Heartwarming / Topsy-Turvy

  • Just before the previews, Gilbert decides that the Mikado's song is terrible and he cuts it, even though it's Mr Temple's big solo number. Although Gilbert reassures Temple that it's not because of Temple's performance, but his own fault as the song's writer, Mr Temple is heartbroken. The next morning, the entire Chorus assembles at the entrance to the rehearsal room and urges Gilbert to keep the song in. Gilbert is surprised and not pleased, and when Temple turns up he asks if Temple has anything to do with it. Temple is mystified and says that he has no idea what's going on. Gilbert thinks for a moment and says that he is genuinely surprised that so many of the cast like the song so much:
    Gilbert: Mr Temple, are you prepared to perform the song tonight?
    Temple: I am, sir.
    Gilbert: Then please be so good as to do so.
    • For a bit of historical context, the song, "A More Humane Mikado." became the most famous song of the play, and Mr. Temple got to be the first to bring the house down with it.