Funny / Working Girl

  • On a black, sequin dress:
    Cyn: Six THOUSAND dollars?! It's not even leather!
  • When Trask finally ousts Katharine, using a Call-Back from an earlier insult by Tess:
    Trask: Now get your...(turns to Tess) what was it you called it?
    Tess and Jack: Bony ass.
    Trask: Oh yes...bony ass out of my sight!
  • Tess' "interview" with a drunken, coke-snorting, sleaze who makes advances to her and watches porn. She gets her revenge by spraying him with champagne, then storms into work the next day and denounces her boss—who sent her on the interview with the promise that it was a legitimate job opportunity—as "a sleazoid pimp with a tiny little dick".
  • Harrison Ford is very funny in this movie.
    Tess: "Maybe I just don't like you."
    Jack (disbelieving): "Naw!"