Heartwarming / V for Vendetta

  • In the movie's end, when everyone removes their masks and you see the faces of the people who who were killed, including Evey's parents, Gordon, the little girl... and Ruth and Valerie, all smiling in triumph.
  • "Is it meaningless to apologize?" "Never."
  • Evie, having come to accept what V is trying to get across, muses that the letter from Valerie has lost some of its touching effect since she knows it's from him... V then leads her to a shrine he's built for Valerie, containing a poster of the movie she was in and her favorite breed of rose. He received that letter from the real Valerie years ago, and he never forgot it.
  • Even though he kidnapped her, V was nice enough to make Evey breakfast.
  • The soldiers refusing to fire on the masked mobs without any senior authorities telling them what to do.
    • "Bloody Hell, stand down, stand down!"