Heartwarming / Where The Hell Is Matt

  • Matt made a video in dedication to the girl who sung the song in the first video. The video is called "Where the hell is Afunakwa?"
  • Really, the whole thing, but especially if you consider some of the places he visits, in the context of even just the last century. Many of those countries found themselves at war with each other in the past, recently enough that there are still survivors of those wars alive today. And now they all dance together. Tempered somewhat by reminders that not all countries have made peace with each other: Matt is able to dance in Seoul, Republic of Korea, but the closest he can get to the RoK's closest neighbor is the Demilitarized Zone.
  • In the 2012 video, at one point it cuts to several shots of people from various different countries (including Egypt) raising their hands in the same direction, as if reaching out to each other.
  • The very last shot of the 2012 video: Matt Harding and Melissa Nixon dancing together back at home, with their son on Matt's shoulders.