Heartwarming: The Great Dictator

  • The entire ending speech is made of this. Not just the content of it, but its context: it was written before WW2 really got underway, and when the film was released (in Britain, at least), Britain stood alone against Germany in Europe's darkest hour. What followed truly was a uniting of free peoples/democracies from all around the world, fighting for the liberty of all (most notably, including their enemies—the German and Japanese people) and a better world for all. And they succeeded. Then comes the formation of the United Nations and NATO, along with the Cold War that never became WW 3 like it would have at any previous point in history. Today, it's far from the perfect world Chaplin envisions in the speech, but for such a short span of time in a world history that never even came close in its thousands of years, today's world has come incredibly far in that dream, in a way that would probably bring a happy tear to Chaplin's eye.