Heartwarming / Working Girl

  • At the very end of the film, Tess's first impression of her secretary, Alice, starts with her seeing Alice sitting her office with her feet on the desk using the phone. When Alice is understandably embarrassed when Tess arrives, after getting settled in Tess makes a couple of things clear. She only wants Alice to call her Tess, only get her coffee if she's getting some for herself first, and they'll just take it from there. It's very sweet and understated and just shows what kind of future Tess has for herself by learning from years of being an overworked and unappreciated secretary, capped off with Katherine's bitchiness.
  • The warmly optimistic and hopeful theme-song "Let The River Run."
  • Real Life example: Antonio Banderas said when he came to America and was struggling to make it as an actor, that he would inspire himself by looking at the beautiful woman on the billboard outside his hotel. That billboard and that woman? Working Girl, Melanie Griffith; they developed Romance on the Set when their paths finally crossed and they've been Happily Married since 1996 (or at least until the announcement of their separation in 2014).
  • When Tess returns to the office to collect her things, the other secretaries present her with an envelope (they took up a collection for her) and insist that she use the money for something fun, rather than paying bills. Aside from being a sweet gesture, it makes you wonder just how much of a bitch Katherine was to them that they all instantly take Tess' side in the matter.