DeathNote Sayu Yagami]], [[WesternAnimation/SushiPack Queen Orange]], [[WesternAnimation/LittlestPetShop2012 Sugar Sprinkles]], and [[Franchise/{{Ninjago}} Nya]].
* The Mane-iac is [[DragonBall Fortuneteller Baba]], [[ReBoot Gabby]], [[Series/XMenEvolution Destiny]], [[VideoGame/{{Ys}} Alma]], and [[WesternAnimation/KryptoTheSuperdog Brainy Barker]].
* Flutterguy (Bridle Gossip) is [[WesternAnimation/ShadowRaiders Lord Mantel]], [[WesternAnimation/SonicUnderground Fodder]], and [[WesternAnimation/HeManAndTheMastersOfTheUniverse2002 Dekker]].
* Flutterguy (Filli Vanilli) is [[Manga/DragonBall Mr. Popo]], [[DarkStalkers Jon Talbain]], [[Anime/InuYasha Manten]], [[Anime/MegaManNTWarrior Raoul]], and [[WesternAnimation/FantasticFourWorldsGreatestHeroes Puppet Master]].
* Cherry Fizzy is [[Manga/DragonBall Master Roshi, Krillin]], [[WesternAnimation/AdventuresOfSonicTheHedgehog Dr. Qwark]], [[Anime/InuYasha Hachi]], and [[WesternAnimation/FantasticFourWorldsGreatestHeroes Impossible Man]].
* Creator/KellySheridan, best known for playing Barbie in the direct-to-video {{Franchise/Barbie}} movies, [[PlayingAgainstType plays against type]] as Starlight Glimmer. Anime fans may also recognize her as [[Manga/InuYasha Sango]], [[Anime/TheVisionOfEscaflowne Hitomi Kanzaki]], [[Manga/{{Nana}} Nana Komatsu]], and [[Anime/MobileSuitGundam00 Louise Halevy]].
* Subverted with Lord Tirek, who's voice (especially after powering up) sounds a lot like Creator/JohnDiMaggio, but actually belongs to lesser-known actor Mark Acheson.
** Also subverted with the film narrator in "Hurricane Fluttershy", whom many thought was Creator/TomKenny doing his [[WesternAnimation/ThePowerpuffGirls Narrator]] voice, but was actually the aforementioned Trevor Devall.
* In "[[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS5E12AmendingFences Amending Fences]]", Rebecca Hussain, previously seen and heard as [[WebVideo/StandardAction Ikosa]], [[Series/FallingSkies Martha]] and [[WesternAnimation/BarbieInPrincessPower Madison]], voices [[AscendedExtra Minuette]].
* Fashion Plate in "[[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS5E14CanterlotBoutique Canterlot Boutique]]" is [[WesternAnimation/EdEddNEddy Rolf]]. Cue [[https://derpibooru.org/978278 "That's My Horse"]] jokes.

!!Other Hasbro shows
[[folder:Previous [=MLP=] Series]]
There's also a fair degree of overlap with previous generations, mostly ''[[MyLittlePonyG3 Generation 3]]'':
* Fluttershy/Pinkie Pie was Zipzee and Sweetie Belle.
* Spike used to be Rarity (making his crush even more entertaining) and Ice Scoop.
* Rarity/Princess Luna/Derpy Hooves, meanwhile, voiced several ponies, including Minty and Scootaloo.
* Trixie/Queen Chrysalis was Kimono, Puzzlemint, and Sweetberry.
* Gilda was Brights Brightly.
* Spitfire was Storybelle.
* Diamond Tiara was Starsong and Tiddly-Wink.
* Daring Do was [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyTales Bon Bon]] (the original, not the G4 background pony).
* Princess Cadance is Tra-La-La.
* Little Strongheart is Lily Lightly and Toola-Roola.
* The Mane-iac was Dafflidazey.
* Starlight Glimmer was both G3 Cheerilee and [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyTales Melody]].

Transformers crossover! Yes, there's some overlap with Hasbro's other big franchise, starting with [[TaraStrong Twilight Sparkle]] being [[TransformersAnimated Sari Sumdac]], and [[Music/WeirdAlYankovic Cheese Sandwich]] being [[WesternAnimation/TransformersAnimated Wreck-Gar]].[[note]]TF Animated usually involved Los Angeles VAs.[[/note]]
* Heading to Beast era[[note]]Usually involved Vancouver VAs.[[/note]], Cranky Doodle Donkey is [[WesternAnimation/BeastWars Rhinox and the Vok]].
** Trixie/Queen Chrysalis is [[WesternAnimation/BeastMachines Botanica]].
** [[Creator/ScottMcNeil Chief Thunderhooves]] is [[WesternAnimation/BeastWars Dinobot/Rattrap/Waspinator/Silverbolt]].
** [[Creator/GaryChalk Fido the Diamond Dog and Prince Rutherford]] are [[BeastWars Optimus]] [[Anime/UnicronTrilogy Prime]].
** [[Creator/LeeTockar Snips/Steven Magnet/Spot the Diamond Dog]] is [[WesternAnimation/BeastWars Ravage]].
** [[IanJamesCorlett Silver Shill]] is [[WesternAnimation/BeastWars Cheetor]].
** "Flutterguy" in "Bridle Gossip" and the dragon from ''[[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS1E7Dragonshy Dragonshy]]'' are [[WesternAnimation/BeastWars Tigatron]].
* Into the Unicron Trilogy[[note]]Mostly involved Vancouver VAs.[[/note]], [[Creator/TrevorDevall Fancy Pants]] is [[TransformersEnergon Alpha Q]].
** [[Creator/RichardIanCox Snails]] is [[TransformersCybertron Scattorshot]].
** [[Creator/MarykeHendrikse Gilda]] is [[TransformersCybertron Thunderblast]].
** [[Creator/NicoleOliver Princess Celestia]] is [[TransformersCybertron Override]].
** [[Creator/TabithaStGermain Princess Luna/Rarity]] is [[TransformersArmada Alexis]].
** [[Creator/ChiaraZanni Daring Do]] is [[TransformersCybertron Lori]].
** Gustave Le Grand is [[TransformersCybertron Thundercracker]].
** Trenderhoof is [[TransformersEnergon Cliffjumper]].
** [[Creator/MarkAcheson Lord Tirek]] is [[TransformersArmada Unicron, Sideways]] and [[TransformersCybertron Crumplezone]].
** Braeburn is [[TransformersArmada Wheeljack]] and [[TransformersEnergon Inferno]].
** [[BrianDrummond Mr. Cake/Dr. Hooves/Sheriff Silverstar/Uncle Orange/Seabreeze]] is [[TransformersArmada Blurr]] and ''[[TransformersCybertron Cybertron]]'' Jetfire.
** [[ScottMcNeil Chief Thunderhooves]] is Jetfire in ''[[TransformersArmada Armada]]'' and ''[[TransformersEnergon Energon]]'', and [[TransformersCybertron Backstop/Snarl]].
** The Mane-iac is [[TransformersEnergon Mischa]].
** [[TheOtherDarrin The Other Flutterguy]] is Demolishor.
** Cherry Fizzy is [[Anime/TransformersEnergon Skyblast, Sixshot]], and [[Anime/TransformersCybertron Brimstone]].
** [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyEquestriaGirlsFriendshipGames Sour Sweet]] is [[Anime/TransformersEnergon Arcee]].
** Soarin' is [[Anime/TransformersArmada Carlos]] and [[Anime/TransformersEnergon Ironhide]].

!!Other series
[[folder: Gundam]]
Additionally to its connection to the older My Little Pony, the voice actors were also well known for voicing a lot of characters in the English dubbing of the {{Franchise/Gundam}} series. So then we have:
* [[Creator/AndreaLibman Fluttershy/Pinkie Pie]] is [[Anime/MobileSuitGundam00 Mileina Vashti]], the latter sounding like Pinkie if she ''weren't'' hyper.
* [[Creator/TabithaStGermain Rarity/Princess Luna]] is either [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamSEED Fllay Allster, Birdy, Haro]], or [[Anime/MobileSuitGundam00 Soma Peries]].
* [[Creator/CathyWeseluck Spike]] is [[Anime/MobileSuitGundam Mirai Yashima]], [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamWing Dorothy]] [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamWingEndlessWaltz Catalonia]], [[PlayingAgainstType and]] [[Anime/MobileSuitGundam00 Kati Mannequin]].
* [[NicoleOliver Princess Celestia/Cheerilee]] is [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamSEED Via Hibiki]], [[Anime/MobileSuitGundam00 Regene Regetta and Holly Smirnov]].
* Big Macintosh is [[Anime/MobileSuitGundam00 Ian Vashti]].
* [[Creator/AndrewFrancis Shining Armor]] is [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamSEED Muruta Azrael]] and [[Anime/MobileSuitGundam00 Lasse Aeon]].
* [[ChantalStrand Diamond Tiara]] is either [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamSEED Lacus]] [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamSEEDDestiny Clyne]], [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamSEEDDestiny Meer Campbell]], or [[Anime/MobileSuitGundam00 Feldt Grace]].
* [[Creator/ShannonChanKent Silver Spoon]] is [[Anime/MobileSuitGundam00 Christina Sierra]].
* [[Creator/BrianDrummond Mr. Cake and Seabreeze]] is [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamWing Zechs]] [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamWingEndlessWaltz Merquise]] and [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamSEED Andrew]] [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamSEEDDestiny Waltfeld]].
* [[Creator/TrevorDevall Hoity Toity, Fancypants and Iron Will]] were [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamSEED Mu La Flaga]]/[[Anime/MobileSuitGundamSEEDDestiny Neo Roanoke]] and [[Anime/MobileSuitGundam00 Patrick Colasour/Howard Mason]]. [[PlayingAgainstType Definitely against his character type]].
* [[Creator/MattHill Soarin']] is [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamSEED Kira]] [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamSEEDDestiny Yamato]].
* That means [[Creator/SamuelVincent Flim]] is [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamSEED Athrun]] [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamSEEDDestiny Zala]].
* [[Creator/MarykeHendrikse Gilda/Sonata Dusk]] is [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamSEEDDestiny Lunamaria Hawke]] and [[Anime/MobileSuitGundam00 Wang Liu Mei]].
* Snips/Steven Magnet/Spot the Diamond Dog is [[Anime/MobileSuitGundam00 Joshua Edwards]].
* You don't want to mess with Snails, or he'll go [[Anime/MobileSuitGundam00 Allelujah Haptism]] on you.
** He's also [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamSEED Tolle Koenig and Shani Andras]], as well as [[Anime/MobileSuitGundam Kai Shiden]].
* [[Creator/ScottMcNeil Chief Thunderhooves/Flam/Rover the Diamond Dog]] is [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamWing Duo]] [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamWingEndlessWaltz Maxwell]] and both [[Anime/MobileSuitGundam00 Ali Al-Saachez and Daryl Dodge]].
* [[Creator/MarkOliver Gustave Le Grand]] is [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamSEED Rau Le Creuset and George Allster]].
* [[Creator/RebeccaShoichet Twilight Sparkle's singer/Sunset Shimmer]] is [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamSEED Caridad]] [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamSEEDDestiny Yamato]].
* [[Creator/MichaelDobson Bulk Biceps (aka Snowflake)]] is [[Anime/MobileSuitGundam General Revil]], [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamWing Duke Dermail, Vice Foreign Minister Darlian]], [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamWingEndlessWaltz Dekim Barton]], [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamSEED George Glenn]], and [[Anime/MobileSuitGundam00 Sergei Smirnov]].
* [[Creator/KellySheridan Starlight Glimmer]] is [[Anime/MobileSuitGundam00 Louise Halevy]].

[[folder: X-Men Evolution]]
A number of voice actors have also starred in XMenEvolution.
* [[Creator/ScottMcNeil Chief Thunderhooves]] is Wolverine.
* [[Creator/AndreaLibman Fluttershy/Pinkie Pie]] is ''[[PlayingAgainstType X-23]]''. Lightning Dust is also X-23.
* [[Creator/AndrewFrancis Shining Armor]] is Iceman.
* [[Creator/ChiaraZanni Daring Do]] is Jubilee.
* [[Creator/ChantalStrand Diamond Tiara]] is Wolfsbane.
* [[Creator/TabithaStGermain Rarity/Princess Luna]] is Dani Moonstar.
* [[MattHill Soarin]] is Havok.
* [[Creator/SamuelVincent Flim]] is Forge.
* [[Creator/TrevorDevall Fancy Pants]] is Pyro.
* [[Creator/RichardIanCox Snails]] is Quicksilver.
* Cranky Doodle Donkey is Omega Red.
* [[Creator/NicoleOliver Princess Celestia]] is Risty Wilde.
* [[Creator/KellySheridan Starlight Glimmer]] is Scarlet Witch.

[[folder: 3-2-1 Penguins]]
There are also voice actors who starred in ''WesternAnimation/ThreeTwoOnePenguins''
* [[Creator/ClaireCorlett Sweetie Belle]] is Michelle.
* Snips, Steven Magnet and Spot the Diamond Dog are voiced by Creator/LeeTockar, a.k.a. Dr. Fidgel, Professor Wordsworth, a jelly worm guard, and that little chicken prince.
* The Mane-iac is Grandmum.
* [[Creator/GarryChalk Fido the Diamond Dog]] is Baron von Cavitus, Sol, and Minion #1.
* Jet Set is Flam Mingo.
* [[Creator/RichardIanCox Snails]] is a jelly worm guard.


! Italian Talents
The Italian version shares many cast members with other non-Italian cartoon shows broadcast on Mediaset's Italia 1. This is because they are all dubbed in Milan.

!! Other Hasbro shows
[[folder: Previous [=MLP=] Series]]
Past generations of MLP? Why not?
* ''Vola, mio mini pony''. This is a rare case that the cast members of a dub of 80s G1 cartoons that was produced in 80s do the voice of [=FIM=] characters.
** Twilight Sparkle is Posey.
** '''Pinkie Pie is Megan'''.
*** And, in the greatest ActorAllusion ever, '''Maud Pie is Molly'''. Sisters again!
** Cheerilee is Gusty and Medley.
** Chief Thunderhooves and Fido the Diamond Dog are Moochic and Scorpan.
* It even shares some casts with ''MyLittlePonyTales''!
** Pinkie Pie is Clover.
** Rainbow Dash is Patch.
** Cheerilee is Melody.
** Granny Smith and Mayor Mare are Miss Hackney.

[[folder: Transformers]]
* To start with the so called Aligned continuity:
** Zecora and Chrysalis are [[WesternAnimation/TransformersPrime Airachnid]].
** Silver Spoon, [[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS1E12CallOfTheCutie Season 1!Bon Bon]], Season 2!Derpy, Daring Do and Season2!Spitfire are [[WesternAnimation/TransformersPrime Miko Nakadai]].
** Season 1!Braeburn and Cheese Sandwich are [[WesternAnimation/TransformersPrime Jack Darby]].
** Apple Bloom and Mrs. Cake are [[WesternAnimation/TransformersPrime June Darby]].
** Flash Sentry is [[WesternAnimation/TransformersRobotsInDisguise Slipstream]].
** Sugarcoat is [[WesternAnimation/TransformersRobotsInDisguise Stongarm]].
** Friendship Games!Shining Armor is [[WesternAnimation/TransformersRobotsInDisguise Quillfire]].
* Animated:
** Sunset Shimmer is [[WesternAnimation/TransformersAnimated Blackarachnia]].
** Singing!Discord is [[WesternAnimation/TransformersAnimated Ultra Magnus]].
** Season 5!Steven Magnet, Mr. Cake and Snails are [[WesternAnimation/TransformersAnimated Henry "Headmaster" Masterson]].
** Treehugger is [[WesternAnimation/TransformersAnimated Slo-Mo]].
* To the Beast era:
** Snips and Season 1!Steven Magnet are [[WesternAnimation/BeastWars Tarantulas]].
** Big Macintosh, Flutterguy, both the dragons from Season 1, Spot the Diamond Dog, Sheriff Silverstar and Cranky Doodle Donkey are [[WesternAnimation/BeastWars Cheetor]].
** Season 5!Matilda is [[WesternAnimation/BeastWars Airazor]].
* Older stuff:
** Mrs. Harshwinny is [[Anime/TransformersSuperGodMasterforce Lady Mega]].
* Multiple works across generations:
** Hoity Toity is [[WesternAnimation/BeastWars Waspinator]] and [[WesternAnimation/TransformersPrime Knock Out]].
** Prince Blueblood is [[TransformersAnimated Bulkhead]] and [[WesternAnimation/TransformersPrime Wheeljack]].
** Chief Thunderhooves and Fido the Diamond Dog are [[TransformersAnimated Lugnut, Omega Supreme]], [[TransformersWarForCybertron Ironhide]] and [[WesternAnimation/TransformersPrime Bulkhead]].
** Pony Joe, Jet Set, Rarity's dad and Filthy Rich are [[WesternAnimation/BeastWars Terrorsaur]], [[TransformersAnimated Professor Sumdac]], [[TransformersWarForCybertron Megatron]] and [[WesternAnimation/TransformersPrime Silas]].
** Discord is [[WesternAnimation/BeastWars Dinobot]] and [[TransformersAnimated Grimlock]].
** Fancypants is [[TransformersAnimated Blitzwing]] and [[WesternAnimation/TransformersPrime Dreadwing]].
** Iron Will and Ahuizotl were [[WesternAnimation/BeastWars twice]] [[WesternAnimation/TransformersPrime Megatron]].
** Sea Breeze is [[WesternAnimation/TransformersAnimated Wasp]] and [[VideoGame/TransformersWarForCybertron Sideswipe]].
** Tirek is [[WesternAnimation/TransformersAnimated Megatron]] and [[WesternAnimation/TransformersRobotsInDisguise Drift]].
** Season 5!Braeburn is [[WesternAnimation/TransformersAnimated Bumblebee]] and [[WesternAnimation/TransformersRobotsInDisguise Jetstorm]].
** Trouble Shoes is [[Anime/TransformersSuperGodMasterforce Blood]], [[WesternAnimation/BeastWars Rampage]], [[WesternAnimation/TransformersAnimated Ratchet]], [[WesternAnimation/TransformersPrime Hardshell]] and [[WesternAnimation/TransformersRobotsInDisguise Hammerstrike]].
** Season 5!Doctor Hooves is [[WesternAnimation/TransformersAnimated Angry Archer]] and [[WesternAnimation/TransformersRobotsInDisguise Ped]].

[[folder: Littlest Pet Shop]]
The Italian dub of ''[[WesternAnimation/LittlestPetShop2012 Littlest Pet Shop]]'' just started:
* Scootaloo is Blythe's regular voice, while Rarity's singing voice is her singing voice too.
* Twilight Sparkle is Minka.
* Applejack and Fluttershy are Buttercream.
* Sonata Dusk is Whittany.
* Lightning Dust is Brittany.
* Princess Luna is Youngmee.
* Season 1!Braeburn and Cheese Sandwich are Vinnie.
* Silver Spoon is Sue.
* Suri Polomare is Pepper.
* Aria Blaze is Penny Ling.
* Season 5!Matilda is Ms. Twombly.

!! Mattel shows
From Hasbro's arch-rival Mattel...

[[folder: Barbie]]
Franchise/{{Barbie}}'s movies are dubbed with Milanese and Roman actors. (It helps that Flim/Flam's actor dubs in both cities.)
* The Magic of Pegasus: Flim/Flam is Aidan, and season 4's Ahuizotl is Ollie the Giant.
* The Nutcracker: Flim/Flam is the Nutcracker, Chief Thunderhooves is the Rat King, Princess Celestia is Aunt Elizabeth, and Rainbow Dash is Shelly/Peppermint Girl.
* Swan Lake: Flim/Flam is Prince Daniel.
* The Princess and the Pauper: Flim/Flam is King Dominic.
* But, most importantly, Twilight Sparkle is Barbie in most of the recent media.

[[folder: Ever After High]]
Pony voices are everywhere in Franchise/EverAfterHigh.
* Twilight Sparkle is Madeline Hatter.
* Applejack and Fluttershy are Briar Beauty.
* Rainbow Dash is Cerise Hood.
* Apple Bloom is the female narrator and Ginger Breadhouse.
* Sweetie Belle is C.A. Cupid.
* Scootaloo is Kitty Cheshire.
* Season 1!Braeburn and Cheese Sandwich are Hunter Huntsman.
* Trenderhoof is Sparrow Hood.
* Princess Luna and Diamond Tiara are Blondie Lockes.
* Silver Spoon, Season 1!Derpy and Daring Do are Melody Piper.
* Babs Seed is Duchess Swan and Gus Crumb.
* Little Strongheart is Cedar Wood.
* Maud Pie, Adagio Dazzle and Starlight Glimmer are Holly O'Hair.
* Suri Polomare is Poppy O'Hair.
* Chief Thunderhooves is Milton Grimm.
* Singing!Discord is Legacy Day!Giles Grimm.
* Season 5!Matilda is Baba Yaga.
* Aria Blaze is Raven Queen.
* Sonata Dusk is Ashlynn Ella.
* Big Macintosh is Rumpelstiltzkin and Thronecoming!Giles Grimm.
* Mr. Cake and Snails are Mr. Badwolf and Professor Jack T. Nimble.
* Season 5!Braeburn is Hopper Croakington.
* Trouble Shoes is the male narrator.
* Trixie and Princess Cadance are Bunny Blanc.
* Season 5!Derpy and Indigo Zap are Apple White.
* Sour Sweet is Lizzie Hearts.
* Cheerilee is Courtly Jester.
* Lightning Dust and Moondancer are Faybelle Thorn.

!! Other series
[[folder: DC Comics-related]]
The ponies know DC Comics well.
* Flim and Flam are Film/{{Superman|Returns}}, [[Film/TheDarkKnightSaga Scarecrow]], and [[WesternAnimation/JusticeLeague The Flash]].
* Shining Armor is [[WesternAnimation/JusticeLeague Superman]].
* [[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS1E12CallOfTheCutie Season 1!Doctor Whooves]] is [[WesternAnimation/BatmanTheBraveAndTheBold Bat-Mite]].
* Blueblood is [[VideoGame/MortalKombatVsDCUniverse Superman]].
* Thunderhooves is [[WesternAnimation/{{Superfriends}} Aquaman]] and [[WesternAnimation/JusticeLeague Green Lantern]].
* Celestia is [[WesternAnimation/JusticeLeague Hawkgirl]].
* Discord is [[WesternAnimation/BatmanBeyond Bruce Wayne]], [[WesternAnimation/TheBatman Mr. Freeze]], and [[WesternAnimation/BatmanTheAnimatedSeries Bane]].
* Snips and Steven Magnet have been TheJoker since ''WesternAnimation/BatmanTheAnimatedSeries''.
* Mr. Cake and Snails are [[WesternAnimation/BatmanTheBraveAndTheBold Aquaman]].
* Braeburn and Cheese Sandwich are [[WesternAnimation/BatmanTheBraveAndTheBold Booster Gold and Dr. Sivana]].
* Thunderlane and Trenderhoof are [[WesternAnimation/BatmanTheBraveAndTheBold Blue Beetle]].
* Iron Will is [[WesternAnimation/BatmanTheAnimatedSeries Killer Croc and Clayface]].
* Zecora and Chrysalis are [[WesternAnimation/BatmanTheAnimatedSeries Catwoman]].
* Maud Pie is [[WesternAnimation/TheBatman Batgirl]].
* Tirek is [[WesternAnimation/ChallengeOfTheSuperfriends Cyborg]].

[[folder: Yu-Gi-Oh!]]
It's time for Italian ponies and [[Franchise/YuGiOh card games]]. (Note: the list uses the 4Kids names.)
* Anime/YuGiOh:
** [[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS1E20GreenIsntYourColor Goldengrape]] is Yugi.
** Flim and Flam are Joey.
** Blueblood is Kaiba.
** Shining Armor is Weevil and Marik.
** Hoity Toity is Mako Tsunami.
** Snails and Mr. Cake are Rex Raptor.
** Maud Pie is Tea.
* Anime/YuGiOhGX.
** Shining Armor is Jaden.
** Fancypants is Professor Crowler.
** Singing!Rainbow Dash, Season1!Singing!Applejack, Singing!Scootaloo and Babs Seed are Alexis.
** Season 1!Braeburn and Cheese Sandwich are Jim Crocodile Cook.
** Flim and Flam are Aster Phoenix.
** Rainbow Dash is Blair.
** Season 5!Braeburn is Jesse.
* Anime/YuGiOh5Ds:
** Season 1!Braeburn and Cheese Sandwich are Yusei.
** Shining Armor is [=JACK ATLAS=].
** Princess Cadance is Akiza.
** Thunderlane and Trenderhoof are Crow.
** Hoity Toity is Trudge.
** Snails and Mr. Cake are Lazar.
** Lightning Dust is Luna.
** Season 5!Braeburn is Leo.
* Anime/YuGiOhZEXAL:
** Season 5!Braeburn is Yuma.
** Thunderlane and Trenderhoof are Astral.
** Sweetie Belle is Tori.
** Snails and Mr. Cake are Bronk.
** [[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS1E12CallOfTheCutie Season 1!Doctor Whooves]] is Caswell.
** Little Strongheart is Cathy, Gagaga Girl and Vetrix.
** Princess Celestia and Nightmare Moon are Number 89: Galaxy Queen.
** Hoity Toity is Fortuno.
** [[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS1E20GreenIsntYourColor Goldengrape]] is Trey.
** Sea Breeze is Quinton.
** Spike is Dextra.
** Shining Armor is Nixtro.

[[folder: Pokemon]]
* Tree Hugger is Misty.
* Snails and Mr. Cake are Brock and Stephan.
* Twilight Sparkle is Jessie.
* Flim Flam Brothers are James.
* Chief Thunderhooves, Season 4!Ahuizotl, and Fido the Diamond Dog are Meowth, Darkrai and Terrakion.
* Rainbow Dash is Max, Zoey and Sky!Shaymin.
* Iron Will and Ahuizotl are Kanto and Hoenn!Giovanni.
* Filthy Rich is Johto!Giovanni.
* Rover the Diamond Dog is Unova!Giovanni.
* Babs Seed is Sinnoh and Unova!Officer Jenny.
* Thunderlane and Trenderhoof are Origins!Brock.
* Big Macintosh is Origins!Professor Oak and Movie2!Slowking.
* Cheese Sandwich and Braeburn are Sir Aaron and Grings Kodai.
* Shining Armor is Tracey (like in Hungary).
* Twist and Rumble are May, Jirachi, Zorua and Diancie.
* [[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS1E12CallOfTheCutie Doctor Whooves]] is Barry, Luke and Keldeo.
* Season 1!Derpy, Silver Spoon, Daring Do and Season2!Spitfire are Ursula, Georgia and Movie16!Mewtwo.
* Diamond Tiara, Season1!Spitfire and Luna are Serena, Skyla, and Clair.
* Discord is Byron, Movie1!Mewtwo and Clay.
* Gilda is Delia Ketchum.
* Cloudchaser is Dawn.
* Applejack and Fluttershy are Anime!Bianca and Redub!Misty.
* [[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS1E20GreenIsntYourColor Goldengrape]] is Drew, Paul, Trip and Origins!Red.
* Sweetie Belle is Land!Shaymin,[=BW2=]Trailer!Bianca and Korrina.
* Tirek is Origins!Giovanni.
* Singing!Discord is Professor Oak.
* Sea Breeze is Harley and Ghetsis.
* Scootaloo is Shauna.
* Trouble Shoes is Don George.
* Season 5!Derpy and Indigo Zap are Bonnie.
* Lightning Dust and Moondancer are Roxie.
* Troubleshoes Clyde is Professor Birch.

[[folder: One Piece]]
Even ''Manga/OnePiece'' gets in on the fun. (Note: the list is incomplete, because the Italian dub of ''One Piece'' features a lot of [[TheOtherDarrin voice actor changes between episodes]].)
* Season 5!Braeburn is Luffy.
* Twilight is Nami.
* Rainbow Dash is Chopper.
* Snails and Mr. Cake are Usopp.
* Blueblood and Season 5!Big Macintosh are Sanji.
* Hoity Toity is Portgas D. Ace, Hermeppo, Fukuro and Arlong.
* Shining Armor is Zoro.
* Iron Will (later Fancypants) is Buggy.
* Discord/Bulk Biceps is Kuroobi, Monkey D. Dragon and Magellan.
* Chief Thunderhooves is Garp.
* Jinbei and Fancypants are Ener.
* Tirek is Whitebeard.
* Singing!Discord is Franky.
* Gilda is Miss Doublefinger.
* Rover the Diamond Dog is Smoker.
* Snips is the narrator's last voice.

[[folder: Other shows]]
* The Italian dub doubles as a ''WesternAnimation/DextersLaboratory'' cast reunion:
** Rainbow Dash is Dexter.
** Cheerilee is Deedee.
** Princess Celestia and Snips are their parents.
** Hoiry Toity is Valhallen.
** Twilight Sparkle is Agent Honeydew.
* Meanwhile, the cast of ''WesternAnimation/InvaderZIM'' meets again.
** Twilight is Tak.
** Snails is Dib.
** Prince Blueblood is Zim.
** Rainbow Dash is Gir.
* Some ''WesternAnimation/DrawnTogether'' cast members? ''Hell yes''.
** Twilight is Princess Clara like in English.
** Granny Smith, Mayor Mare, Rarity's mom, Upper Crust and Cherry Jubilee are Ling Ling and Wilma Flintstone.
** Hoity Toity is Speedy Gonzalez.
** Rover the Diamond Dog is Spanky Ham.
** Tirek is Captain Hero.
* Other anime:
** Twilight is [[SummerWars Natsuki Shinohara]]
** Pinkie Pie is [[Anime/MagicalAngelCreamyMami Yu Morisawa and her alter ego, Creamy Mami]], [[Anime/SailorMoon Sailor Jupiter]], and [[Anime/RevolutionaryGirlUtena Anthy Himemiya]].
** Fluttershy and Applejack are [[RolePlay/RecordOfLodossWar Neese]], [[Manga/FullmetalAlchemist Alphonse Elric]], [[Manga/{{Aria}} Akari Mizunashi]], and [[Anime/FreshPrettyCure Cure]] [[ActorAllusion Pine.]]
** Rainbow Dash is [[Manga/{{Aria}} President Aria Pokteng]], [[Manga/DetectiveConan Ayumi Yoshida]], and [[Manga/ShugoChara Rima Mashiro]].
** Spike is [[Manga/VampirePrincessMiyu Michiko]].
* Non-anime example: Rarity is [[WesternAnimation/GravityFalls Wendy Corduroy]], while Cheese Sandwich/Season 1!Braeburn is [[Disney/{{Frozen}} Kristoff]].


!Other Overseas Talents

[[folder: Finnish Talent]]
** Twilight Sparkle (Henni-Liisa Stam) is [[WesternAnimation/PhineasAndFerb Candace Flynn]], [[Animation/TicketyToc Tallulah]], [[WesternAnimation/{{OLIVIA}} Francine]], [[Literature/{{PippiLongstocking}} 1997!Pippi Longstocking]] and BibiBlocksberg (in both [[BibiAndTina incarnations]]).
** Fluttershy, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Shadowbolts leader (Susa Saukko) are [[WesternAnimation/{{TransformersPrime}} Prime!Arcee]], [[WesternAnimation/TheAdventuresOfChuckAndFriends Chuck]], and [[WesternAnimation/{{OLIVIA}} Olivia's mom]]. Saukko was also one of the contestants of ''Series/TheVoice of Finland'' in 2013.
** Applejack and [=Seasons2to3=]!Spitfire (Annituuli Kasurinen) are [[WesternAnimation/ThePowerpuffGirls Bubbles]], Disney/{{Lilo|andStitch}}, [[Series/{{Lazytown}} Stephanie]], Comicbook/{{Lou}} Lou, Literature/{{Martine}}, [[WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender Suki, Azula, Mai, Princess Yue and Avatar Kyoshi]].
** Pinkie Pie (Saara Lehtonen) is WesternAnimation/DoraTheExplorer, WesternAnimation/MonaTheVampire, WesternAnimation/{{Brandy|andMrWhiskers}}, [[Recap/AngelinaBallerinaTheNextSteps TheNextSteps!Gracie]], MademoiselleZazie, [[Franchise/LegendsOfChima Eris]] and [[Anime/MetalFightBeyblade Madoka Amano]]. Lehtonen was also one of two actresses who played [[Theatre/{{LESMISERABLES}} 2013TampereenTeatteri!Éponine]], and is [[http://www.kolmepientaporsasta.fi/henkilot/paaosissa playing one of three pigs]] in the [[http://www.kolmepientaporsasta.fi/ Finnish version]] of ''[[http://www.stilesanddrewe.biz/ Stiles & Drewe's]] [[http://www.stilesanddrewe.com/shows/threelittlepigs/ The Three Little Pigs]]''. [-(The contributor [[http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x11egzd_ystavyyden-taikaa-2-13-lapsenvahtina_animals&start=584 then plays]] "[[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS2E12BabyCakes Piggy Dance]]" and runs away.)-]
** In one of the biggest cases of PlayingAgainstType ever, Rainbow Dash, [=MidSeason1=]!Spike[[note]]Episodes 6, 7, 9 through 11, and 13 through 15.[[/note]], Season1!Snips and Sapphire Shores (Katja Sirkiä) are [[Disney/{{Frozen}} Queen Elsa of Arendelle]] (!), WesternAnimation/{{Martha|Speaks}}, [[WesternAnimation/TheFairlyOddparents Timmy Turner]], [[WesternAnimation/{{TheMysteriesOfAlfredHedgehog}} Alfred Hedgehog]], [[Literature/{{Martine}} Martine's mom]], Comic/{{Ariol}}, [[WesternAnimation/{{InvisibleNetworkOfKids}} Saddie McBeth]], [[WesternAnimation/ZombieHotel Funerella, Miss Harbottle, Dominica]], [[WesternAnimation/LunarJim Pixel]], [[Anime/MetalFightBeyblade Kenta Yumiya, Hikaru Hasama]], [[Anime/{{SPIRITEDAWAY}} Lin]], [[WesternAnimation/DespicableMe2 Jillian]], [[Film/{{Hairspray}} 2005HelsinginKaupunginteatteri!Amber Von Tussle]] and [[Theatre/{{WICKED}} 2010HelsinginKaupunginteatteri!Midwife]]. Sirkiä also had some role in [[Theatre/{{LESMISERABLES}} 2013TampereenTeatteri!Les Misérables]].
** Rarity and Lightning Dust (Taru Tikkanen) are [[BibiAndTina Tina]], [[WesternAnimation/TheSimpsonsMovie Movie!Ralph Wiggum (!) and Movie!Todd Flanders]].
** [=MostOfSeason1=]!Spike[[note]]Episodes 1 through 5, 18 through 21, and 23 through 26.[[/note]] (Kiti Kokkonen) is [[WesternAnimation/ThePowerpuffGirls Buttercup]], [[Anime/{{Pokemon}} Early!Misty]], [[WesternAnimation/{{BrandyandMrWhiskers}} Lola Boa]], LazyLucy, [[Comic/{{Ariol}} Ramono (as well as the orange dog the contributor don't know his name)]] and [[WesternAnimation/TheSimpsonsMovie Movie!Lisa Simpson]]. Kokkonen is also one of three regulars in ''[[http://hehku.yle.fi/ Hehku]]''.
** Scootaloo, [=Season2Onwards=]!Spike, [=Season2Onwards=]!Princess Luna and Queen Chrysalis (Sari Ann Stolt, née Moilanen) are [[Anime/{{Pokemon}} Early!Ash Ketchum]], [[Disney/{{TAngled}} Mother Gothel]] and [[Disney/{{Frozen}} Bulda]].
** The usual Princess Celestia and Princess Cadence (Katja Aakkula) are [[WesternAnimation/{{TheMysteriesOfAlfredHedgehog}} Milo Skunk]], [[WesternAnimation/DespicableMe2 Lucy Wilde]], [[Recap/AngelinaBallerinaTheNextSteps TheNextSteps!Angelina Ballerina]], [[Disney/{{Frozen}} Gerda and the late Queen consort of Arendelle, as well as one of the trolls]]. Aakkula was also one of two actresses who played [[Film/{{Hairspray}} 2005HelsinginKaupunginteatteri!Tracy Turnblad]].
** Zecora, Season1!Nightmare Moon/Princess Luna and [=LateSeason1=]!Princess Celestia (Ella Pyhältö, née Keranto) are [[WesternAnimation/{{TransformersPrime}} Airachnid]], [[WesternAnimation/{{BrandyandMrWhiskers}} Margo]], [[Recap/AngelinaBallerinaTheNextSteps TheNextSteps!Ms. Mimi]] and [[Animation/TicketyToc Chikidee]].
** Braeburn is WesternAnimation/SpongebobSquarepants.
** (Trixie, Cheerilee and Little Strongheart, anyone?)
** (Gilda, anyone?)
** ([=Season1=]!Spitfire, anyone?)
** ([=Season4=]!Spitfire, anyone?)
** (Big Macintosh, anyone?)
** (Granny Smith, anyone?)
** ([=Season2Onwards=]!Snips, anyone?)
** (Daring Do, anyone?)

[[folder: European French]]
* French is [[WesternAnimation/TotalDramaIsland totally dramatic]]. Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Spike, Snips, Snails, Scootaloo, Diamond Tiara, and Daring Do are respectively Bridgette, Sadie, Heather, Cameron, Alejandro (like Russia), Staci, Sierra, and Izzy. (''[[DubNameChange Brigitte, Sandrine, Marilou, Corentin, Alejandro, Charlotte, Sarah Laurie, and Édith]]''.)
* Discord is [[WesternAnimation/GravityFalls Grunkle Stan]] (like Brazil), while Cheerilee/Aria Blaze is [[WesternAnimation/TheFairlyOddParents Timmy Turner]].
* The French dub shares a lot of voice actors with Naruto. Twilight is Temari, Pinkie Pie is Haku and Anko, Fluttershy is Hinata (how appropriate) and Tenten, Spike is Ino, Prince Blueblood is Kotetsu Hagane, Hoity Toity and Chief Thunderhooves are Hidan, Snips is Akio, Snails is Sai, Scootaloo is Ayame, Sweetie Belle is Temari (in Shippuden), and Fancy Pants is Kabuto.
* Rarity is also [[Anime/ElfenLied Lucy and Nyu]] ([[PlayingAgainstType Holy Crap]]) and the [[Anime/{{Pokemon}} Pokedex]].
* Rainbow Dash is [[Series/DoctorWho Martha Jones]] and [[Manga/ShugoChara Amu Hinamori.]]
* Applejack is [[Anime/YuGiOhGX Camula]].
* Shining Armor is [[Anime/YuGiOh Seto Kaiba]].
* In his spare time, Spike is [[Manga/DeathNote Light Yagami]] and [[Film/{{Downfall}} Adolf Hitler]].

[[folder: German Talent]]
According to [[https://www.synchronkartei.de/index.php?action=show&type=serie&id=20336 this database]]:
* Rarity and Pipsqueak are [[Series/ICarly Carly and Freddie]].
* Nightmare Moon/Season 2 Luna is [[WesternAnimation/BeastMachines Blackarachnia]]
* Spike and Blueblood are [[Manga/DeathNote Near and L]].
* Spike, Chrysalis and the Mayor are [[WesternAnimation/MyLifeAsATeenageRobot Sheldon, Jenny and Dr. Wakeman]].
* Zecora is [[Series/StarTrekVoyager B'Elanna Torres]].
* Princess Celestia is [[WesternAnimation/AmericanDad Francine Smith]].
* Applejack has the recurring voice of Creator/AbigailBreslin. She was [[TheOtherDarrin replaced]] in season 2 by [[TransformersPrime Miko Nakadai]].
* Fluttershy was once HelloKitty (Fairy Tale Theater).
** Ultimately, to match Poland, the original Fluttershy had also been HelloKitty at one point.
* Flutterguy is [[DragonBall Nappa]]
* Steven Magnet is [[CampLazlo Samson]].
* The big red dragon from season 1 is Film/{{Hellboy}}.
* Pinkie's singing voice is also the recurring speaking voice for Creator/AmandaSeyfried.
* Rainbow Dash is [[Film/PiratesOfTheCaribbean Elizabeth Swann]].
* Twilight Sparkle is [[WesternAnimation/{{Recess}} Kurst the Worst]] and [[Anime/TheVisionOfEscaflowne Hitomi Kanzaki]]
* Scootaloo is WesternAnimation/{{Coraline}} when speaking and turns into [[WesternAnimation/SpongebobSquarepants Sandy]] when singing.
* Discord, Snails (like in Taiwan), Rover, and Fido are respectively [[RegularShow Pops, Mordecai, Benson, and Skips]].
* Snips/Flim and Granny Smith are [[WesternAnimation/FostersHomeForImaginaryFriends Bloo and Madame Foster]].
* Gilda is [[Series/DesperateHousewives Edie Williams]].
* Cranky/Thunderhooves is [[Film/{{Transformers}} Starscream]].
* Iron Will is {{Superman|TheAnimatedSeries}}.
* Silver Spoon/Season 2 Diamond Tiara is {{Babe}}.
* Derpy/Season 4 Rainbow Dash/Sesason 3 Princess Cadance is [[TransformersAnimated Sari Sumdac]].
* Spitfire is [[{{Chowder}} Ceviche]].
* Shining Armor/Cheese Sandwich is [[CodeGeass Lelouch]] and Film/HarryPotter.
* Hoops and Mr. Cake are [[Anime/DigimonTamers Takato and Guilmon]].
* Discord is [[Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration Data]]. They probably went with the closest thing they could find, since the German voice of Q died in 2009.
* Flam's WesternAnimation/JimmyTwoShoes.
* There is some overlap with ''WesternAnimation/GravityFalls'': Dipper is Donut Joe, Mabel is Scootaloo, Soos is Snails, Pacifica is Fluttershy, Gideon is Gustave Legrand, and Wendy is Sweetie Belle.
* Applejack, Trixie, Twilight and Rarity are [[Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica Madoka, Homura, Mami and Kyubey]].
** And Aria Blaze is [[Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica Kyouko]]

[[folder: Hungarian Talent]]
The Hungarian dub is almost surreal:
* Twilight Sparkle is, like in English, [[WesternAnimation/ThePowerpuffGirls Bubbles]] (and like Italy, [[WesternAnimation/TheAdventuresOfJimmyNeutronBoyGenius Cindy Vortex (not the Italian film)]])
* Take your pick for Shining Armor and Spike: [[WesternAnimation/TheLooneyTunesShow Mac and Tosh]], [[{{Smallville}} Clark Kent and Lex Luthor]], [[RegularShow Benson and Pops]], or ComicBook/FixUndFoxi.
* Fluttershy is [[HiHiPuffyAmiYumi Yumi]], and [[Anime/{{Naruto}} Hinata]].[[note]](not [[WesternAnimation/TotalDrama Izzy]]; that was someone on YouTube using voice clips from other series)[[/note]]
* Pinkie Pie is [[StarWars Padme]], [[Film/{{Carrie}} Sue Snell]], and [[WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender Toph]].
* Discord is usually [[WesternAnimation/AmericanDad Roger Smith (but he was only Stan]] in season 3).
* Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo are respectively [[WesternAnimation/{{Recess}} Cornchip Girl, Spinelli, and Gretchen]].
* Shining Armor and Iron Will are respectively [[Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration Wesley Crusher and the second Data]].
* For Rainbow Dash, let's go with [[Film/TheBeyond Martha]].
* In Season 2, Princess Celestia became Disney/{{Pocahontas}}.
* Fancy Pants appears to be Anime/{{Howl|SmovingCastle}}.
* That dragon from "Dragonshy" is WesternAnimation/{{Balto}} and [[WesternAnimation/TheAngryBeavers Norbert]].
* Ahuizotl is [[Manga/{{Bleach}} Kenpachi Zaraki]].
* In season 3, Shining Armor became [[TheAdventuresOfJimmyNeutronBoyGenius Nick Dean]] and [[WesternAnimation/PhineasAndFerb Jeremy Johnson]].
* Hungarian is [[WesternAnimation/TotalDrama totally dramatic]]. Applejack is Courtney (in the demo, she was Sky); Rarity was Sierra in seasons 1 and 3; Season 2/4!Rarity, Sunset Shimmer, Trixie, and Diamond Tiara are all Katie; Noah was Shining Armor in season 2, and returns as Flash Sentry in ''Equestria Girls''; Snips is Harold; and Princess Luna/Nightmare Moon is Bridgette. Fluttershy is not Izzy, and Spike is not Cody.
* It's a party for ''WesternAnimation/TheAmazingWorldOfGumball'': Twilight Sparkle is Nicole, Spike is Tobias, Nightmare Moon/Princess Luna is Penny, and Fluttershy is Carrie (but not Carmen). It seems that the big reddragon is Principal Brown.
* In the demo dub, Pinkie Pie was [[WesternAnimation/InsideOut Riley Andersen]], Rarity had Twilight Sparkle's voice, Rainbow Dash was [[WesternAnimation/CloudyWithAChanceOfMeatballs Sam Sparks]], Applejack was [[WesternAnimation/{{Brave}} Merida]], and Fluttershy was WesternAnimation/{{Coraline}}.
* MLP reunites the ''Film/MeanGirls'' cast, as Twilight Sparkle (formerly Rarity) is Cady Heron; Fluttershy really used to be Karen Smith (but not Gretchen Wieners); and Trixie, Sunset Shimmer, Diamond Tiara, and Season 2 Rarity were all Regina George.
* Some ponies appeared in ''Film/{{Carrie}}'':
** 1976 (redub): Pinkie Pie stands alone as Sue Snell.
** 2002: Diamond Tiara, Sunset Shimmer, S2!Rarity, and Trixie are Carrie White (Norma Watson in the redub), Shining Armor used to be Kenny Garson; and Rarity (first voice) and Twilight Sparkle are Chris Hargensen (Carrie in the redub).
** 2013: Fluttershy used to be Carrie White; Applejack is Sue's mother; and Nightmare Moon is Ms. Desjardin.

[[folder: Israeli Talent]]
* Twilight Sparkle is [[WesternAnimation/TotalDrama Sugar]].
* Fluttershy is [[WesternAnimation/TotalDrama Courtney]] and [[Anime/SailorMoon Sailor Saturn]].
* Applejack and Rainbow Dash are [[WesternAnimation/TotalDrama Amy]] and [[WesternAnimation/HotelTransylvania Mavis]].
* Pinkie Pie is [[Anime/SailorMoon Molly Baker, Berthier]] and [[Anime/{{Naruto}} Sakura]].
* Spike is [[Disney/{{Frozen}} Anna]] and [[WesternAnimation/InsideOut Disgust]].
* Princess Celestia is [[WesternAnimation/TotalDrama Izzy]] and [[Anime/SailorMoon Sailor Jupiter]].
* Some of the male ponies are [[WesternAnimation/GravityFalls Dipper Pines]] or [[Disney/TheLionKing Pumbaa]].

[[folder: Japanese Talent]]
* Being marketed by Bushiroad, the Japanese version of FIM uses voice actors from the main cast of ''Anime/TanteiOperaMilkyHolmes'', a Bushiroad franchise, to voice four of the six lead characters. Those four voice actresses are managed by Hibiki (a Bushiroad subsidiary), and are members of Milky Holmes, a group of voice actress-idols.
** [[Creator/SuzukoMimori Pinkie Pie]] is Sherlock. Suddenly her [[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS2E24MysteryOnTheFriendshipExpress detective stunt]] seems a lot more fitting.
*** Pinkie is also [[{{Videogame/Disgaea 4 A Promise Unforgotten}} Fuka Kazamatsuri]]. Now THAT is a dream.
** [[Creator/SoraTokui Applejack]] is Nero
** Rarity is Hercule
** Rainbow Dash is Cordelia
*** And also [[Manga/NoMatterHowILookAtItItsYouGuysFaultImNotPopular Tomoko Kuroki]].
* [[Creator/MiyukiSawashiro Twilight Sparkle]] is [[Anime/DiGiCharat Puchiko]]. Sawashiro also plays [[Franchise/{{Jewelpet}} Opal]] (another alicorn), possibly as a CastingGag.
** She is also [[VideoGame/KoumajouDensetsu Sakuya Izayoi]], [[Anime/MusouKakyouASummerDaysDream Marisa Kirisame]], [[VideoGame/TalesofXillia Milla Maxwell]] and [[Manga/HighschoolOfTheDead Saeko Busujima]].
** Don't forget [[LightNovel/{{Durarara}} Celty Sturluson!]]
** Would you believe that this is the same actress that currently voices [[Anime/LupinIIITheWomanCalledFujikoMine Fujiko Mine?]]
** She also voices [[WesternAnimation/{{ThomasTheTankEngine}} Thomas and Percy.]]
** On the video game side of things, she is [[VideoGame/{{Catherine}} Catherine]], [[VideoGame/BlazBlue Carl Clover]] and [[VideoGame/StreetFighterIV Cammy White]].
** It's best not to mention that she is [[Anime/OnegaiMyMelody Kakeru Kogure]], [[HilariousInHindsight obviously]].
** It comes to a full circle, now that she's also a [[Anime/GoPrincessPrettyCure villainess of a Pretty Cure, named...]] [[CastingGag Princess Twilight]].
* [[Creator/EmiriKatou Fluttershy]] is [[Manga/LuckyStar Kagami Hiiragi]] and [[Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica Kyubey]]. [[OhCrap "You're... going to... MAKE A CONTRACT WITH MEEEEE!!!!"]]
* [[Creator/MotokoKumai Spike]] is [[Manga/CardcaptorSakura Li Shaolan]], [[WesternAnimation/TransformersPrime Raf Esquivel]], [[Anime/{{Stitch}} Yuna]] and Manga/{{Gon}} (Possibly counts as a CastingGag)
* [[Creator/KikukoInoue Princess Celestia]] is [[Manga/AhMyGoddess Belldandy]], [[Franchise/MetalGear The Boss]], [[VideoGame/GuiltyGear I-No]] and... [[Anime/{{Pokemon}} Fantina and Togekiss]]?
* [[Creator/TakakoHonda Nightmare Moon/Princess Luna]] is [[Manga/{{Cyborg009}} Joe Shimamura]], [[Videogame/OdinSphere Queen Elfaria]] and [[Anime/QueensBlade The Head Archangel]]. (Also counts as a CastingGag for the last two characters and also as HilariousInHindsight)
* [[Creator/YumiUchiyama Diamond Tiara/Spitfire/Derpy Hooves/Princess Luna]] (in the second episode) is [[Manga/AChannel Nagi]], [[Anime/DokiDokiPrecure Dabyi]], and [[Manga/BinboGamiGa Momiji]].
* [[Creator/IkueOtani Apple Bloom]] is [[Franchise/{{Pokemon}} Pikachu]], [[Anime/SmilePrettyCure Candy]], [[Anime/TheVisionOfEscaflowne Merle]], [[Anime/OjamajoDoremi Hana-chan]], [[Manga/DetectiveConan Tsubaraya Mitsuhiko]], and [[OnePiece Chopper]]
* [[Creator/TaekoKawata Sweetie Belle]] is [[SonicTheHedgehog Amy Rose]], [[Manga/CardcaptorSakura Yuuki Tachibana]], [[Manga/DoctorSlump Arale Norimaki]], and [[Anime/HeartcatchPrettyCure Chypre]]
* [[Creator/MariyaIse Scootaloo]] is [[Anime/PantyAndStockingWithGarterbelt Stocking]], [[Manga/HunterXHunter Killua Zoldyck]], [[Manga/AirGear Ringo Noyamano]] and [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyXIII2 Paddra Nsu-Yeul]]
** This is ''also'' HilariousInHindsight, as Creator/MariyaIse is one of the voice actresses many fans wanted as Twilight Sparkle, rather than Creator/MiyukiSawashiro, due to Stocking looking quite a bit like an humanoid version of Twilight.
* Big Macintosh is [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyXIII2 Caius Ballad]]
* [[MamiHorikoshi Mayor Mare]] is [[WeissKreuz Manx]].
* [[Creator/AkenoWatanabe Gilda]] is [[VideoGame/StreetFighterIV Rose]], [[WitchHunterRobin Robin]], [[MahouSenseiNegima Chachamaru]], and [[SoulEater Elizabeth Thompson]]
** Also counts as HilariousInHindsight as she voiced [[Manga/ToLoveRu Rito Yuuki]]: From being the ''bullied one'' to now being ''TheBully''!
* [[Creator/RyokaYuzuki Trixie]] is [[Manga/{{Naruto}} Ino Yamanaka]], [[Manga/CardcaptorSakura Ruby Moon]], [[Manga/{{Chobits}} Takako Shimizu]], and [[Anime/MaiHiME Haruka Suzushiro]]
** She and Twilight Sparkle are also [[VideoGame/{{Utawarerumono}} Eruru and Aruru]], respectively.
* [[Creator/KappeiYamaguchi Snips]] is [[Manga/OnePiece Usopp]], [[Manga/DeathNote L]], [[Manga/DetectiveConan Shinichi Kudo]], Manga/InuYasha, and [[Manga/RanmaOneHalf Ranma Saotome]]
** [[HilariousInHindsight Even funnier]], Creator/RichardIanCox, the English voice of Snails, voiced both Inuyasha and Ranma in the English version, completing the pair.
* [[AkiraIshida Snails]] is [[Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion Kaworu Nagisa]], [[TheSlayers Xellos]], [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamSEED Athrun]] [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamSEEDDestiny Zala]], [[KingdomHearts Zexion]], [[{{Digimon}} Wizardmon]], and [[Manga/{{Naruto}} Gaara]].
* [[Creator/MegumiHan Cheerilee]] is [[HunterXHunter Gon Freecss]], [[Franchise/{{Jewelpet}} Chiari Tsukikage]], [[VisualNovel/PhoenixWrightAceAttorneyDualDestinies Athena Cykes]] and [[VideoGame/TheLastOfUs Ellie]].
* Steven Magnet is [[StarWars C-3PO]].
* Mr. Cake is [[VideoGame/FireEmblemAwakening Gaius]], who [[HilariousInHindsight just happens to like sweets]].
* [[Creator/TesshoGenda The Red Dragon]] is [[Disney/WinnieThePooh Tigger]], [[Anime/MobileSuitGundam Sleggar Law]], Franchise/{{Batman}}, and [[VideoGame/SengokuBasara Takeda Shingen]]
** He's also the voice of a certain robot named [[Franchise/{{Transformers}} Optimus Prime]].
** And the Japanese dub actor for ArnoldSchwarzenegger!
* Flutterguy is [[TigerAndBunny Ben Jackson]], [[Manga/OnePiece Gecko Moria and Jimbei]]
* [[Creator/NobuoTobita Hoity Toity]] is [[Anime/MobileSuitZetaGundam Kamille Bidan]], '''[[VideoGame/DisgaeaHourOfDarkness Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth!]]''', [[Manga/{{Hellsing}} The Major]], [[Manga/AngelDensetsu Seiichiro Kitano]], [[GetBackers Kuroudo Akabane]], [[VideoGame/{{FinalFantasyX2}} Logos]], and [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyXII Vayne Solidor]]
* [[Creator/KentaroIto Rover]] is [[Anime/{{Hamtaro}} Boss]], [[Manga/{{Naruto}} Choji Akimichi]] and [[Manga/{{Bleach}} Renji Abarai]]
* [[Creator/KentaMiyake Fido]] is [[SonicTheHedgehog Vector]], [[Manga/FullmetalAlchemist Scar]], [[Anime/{{Pokemon}} Giovanni, Donphan, Elekid, Electabuzz, Rampardos, and Entei]]
* [[Creator/NobutoshiCanna Spot]] is [[SonicTheHedgehog Knuckles]], [[Manga/{{Berserk}} Guts]], [[Anime/{{Macross7}} Basara Nekki]], [[Manga/{{Bleach}} Nnoitra Jiruga]], [[Manga/{{Naruto}} Kabuto Yakushi]], and [[VideoGame/{{Persona3}} Tayaka Sakaki]]
* [[Creator/RikakoAikawa Photo Finish]] is [[Anime/{{Hamtaro}} Oxnard]], [[Manga/KenichiTheMightiestDisciple Number 20]], [[Anime/HareGuu Haré]], [[Anime/{{Pokemon}} Squirtle, Psyduck, Lapras, Butterfree, Krabby, Metapod, Vulpix, Caterpie and Venonat]]
* [[Creator/KazuyukiOkitsu Braeburn]] is [[Manga/JojosBizarreAdventure Jonathan Joestar]], [[Literature/BrothersConflict Masaomi]], [[Anime/RinneNoLagrange Moid]], [[Anime/SacredSeven Kaneda]] and [[Anime/LastExileFamTheSilverWing Luscinia Hafez]]
* [[Creator/BanjoGinga Chief Thunderhooves]] is [[VideoGame/MetalGearSolid Liquid Snake, Major Zero, Liquid Ocelot]], [[Manga/OnePiece Captain Morgan]], [[Anime/MobileSuitGundam Gihren Zabi]], [[VideoGame/DeadOrAlive Bayman]], [[Anime/KirbyRightBackAtYa Customer Service, and Nightmare]].
* [[Creator/SatomiAkesaka Little Strongheart]] is [[TanteiOperaMilkyHolmes Arsene/Henriette]], another Milky Holmes veteran.
* [[Creator/YojiUeda Sheriff Silverstar]] is [[Manga/JojosBizarreAdventure Speedwagon]] and [[Manga/{{Basilisk}} Kisaragi Saemon]]
* [[Creator/FumihikoTachiki The Green Dragon]] is [[Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion Gendo Ikari]], [[VideoGame/{{Darkstalkers}} Jon Talbain]], [[Manga/{{Bleach}} Zaraki Kenpachi]], [[Franchise/KingdomHearts Lexaeus]], and [[Manga/OnePiece Don Krieg and Akainu]]
* [[Creator/TakehitoKoyasu Prince Blueblood]] is [[Manga/SoulEater Excalibur]], Manga/BoboboboBobobo, [[Manga/JojosBizarreAdventure Dio Brando]], and [[Manga/OnePiece Aokiji]], as well as [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamWing Zechs]] [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamWingEndlessWaltz Merquise]], [[Anime/TurnAGundam Gym Ghingnham]], [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamSEED Mu La Flaga]][=/=][[Anime/MobileSuitGundamSEEDDestiny Neo Roanoke]], [[KeroroGunsou Kururu]], and [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamAGE Frederick Algreus]].
* [[Creator/ShigeruChiba Discord]] is [[VideoGame/DissidiaFinalFantasy Kefka Palazzo]], [[Anime/DragonBallZ Raditz, Garlic Jr.]], [[Manga/YuYuHakusho Kuwabara]], [[Anime/PantyAndStockingWithGarterbelt Corset]] and [[Manga/OnePiece Buggy the Clown]]. The first role is both HilariousInHindsight and a CastingGag since Discord took the role of Kefka in the fan game ''VideoGame/PonyFantasyVI'' and both are maniacal, godlike, havoc-inducing jokesters.
* [[Creator/AkikoYajima Pipsqueak]] is [[Manga/CrayonShinChan Shin-chan]], [[Franchise/SpyroTheDragon Spyro]], [[VideoGame/{{Persona2}} Maya Amano]], [[Anime/TheBigO R. Dorothy Wayneright]], and [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamWing Relena]] [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamWingEndlessWaltz Darlian]].
* [[Creator/KenyuHoriuchi Fancy Pants]] is [[Franchise/MetalGear Raiden]], [[Anime/AfterWarGundamX Jamil Neate]], [[Anime/{{Naruto}} Pain]], and [[Anime/GunXSword The Claw]]
* [[FumiHirano Cherry Jubilee]] is [[Manga/UruseiYatsura Lum]].
* [[Creator/WataruTakagi Flim]] is [[Anime/AfterWarGundamX Garrod Ran]], [[Franchise/StreetFighter Zangief]], [[WesternAnimation/EdEddNEddy Eddy]], [[WesternAnimation/LooneyTunes Daffy Duck]], [[Manga/GreatTeacherOnizuka Eikichi Onizuka]], [[Manga/DetectiveConan Genta Kojima, Wataru Takagi and Kamen Yaiba]].
** Funnily enough, his [[Creator/SamuelVincent English voice actor]] voiced a different WesternAnimation/EdEddNEddy character and also voiced Daffy Duck [[WesternAnimation/BabyLooneyTunes at one point]].
* Flam is [[WesternAnimation/PhineasAndFerb Dr. Doofenshmirtz]] and [[Disney/WreckItRalph King Candy]].
* [[Creator/MinamiTakayama Daring Do]] is [[Manga/DetectiveConan Conan Edogawa]], [[Anime/TheVisionOfEscaflowne Dilandau Albatou]], [[Manga/FullMetalAlchemist Envy]], [[Anime/KikisDeliveryService Kiki]], [[Anime/DigimonXrosWars Mikey Kudo]] and [[VideoGame/KidIcarusUprising Pit]].
* [[ShozoIizuka Ahuizotl]] is [[Manga/DragonBall Nappa]], [[Anime/MobileSuitGundam Ryu Jose]], [[Disney/LiloAndStitch Jumba Jookiba]], and [[Franchise/CrashBandicoot Dr. Neo Cortex]]
* [[Creator/TakayukiSugo Cranky Doodle Donkey]] is [[Manga/{{Bleach}} Zangetsu]], [[Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann older Simon]], [[Manga/YuYuHakusho Raizen]], [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyXII Reddas]], and [[Anime/HellGirl Wanyuudou]].
* [[Creator/AkioOhtsuka Iron Will]] is [[Franchise/MetalGear Solid Snake]], [[Franchise/KingdomHearts Terra-Xehanort]], [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyXII Judge Gabranth]], Manga/BlackJack, [[Franchise/GhostInTheShell Batou]], [[Manga/OnePiece Blackbeard]], and [[LightNovel/FateZero Rider]].
* [[Creator/YuuichiNakamura Garble]] is [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyXIII Cid Raines]], [[VideoGame/StreetFighter Fei Long]], [[Manga/FullMetalAlchemist Greed]], [[Anime/{{Pokemon}} N]], [[Manga/FairyTail Gray Fullbuster]], [[Manga/NoMatterHowILookAtItItsYouGuysFaultImNotPopular Tomoki Kuroki]], [[VisualNovel/{{Clannad}} Tomoya Okazaki]], and [[VideoGame/BlazBlue Yuuki Terumi]]
* [[Creator/YasuyukiKase Spear]] is [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyXII Rasler]], [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyXIII Rygdea]], and [[Manga/{{Naruto}} Kankuro]]
* Clump is [[VideoGame/StreetFighterIV Balrog]] and [[LightNovel/FateZero Caster]].
* [[Creator/MasashiEbara Gustave le Grand and Mulia Mild]] are [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyXIII Sazh Katzroy]], [[Anime/FullmetalAlchemist Hohenheim]] and [[Manga/{{Naruto}} Might Guy]].
* [[Creator/MamoruMiyano Shining Armor]] is [[Franchise/KingdomHearts Riku]], [[Anime/{{Free}} Rin Matsuoka]], [[Manga/DeathNote Light Yagami]], [[Anime/{{Pokemon}} Cilan]], [[Anime/MobileSuitGundam00 Setsuna F. Seiei]], [[Manga/FullMetalAlchemist Ling Yao]], [[Manga/SoulEater Death the Kid]], and [[Manga/OuranHighSchoolHostClub Tamaki Suoh]].
* [[Creator/AyahiTakagaki Princess Cadance]] is [[Anime/MobileSuitGundam00 Feldt Grace]], [[LightNovel/{{Durarara}} Erika Karisawa]], [[VisualNovel/DaCapoII Otome Asakura]], [[VisualNovel/PhantomOfInferno Ein]], [[HanamaruKindergarten Hiiragi]] and [[Manga/SpecialA Megumi Yamamoto]].
* [[Creator/KaoriNazuka Queen Chrysalis]] is [[Anime/EurekaSeven Eureka]] and [[Anime/CodeGeass Nunnally Lamperouge]]

[[folder: Polish Talent]]
* Rarity is [[WesternAnimation/SabrinaTheAnimatedSeries Aunt Hilda]].
* Spike, Applejack, Demo Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle, Trixie, Discord and Shining Armor, like in Hungary, are [[WesternAnimation/FanboyAndChumChum Chum-Chum]], [[WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender Azula]], [[WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}} Amy Wong]], [[WesternAnimation/TotallySpies Clover]], [[HighSchoolMusical Sharpay]], [[WesternAnimation/AdventureTime Princess Bubblegum]], [[WesternAnimation/SouthPark Officer Barbrady]] and [[WesternAnimation/{{Thundercats2011}} Lion-O]], respectively. Note that Twilight was at some point [[WesternAnimation/TheFairlyOddparents Vicky]] in both languages.
* Pinkie Pie is [[WesternAnimation/GravityFalls Wendy Corduroy]] (in the pilot dub [[WesternAnimation/HeyArnold Phoebe]]).
* Rainbow Dash is [[WesternAnimation/HotelTransylvania Mavis]].
* Princess Celestia is [[ClassicDisneyShorts Daisy Duck]].
* Princess Luna is [[HiHiPuffyAmiYumi Yumi]].
* Gilda is [[WesternAnimation/{{Rugrats}} Tommy Pickles]] and [[XiaolinShowdown Wuya]].
* Apple Bloom (seasons 1-3) is [[WesternAnimation/YinYangYo Yin]] (who was Fluttershy in the demo).
* Scootaloo is [[Disney/TheLittleMermaid Ariel]].
* Sweetie Belle is [[DrakeAndJosh Megan Parker]] and [[Anime/{{Pokemon}} Iris]].
* Diamond Tiara is [[Series/H2OJustAddWater Miriam]].
* Snips is [[Manga/{{Naruto}} Gaara]].
* Braeburn is [[{{WesternAnimation/Futurama}} Fry]].
* Caramel is {{Naruto}}.
* Zecora is WesternAnimation/KimPossible.
* Snails / Big Macintosh is ComicBook/LuckyLuke.
* Steven Magnet / Fancypants is [[WesternAnimation/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles2003 Usagi Yojimbo]].
* Photo Finish is [[DragonBallZ Chi-Chi]].
* Spot the Diamond Dog is [[Series/PowerRangersSPD Jack Landors]].
* Spitfire (since season 3) is [[WesternAnimation/TheFairlyOddparents Timmy Turner]] and [[VideoGame/MassEffect2 Miranda Lawson]].
* Discord is [[StarWars Darth Vader]], [[WesternAnimation/ThePenguinsOfMadagascar Skipper]], WesternAnimation/UncleGrandpa, [[Anime/{{Pokemon}} Professor Oak]] and [[WesternAnimation/ScoobyDooMysteryIncorporated Professor Pericles]].
** Continuing with WesternAnimation/ThePenguinsOfMadagascar, Flim and Flam are Private and Maurice respectively.
* Ahuizotl is [[TheSimpsonsMovie Homer Simpson]].
** Cranky Doodle Donkey is, like in Japan, [[WesternAnimation/{{Madagascar}} Vitaliy]].
* Iron Will is both WesternAnimation/YogiBear and [[StarWarsTheCloneWars Count Dooku]].
* Princess Cadance/Daring Do/Silver Spoon is [[SuperRobotMonkeyTeamHyperForceGo Nova]].
* Queen Chrysalis is Film/MaryPoppins.
* King Sombra is [[LeagueofLegends Draaaaven]].
* Babs Seed is [[WizardsOfWaverlyPlace Alex Russo]].
* Mrs. Harshwhinny is [[WesternAnimation/DextersLaboratory Dexter's mom]] (season 3) and [[WesternAnimation/TheFairlyOddparents Timmy Turner's mom]] (season 4).
* Lord Tirek is WesternAnimation/{{Megamind}}.
* Seabreeze is [[WesternAnimation/MarthaSpeaks Helen Lorraine]].

[[folder: Brazilian Portuguese]]
* Twilight Sparkle is [[WesternAnimation/GravityFalls Mabel Pines]].
* Applejack is [[Manga/OnePiece Nami]], [[Series/HannahMontana Lilly Truscott]] and [[Series/{{Revenge}} Charlotte Clarke]].
* Pinkie Pie is Series/HannahMontana.
* Rainbow Dash is [[WesternAnimation/ThePenguinsOfMadagascar Marlene]].
* Rarity is [[Series/{{Revenge}} Emily Thorne]].
* Fluttershy is [[WesternAnimation/TheClevelandShow Roberta Tubbs]]. After her voice actress went on maternity leave, Fluttershy will instead have Gilda's voice.
* Spike is [[Anime/ShamanKing Lyserg]].
* Apple Bloom is [[Series/{{Jessie}} Zuri Ross]].
* Sweetie Belle is [[Literature/{{Twilight}} Bella Swan]].
* Princess Luna's second voice is [[WesternAnimation/SpongeBobSquarePants Sandy Cheeks]] and [[Series/{{Revenge}} Ashley Davenport]].
* Discord is WesternAnimation/KickButtowski, [[WesternAnimation/SpongeBobSquarePants Patchy the Pirate and Squidward Tentacles]].
* Shining Armor and Princess Cadance are [[Manga/DragonBall Goku and Chichi]].
** Shining Armor is also WesternAnimation/SpongeBobSquarePants.
* Garble is [[WesternAnimation/ScaredySquirrel Dave]].
* Many of these ponies were in the original dub of ''Series/{{Glee}}'' (seasons 1-2): Emma Pillsbury was Pinkie Pie, Quinn Fabray was Sweetie Belle, Rachel Berry was Sunset Shimmer; the fourth Spitfire, Pinkie Pie in one commercial, and demo Twilight Sparkle; Mercedes Jones was Gilda and season 4's Fluttershy, Santana Lopez was Fluttershy (except in season 4, because her actress was pregnant with twins), Tina Cohen-Chang was Applejack, Brittany Pierce was the first Trixie, Principal Figgins (never Bryan Ryan) was Discord, Becky Jackson was the first Daring Do and the third Spitfire, Jacob ben Israel was the first Soarin', and Carole Hudson was the first Nightmare Moon/Princess Luna and Photo Finish.

[[folder: Romanian Talent]]
* In the Romanian dub made in Oradea, both Discord and Shining Armor are [[TotalDrama Chris McLean]].
* Also from WesternAnimation/TotalDrama: Twilight Sparkle is Dawn and Season 5!Courtney, Fluttershy, Apple Bloom and Pipsqueak are Heather and Zoey's first voice, Princess Luna and Season 3!Applejack are Izzy (to match her original Hungarian), Anne Maria (to match her usual Polish) and Season 5!Sierra, Spike is Jo, Season 1!Sweetie Belle and Princess Cadance are Beth, Katie (like Poland), Season 3!Sierra and Dakota, Diamond Tiara and Season 2!Sweetie Belle are Lindsay, Staci and Zoey's second voice.
* From WesternAnimation/JellyJamm, Spike is Bello, Twilight Sparkle is Mina, Rainbow Dash is Rita, Fluttershy, Apple Bloom and Pipsqueak are Goomo and Princess Luna and Season 3!Applejack are The Queen.

[[folder: Russian Talent]]
* Most of the adult males are [[TheDarkKnightSaga Commissioner Gordon]] and [[Series/HellsKitchen some other Gordon]]. However, Shining Armor is [[TheHungerGames Peeta Mellark]].
* Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Sweetie Belle and Derpy are [[Disney/LadyandtheTramp Lady]], [[Franchise/ScoobyDoo Daphne]], [[Film/TheWorldIsNotEnough Elektra King]], [[Anime/{{Pokemon}} Max]] and many, many others.
* Spike and Applebloom (also Applejack from Season 4 onward) are [[WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender Aang and Toph]]/[[WesternAnimation/TheLegendOfKorra Korra]].
* In Season 1, Rarity, Nightmare Moon and Trixie are [[Westernanimation/TheAdventuresOfJimmyNeutronBoyGenius Jimmy Neutron]], [[Westernanimation/SpongeBobSquarePants Sandy Cheeks]] and [[WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender Katara]].
* From Season 2 onward, Rarity, Nightmare Moon and Cheerilee are [[WesternAnimation/DextersLaboratory Dee-Dee]], [[WesternAnimation/KidvsKat Millie Burtonburger]] and [[Anime/{{Pokemon}} Jessie]].
* Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Cadance and Princess Celestia are [[Film/TheTerminator Sarah Connor]] and [[Westernanimation/LittlestPetShop2012 Blythe Baxter]].
* In Seasons 1-3, Applejack, Zecora and Granny Smith are [[WesternAnimation/TheSimpsonsMovie Bart Simpson]].

[[folder: Castilian Spanish]]
* Twilight Sparkle is [[Franchise/ProfessorLayton Emmy Altava]] and [[Anime/{{Mnemosyne}} Mimi]].
* Spike is [[Anime/{{Witchblade}} Masane Amaha]].
* Fluttershy, Applejack and Pinkie Pie are [[Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica Madoka, Homura and Sayaka]], respectively. Applejack and Pinkie Pie are also [[WesternAnimation/AdventureTime Finn the Human and Marceline]].
* Rarity is [[WesternAnimation/TheLegendOfKorra Korra]].
* Rainbow Dash is [[Anime/ElfenLied Mayu]].
* Sweetie Belle is [[Anime/AiYoriAoshi Aoi Sakuraba]].
* Big Macintosh is [[VideoGame/FireEmblemTellius Ike]].
* Discord/Gustave le Grand is [[Franchise/StarWars Darth Freaking Sidious]] before he got all wrinkly.
* Braeburn is [[TotalDramaIsland D.J.]]

[[folder: Latin American Spanish]]
* Twilight Sparkle is [[Film/{{Thor}} Darcy Lewis]].
* Snails, like in France, is [[WesternAnimation/TransformersPrime Jack Darby]].
* Spike is [[PrettyCure Rie Misumi]].
* Pinkie Pie is [[Franchise/MonsterHigh Rochelle Goyle]], [[BarbieLifeInTheDreamhouse Stacie Roberts]], and [[Literature/TheChroniclesOfNarnia Lucy Pevensie]].
* Princess Celestia and Rarity are [[WesternAnimation/DrawnTogether Foxxy Love and Princess Clara]].
* Princess Luna, Trixie, and Sweetie Belle are all [[WesternAnimation/KaBlam June]]. As Nightmare Moon, Luna is [[WesternAnimation/InvaderZim Zim]].
* Discord, Tree Hugger, Fluttershy, and Gilda are [[WesternAnimation/ThePowerpuffGirls Mojo Jojo (like Germany and Taiwan), Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup]].
* Shining Armor is [[WesternAnimation/ThePenguinsOfMadagascar Private/Mort]] and (like in Hungary and Russia) [[Anime/{{Pokemon}} James]].
* Derpy Hooves is [[WesternAnimation/HiHiPuffyAmiYumi Ami]], [[Anime/{{Hamtaro}} Bijou]], and [[Anime/{{Pokemon}} Dawn]].
* Apple Bloom is [[Anime/{{Pokemon}} Iris]] and [[Anime/DanceInTheVampireBund Mina Tepes]].
* Very fittingly, Cranky Doodle Donkey is [[WinnieThePooh Eeyore]].
* Princess Cadence is [[Anime/FutariWaPrettyCure Nagisa Misumi aka Cure Black]] and [[Disney/{{Frozen}} Anna]].
* Lord Tirek is WesternAnimation/JohnnyBravo.
* Cheese Sandwich sang the theme song for ''WesternAnimation/DarkwingDuck''.

!!Other Languages
* In Arabic, Rainbow Dash is [[WesternAnimation/TransformersPrime Miko Nakadai]] and Twilight is [[WesternAnimation/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles2012 April O'Neil]].
* Taiwanese Mandarin Chinese (Not to be confused with Taiwanese Min Nan)
** Discord and Snails are both [[RegularShow Mordecai]].
* (Mainland Mandarin, anyone?)
* (Cantonese, anyone?)
* Danish Rainbow Dash (Annevig Schelde Ebbe) is [[WesternAnimation/WinxClub Bloom]], [[WesternAnimation/FostersHomeForImaginaryFriends Mac]], [[WesternAnimation/EdEddNEddy Sarah]], [[WesternAnimation/CampLazlo Patsy]], [[WesternAnimation/BrandyAndMrWhiskers Brandy]], [[WesternAnimation/PhineasAndFerb Stacy Hirano, Vanessa Doofenshmirtz]] and [[WesternAnimation/TotallySpies Clover]].
* In Dutch, Applejack is [[Anime/{{Pokemon}} Dawn]] and [[WesternAnimation/TotalDrama Gwen]]. Discord and Rarity are [[TheMarvelousMisadventuresOfFlapjack K'nuckles and Bubbie]].
* In Norway, Rarity is [[WesternAnimation/TotalDrama Bridgette and Izzy]].
* In Portugal, Twilight (Solange Santos) is [[Franchise/{{Jewelpet}} Rinko, Akari, Kanon, and Pink.]]
* In Turkish, Applejack and Twilight are [[WesternAnimation/PhineasAndFerb Phineas and Candace]], respectively.
* In the Ukrainian dub of seasons 1-3, Discord is {{Megamind}}, and Pinkie Pie is [[WesternAnimation/DextersLaboratory Dee-Dee]].