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Heartwarming: The Hobbit
See here and here for heartwarming moments related to the Peter Jackson films The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, respectively.

The Book

  • A small thing, but Balin's friendship with Bilbo. He's the only one who would go with Bilbo part of the way into Smaug's lair and even carried him back out. In the epilogue, Balin visits Bilbo in Bag End and they happily reminisce over the old times together.
  • In the books, Dori was always the one who carried Bilbo and made sure he was safe, even climbing down a tree when the wargs attacked to boost Bilbo up to safety!
  • This line in the last chapter.
    ... and though many shook their heads and touched their foreheads and said "Poor old Baggins!" and though few believed any of his tales, he remained very happy to the end of his days, and those were extraordinarily long.
  • Although it's not quite as explicit as in the movie, Thorin's friendship and later reconciliation with Bilbo even though that was a Tear Jerker due it being on Thorin's deathbed were quite touching considering how different the two were. Particularly nice is when Bilbo is complaining about how dreary Erebor is and Thorin laughs and tells him to wait until it's been cleaned and redecorated, implicitly inviting Bilbo to stay or return at some point to see Thorin's kingdom restored to glory.

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