Heartwarming / Yowamushi Pedal

  • When Onoda mentions during his race with Imaizumi that I Just Want to Have Friends.
  • When Tadokoro hugs Aoyagi and Teshima after they collapse during the 1000km challenge, telling them how proud he is of them, also counts as a tearjerker.
    • Naruko's concern that it was their fault that Aoyagi and Teshima pulled muscles.
  • Instead of being angry or bitter over Onoda qualifying for the Inter-High when he didn't, Teshima basically becomes Onoda's biggest supporter, even giving him new shoes and pedals to help him improve.
  • Onoda being showered with affection by his teammates after he wins the Interhigh is sweet overall, but special mention should go to him getting an enthusiastic hug from Makishima.
    • It's easy to miss but, after Onoda wins, Teshima is in the lead when the rest of the team is climbing over the barriers to congratulate him.
  • After the Inter-High, Onoda wants to express his gratitude to his senpai and takes them to, of all places, Akibahara where he buys each of them a present.
    • It doubles as a Crowning Moment of Funny when Onoda doesn't just buy Makishima one gift but ten times the same thing. He's just so grateful to Makishima for helping him and teaching him.