Heartwarming: WrestleMania

  • The match between The Ultimate Warrior and Macho Man Randy Savage at WrestleMania 7, where the loser would have to retire, was one of the best of either man's career. The stakes were huge, the match was amazing, and what happened after the match was one of the most heartwarming things in WWF history.
    • For those who dont know, a bruised and beaten Savage was being assaulted by his own valet Sensational Sherri, but is saved by his former manager Miss Elizabeth whom he hadnt been seen with since his heel turn two years before. The two reunite, and for the first time, are shown on screen as a romantic couple.
  • The end of the opening to WrestleMania XX, with Shane holding his one month old son Declan & Vince looking ever the proud grandfather.
  • Daniel Bryan's victory at Wrestlemania XXX, at long last becoming the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, celebrating with his sister and his niece, with tears in his eyes.
    • A combo on this one. Connor "The Crusher" Michalek, a terminally ill 8 year-old, wanted to meet Bryan, his favorite wrestler. Vince McMahon made it happen, inviting him and his father to Wrestlemania XXX and giving them front row tickets. The first thing Bryan did after leaving the ring was walk over and give Connor a hug and tell him that he meant a lot to him.
    • Overlapping with tearjerker; Connor died only a few weeks after the event.
    • Overlapping with tearjerker AND awesome; in 2015, Connor was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as the first ever recipient of the Warrior award, to be given to those who display strength and perseverance and live with courage and compassion, embodying the spirit of The Ultimate Warrior. Daniel Bryan himself inducted Connor, along with Warrior's widow, Dana Warrior.
  • Apparently, when Undertaker lost to Lesnar at Wrestlemania 30, security officials told crying children that the match "didn't count."
  • The Rock, Steve Austin & Hulk Hogan, the three biggest faces in WWE history, toasting each others careers at the start of WrestleMania XXX. Especially poignant, as it was only the second time the three had been in the ring together - They previously took part in a three-on-two handicap match on an episode of RAW prior to WrestleMania X8, when Hogan was still part of the nWo, so the segment marked the first time that the trio had in the same ring in their iconic face personas.