Heartwarming / The Magician's Nephew

  • When Narnia has first been made, Aslan tells Frank the cabbie that he'll be the king. While Frank is flattered, one of the reasons he refuses the position is because he doesn't want to leave his wife, who's still in England. Cue Aslan magicking her there, to be Narnia's first queen. Aw!
    • Not to mention Strawberry the cab horse, who goes from mute urban drudgery to full sentience and freedom, to winning the Superpower Lottery and becoming Narnia's first pegasus!
  • Diggory approaches Aslan to ask for something to help his dying mother. As he breaks down, he looks at the Lion's face... and sees that he's crying as well.
    Aslan: My son, my son. I know. Grief is great. Only you and I in this world know that yet.
  • Jadis offers Diggory his heart's desire to use the Apple of Life to heal his ailing mother. Diggory is confused, and the witch suggests that, to make sure no one knows of his treachery, he should leave Polly behind. Digory refuses to consider abandoning her, and reasons the witch has an ulterior motive. Polly, who is watching, remains silent the whole time, believing that because it was his mother, he needed to make the choice. After that Aslan gives Diggory the apple to heal his mother after completing his task — one of the few moments showing Aslan as compassionate rather than imperious.
  • Diggory's mother being healed is more heartwarming when you know what happened to Lewis' own mother. Lewis gave Diggory the chance to save her that he never had.
  • After his traumatic adventure in dimension traveling, Uncle Andrew gave up sorcery and became nicer... though he liked to tell the occasional visitor about Jadis.
  • After Andrew sends Polly off to God-knows-where, Diggory barely even considers abandoning her.