[[folder:Season One]]
* Lynx!Vlad and Cheetah!Dani in the mansion. Aww...
* Also Argost and Suika got a wedding suit and a wedding dress from the Troper as a present.
* Ryofu and Chinkyuu's kiss could be one of this, if they both would not be dead at this point.
* Iji getting her Heart back near the end of Day 12.
* The reunion of the "Selvaria sisters" in Selvaria's mindscape during day 13.
* Spriggan comforting Maria by hugging her.
* Day 13. [[spoiler:Vezon, in one of his few moments of clarity, offers to teleport Maria and the rest of the heavily-injured out of the Keyblade Graveyard.]]
--> [[spoiler: '''Vezon:''' "Ed! We need to get these people somewhere out of the way and safe. If just a couple of people can come with me, that's all I ask." Vezon looked Ed square in the eyes. "I'll make sure she's all right. I've saved her too many times to let her down now." ]]
** [[spoiler:A moment of clarity that turns sour when Vezon forcibly separates Raz's heart from his body.]]
* Also on Day 13: At the very end of the day the heroes recuperate in the Winslow's hideout, sharing their stories over a hot meal.
** Mitchel taking a group photo, for memory's sake, caps the moment off perfectly.
* Everybody's saying their goodbyes now. And it's POIGNANT.

[[folder:Season Two]]
* Day 6: While trapped in the HighSchool AU world, Fate is in the middle of a ''major'' HeroicBSOD after she, Shirou, and Subaru have a collective vision of [[{{CompleteMonster}} Precia Testarossa's]] big [[{{TheReveal}} reveal]] in season 1 of [[{{MagicalGirlLyricalNanoha}} Nanoha]]. After trying desperately to wake her up by normal means, Shirou announces that he's going to ''adopt'' her, so he can give her the childhood she deserves. Subaru latches on to the idea, and the two of them bring her back to school. Once they get her to the nurse's office, her condition worsens. Just as it seems hope is lost, Shirou and Subaru [[{{CooldownHug}} hold her close]] and tell her that [[TrueCompanions they're a family now]], and that [[{{YouAreNotAlone}} they're going to take care of her]]. Fate promptly snapped out of it and went to go [[{{CrowningMomentOfAwesome}} beat the crap out of Michael Myers]].
* Spriggan and Maria as boyfriend and girlfriend in Day 6.
* Shirou and Subaru's kiss near the end of Day 6, and then again on Day 7, after recovering their memories.
** To elaborate: On Day 6, their false memories cause the two of them to believe that they've been friends most of their lives, leading to them "remembering" close, somewhat intimate moments they've shared. Near the end of the day, both finally muster up the courage to tell the other how they feel, leading to the first kiss. The next day, after it is revealed that most of their shared memories were completely fabricated, the two of them work together to recover the real ones, though both are worried that one of them will remember something that could prove their feelings false, as well. After finally getting all their true memories back, defeating their own worst nightmares in the process, both remember that they've only known each other for a week...which doesn't change their feelings one bit.
* Paul comforting Pyrrhus for the mistakes he did when he was still alive.
* Fate giving Crona a CooldownHug at the end of his/her Mindscape.
* Shirou and Subaru telling Fate that [[{{YouAreNotAlone}} she was not alone in the City]]. It had happened before, but this time she was actually conscious for it.
* Day 7 - Shirou teaching Fate how to bake cookies. MoodWhiplash be damned, it was ''adorable''. Especially when [[http://danbooru.donmai.us/data/21e6594512082da2e0335e6b62aa56dd.jpg Fate finally managed to crack an egg the right way]]. She was just so ''proud'' of herself.
* Paul treating Maria's leg before and after he regained his memories.
* Shirou's near death after defeating #666 and subsequent healing. Seeing him battered and dying, the team pools all their resources together to heal him, even enlisting help from the Trope-Tans. After imagining a perfect life with Subaru as he slips further and further toward death, Shirou finally awakens. After exiting his healing pod, he falls into Subaru's arms, who [[{{TearJerker}} breaks down crying]] as they hold each other, both simply glad the other is alive and safe for one more day.
* Maria and two-Bit's kiss on Day 8.
* #19450 being comforted after her breakdown, then again after her second. Particularly when ''Bowser'' of all people, offers his own unique type of pep-talk.
* Erika's HeroicBSOD, followed by CooldownHug.

[[folder:Season Three]]
* [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/posts.php?discussion=13051542160A89900100&page=569#14213 Kirby's thank-you present to Raspberyl]] for saving his life.