Heartwarming / What's Eating Gilbert Grape

  • The Grape family's relationship, in general. They're definetly a Big, Screwed-Up Family, but despite their tiffs and differences, they look out for one another and clearly love each other deep down.
  • Gilbert reconciling with his mother during Arnie's birthday party. Exemplified when he insists that Becky meet her (after previously rejecting Becky's inquisitions on the subject), showing that he no longer feels any shame or resentment in caring for his family.
    • Becky's reaction to Momma apologizing for the way she looks is beautifully accepting and humanizing.
    Momma (apologetic): I wasn't always like this.
    Becky: Well...I wasn't always like this.
  • Momma's tearful admission that she "never wanted to be a joke." Gilbert gets down on his knees and embraces her, whispering reassuringly, "You're no joke." One gets the feeling that we're actually watching the actors leave character and become disarmingly human while the cameras roll.
  • Arnie and Gilbert reuniting at the birthday party, with Amy playing along in their "Have you seen Arnie?" game.