YMMV / What's Eating Gilbert Grape

  • Accidental Innuendo: More than a few people have changed the "What" in the title to "Who."
  • Adaptation Displacement: There is a book of the same name that came out 2 years previous, this is a little known fact.
  • He Really Can Act: Darlene Cates, aka Bonnie Grape, was cast after appearing as a guest on the Sally Jessy Raphael Show because director Lasse Holstrom could not find a professional actress big enough to play the part. Her role was expanded due to her surprising ability to act, despite having no experience (watch the scene in which Bonnie Grape confronts the Sheriff at the police station for a quick and powerful example).
  • The Woobie: Gilbert, generally
    • Iron Woobie: He goes through a lot out of his love for his family, even though it's shown that he has his limits.