* [[spoiler:Harry and Murphy,]] in Chapter 35.
-->She reached up with both hands, put them on the sides of my head, and pulled me down a little. Then she kissed my forehead and my mouth, neither quickly nor with passion. Then she let me go and looked up at me, her eyes worried and calm. "You know that I love you, Harry. You're a good man. A good friend."... "My world would be a scarier place without you in it."\\
Then I bent down and kissed her forehead and her mouth, gently, [[HeadbuttOfLove and leaned my forehead against hers.]] "Love you, too," I whispered.
* Another happens [[spoiler:just after [[TheButlerDidIt Peabody]] is killed and Morgan is dying on the ground. He explains to Dresden why he didn't turn Molly in to the Wardens for using psychomancy:]]
-->[[spoiler:"Do you know why I didn't? Why I came to you?" I shook my head. "Because I knew," he whispered. He lifted his right hand and I gripped it hard. "I knew that you knew how it felt to be an innocent man hounded by the Wardens."]]
** Considering how Morgan was the one who had [[InspectorJavert dogged Dresden the most in an effort to prove him being a warlock,]] it makes the moment of empathy all the more striking, even to Dresden.
-->[[spoiler:It was the closest he'd ever come to saying that he'd been wrong about me.]]\\
[[spoiler:He died less than a minute later.]]
* Anastasia finding out [[spoiler:Thomas is Harry's brother]] is this mixed with a bit of TearJerker. She understands immediately why he's doing what he's doing, and Harry's words just sum up his inflexible views on the matter.
-->"Are you going to tell anyone?" I asked quietly.\\
She looked out the window as she considered the question. Then she said, "Not unless I think it relevant."\\
I turned to look at her. "You know what will happen if they know. They'll use him."\\
She gazed straight out the front of the car. "I know."\\
I spoke quietly to put all the weight I could into each word I spoke next. "[[PunctuatedForEmphasis Over. My. Dead. Body.]]"
* When Harry shows up at Will and Georgia's place, muttering what probably sounds like gibberish, they snap into action and help him out, bringing him to their bedroom and giving him fresh clothes.
* After Molly violates her parole, meaning that she and Harry will probably both get killed by the White Council anyway, of course Harry's angry. But instead of just blowing up at her, he lays out exactly what she did wrong, ''why'' it was wrong, and offers her another chance.
-->'''Harry:''' So you've got a choice to make, grasshopper. You can come with me, knowing the cost if we succeed. Or you can go.\\
'''Molly:''' Go?\\
'''Harry:''' Go. Leave now. Run, for as long as you can. Hell, it looks a lot like I'm going to get myself killed anyway. Probably Morgan, too. In that case, things will go to hell, but the Wardens will be way too busy to chase you. You'll be able to ignore what's right all you want, do whatever you like -- as long as you don't get caught.\\
'''Molly:''' ''[sobs]''\\
'''Harry:''' Or you can come with me. You can do something right. Something that has meaning.\\
'''Molly:''' ''[looks up to him]''\\
'''Harry:''' ''[very quietly]'' Everyone dies, honey. Everyone. There's no "if." There's only "when." [...] ''When'' you die, do you want to feel ashamed of what you've done with your life? Feel ashamed of what your life meant? ''[long pause]'' I promise that I'll be beside you. I can't promise anything else. Only that I'll stand beside you for as long as I can.\\
'''Molly:''' ''[leans against him]'' ''[whispers]'' Okay.
* In turn, when Harry goes off to do the sanctum invocation, she offers to protect Morgan if he doesn't come back-even though he's a) been a total {{Jerkass}} and b) it would make hiding harder for her.