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Heartwarming: The Horse and His Boy
  • When Aravis says good-bye to her friend, Lasaraleen, who has been driving Tomboy Aravis mad for two whole days with idle gossip, mostly about clothes, Aravis tells her that, yes, she thought her dresses were lovely, and "I'm sure you'll have a lovely life. But it wouldn't suit me."
  • When the group first runs into a lion who is actually Aslan, it claws Aravis across the back but leaves a strangely shallow wound. Later, Aslan explains to Aravis the meaning of the injury: it was to remind her of the pain her maid suffered, being whipped by Aravis's stepmother for carelessly falling asleep and letting Aravis escape (when the whole thing was Aravis's doing, having drugged the maid).
    • Following the latter half of the above, Aslan gently coaxes Aravis to feel his now velvet-soft paws as a gesture of forgiveness.
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