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Heartwarming: Todd and the Book of Pure Evil
  • Todd telling Jenny that he would love her even if she was horribly obese. Keep in mind that Todd is horribly afraid of fat people.
  • The scene where Curtis tells Hannah he became the basketball team's mascot because his grandmother was a fan and this was the closest he could get to actually being on the team. Even if she turned out to be a Satanist, that was sweet.
  • Freak Love was a genuinely heartfelt musical number. It is quite possibly the main reason for the Curtis/Charlotte fanbase's strong existence.
  • Jimmy saving Todd from having his salami sliced by an invisible pervert.
  • Curtis' non-disastrous birthday party in Season 2. Also features a Big Damn Kiss between Curtis and Hannah.
  • The Todd/Jenny moments during Black Tie Showdown.
  • The end musical number in "2 Girls, 1 Tounge" features the gang apologizing for various things. Jenny's involves her staring out the window at Todd and his new girlfriend and singing "I'm so sorry I missed my chance." Before this episode, you wouldn't really have thought that Jenny returns Todd's feelings, but apparently she does.
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