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Heartwarming: The Return of the King
  • During the song "Leave Tomorrow Till It Comes" during Frodo's dream sequence. Can't help but feel touched by the scene where the pair of hobbits on the road encounter a pair of benevolent orcs, and the groups wave at each other with easygoing good cheer — a delightful subversion of the typical Always Chaotic Evil portrayal of Tolkien orcs. Since this was Frodo's dream, it says more about Frodo's own sweet heart than about the actual orcs they have encountered while awake. But this moment still works in an elegant way that even a child can easily grasp.
    • And strangely, this is what Tolkien would have wanted if he had more time to write. He hated the idea of an Always Chaotic Evil race, since it contradicted his Catholic upbringing.

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