Heartwarming / The Oatmeal

  • My Dog, The Paradox is a hilarious and touching tribute to Inman's dog, Rambo. If you get to the end without at least a twinge of emotion, you should probably get yourself checked to make sure you're not actually a robot.
  • As part of that whole Funny Junk nonsense, Inman ended up receiving a counter-claim from their lawyer for $20,000, alleging defamation and harassment. Instead of paying, he announced that he would hold a fundraiser for $20,000 through Indiegogo and donate half of the money to the American Cancer Society, and the other half to the National Wildlife Federation. Well, let's just say he put the fundraiser out there, and then this happened.
  • On January 8th, 2013, 20 years after his house burned down, Inman posted this. It tells the story of that event, as well as the heartwarming lesson that he learned from it: Count your blessings, even if it's just an inbred cat.
  • Inman famously started an Indiegogo fundraiser to save Nikola Tesla's old laboratory from being demolished, with the goal of eventually making it into a museum. In May of 2013, Inman had some happy news.
  • Five words: "It's going to be okay". It's about Gene Roddenberry who, despite the hopelessness of the situation, managed to save twenty-two passengers from a horrific plane crash.